The Christmas Rebound Pact

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With Sue moving out after an almost two-year relationship, Jerry was not looking forward to the holiday season as he wove his way through the crowd at the airport. He was on his way to visit his parents in Florida for Thanksgiving. A familiar-looking blonde head caught his attention. As he approached her from behind, the hiking boots, backpack, pocketed shorts, and plaid shirt—with long sleeves rolled up and buttoned—supported his guess.“Amy?” he called when he was close enough for her to hear.She turned, looking a little dazed before she identified who spoke, then broke into a wide smile. Some people have a smile that can light up a room; hers could light up a forest, which is where she preferred to be. A natural beauty, her peaches and cream complexion needed no makeup and her curly blonde hair was like a halo around her head.From the day he met her, Jerry had battled his crush-cretin to suppress his attraction to her. She and her husband, Jim, were two of the nicest people he knew. Both avid hikers, they would let him tag along on easier treks and help him enjoy the outdoors despite his tenderfoot status.He thought of her as Nature Girl. Although usually in shorts, she didn’t shave her legs, the fine blonde hair not noticeable against her pale skin unless you looked closely. She wore no bra on her modest chest and didn’t shave her rarely-seen armpits. It wasn’t a political statement, just her innate state. Her usual attire didn’t call attention to her choices. Jerry could visualize her living in the wild, naked and free.Automatically squashing that lewd thought when it arose, he asked, “Where’s Jim?” knowing her husband’s presence would restrain his imagination.The loss of her smile was like a storm cloud blocking the sun.“We’re divorced, as of last month,” she said quietly.He suddenly realized he hadn’t seen the couple since before he hooked up with Sue; the closest she got to the great outdoors was dining al fresco. Jim and Amy had been married for over ten years and seemed so compatible. On the way to catching flights wasn’t the place to have a conversation about it.“I’m sorry to hear that,” Jerry said, trying to give her a hug, but being limited by her backpack and the computer case he carried. “I’m on my way to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.”“Me, too,” she looked morose. “I have to break the news to them.”“I understand. I’ll be thinking about you,” he commiserated. “You have my number? Give me a call if you want to talk. Maybe we can get together when we get back.”The Friday after Thanksgiving, he prompted her with a text and they had a long video chat. Jim had decided their house in the redwoods north of the Golden Gate Bridge was too close to civilization and wanted to move to Idaho. Amy enjoyed being able to do things with friends in San Francisco on occasion and liked the house they built. After talking about it for a few years, he finally put his foot down, assuming she would give in; she didn’t.Jerry’s crush-cretin was running rampant in his dreams and daydreams. The opportunity had finally arrived! But his thoughtful mind knew that rebound relationships never worked. Moreover, despite his fantasies, he knew they differed fundamentally. Amy considered the city a place to visit, not to live—analogous to the way he felt about the forest.Still, Jim’s departure got him wondering if he should consider a change of lifestyle. Whether or not there was some way for something to happen between them, he knew he had to play it carefully. Muzzling his miscreant salaciousness, he decided to be supportive and see where things might lead.*****Via texts, he suggested that Amy stay with him for a day or two on her return before heading back to the woods. Amy and Jim had stayed in his guest bedroom when they were in the city many times over the years, even using it when he was traveling. Jerry got tickets to a holiday show and he could treat her to a night on the town.“We’re both recovering from break-ups—of course, you and Jim were more committed than Sue and I,” Jerry mused during their pre-show dinner. “It’s traditional to have a rebound relationship that ends in disaster. Since we know each other so well, what if we be each other’s rebound?”He watched her expression as he said the words he had mentally rewritten so many times, trying not to sound rehearsed.“We could make a pact and go in with our eyes open, knowing it wouldn’t last. Say, just through the holidays. Instead of being home alone, we could have some fun and companionship.”That last word seemed to dismay her.“So… like… sex?” she frowned.“Maybe but not necessarily,” Jerry said, kicking his crush-cretin back into the corner. “When I’m between monogamous situations, I do date, so it wouldn’t be unusual for me. It’s hard to discuss it in the abstract. Of course, you’re an attractive woman—if you’ll let me omit the long list of your wonderful qualities. But you’re also a good friend and I would not want to risk damaging our friendship.”Her face relaxed to be more thoughtful than concerned.He tried to lighten the mood. “I know you married people think we single people are fucking each other every chance we get, but sometimes a date is just a date!” he laughed, drawing a grin from her.“Oh, so is this a date?” she teased.Jerry’s inner voice was screaming, but his outer voice said calmly, “If you like. We could call it our first date of our Rebound Pact.” He extended his hand across the table; with a twinkle in her eye, she shook it. The show was a “socialist” version of A Christmas Carol, where the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future were replaced by a strike for better wages and health care for all the Tiny Tims, a consumer şişli escort boycott until the company stopped polluting, and a government investigation that forced Scrooge to pay his fair share of taxes. The two-drink minimum and raucous performance had them in high holiday spirits.Returning to his apartment, he walked her to her bedroom door and gave her his best first kiss, warm but polite as they hugged briefly.