The brother, sister shower

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I’m Tom, and I’m 24. I currently live with my sister Mindy in an one bedroom apartment, so yes right away I’ll admit, we sleep together, but we wear clothes and don’t cuddle in our queen sized bed. A few months ago she broke up with her boyfriend who had been cheating on her, she moved out and really had nowhere else to go, so she came to live with me, although over the last few months she really taking a liking into me for some odd reason, I wasn’t sure what it was, but I didn’t think having a good relationship with my sister was a bad thing. Anyway as we got closer and closer, we actually started socializing with each other a bit more, going to movies and doing this and that. We got so close that one night as we were getting ready for bed, she kind of stripped down to her bra and panties as we were getting ready for bed. Oh my, she was stunning, but I was still shocked though.
“Whoa sis, why you getting naked?” I asked.
“I’m not naked, I’m just in my bra and panties, and we’re just brother and sister,” Mindy replied.
I really had no objection to that, not that I was turned on by her, I just admired her as a woman I wasn’t related to. She got in bed with me and we slept together once again, and nothing happened as always, it was normal. So we both just started getting into our undergarments before we got into bed. We did that for a few weeks and then all of the sudden one night at the 3 month anniversary of her moving in, she stripped down to nothing before she got into bed with me, and she acted as if it was completely normal.
“OK sis, what the hell are you doing?” Düzce Escort I asked.
“Nothing, just getting ready to go to sleep,” Mindy replied.
“But you are nude,” I said.
“If I really make you that uncomfortable, I’ll put my clothes back on, but I feel we’re mature and close enough for it not to be a problem,” Mindy replied.
Well, she had me there. So then we actually started sleeping together, naked. Still nothing incestuous happened, until one Saturday night a few weeks later. I was showering one night and then all of the sudden the door opens.
“Sis, is that you?” I asked.
I was answered by her opening the shower curtain as she was completely naked. I saw her not as a sister unfortunately, she was a very sexy young lady at 22.
“Aren’t you gonna invite me in big brother?” Mindy asked as she got in with me.
She came up to me and kissed me right on the lips, I seriously had no idea WTF honestly, but my body or my mind couldn’t seem to fight it though.
“We’ve been dancing around this for too long and I can’t stop thinking of you big brother, ever since we started sleeping naked together, you have been driving me crazy every single night, now, I must have you,” Mindy said just before we began making out again.
We made out for about 3 minutes letting the water hit us, I gotta say that my cock was probably harder than ever and she definitely noticed.
“So, you obviously wanna do it with me too, why else would your cock be so hard?” Mindy asked.
I just put my hands onto her boobs and we both backed into the side wall and made out some Düzce Escort Bayan more. Sense I helped myself to her boobs, she helped herself to my dick and she really knew how hard it was.
“Oh my big brother, you really wanna fuck me, I don’t think I should make you wait another minute, and don’t worry, I’m on the pill,” Mindy said.
And with that, she pushed me on the little seat at the back of the shower and she turned around. She sat on my lap, but letting my dick slide inside her pussy. She laid back and turned her head towards me to kiss me again. She bounced up and down just a little for a few minutes.
“Oh, you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted this big brother, I’m so glad you are finally inside me,” Mindy said.
I put my hands back on her boobs and she seemed to love that quite a bit, I pinched her nipples just a bit, not all the moisture was from the water, some was our sweat, we were getting so hot for each other.
“Yes big brother, feel your sister up, I love it,” Mindy said.
Well, let’s just say that all of our emotions were high, really high, we both wanted this and it was finally happening, so we both got tired rather quickly, but it’s not like we’d just wanna do it once and have that be it. After a few minutes of having amazing sex with my sister, I just came inside my sister.
“Holy shit sis!” I screamed.
She came too all the over the shower. After that, she just laid there in my arms for a few more minutes as the water just continued to hit us. About 5 minutes later, she got up and I got yet another really good look at her Escort Düzce nice B-cup boobs. Even with those small boobs, she was beyond stunning and hot.
“Well, sense we are in the shower, we should at least wash up,” Mindy said.
“I guess we should, but then we gotta talk about something,” I replied.
“What? We’re just 2 consenting adults that love each other and wish to make love,” Mindy said.
Anyway, we actually washed each other, washed each others hair and even private parts as well, so that made it probably the longest shower either one of us ever had.
“Well, maybe tonight, we don’t have to just go to sleep, maybe we can have some fun too,” Mindy said.
“Maybe we can sis, but it’s a little early to go to bed on a Saturday night,” I replied.
“Well, no one said just because we got in the bed we had to go to sleep,” Mindy said.
So we both dried off and went to bed, but of course didn’t go to sleep, we laid down next to each other and just looked at each other.
“I have masturbated thinking about you so many times, about you making love to me, and just pounding the shit out of me too. I started sleeping naked with you, because I know deep down, you want it to, you have been just too embarrassed to admit, so I was out of ideas, so I just made a move for both of us,” Mindy said.
“Well, that was very well played,” I replied.
We kissed each other for about 2 minutes straight and let’s just say we didn’t need to talk, we were gonna talk anyway.
“I don’t care that’s it’s incest, I love you and I wanna be with you big brother,” Mindy said.
“Me too,” I replied.
“Then, let’s make love again, I wanna feel your big dick inside me,” Mindy said.
“Best shower ever,” I replied.
Now we shower together all the time, but it always takes us over a half hour though.

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