The Convoy

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The ConvoySeveral years back I was driving down I-95 south through South Carolina. I was dressed in fishnet thigh highs; platform heels, g-string, bra, all black. Over it was a black zip up the front mini dress. I had a hand held CB radio so that I could hear truckers talk about me as I passed them, and I’d been enjoying that for many miles. Clearly they all thought I was a real woman, and were very appreciative of me giving them all a little road show. After a while I came up on a convoy of 6 trucks all pulling trailers from a dollar store chain. As I passed them I got some horns blowing and all but I didn’t hear anything on the radio which was on channel 19. So after I passed them, I tried a few different channels and discovered that they were on 14, and yes they were all talking about me:)~ I slowed and let them all get around me so I could have another round and hear them chatter. Before I pulled out in the passing lane I unzipped the dress up a bit so that the tops of my stockings were showing and spread my legs just a bit. The chatter started right grandbetting yeni giriş up with the rear truck telling the rest to get a good look because she’s showing more leg. They were hooting and hollering and I was loving it. I passed each truck ever so slowly so they could get a real good look. Whenever there was traffic behind me I’d signal and they’d let me in until the traffic passed and i could pull back out and flash the next truck. They knew I was enjoying flashing them as much as they were enjoying the show. When I reached the lead truck, the driver was holding a piece of paper up to his window that said, “take it all off hot stuff!” Oh god I wished I were a real woman so that I could comply with that request! I let them all get back around me for round three. I took off the dress and laid it on the back seat. I pulled the g-string up tight so that my little package was well hidden. My bra was semi transparent and my prosthetics looked real through the fabric. I waited for a good stretch of no traffic coming up behind grandbetting giriş us and pulled back into the passing lane to the sounds of “all right here she comes!” Again I passed each truck slowly, this time with my hand stroking myself through my g-string which was now quite wet. My thighs shook and I spread my legs and let them look at the pretty lady masturbating for them to see. Hearing them talk was so exciting and sexy for me. I heard one of them say that they wished they didn’t have to exit at the upcoming exit ramp. Another one said he wished that I’d exit with them. I so wanted to. I feared that they’d be really upset to discover that i was a sissy crossdresser rather than a real woman. It was still 5 miles to the exit they were going to, so I let them pass me one more time. I made up my own little sign that said “I’m not a real woman, but a sissy crossdresser” I taped it to my passenger side window and passed them all again….but not so slowly this time. They were very surprised and some couldn’t believe it. One even said, grandbetting güvenilirmi ” I don’t care, I hope she exits anyway…maybe she’ll suck our cocks” They all laughed, but no one really seemed pissed off or wanted to run me off the road or anything like that. So what the hell! I exited in front of them. I pulled into a truckstop parking lot and went to the outer edge of it and parked. Soon all 6 trucks surrounded my car blocking the view from the rest of the parking lot. I knew I was about to please some men or get beat up, but I felt pretty comfortable based on their radio chatter that I was in no danger. I got right out of my car and popped the trunk. I got a blanket out and put it on the pavement. Soon I was on my knees surrounded by six horny truckers with their dicks out. Without a word being said I sucked their cocks. I’ve never felt so fucking sexy, on my knees in broad daylight in sexy lingerie surrounded by hard dicks. It was glorious! When I drained them all I stood up and they stated feeling me up on my legs, fake boobies, and my little g-string encased package. I came as they played with my body, my cum oozed out of the side of my g-string. One of the men scooped it up on his fingers and fed it to me.They unblocked my car and I drove away with a big satisfied smile on my face as well as all of theirs! What a wonderful day!

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