“I had a wonderful time with you tonight.” His usual script seemed more meaningful somehow, but he could read her indecision.“So did I, Jerry. Thank you so much.” She entered her room and watched him watch her as she slowly closed the door.With the excitement of the evening, Jerry was having trouble falling asleep. It was almost three and he was considering jacking off to make himself tired, but he worried about where his imagination might lead him.He didn’t recognize the soft tap at the door the first time he heard it.“Jerry,” Amy whispered, “are you up?” Her quiet rapping seemed like she didn’t want to wake him if he was sleeping.“Come in, Amy,” he called, “I haven’t been able to fall asleep yet.”She entered wearing a loose t-shirt and sweatpants just like he was.“Um, Jerry, would it be too weird to ask if I could sleep with you?” Her shy request was followed by a giggle. “I don’t mean sex. When we hugged, it made me realize how much I miss physical contact. I just think having a warm body next to me would help me relax.”“Sure thing,” he struggled to sound casual as he reached to open the other side of the bed for her. “We can lie back-to-back or however you feel most comfortable.”He had rolled on his side away from her, but she moved to spoon him. It hid between his legs the unavoidable response to feeling her soft warmth against his butt and back. Her solution worked because before long her regular breathing showed she was asleep and Jerry soon joined her.Waking in darkness, he couldn’t tell the time, but they had changed their positions in their sleep. He was spooning her, his right arm trapped under her neck, her rear end pressed against his crotch. Feigning sleep as his mind cleared and he assessed the situation, he noticed she was subtlely moving rhythmically. Whether caused by that or the pressure of her butt or just ordinary night wood, his rigid cock nestled in the valley of her backside, albeit separated from her by four layers of cloth.Fully awake, he realized his left arm was pulled around her and clasped under hers. It was no accident of sleep; she wore him like a sweater wrapped over her shoulders. The movement was plainly her rubbing herself.His guilt at observing her without her knowing that he was awake crescendoed until he whispered, “Amy.”She jerked and gasped and froze. When she tried to squirm away from him, he gently resisted, cooing, “It’s okay.”“I’m sorry, Jerry,” she sobbed. “It was so cozy and warm and it’s been so long since I felt horny. I thought I could rub one out without disturbing you. When I felt your erection I think I got carried away. I’m so embarrassed.”“Don’t be,” he reassured. “I’m just glad I didn’t wake up humping your leg from a wet dream.”“I guess I should go back to my bed,” she sighed sullenly. “Maybe in the morning, we can pretend this never happened.”“If that’s what you want,” he said, “but I would rather you stay and finish what you were doing and we could go back to sleep and wake up together.”After a long moment of stillness, she took a deep breath as if she had reached a decision and slowly began moving her arm again. Jerry resisted the temptation to participate, responding only minimally as her body moved against him.After a few minutes, her whimpers suggested she was having trouble reaching her objective. Her body jerked more in frustration than anticipation. Finally, she stopped with a huff.He so much wanted to caress her but restrained himself, giving her the chance to decide what she wanted.“Jerry….” Her musical voice broke the tension. “It’s crazy, I know…. I’m sorry… we haven’t really decided.”“It’s okay, Amy,” he spoke softly in her ear. “Whatever you want.”“You’re so sweet, I don’t want to mislead you,” she hesitated, then blurted out, “but right now I want you inside me while I play with myself. I don’t know if that counts as sex or not, but I can’t stop thinking about it.”Jerry knew when not to say anything. He slid his sweatpants and boxers to his knees, prompting her to do the same. Being in his own bed meant the darkness and the fact that his right arm was underneath her neck did not impede his retrieving a condom from his nightstand, tearing it open with his teeth and his free hand, and installing it. A small adjustment in position had his rigid pole poking against her pussy and she immediately pressed the head into her opening.She wiggled back against him, her fingertips caressing his balls to assure she had his full length before they returned to stroking her folds.“Mmmm, just like that,” she purred, convincing him not to start thrusting.Jerry’s heart and mind raced and his crush-cretin celebrated its long-sought triumph. He wanted to fuck her; by the least movement of her hips, she certainly could have shown she wanted him to, but she did not. Instead, she hardly moved as her hands added liquid sounds to her increasingly ragged breathing. His cock throbbed in her hot grip, sending shocks into him when he felt her more frequent twitches.Her airy moans became higher pitched and shorter until her silence and rhythmic clench heralded her orgasm. Feeling her relax in his arms gave him breathtaking joy.On any other day with any other partner, Jerry would have considered what happened next premature şişli escort bayan and a disappointment. But with hardly more movement than the release of tension in her body, his organs ignited.