The Conglomerate – Chapter 3

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The Conglomerate – Chapter 3Chapter 3 – The GoddessA few days after Ava met Lila, Officer Andrews came to Ava’s and Mila’s cell just after lights out. The door opened with a buzz and Officer Andrews said, “Ava come with me”. Ava, started to pick up her uniform, but Officer Andrews stopped her “Like you are, don’t dress.”Ava walked out of the cell behind Officer Andrews. She was just wearing her g-string. They walked through the cell block and then a door buzzed. They stepped through it and down a stairwell to an old stone basement under the cell block. Ava asked, “Where are we going?” Officer Andrews replied sharply “Shut up.” and walked down the hall, Ava following behind. When they got to the end of the hall there was a door. Unlike the other’s in the prison, this one did not buzz open. As Officer Andrews canlı bahis dug through her keys Ava could hear voices in the room on the other side, something like “Yes Goddess…” Officer Andrews opened the door and said, “Go in”. Ava walked in, and the door shut behind her. The room was some kind of a sex dungeon. There were sex slings hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the room, Lila was strapped into one of the slings. Her legs apart and in their air, her arms strapped to the top of the sling, her breasts with nipple clamps on them. A very tall woman in tall black heels, fishnet thigh highs, what looked like a cage bra stood in front of Lila’s sling with her back to Ava. Ava did not speak, there was something about the woman that scared her.The woman turned around. She stunningly beautiful. She bahis siteleri looked to be in her thirties, and everything about her was big. She looked to be about 6 foot tall. She had beautiful long black hair. Her skin was slightly tan, and her complexion was flawless. Her breasts were big, heavy and round, with nothing but a cage bra around them. Her ass was big and round with faint stretch marks, her thighs very thick and looked strong. Her legs were shapely in the thigh highs, and she wore tall heels. She was wearing a big pink strap-on and had a riding crop tucked into the top of one of the thigh highs. Speaking with a mild German accent she said, “You are to call me goddess.” Ava said “Yes”. With almost inhuman speed, the goddess pulled the riding crop from her thigh and slapped the tip of one of Ava’s bahis şirketleri nipples. Ava winced and said, “Yes goddess”. The goddess smiled and said, “good girl”.The goddess turned towards Lila again and said “You and Lila are new here and need to learn respect. The goddess lubed her strapon and picked up a vibrator. She put the vibrator to Lila’s clit as she slid the big strapon into her pussy. As she started to thrust, she said “You are going to respect me aren’t you Lila” Lila moaned “Yes goddess, oh yes goddess…” Ava just stood there mesmerized as she watched the Goddess fuck Lila. Ava watched Lila have 3 intense orgasms before the Goddess pulled out of her. The Goddess then turned to Ava and said, “Suck my nipples”. Ava sucked and gently bit the Goddesses’ nipples as the Goddess used the vibrator on herself. Soon the Goddesses’ body tensed up and she climaxed, shoving Ava off her breasts as she did it.When the Goddess finished, she told Ava and Lila “You have the honor of bathing me tomorrow in the showers.”

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