The Corina Chronicles Ch. 01

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Chapter One — The Trip

These stories are about one of the sexiest women that I have ever known she also is one of my best friends. We both work for the same company, and have gotten to know each other in ways that our spouses thankfully only have a vague idea of. We have never sadly had sex, and although we both know it would be amazing, we have not broken that rule, although I will admit, we have been extremely tempted from time to time. These stories are what I image, could have / might have been.

The players (of course the names have been changed): Corina a beautiful 41 shoulder height blond women, about 5’8″ small in stature, breasts about 32 A, with that ‘Librarian look, and soon to be married. Peter a 6’ average looking 51 year old married man, slightly overweight, but with natural blond hair, that makes him look younger than he is.


It started on the second interview and I wasn’t sure who she really was. You see my office in the company I work for, is right beside reception. So whenever people come in for any type of meeting I see them. I was coming back from down the hall and a very attractive blond lady was sitting prim and proper in one of the chairs and considering no one was around, I asked if she was looked after. Her smile as she said yes, almost made me blush. I walked into my office, and quickly grabbed some paper to go back down the hall, just so I could see her again. There was chemistry,

I later found out she was interviewing for one of my indirect reports. She could be one of my boss’s. Well when the panel interview came around I don’t think I fought for a candidate ever as much. I was ecstatic when she accepted the role. Within the first month, I knew there was more to this woman then met the eye. She was very reserved, and portrayed that Librarian image, she was also one of the most professional, smartest people I have worked with. I just knew that was a cover for something else.

It took me almost nine months, of ever so slightly prying away at her cover before there was a break through. When opening a new building, she admitted that she kicked her husband out, she only told two of us, and it was a trust thing. So shortly after that, we had to do a day trip to another property, where I teased her about us having to have a shower together to see the work thing that we needed to see. I will admit I was pretty bad about it, but on our two-hour trip home, she said the line that would change things forever. Once we don’t work together, we can have a shower. Hope was there. Our friendship took off from that day, and the trust and non-judgment aspect has turned us into the greatest of friends.

Almost two months later we did another road trip, with a colleague to the same place, this time it was an overnight trip at the beginning of December. It was a good trip, and as we drove down, we found out from our colleague that the rumour mill in the office had us in an affair. My reaction was who cares. Corina’s was priceless, saying that it was only because I had a penis. If I were a girl, then nobody would talk, which was all quite true. Secretly I was hoping my penis was going to get some that night. I had bought a bottle of wine with me, and reserved a room with a balcony so we could sit and talk. My intent was to get her back after dinner, and see where it went. Well, I asked both of my co-workers back for drinks, but the one said she pass, and with out any hesitation Corina came back to my room. We opened the wine sat on the balcony and drank, and talked. It was an internal balcony overlooking the pool and the banquet room entrance. So as we talked, we got to see the Christmas party antics as they all headed to the washroom. That night we talked about relationships and sex, and as the wine went down, our comments got looser. She describing the variety of her sex life, how she liked girls, the top half only, liked kissing them and how she was a little submissive. I explained how I loved to eat out a woman, and I was a little submissive as well. We talked, and talked and talked. All the while looking at all the patrons of the party, and making comments on whom would we do. At one point Corina made the comment on one particular attractive woman, we agreed she could have the top, and I have the bottoms. She just smiled as she noted the plural form. It ended up, late and she went back to her room, and I stayed alone in Tire Escort mine, but with a very busy hand. But the line had been crossed, and it was to ever change our relationship.

The next months went by, with increased talk of sex, and her new husband to be. There was nothing we did not talk about. Yes it was strange, a women 10 years my younger, confiding in me, about how she texted her guy, saying how much she wanted his cock in her mouth right now. How she liked it up her ass, how she liked to be controlled, have her hair pulled. It was great for me, as the sex part of my relationship was non-existent, and I was desperate for anything. This talk made me realize that I did miss it and needed it. It also made me want to try and get it back. We continued to talk, and tease each other. There was two nights that we nearly crossed our ever increasing no cross line, in which I texted her what I would do to her, and found yet another soft spot or two. But we both pulled back from finishing it off, and ended up a tad frustrated.

Time past, we healed and another trip presented itself. Before we left, I asked if I should bring the wine and got a resounding yes. This time Corina got the room we were in the last time and again after dinner, a pass by our co-worker we were sitting and talking on the same balcony with the same bottle of wine. There was a function going on again, with just the right amount of traffic, which made us look down on a regular basis. It was like December all over again.

With all that looking over her shoulder at the local talent, Corina got a stiff neck. Well I did what any friend would and offered to give her a massage. I knew that it would be hard for me, and it would not end up with anything, except knowing the thrill of having my hands on her, but that’s what friends do. I have given her a quick massage every once in a while, and she knows I do have great hands, but she was a little wary. Finally I said, I promise not to do anything else but massage, and to trust me. However I said I’m good at this, so do yourself a favour and get in your pj’s now so that you don’t have to move afterwards. She relented and went off to change into her pj’s. Yes they were pjs, a nice little cotton pj set. Nothing sexy, but she didn’t need anything to be sexy. Dam, I was glad when I stopped at my room to get the wine, I changed into sweats. I knew I was going to get a raging erection from this, whether I wanted to or not.

