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Deena’s Story Tears ran down my face as I walked up the garden path towards our new house. Blinded by the sadness, I couldn’t find the keyhole as the key scraped over the brass lock. My shoulders shuddered while I let out another cry for help. “Toby!” The door opened and I fell into the arms of my love. “Fuckin hell… what’s up with you, Rainy Face?” I didn’t know how to tell him. So I just spilled the words from my mouth. “I lost it. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared.” “Lost what?” “My job.” “What..? H… How?” “They’ve sacked me before my probation finished.” “You confronted them, didn’t you? About their fraud. I told you not to, because I feared this would happen.” “I had no choice, I couldn’t start my accounting career by getting involved in such a corrupt company. I have my pride, as well as my morals.” “I know, but I want to keep my legs… Come on. Let’s talk about this over a brew.” Inside the living room, I sat slumped on the couch as Toby placed a hot mug onto the coffee table. I leaned forward and shoved the tear filled tissue into my pocket. “Thanks.” “Can you claim against them?” “Of course. But it could take years to settle. Never mind a load of money.” “What are we going to do, then..? We need to pay Mickael his ten grand back… on top of all the other expenses.” “I know, I know.” I picked up the mug and sipped the hot tea through my lips. “I just… I just don’t know what to do.” “We’ve got to do something… Mickael told me I’ll lose the use of my legs, if we don’t pay him back the damages.” “I can’t believe you crashed his car, and got us into this mess.” Toby tightened his fists. “It was an accident… how many times will I have to tell you.” “I know… the dog came out of nowhere, you swerved to avoid it, then ploughed the car into a tree.” “I didn’t even want to drive his fucking Merc. Look, we need to do something… he’s not just my boss, he’s a fucking psycho.” “Toby, stop telling me things I already know. I need solutions, not a lecture.” “You’re Dad?” I watched as Toby sat opposite me. “No, we can’t.” The disappointment on his face saddened me more. “We can’t go begging to Paps again, not after what he’s been through. Our wedding almost killed him.” “I can always go and ask my parents.” I sighed, and glanced at Toby. “We both know why we can’t go there, don’t we?” We weren’t on talking terms with his parents after a disastrous family holiday a year back, but that’s for another story. “I know.” Toby held his face in his hands. “Well you’re just going to have to go and get another accounting job.” “It won’t happen in time to save your legs, though. “ “You have an ACCA, you must be highly in demand.” “I know, but I have just been sacked… A lot of firms won’t even look at me. It will take ages to find another position that pays as well.” I reached out and grabbed Toby’s hand. “Look… if he does disable you… I promise to stand by you. In sickness and in health, remember.” “You can’t leave me out to dry.” “I know… But I dread to think where all this is going to lead too.” I noticed the soiled tissue on the coffee table. I could have sworn that I placed mine in my pocket. I shoved my hand in the pocket and, sure enough, felt my tear filled tissue. “Toby?” “What?” “You’ve been wanking.” “No I haven’t.” “Yes you have.” I picked up the soiled tissue and threw it at him. “Indian cuckold videos again?” Toby slumped his shoulders while he hung his head. “Guilty as charged your honour.” “You disgust me.” “The girls remind me of you, my Indian Princess.” “I’m British Asian.” I stood from the couch. “And never going to sleep with another man… No matter how much porn you watch.” Toby’s Story I had just left the apartment for work. The fresh air of the winter cleared my head and allowed me to think straight. With Deena sacked, it was just my income supporting us. And because I smashed up my boss’s car on the way to the car wash, I had ten grand to find… in six weeks. Let’s just say I had a lot to think about. I manage a Karşıyaka escort bar in a strip club. I have always told Deena that I work in a casino bar, which was true, but there is a strip joint upstairs, and for the past six months I have been working the upstairs bar. The whole building is run by an Albanian businessman called Mickael Asharvin, I stress the word businessman. Mickael is one ruthless fucker. He once paid for my silence after I accidentally walked in on him rearranging an employee’s face after he had caught him pinching from the cash register. That’s why I know he wasn’t lying when he told me he would kneecap me, if I fail to find his ten grand. I thought I would have left this job long ago, it was supposed to just get me through uni. But graduated a year ago, and yet I’m still no closer to fulfilling my dream as a journalist. After working at the club for five years I’m now on first name terms with Mickael, and regarded as one of the more senior members of staff. Still barely paid more than the minimum wage, mind. Doing a weekday shift drags. The club is dead until ten. So for the first two or three hours it’s just me and the girls, all of which hardly speak a word of English. Still good to look at though. I spotted Mickael pacing towards the bar. He didn’t look too impressed. So I made myself busy by wiping the black marble surface. “Evening, Boss.” “I’ve seen more life