The Boss’s Sister

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Everything in my professional life had been turning to pure gold.  I specialized in programming with archaic languages and was also very talented with the most modern languages and databases.  My clients all appreciated my ablity to transform their very old systems into and onto new, modern technology.  One of my current clients, a pharmaceutical, had allowed me over the six years I had worked there to go from twenty hours a week part time, to billing sixty to eighty hour weeks.That was where the problems set in.  Professionally, I was making a boat load of money.  My personal life was nonexistent.  During those years, my ex-wife left me to “discover herself”.  I hired a private investigator to keep tabs on her and make sure she was safe.  After about six months, I learned she had settled in a commune somewhere in Colorado, and was “discovering” many people daily.  I terminated his monthly reports and finally bid farewell to a woman I had loved deeply and cared for tremendously.After a meeting with my boss’s boss, my boss, Janet came to my office and sat.  She was a very nice woman, about my age, married with three kids all under the age of ten.  Life and her daily workout routine had been good to her and she kept her body in very nice shape.  I always enjoyed talking with Janet.  Not just because she was so pretty, nor because she had a very nice body, but because she was a real person. There was no pretense to her, no phoniness, just a very nice person who always listened when we spoke.Crossing her legs, she said, “Hank, I want you to take some time off.”“Janet,” I replied shaking my head, “I don’t need any time off.  I love what I do and you and your boss are keeping me plenty busy.  You heard him not ten minutes ago.  He’s added at least five more projects to my list.  The list isn’t getting any smaller.”“The last thing I need to happen is for you to burn out.”“When I started here, there were three systems you needed converted.  I’ve managed to complete two to thee every six months and now have twenty more that need to be done.”“Then get some more people to help you.  You can even sub-contract them to us and take a cut for yourself.  I have the budget.”“Janet, you know I’ve tried that twice and neither person worked out.  It only served to increase my load.  I’m fine as long as you have the time to let me work through them at my own pace.”“Your pace is fine, Hank.  I’m just worried about you.”“No need to worry, but thank you for your concern.”“The other thing I wanted to talk to you about is that I need a favor.”“Sure Janet.  Name it.”“Have I ever mentioned my sister?”“A few times, yeah.”“Well, she’s a Structural Engineer and lives and works in South Jersey with our mom.  She’s taking tomorrow, Friday and next week off.  She has an interview up here in Allentown on Friday and she and mom are going to spend the week visiting.”“That sounds really nice.  Are you taking some time off to be with her,” I asked thinking she wanted me to take some time off when she was not in the office.“No, Tom and I are taking the kids on Saturday and going to visit some of mom’s friends out in Harrisburg.  Ginny, my sister, well, I thought she could use some time away from mom.  I was wondering if you might like to meet her and entertain her for the day.”“I don’t know Janet, I’ve been on my share of blind dates, and they never really go very well.  Maybe she would just like the time to be alone.”“That’s what I don’t want.  She just gave up on her two-timing boyfriend and they split up for good.  I think she could use some company, meet a nice guy and have a pleasant day.  I thought maybe you could take her to Longwood Gardens and just spend the day.”“Janet, come on.  When Audrey and I split up, I just enjoyed being by myself.  I just threw myself into my work and it’s turned out fine.  She’ll be fine.”“Hank, all judgements aside, you’ve become kind of one dimensional.  All work and no social life.  Look, she’s just a couple of years younger than us, a professional woman, she’s a good conversationalist and knows how to listen.  And she’s pretty.  I think a pretty woman on your arm for a day might do you both some good.”“You do, do you?”“Yes I do.  Just be nice.  She in kind of a bad place right now and doesn’t need any drama.  So, be at my house at nine on Saturday.”“Okay Janet.  I’ll be there.”The next two days were spent like every other day, head down, doing my thing at my desk.  I was dreading Pendik escort bayan Saturday.  I had tried to find a social account for her, or a picture someplace on the net but came up empty even though I knew Janet’s maiden name.  Every other blind date I had ever gone on where one person tells me my date is a great conversationalist and is pretty, turned out to be a marathon bore with a gorgeous orangutan.  If that’s what happened Saturday, I was going to bring Janet a bag of lemons on Monday.I woke early Saturday, showered, shaved and dressed for a long day of walking through the gardens.  I wore chinos, a polo shirt and comfortable shoes and headed out the door after having a light breakfast.  If this Ginny person had not eaten, we could stop for something along the way, otherwise I would be good for the morning.  I had made reservations for dinner at a place in Philadelphia just in case, but they could easily be cancelled.I pulled into Janet’s driveway and found Tom loading his SUV for his trip with his mother-in-law.  We had always gotten along fairly well, at company functions and such, and fell into an easy banter.  Not being able to stand it any longer, I said, “So Tom, tell me about your sister-in-law.”“Oh,” he said with a short derisive chuckle, “best if you find out on your own.  Come on, they’re in the kitchen.”He led the way through the garage and den and into the kitchen, announcing our presence, “Hey Janet, look who I found wandering around outside.”Janet came over to me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.  