“Oh, Amy,” he exhaled against her cheek, telling her of his satisfaction if she was unable to sense the pulsing inside her.Whether her subtle twerking was intended to extract the last dregs of pleasure from her flesh or his, it likely did both. He had slipped out of her by the time her regular breathing indicated her slumber and he followed suit.In the morning light, Jerry blinked his eyes open to Amy’s face inches from his. “So I guess that was a date,” she smirked.Although she had reraised her sweatpants, his were still around his knees, confirming that it hadn’t just been a wet dream.Over breakfast, they planned a few events through the end of the year. Then Amy headed home, leaving his intellect to contemplate—and his libido to wallow in—the developments.*****Amy and Jim had a regular annual December reservation for a cabin at Yosemite. They preferred going when it wasn’t as crowded with tourists and didn’t mind the cold and snow. She had planned to cancel it but, when she mentioned it to Jerry, he said he would love to see the park in the winter.The dusting of snow made it seem like a fairyland to him as she led him around some of her favorite spots. The shorter days chased them back indoors where he made dinner and she lit some logs in the fireplace. The lodging was designed to accommodate a variable number of people, so there was a futon couch in the living room that could be converted into a bed. There were more comfortable beds elsewhere, but after eating they decided that the futon on the floor in front of the fireplace was the coziest place to snuggle.“Thanks for taking it easy on me today,” Jerry said, knowing her pace and distance would have been greater with Jim.“You did fine,” she assured him. “It was fun to revisit spots I hadn’t seen in a while. Usually, Jim and I would have some challenges to accomplish. It was nice just to take time to appreciate the wonder of this place.”She leaned to kiss him deeply. “Thanks for convincing me not to skip this. I would really have missed it.”“Thank you for sharing it with me.” He returned the kiss, his hands stroking her back and rear end.They hadn’t had sex since that first unusual time, but Jerry felt that things were right for a normal encounter. He popped a button or two on her top and she reciprocated. Unfastening her jeans, he opened her shirt to see her humble breasts. As usual, she wore no bra, her palmfuls not requiring support or constraint. He massaged them gently, thumbing her nipples as he kissed her lips.When she had unzipped him, he broke and kicked his pants off, then pulled hers off as well. Kneeling between her legs, he bent to kiss her face, neck, and chest. Her nubs stood tall even before he arrived to suck them gently. Her fingers tousled his hair but she was otherwise content to let him drive.He nuzzled his way around and past her navel until he reached her cotton panties. Blowing warmth through the fabric, he was excited to note the spring of her hair beneath. As he drew them down her thighs, he almost whistled, sighing at the beauty before him. The untamed blonde curls formed a triangle that extended lower to frame the divide where full, chewable lips protruded.To let him remove her underwear, she briefly raised her legs then lowered them apart. Jerry stared at the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. Like one of those Georgia O’Keeffe flowers, it lured him closer while making him pause to appreciate its architecture. If Amy had sensed any hesitation and worried it might be because of her less-fashionable fur, he left no doubts as he luxuriated in her bush. Inhaling her scent from it, stirring it with his nose, and stroking it with his fingers, he paid homage to the natural ornamentation so many discard.Her tempting aroma drew him lower and his tongue parted her inner lips. He drew them into his mouth, nibbling their meaty thickness. His tongue roamed her folds, making them slick with a combination of her juices and the saliva her taste inspired. Enjoying the feast she offered, he took his time exploring and gauging her responses to different techniques at different locations.When he teased her opening with a wet finger, she squirmed in appreciation. He probed inside as he lapped, adding a second and a third, recalling her desire to be filled. The unrestrained way that she had worked herself that night encouraged him to be bold; her wordless utterances guided him as well as any scientific instrument. Her tensing thighs confirmed he had found a good recipe. Using his lips to scrub her folds over her most sensitive spot while churning his fingers inside her did the trick.“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Yes!” She reached for her release as Jerry forged ahead. “Oh… yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes,” she sang as she writhed with pleasure. After a couple breaths, she pulled him next to her and hugged him tightly.  “Make love to me,” she whispered.Understanding what she meant, Jerry put aside the quip that that’s what he had been doing. Kneeling between her legs, he retrieved the condom from his pants and unrolled it onto his more-than-ready penis. She spread and raised her legs and he sank into her open and gushing tunnel.Looking down at her face and chest, still pink from her climax, he watched her soft mounds gently bob with his movement. He alternated taking in that view with bending to kiss her and feel her softness against him. His ability to control himself was strained by the fact that this wasn’t mecidiyeköy escort just a gorgeous woman but was Amy, for whom he had suppressed his lust over many years. Despite her meeting his thrusts with enthusiasm, he could not allow this to be over so soon.He varied his pace and intensity, but as much as he wished to, he doubted he could last long enough to make her cum again, assuming she could or wanted to. Thinking there might be a way, he hugged her and rolled underneath her. With her on top, she was in a better position to determine and achieve that result.Bathed in the light of the flames, her skin had a golden luster. He grabbed her dancing tits as she rode him. Jerry groaned his excitement and whimpered his approach to the edge. Amy’s attitude seemed to change and he surmised she sensed another peak was within reach.