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Subject: The Collector Chapter 3 The Collector � Chapter 3 Usual disclaimers. If you don’t like it, get out. If you enjoy the story please feel free to drop me a line. Please don’t send pictures. As much as I enjoy the fantasy of early sexual awakening and adventure, despite the odd willing youngster, myself included, it really is traumatic and abusive on the whole. So enjoy the fantasy, have a wank and keep it to yourselves. I absolutely do not condone or encourage seeking out these fantasies in real life. If you enjoy the story consider donating to . It’s a great platform and it doesn’t take much to keep it going but it does take something! ——————————- It had been a week since Id last seen my latest cock interest. Id had a few guys hit me up who had my number but I wasn’t interested. My cock only got rock hard and wet at the thought of further corrupting my little boy and the short lived, but explosive fun we’d had in my truck the week before. I don’t mind saying Id jerked off more than a few times to the images in my head of what had happened and how far I could push it. The weeks came and went. Sometimes Id see my little sex puppet, sometimes not. For almost two months it was like that. Being summer I saw him outside more often than not, in his pool or playing in the garden. I made sure I went topless to catch his eye and flex my muscles for him. His mom saw me a few times and certainly liked to watch. She looked burnt out and a few times made a point to greet me, slurring her words already drunk by midday. If his mom wasn’t around I always took the time to grab my crotch or rub my groin and arrange to meet the little fella after dark when mummy was passed out. So it continued on for a while, me picking him up and going to our little spot, him getting more confident and skilled at working my horse-dick with his hands and mouth. Until one night he seemed a little distracted and didn’t help himself to my dick once we’d pulled up and I’d killed the engine, as had become our routine. He sat in an obvious mood in the passenger seat. Meanwhile my balls weren’t gonna drain themselves… “What’s up champ?” I said mimicking a caring father figure’s tone. He looked over at me, a little sad face. “Ive been drinking your special tosteron juice for ever and I still don’t have any muscles like you” He still couldn’t say the word. And to be honest I was getting bored with the slap and tickle. It felt great and it was hot getting my rocks off in his tight little mouth while I looked at his angelic little face being stuffed with my fat cock, corrupting him, knowing he loved it, but I wanted something more satisfying. lara türbanlı escort Id hooked up with a couple of guys I could sink my dick into but it wasn’t as satisfying, but I was missing having something wrapped around all of my dick, being balls deep in a warm fleshy tunnel. I wanted to get kinkier with this little guy. Again my mind turned and I decided how I could manipulate this situation to be more perverse and horny for myself. “Hmmm I dunno. Let me get a look at you naked. Strip off.” He quickly shirked off his vest top and pushed his pj bottoms off onto the floor. With the seats already pushed back from when I parked up, he had room to stand. I told him to turn and enjoyed seeing that high, round, tight butt he’d been showing me in his speedos that gave me my first cock-swelling with him. “Well you might not notice it but I think your cute little butt looks a little bigger and musclier. Let me get a closer look, come `ere.” With that I pulled him over to sit on my lap facing away from me, his legs dangling either of mine as I pushed him forward to arch his back and make his ass rise and stick out, slightly parting his cheeks. I grabbed each one of his tiny, smooth mounds and gently squeezed and rubbed them. They were perfect. Tiny, hairless, not one mark or blemish. Peach mounds with a slightly pink hole as a prize at the centre. He moaned softly as a sigh while I worked his ass with my hands. Naturally my dick was fucking solid and throbbing at the point of exploding. “Yeah it’s definitely more toned, champ! It’s starting to work” He looked over his shoulder at me with a smile and a mix of relief and happiness, or maybe pride on his face. I returned my stare to his ass and the tiny fuck hole I wanted to get my full dick into. The thought of his hole choking my cock almost had me cumming. I couldn’t resist, I held his left cheek aside with my hand and sucked my thumb into my mouth, making sure it was thick with my saliva. As I pulled my thumb out, I let go of his ass to gave it a light slap, drawing a gasp of surprise from him, then pulled his cheek aside to give me easy access to his hole. I rubbed my wet thumb over his little bud and gently massaged around his ring muscle before I applied a little more pressure. He started wriggle a little uncomfortable at this new invasion of his intimate area. “What are you doin, mr?” “Oh, I just wanted to see how strong this muscle was. With such a strong butt I bet this is the first muscle that’s getting strong.” “Hehe,” he laughed, “that’s not a muscle that’s my bum hole!” “Oh youre wrong, there’s a muscle there. And it’s soooo strong lara ucuz escort and tight” I said as I salivated heavily, wanting to dive my face between those perfect mounds of flesh and tongue his hole open. I restrained myself and