in a morgue.” Mickael spoke with a thick Eastern European accent, and I always had to concentrate when he spoke. “Toby. You have face like smacked arse. No wonder no one stays. What is wrong with you?” “Nothing.” “Tell me.” “Money problems.” “You English are lazy, back in Tirana, I pay barman less than half. He work twice as hard, and smiled all the time. I pay you more, yet you have face like mother-in-law’s backside.” “Deena lost her job.” Mickael snorted a laugh and waved his finger in my face. “You very clever man, Toby. Trying to make me feel sorry for you. You think me a fool, huh? I asked you take my car to be cleaned, not to be scraped. You will pay for the damage, one way, or the other. Even if it’s with your legs.” I felt the mood change and my arse began to bite my boxers. Mickael is temperamental at the best of times, so it’s best not to piss him off. “I promise, I’ll find the money.” I held my hands up. “Do you need an accountant, by any chance?” “No… I’m always in need of new girls though.” “Deena isn’t the type.” Mickael’s leather coat crumpled as he folded his bulky arms. “Your girl is really hot. I love spicy women, they’re hard to come by. Brown skin makes good money.” “Deena is quite a conservative girl, though. It had to propose to her, before she let see her naked.” “Innocent girls are the best. Get her here. She is the only way I will get my money, and you will save your legs.” “I’ll see what she says, Boss.” “Good.” Mickael slapped me on the back, sending me down to the bar. “Don’t let me down…Or else.” Mickael loves Deena. When he spotted us in shopping in the city a few months back, he literally gawped at her tits for the whole time we were talking. He was that obvious that Deena told me she could feel his eyes burning a hole in her chest. Made her feel really uncomfortable, meaning she’s hated him ever since. So there was no way I could ask her to come. Plus how the fuck would I explain about never having told her I work in a strip bar? After a long shift I got back home just as daylight broke over the dark horizon. In the kitchen, I opened the fridge door and took out the cheese. Slamming the door, my eyebrows arched as a disheveled Deena stood wearing my old football shirt. “What are you doing awake?” “Can’t sleep for worrying.” “I’m sorry.” I leaned forward and kissed Deena’s forehead. She might have looked like she had been through more hedges than a fox on the run, but I would still definitely ravage her. “I still have just enough energy felt for a quickie, Dee.” “You have to be joking.”Deena groaned and bornova escort bayan rubbed the back of her neck. “I feel sick.” “It was worth a try.” I leaned over the counter and took out a slice of brown bread. “So, you have been busy filling out applications?” “More than I care to mention. But I need a quick fix… I have a friend who told me about webcam modelling. Can earn quite a bit from it, and they pay weekly. But the internet is shit around here.” “Isn’t that stripping?” “I know, I know. But I’m desperate. I’ll do anything.” I began buttering my bread. “I was talking to Mickael today.” “Oh, that dirty bastard.” “Yeah, well, he has just opened a strip joint upstairs and looking for new strippers.” “How much?” I slammed the knife through the hard cheese. “Some of the girls earn a grand over a weekend… not sure what they exactly do for that… I work in the casino after all.” “I’ll come with you tomorrow. Seeing as he’ll take the use of your legs if I don’t.” “Fuck me… really?” “We’re desperate… I’m desperate.” Deena’s Story Despite the fact I was going to a strip club, I dressed formally as it was still an interview. I wore a tight fitting ivory sleeveless blouse and a short black pencil skirt. Every girl likes heels and I’m no exception, I stood tall and proud on my six inch black stilettos. I knew this was the quickest way of earning money. It might sound arrogant, but I knew I was more than just a head turner. Men craved me. So I was more than confident about being a stripping success. The club is situated on the edge of a tech park. Probably far enough from the city centre to avoid generating headaches for the city council, but close enough to attract the clientele who had wallets fat enough to keep the revenue flowing in. The low sun cast long shadows across the car park. Despite my earlier confidence my heart began to flutter as we stepped up the concrete steps towards the double glass doors. Stepping through the open glass doors, the club was empty. A tinny echo of a radio played music from the sixties. Only two middle aged women dressed in scrubs busied themselves with a mop and bucket. On the stage was a mountain of bin bags filled with empty plastic bottles and glasses. I held Toby’s hand as he led me through a side door and followed him up a narrow staircase. Toby stopped and knocked on a heavy secured door. Mickael’s asked us to wait. Hearing his think Eastern European voice set off my nerves. I squeezed Toby’s fingers and stared into his brown eyes. “Are you coming in with me?” “Do you want me too?” “Yes… But then again it’s not professional.” “You’re right.” “After all, I’m a big girl now.” “I’ll be right outside. The blinds are open and I can see what’s going on in there.” “That’s good.” “I promise not to wank if you have to strip.” “You think…” Right, it might sound daft seeing as I’m at an interview to be a stripper. But I