“I’m gonna cum,” he warned when he knew there was no way to stop the approaching tsunami.“Me, too!” she squealed as she accelerated her bouncing.He was relieved that she closed her eyes as the ecstasy overtook her. His o-face was no work of art. But the serene beauty of hers was worth seeing even if he hadn’t been exhilarated by his eruption. That image of her—looking up at her expression of saintly joy, her face and chest ablush with passion and aglow from the firelight—would be his treasured memory of her for the rest of his life.She teetered above him until her grinding against him yielded no additional delight for either, then collapsed onto him. His slowly roaming hands sought to caress every inch of her. The crackling heat kept them from needing to cover themselves as their sweat dried so they remained comfortably conjoined until necessity required.Snow fell most of the next day making it too dangerous to be out on the trails. They instead played in the snow near the cabin, making snowmen and snow angels and throwing snowballs until they were too cold. Retreating inside as the afternoon shadows fell, they again settled in front of the fire for more lovemaking.On their last day, Amy showed Jerry how to help put chains on her SUV so they could safely drive out of the park and back to the city. Because of the bad road conditions in the mountains, it was late before she dropped him at his apartment and continued on to her house.*****Jerry had hired his usual car service for a night on the town. It was convenient not having to drive and worry about parking as they made stops across the city. They started at a French restaurant in the Sunset district.“I’m just saying you need to start looking around, to be aware of possible candidates,” Jerry explained after they ordered. “It will be fun. I don’t know how many guys you’ll see tonight or how many will seem interesting to you. Certainly many will be unavailable—at the moment, you never know. You know guys are always checking you out, don’t you?”Amy was still skeptical, but admitted, “Yeah, most guys can’t help gawking at women.”“I’d say all guys,” he laughed. “The ones who don’t seem to be are just better at hiding it!”When Jerry asked her what she thought of the waiter, Amy said she hadn’t paid much attention to him.“You don’t want to stare, but as you see men around you, just make a quick judgment. Too old, too young, man-bun, face tattoo, whatever.”Jerry reached across to take her hand.“You’ve been in a stable relationship for so long, you’re rusty. This is just a game, but it will help get some practice before you have to do it next month.”When the waiter left after depositing their appetizers, Amy commented, “Definitely too young.”“Pretty sure he’s gay, too,” Jerry winked.The wine from dinner and the two-drink minimum at the comedy club was getting her in the spirit of the game. She evaluated the series of comics at the show.“I know women say sense of humor is important,” she observed, “but even the ones I thought were really funny don’t seem plausible.”“Performers are generally needy,” he concurred. “I think you would prefer someone who doesn’t need constant applause.”There were a few people in the audience she considered possibilities.“Beware the ‘other woman’  syndrome,” he warned. “A man with an attractive woman automatically makes him seem more attractive. Picture him alone in a bar offering to buy you a drink.” Perhaps the jovial atmosphere and the often raunchy jokes made Jerry cruder than usual. “He’s looking for someone to suck his cock. Are you interested?”Amy gave him a shocked look.“Sorry,” he apologized, “I should have put that differently. But you get the idea. If you can already tell that’s never going to happen, don’t let him buy you a drink.”Riding across the bay to a club for some late-night jazz, Amy mused, “Maybe the city isn’t the best place for me to find someone.”“I expected as much,” Jerry agreed, “but I wanted to get you thinking about it. The same principles apply when you run into someone on a hiking trail or at the supermarket.”The group played a variety of music from standards to experimental pieces. They closed with a sensual number that featured solos by each of the players. Jerry hoped he could maintain the mood until they got to his bedroom. His usual driver helped by closing the partition window and curtains to give them privacy for the forty-minute ride back to his place.Perhaps emboldened by the alcohol, Amy teased, “I only found one guy tonight whose cock I would want to suck.” She reached for his zipper. “Is this allowed?” she nodded toward the front of the car.“Mike is very discreet. But we can’t make a mess,” he cautioned.In the dark with tinted windows, they could see out but could not be seen by surrounding cars or trucks.  He unfastened his pants and she extracted his swelling organ from his boxers.She licked his length before taking it between her lips. It wasn’t a stretch limo, but there was enough space for her to get on her knees between his legs. There was nothing for him to do but stroke her blonde curls as her head bobbed in the confined space.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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