The Coffee Secret

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It was a rainy day in Fort Worth with absolutely nothing to do. Andre thought to him self what a shitty day so he decided to finding some music at the local Borders Books and Music store on the strip about 15 minutes from where he lived. So as he strolled on down the stairs he reached by his side and noticed that he didn’t have his cell phone.

“Fuckin-shit” he thought as he frustratingly walked back up the stairs to his condo to retrieve his phone when got to his condo he picked up his phone and noticed that he had a text message on his phone. HE clicked send and the message said “Meet me at the coffee shop in half an hour”

Andre thought to him self who could that because his fiancé was on at a business trip New York so it couldn’t be her. He pondered but was like what the hell I will do it any way so he proceeded down the stairs to his car and got in and headed to the coffee shop. When he got there he about 10 minutes to spare so he decided to go across the street to Victoria’s Secret and browse maybe there was some thing that he could get for his fiancé Elizabeth before she got the next day from her trip.

As he left the coffee shop he didn’t notice the Limo pulling into the parking lot as it pulled up to the Coffee shop. Elizabeth stepped out of the limo and signaled to the driver to wait. When she got out she noticed that Andre was already here and she decided to already go in the she heard the screeching halt of car hitting it brakes as she turned around some was almost hit by a car then when she took a second look she noticed that the person that almost got hit was Andre her heart almost skipped a beat but she give away her little plan she to was early so she decided to go on with her plan she to started across the street to the Victoria’s Secret behind Andre when she stepped inside she saw Andre move over to the section on were the new line of thong and matching bras had just come in she proceeded went to the front counter and to the teller that she had phoned in a order to the store this morning and she would like to try it on.

The teller looked behind her and picked up the order and handed to Elizabeth and smiled. Elizabeth toke her package witch just so happened to be a see through crimson blue teddy she got in to the dressing room and took of her coat and the rest of her clothes and neatly folded them and put them in the box that her teddy came then she slipped off her leopard print thong and place that in her jacket pocket she did not need to worry about her bra since she didn’t wear on that day.

She started to put on the teddy when she finished she put the top back on the box and left the dressing room this took her all of 5 minutes with still 5 minutes to spare. She then went to the front desk and gave the attendant 200 dollars and this was for the teddy and keep the change and she proceeded to Manisa Escort the front of the sore when she got there she looked for Andre she spotted an attendant helping him so she decided that she was right on time.

She left Victoria’s Secret and proceeded back across the street when she got there she went to the limo she took her Victoria’s secret box and opened it and took out all the clothe and the put her Thong into box that had her intoxicating scent from her pussy and a card. Then she closed the box and put it into an ordinary shopping bag and proceeded in to the coffee shop she had to work fast cause she only had about 2 more minutes before Andre would be back at the coffee shop.

So briskly walked in the dormant coffee shop and went up to the counter it just so happened the sister of one of the people she worked with was an employee at the coffee shop the had called her that morning from the plane and explained her plan to her so when she got the she handed the package to her and she already knew what to do. Then Elizabeth then walked ran out the shop and got into the limo and told the driver to go across the street to the Victoria’s Secret.

When and Andre arrived at the coffee shop he was holding a Victoria’s Secret bag in his hand he had bought Elizabeth some thongs and some bras form when she got back. He sat down at there normal table when he sat down it was about 2 minutes after he was supposed to be there from when he got the messages off the phone. Then he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder and when he looked back it was Mary Ann. Elizabeth business friends co-worker Mary Ann then gave him the bag and walked with a smile when he took the box out the bag.

He noticed that it said Victoria’s Secret on it he was some what spectacle but he went along with it anyway He noticed the card on the box and immediately he noticed the scent coming from the card it was Elizabeth’s perfume that she wore he noticed it distinctly this sort of made him a little aroused and curious so he opened the box and when he noticed the thong he picked it in a ball and held it to his nose and smell Elizabeth intoxicating scent and he was instantly turned on. HE then looked down and noticed her other card he then picked it up and read it said meet me at the Victoria’s secret across the street.

So he got as fast he could and rushed out of the coffer shop considering he was one horny bustard right now. When got to VS he looked around and he saw what looked like the back of Elizabeth jacket and he followed her he noticed that she had wend in to the dressing room so he followed her and when he got to the room that she had went into. He noticed a card that said come in so he took the card off the door and went in to the dressing room when walked in he saw Elizabeth in her teddy with her Mavişehir Escort legs spread eagle on the little bench.