just thought he would take one look at me and make me sign the dotted line. “Crap.” Suddenly the door opened, and there stood the muscle bound, bald headed brute. I loathed Mickael… but he was the only man who could save us from our financial cliff. “Mickael, how lovely to see you again.” “Deena… As gorgeous as ever. I see you have come dressed for the occasion, with your lovely long legs out for everyone to see.” “Thank you.” The fact he was already ogling my figure repulsed me. “I find your charm most flattering.” Mickael wore a grin as he nodded at Toby. “You’re a lucky bastard.” “I know.” “See you in a half an hour, Toby.” My heart fluttered and I felt my skin clamed up. I glanced at Toby with desperate eye, before stepping into Mickael’s office. The office was softly lit and the walls were painted in maroon. Large paintings of exotic vistas hung in simple frames that were subtitled with motivational phrases. Mickael gestured for me to sit on the two seater leather couch. He sat behind his neatly kept desk which seemed far too organised for a man of Escort üçyol his apparent background. Leaning forward from his chair he smiled, showing a gold tooth, no doubt the result of some backstreet brawl. He stared at me as he spoke. “Toby has told me about your situation. I’m sorry about your job.” “He told you that?” “This not true?” “Yes, it is. Just I thought some things were private. That’s all.” Mickael leaned back and opened his drawer. He brought up a carved glass decanter filled with what appeared to be whisky, and then followed it up with two crystal tumblers. Wearing an unnerving smiled, he muttered, “I drink while I do business.” “Isn’t that bad practice?” “It works for me. I’m not exactly broke, am I?” “No… Not your not.” “Join me.” It sounded like an order, rather than a token of Mickael’s generosity. “Just a small one thanks.” “Good, I like a girl who drinks.” I stood from the couch and took the tumbler off Mickael. We touched glasses before I sat back on the couch. “Cheers.” Mickael lent forward and rested his elbows on his highly polished mahogany desk, then placed his hands together as if he was about to pray. “I’ve always treated Toby like a son.” His smile again unnerved me. “But you know what your husband did to my brand new Merc.” “I know.” “But as always, I’m willing to help. Deena, this is an easy way to earn a lot of money… In process, repaying your husband’s debt to me.” “A man might think it’s easy.” “I bet there are a million shelf stackers that would think there job is harder.” “What can I expect to earn then?” Mickael stood from his leather chair. “For a girl like you.” He walked around his desk before sitting on its edge, then stared at me. “Limitless.” “I need figures.” “I’ll have many fingers in many pots.” “Come again?” “I own this gentleman’s club, the casino downstairs. But I run an exclusive escorting agency, and an adult film studio.” I arched my eyebrows and felt I was getting involved with someone that I shouldn’t be. I downed the whisky in one. “Here’s me thinking I’m here to be a stripper.” “You need ten grand in a month, not five.” “I know, but… Can’t we extend the loan?” “No… I’ve been generous enough.” “I have morals.” “I did once. But life robs you of them, one, by one.” Mickael crunched an ice cube in his mouth. “You either fuck a few guys, or I fuck up Toby’s legs. It’s as simple as that.” “I hate you.” “Funny. It still amazes me how women really think that hurts me.” I felt like spitting at Mickael’s fat ugly face, “I hope you rot in hell.” “I probably will. That’s why I’m making the most of things.” “So, go on then. What’s quickest to repay you? And ending this nightmare” “Royalties from films will earn you the most over time. But you need instant cash, so escorting. My girls earn 800 a night. But I reckon I can squeeze a grand out of you. But it’s low season, unfortunately. So your mine for at least a month… Then you can leave.” My heart sank. I stared down at my heeled shoes while feeling a sense of darkness descend on me. “I have no choice but to agree.” “Right.” Mickael climbed off the desk and stepped up to a cupboard. “So let’s begin the interview.” “Oh, haven’t we already?” “All models have to be casted.” “Casted?” “Yes. It’s common industry practice.” Opening the door Mickael pulled out a tripod and what I took to be a camera bag. “I’ll send the video to my trusted contacts.” “I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable with that.” “If you want to succeed in this industry, then you have to cast. What clients are going waste time and money if they don’t know who they are… working with? Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” “But I’m a professional. What if the video is leaked?” Mickael fixed the expensive camera to the tripod. “It’s up to you. You want to walk, fine. Leave.” The bastard nonchalantly shrugged. “Want the money, and your husband’s legs. Stay, and take off your clothes.” I couldn’t believe what I was doing. My knees trembled as I stood from the couch. Toby was the only man to have seen my naked body. Yet here I was about to undress for a man I detested. All in the hope entering the sex industry. Whatever had happened to my dignity, where was my life going? Mickael’s Story I am a bastard, I admit it. But I don’t exploit women in the sense of treating them like slaves.

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