This had been her greeting to me anytime we were not in work.  “Hank, it’s good to see you.  Ginny just went upstairs to brush her teeth and finish getting ready.  Hank, I’d like you to meet my mom, Lillian.  Mom, this is the fellow I told you about that I work with, Hank.”“Lillian,” I said taking her offered hand and kissing it gently, “it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.  Janet has often spoken of you.”“Thank you Hank, it’s always a pleasure to meet a gentleman,” she said giving Tom a sideways glance and then a smile.“I’d kiss your hand too mom, but I always seem too busy kissing your feet.”We all laughed and continued to speak to each other in the light tone that had been set.  That was until Ginny walked into the room.  I do not know if this really happened or not, but for me, the entire world stood still.If I had seen Ginny on the street, I would have told you that she must be a model or an actress or something.  Her beauty was not just stunning, but radiant.  Her golden hair flowed gracefully across her shoulders and down her chest.  Grey blue eyes gazed at me with smiles in them.  Her perfect lips, with just a hint of pink gloss, curved into a easy grin exposing her beautiful teeth.  I could not really tell what she hid under her loose fitting shirt, and it fell to almost mid thigh, but her skin tight jeans clung to long shapely legs under her five foot ten frame.  She wore stylish sneaks to complete the outfit perfectly suited for our excursion. I caught myself, embarrassed and blushing, just staring at the exquisite creature that had brightened the room.“Hank,” Janet laughed, “shut your yap and roll in you tongue.  I’d like you to meet my sister Ginny.  Ginny, this is Hank.”I stepped over to Ginny and took her offered hand saying, “Ginny, it’s a pleasure to meet you.  I apologize for being speechless, I’m usually a little better than that.”As with her mom, I brought her hand to my lips and kissed it gently.  Unlike with her mom, I did not bend, but remained standing straight and gazed into what I can only describe as her azure pools.  “Thank you Hank.  Janet told me all about you last night and said we are going to a place called The Longwood Gardens.  Have you been there before?”“Yes,” I replied, “twice.  Since it’s spring, the flowers should all be in bloom.  It’s beauty might just come close to yours.”It was Ginny’s turn to blush, but she made light of it by affecting a southern drawl, pantomimed fanning herself with her hand and saying, “Well I declare kind sir, you seem to have given me a slight case of the vapors.”“Enough you two,” Lillian said.  “Get real and get going.”I liked Lillian, she seemed to be a real person with a good grip on reality.  Janet told us they would be very late getting home and gave Ginny a duplicate set of keys to the house.  She walked us to the door and told us to enjoy our day. I Escort Beykoz escorted Ginny to my car, open and held her door as she settled into her seat.  We were soon on our way, speaking easily with each other, laughing at and with each other’s wry sense of humor.  During our trip there and throughout the day, our conversation never seemed to falter or even slow.  As we walked the paths in the garden, a degree of boldness developed in me and I reached for her hand.“I was waiting for you to do that,” she said.  “I was beginning to fear you might not.”“I would have earlier of course, but Janet…”“Hank, stop,” she said continuing to stroll, “outside of work, don’t listen to a thing my sister says, especially as it concerns me.  She’s the absolute best sister in the world, but I’m not thirteen.  We’ve both grown up and I don’t need her protection anymore.”“Duly noted,” I said.As we started for home, I asked how hungry Ginny was.  She said she was famished and wanted to know if there was a good place nearby in Philadelphia.  I told her I had made reservations at Moroccan restaurant and that our timing was perfect.  We got close, parked and enjoyed a delightful meal.  The service was exceptional and the belly dancers that entertained us seemed to enjoy dancing for us as much as we enjoyed watching them.Back on the road, Ginny asked if I lived near her sister.“About fifteen minutes away.  Close but not too close, why?”“I hate to invite myself over, but instead of taking me to her house, could we go to your place and relax for a while.  I just don’t want to go to an empty house right now.”“Don’t give it a second thought,” I said.  “How’s this sound, I’ll light some candles, put on some soft music, open a nice bottle of wine and we can just relax and spend some more time together.  I’ve really enjoyed being with you today Ginny.  To be honest, I was dreading having the night end.”“Thank you Hank, that’s really sweet,” she said leaning over and giving me a light kiss on the cheek.  “I don’t want it to end either.  You’ve been so nice to me all day and for the first time in years and years, I’ve had a nice time with a gentleman.  I’ve really enjoyed our conversation.”“Thanks Ginny.  It’s been a true pleasure being with and talking with you.”“You know what I wish?” She asked.“What,” I queried afraid she was going to take this somewhere that would get me in Dutch with her sister.“I wish I could dance like those belly dancers.”“Really,” I laughed out.“Yeah, the way they use their bodies, the muscles in their tummies and their hips swaying and moving like that.  It was really sexy don’t you think?”“It was,” I agreed, “but I think an hours worth of it is plenty.”“So, what do you think is the sexiest thing a woman can do?”“Ginny,” I responded hesitantly after swallowing hard, “I think there’s a lot more we should know about each other before we start sharing our fantasies and what we like and stuff.  It’s not that I don’t want to, I mean, God, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, in both mind and body, but I think it might just be too soon.”“I suppose you’re right.  