instead started to apply pressure and push a finger in. He whimpered like all my little bitches do when I start to work their hole open, but I could barely get to the second knuckle before he started squirming and I had to ease off. “It’s OK, It’s OK,” I reassured him. “You want to see how strong youre getting don’t you? Squeeze my finger with your butt, you can do it” With that he stopped whimpering and concentrated. I swear to god he almost cut my finger off with his tight, virginal ring. My cock was as hard as ive ever known it, begging to be played with or used. Pre cum was flowing down my thigh. I ran my finger against the flow on my leg and put it to his mouth while my other hand was still lodged firmly between his ass with a finger penetrating him. “Mmmm lick this up, Champ, don’t let any of it go to waste.” He sucked the glob of precum off my finger as I withdrew from his ass and went back to cupping and lightly squeezing his mound. “Oh baby boy im so hard, my man juice is gonna be extra strong tonight and there’s gonna be so much. Turn round and suck out my load.” He shuffled round and knelt in the foot space in front of me then pulled my dick out through the leg of my shorts and swallowed the whole head into his mouth. As he began to suck I could feel my balls rolling up. I wanted to shoot so badly. I held his head and fucked the tip of my dick into his mouth. He tried to wank my cock but I pushed his hand away and made a fist around the shaft just infront of his mouth. “Oh no baby, daddy wants to cum real bad in your sweet little mouth and make you stronger.” With that I used his mouth as a suction toy and my fist as a tight boy pussy to fuck. After a minute or two of pushing his mouth to the limits and taking perverse delight in him gagging, I pulled back until his lips were creating a vacuum on the end of my cock and wanked furiously as I blew a geyser of hot cum into his mouth. It was a continuous stream of pure alpha DNA blasting his throat and oral cavity. After the initial stream my cock flexed to pump out yet more cum and my balls tightened up as my eyes rolled in my head. “Oh fuuuuuck that was a lot, did you get it all?” I asked looking down as the flow slowed to gentle dribble and occasional spasm. I didn’t need him to answer, there was no way he could have contained that explosion. It would have been like trying to put your mouth over üniversiteli escort a fire hydrant. His eyes were red and watery, cum was streaming from both nostrils and his chin and throat were soaked with a mix of cum and his spit. “oh ho baby, haha,” I laughed at him, enjoying the fucking hot image I was committing to memory. “stay just like that”. I reached into the door handle and took out my phone to snap a picture of his red, happy face, drenched in cum while my fat dick was still at full erection, disappearing into his mouth. Risky to keep pictures but I knew id wanna see that again. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and as he gasped for air to regain his breath I told him that he couldn’t waste any. I used my dick to scrape the cum off of his neck and chin and put the head back into his mouth. He sucked and swirled his tongue over the glans, rescuing as much of my strong-juice as he could. I made him lick up and down the shaft to clean off the rest before swiping my dick back over his face, gently patting his cheeks, neck and eyes with my heavy cock. Again into his mouth to get as much of my precious juice as he could. My dick now softening I played my pliable cock around his face, rubbing in any little patches id missed. The smell of cum was strong. Wiping my dick over him I felt like I was marking my territory, covering him in my scent. I tucked my dick back into the leg of my shorts and told him he could get dressed now. “You did real good little buddy. That big dose will definitely help you get stronger fast.” “I still don’t think it’s really working mr” he replied a little sullenly. “Well, it took years for me to get as muscly I am. Im still growing now!” “But I don’t want to wait years!” he cried out An idea struck me, I grabbed my phone and sent the pic of my dick in his cum covered face to a friend I knew. He was into little boys and on occasion we had shared a young teen. Young teens exploring their sexuality often found him online and were desperate to meet him, mostly due to his big dick and generous nature. He was well off. Money and a good cock were a big lure for na�ve kids. Sadly I wasn’t as rich, but my dick was bigger and I was way hotter. The reply was almost instant. `Is that you in his mouth? Dude, I wanna bust a nut in that little bitch, how fucking old is he?’ Fuck knows is the truth, I didn’t care. “Well hey little buddy,” I said replying to his impatient outcry just a minute earlier, “If you wanna get bigger and stronger faster without waiting years youre just gonna have to drink more juice. Lucky for you I have a friend who is like me and makes lots of extra juice. Would you like to meet him?” His face instantly perked up and he nodded in agreement. Plans were in motion. In addition to being an arrogant, self-worshiping god with a monster cock, occasionally I liked watching other hung guys fuck, and having them watch me. I was looking forward to seeing just how drenched in cum my little boy slut could get.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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