Andre was breath taken he and Elizabeth had talked about having sex in a public place but never really acted on but guess no was a good time. Elizabeth motioned for him to come over to be she was. He started to take off his jacket Elizabeth immediately noticed his hard-on and started to rub his dick through his pant Andre moaned in ecstasy it had been almost a week since him and Elizabeth had had done anything remotely sexual. Elizabeth started to unbuckle his pants and pull down his pant and his boxers and started to lick to head of his cock. Andre legs started to buckle but he wasn’t going to sit it felt to good Elizabeth started to suck Andre cock in her hot mouth she loved sucking his cock it was so good she sucked all the way till Andre’s pubic hair started to tickle his nose she expertly deep throated his cock.

Andre started to fondle Lizze chest gently massaging her chest her felt her tits get hard and erect. By then Lizze had a steady pace bobbing her head up and down on Andre’s cock up and down she went suck and lick his cock. She started to fell Andre about to cum and she stopped and took the top her teddy of and took out some KY Jelly out of her coat and put on Andre’s cock and her tits then she laid on the floor held Andre’s cock and put it in-between her tits and squeezed them together and Andre started to titty fuck Lizze.

While he did this he moved one hand back to her pussy and stuck to fingers in her already wet pussy and the took them and started to rub her clit. Lizze started to moan and gyrate her hips as Andre rubbed her clit. He then started to quicken his pace tittly fucking Lizze and grunted and started to cum he shot in all over her chin and her face Lizze quickly stuck is cock in her mouth and sucked all the rest of cum from his dick. Andre fell that he should return the favor.

He moved down to Lizze wet and intoxicating pussy and started to lick her clit Lizze started to moan in ecstasy he then put 3 finger in her pussy and found her g-spot and started to push on her g while licking her clit Lizze buck and pulled his face into her wet twat it felt so good have his face buried in her pussy she lifted her hips off the floor and gyrated faster and faster and then all of a sudden he body tensed up and she had an orgasm right when she climaxed Andre put his cock in her pussy and started to fuck Lizze right in the middle of her orgasm and started to fuck her as if this didn’t make it better Lizze felt her body tense up again as she felt another orgasm stating to sweep her body all she could do is moan.

Andre then lifted her legs so he could get deeper into her pussy and he started to fuck her harder and harder and wasn’t going to Menderes Escort stop to let Lizze’s orgasm subside put his thumb on her clit while he fucked her and rubbed her clit. Lizze was on cloud nine wave after wave of pleasure swept thru her body then all off a sudden she felt some more pleasurable the she had before André’s cock had found her g-spot and she could help but whimper in ecstasy OOOHHHHHHHHHH AAANDDRRREEEEE FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK OH FUCK ME FUCK HARDER she cried and the Andre’ decide it was time to bring it home he started to quicken his pace OH OHH OHHHH OHHHH YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS she cried as the biggest orgasm of her life swept through her body FUCK FUCK FUCK she cried.

Andre kept going until he felt hid body string to contract AARRRRRRRRRGGGHHH I AM COMING he pulled out of her pussy and came all over her tits. The fell on top off each other when they realized about 3 minutes later that they were in a store the regained them selves and put the clothe back on and by now the air had the scent of Lizze’s pussy in the air the walked out of the Dressing room and went to the limo and told the driver to go back to André’s condo on the way there Lizze was till felling really horny so she decided to have some more fun.

So she Rolled up the little black screen between them and the driver and told the driver to stop by the store on the way back then take the long way home at the store Lizze bought some whipped cream chocolate syrup and some cheerys she then returned to the limo. When she got in they were on the their way back home Lizze the took the out the whipped cream and toke off her jacket and her teddy Andre took off all of his clothes. She then took the whipped cream and put it on his cock and some Syrup to then she put some whipped cream and the syrup on her pussy witch was still wet form their fucking at Victoria Secret she then laid Andre down and got in the 69 position started to suck on Andres cock. Andres Started to lick Lizze’s pussy clean they both moaned as the pleasured each other at the same time.

When Andre had lick Lizze’s pussy clean he reached be hind him and took the syrup and put it on her clit and started to suck on her clit.Lizze by now was bobbing her head up and down on Andre’s cock cause ing him to gyrate his hips then just she felt him tense up. She deep throated him deeper when she felt his hot cum hit the back of her throat. Andre kept on lick Lizze’s Pussy too much longer after he cummed so did Lizze. Then Lizze turned around and lowered her hot pussy onto Andre’s cock and started to fuck him as they embraced in a kiss. Andre loved the feeling of Lizze’s hot pussy on his cock after about 5 minutes Lizze couldn’t take it anymore and started to speed up on André’s cock faster and faster she fucked Andre.

OHHHHHHHHHH LIZZZZZZEEE FUCK ME HARDER HARDER OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he scream ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHH IAM COMING as he cummed in Lizze’s hot wet pussy Liz collapsed with Andre’s cock still in her pussy and the just laid there till they got to Andre’s Condo when the got in the cuddled up by the fire and Lizze fell asleep in Andre’s arms that both of them quite happy about the days events.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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