It’s just… I feel so comfortable with you, like we’ve known each other a long time, not just today.”“I feel the same way about you too,” I said glad that she had agreed with me and felt the same way I did.“Are we close to home?” Ginny asked.“As a matter of fact,” I said, “here we are.”We pulled into my driveway and I pulled right into my attached garage.  After getting Ginny out of the car I welcomed her to my home and gave her the nickel tour.I lit some candles and opened a bottle of wine.  As I was about to put in a CD with nice music on it, Ginny asked if my system could play a DVD with MP3s on it.  I told her it could.  She went to her purse and got out a DVD and handed it to me saying, “I always have this with me.  I really enjoy soft strings, so please play this.”I put in the disc and started playing the soft music.  We sat next to each other on the couch, trading stories of our childhood and enjoying both the music and the wine.“Hank,” Ginny said softly, “would you please dance with me for a while?”“I’m not that good a dancer,” I protested meekly.“I’m a good teacher,” she replied rising to her feet and taking my hand.She stood in the middle of the room and she pulled me to her saying, “put your hands around my waist and hold my back.”As I did, she put her arms gently around my neck Cevizli escort and rested her head on my shoulder.  I could feel her warm breath on my neck as we just stood and rocked gently side to side.  With my arms like that, and my hands on her back, I could feel her thin waist and toned body.  Her bosom pressed into my chest and I now knew she not only possessed a beautiful mind and face, but had a body to match.  Why had she hidden such excellence beneath those clothes?We danced, for perhaps twenty minutes like that, only taking pauses at the ends of musical passages to sip our wine.“Wait, I’m getting a little warm from the wine,” Ginny said lifting the loose fitting shirt over her head.  Below, she wore a white cutoff tee shirt which exposed her midriff to my hungry eyes.  She moved back to me to continue our dance.  But this time, she got closer.  She moved a leg between mine and one of mine between hers.  We danced slowly as she moved her hips back and forth against me.  I felt myself becoming more and more excited as she continued to rub me through our clothing.Her face lifted from my shoulder and she looked deeply into my eyes.  I lost myself in her gaze as her face neared mine and our lips met for the first time.  So gentle and soft, her pliant lips greeted me to her world.  Her kiss thrilled me.  I kissed her in return, taking each of her perfect lips between mine and possessing them for but only a moment.  She purred.Just for that moment, we stood on the precipice of togetherness.  I parted my lips, inviting her to join me more fully.  She accepted, bring forth the tongue that helped form perfect words all day, and now formed the perfect union of our mouths.  Together, through the slippery sentences of our mutual osculation, we spoke of our desires.  Treatises of kindness, tenderness and passion passed between us.  Our bodies close, our lips closer and our tongues entwined, we danced the preamble of togetherness.  Her warm bosom, pressed to my chest, rose and fell like waves across my shore.  Her hips pressed and stroked me with the promise of a once abandoned passion, bringing forth from me a steely resolve, igniting fires quenched and almost forgotten long ago.Suddenly, Ginny broke away from me.  I felt empty and confused.“Oh Christ Hank.  I’m so sorry,” Ginny cried.  A single tear threatened to mar her visage.  I came to her slowly and placed my finger upon her tear.  I wiped it from under her eye and brought her hand to mine, pressing the wetness on my finger into one of hers.  We studied each other’s eyes, searching for a word, a phrase that would explain everything and make the world right again.“Let that be the last tear that ever passes between us,” I whispered.“I don’t know if I can do this,” Ginny whispered in return.“Then we don’t.”“But after today, after all our talking, after that wonderful dinner, after getting to know you, I want to.  I want you!  I took off my shirt in the hopes of seducing you, but that isn’t what should happen. I’m so sorry I’ve pushed myself on you like this,” Ginny said.I responded, “In the little time I’ve known you, I have come to know of your heart and your tenderness.  I’ve learned of your brilliance and your beauty.  I’ve also come to know that you are a person who sets her own course through life and deserves only the best from it.  I’ll neither push you nor pull you, but if you choose, I would be very proud to walk with you.  I ask only one thing from you.”“What,” she asked as I paused.“I ask only that you think of me.  Would you?”“Oh Hank, of course!”“Then let’s do this.  Let me take you home to Janet’s house.  Think of me as I will surely be thinking of you.  If you wish, Janet can give you my cell number.  Call me and let me know if I can see you again.  I hope I can, and I hope it’s soon.”I drove Ginny home and then returned.  We had kissed on the Janet’s back porch.  Not a passionate kiss like the ones we shared while dancing, but a more proper first date kiss.  To be honest, I had a serious case of blue balls and took care of myself when I showered.  I sat in my chair almost all day Sunday, hoping for my cell to ring, but it did not.  I went to bed Sunday night, alone and saddened that Ginny had chosen not to call.  Work.  It seemed that work was all I had in store for me.I arrived at work early on Monday, deciding that I needed to focus and get my projects done faster.  While getting my second cup of coffee, Janet walked past me and then grabbed my arm.“Come on buddy, in my office!” She said, seeming to be a little different than normal.I followed her and sat in one of her conference chairs.  She shut the door and walked over to sit behind her desk.“Well, Ginny said that you two had a great time Saturday.”

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