I pulled the covers of the king size beds down, and perhaps a little to strongly said to get face down on the bed. God she was incredible. I rubbed my hands together to generate some heat, and started on her shoulders. Digging deep into her muscles, feeling the tightness, all the while thinking how tight something else might be, pushing that from my mind, I focused on her shoulders again. Pushing and prodding deep into her shoulders, I continued to work the tension out from her. I got a few little moans or grunts and one “god does that feel good”, and I kept working them. Meanwhile my cock grew. I re-positioned myself, so it hopefully was not too noticeable. I moved to her neck. Her neck is one of her hot spots. I gently caressed from her head down to her shoulders, but when I got to her neck I lightly touched it. I massaged her temples, her head, I grabbed a handful of hair and firmly tugged it aside, which elicited a gentle ohh. I worked down her back moving in and out massaging deep into her muscles to her lower back. Then moved back to the top and came back down. She was just lying there, completely at ease.

I then made the decision that I (if nothing else) wanted to feel her complete body, so starting at her lower back, I pushed down to the top of her ass, then back up to her back. All though there was a moment of tension, she did not respond so I continued, sliding my hands over her ass, and onto her thighs. There was a moment hesitation as I firmly moved her legs apart slightly, but I kept massaging them, digging my hands deeper into her muscles. I worked down to her knees, then calf’s, and finally raising a limp leg up worked her feet. Massaging her feet, I knew was a soft spot, so I knew there was no turning back now. After a few minutes I slid my hands under her and gently turned her over. Her eyes just looked at me with a slightly glazed over look, I smiled and winked and continued Torbalı Escort to rub her feet. She relaxed again. I looked down her amazing body, and saw the outline of her breasts and two slightly extended nipples, and my cock quivered.

Focus, I needed to focus. So I continued to work her feet, and her eyes closed. I started to massage up her body working her legs spreading them gently allowing me to feel the heat and taste the air around her pussy it was intoxicating. I brushed the top of her legs, and felt no resistance so continued to move up her stomach, needing, stretching, and rubbing her mid section, then moving up her sides and briefly rubbing her breasts, before moving back to her shoulders. I worked her shoulders and arms for a while then moved to her face, where my hands gently worked each area of her face, her eyes, cheeks, quickly caressing her lips. I finally could not help myself anymore. I reached under her neck, pulled forward and gently kissed her on the lips. There was no movement, except a slight parting of the lips, so I kissed her again, this time gently pulling her lips apart, and sliding my tongue between her lips, but not far inside her mouth, and then backed off. Letting her down, and looked at her body again.

She was my best friend. It was agonizing for a second, and then I said “ok last chance to say no” waited for a half a second, then bent down and kissed her lips again. Just my lips to hers. There was no resistance, as our mouths parted, and our tongues entwined. I rolled beside her, and now pressing my body against her, kissed her again. Our tongues once again entwined. It was heaven. I broke away, looked into her eyes, just to make sure that it was ok. There was a spark, but I couldn’t tell of regret, angst, hope, or lust, I didn’t care, I kissed her again. I parted my mouth and started showering her face with kisses, going to her neck, then to her ears, her eyes, her mouth, that absolute wonderful mouth. This continued for felt like hours but I’m sure was only minutes as we both explored each other’s faces. Then as I kissed her neck, I reached around and grabbed her hair and pulled her around to me. I slid my mouth down until I lay at the outside of her breast, bent over and gently bit on a very erect nipple that was poking it’s head through the cotton fabric. I pulled her hair backwards forcing her to arch her back and push her breast into my mouth, which I opened, and engulfed it. I let go of her hair and cupped her breasts in my hands devouring them. Then quickly moved my head back to her mouth and neck. I moved my hands down and pulled her top, up and over her head. My god she was gorgeous.

I had her semi pinned on the bed as I alternately kissed, and tongued her neck, face, breasts. I then worked my between her breasts and slid my tongue over her stomach. Her hands gently pushed my head further. I gently lifted her ass and using my teeth, pulled her pj bottoms down, stopping to inhale her essence, and kiss the top of her pubic hairs. I slid her bottoms down, and felt both of our breaths escape. Gently I started kissing the inside of her thighs, and then a kiss or two on those beautiful extended pussy lips. I lifted her ass, and slid my tongue over her asshole, and licked up, spreading her lips apart, then flicked her clit. Oh she tasted so good. I had to resist the temptation of diving between those legs and frantically trying to put it all in my mouth. She was so wet. I lapped away, alternating licking her lips, and clit, spreading her wide, then doing it all over again. I couldn’t wait any longer. I quickly stripped my clothes off, dove back between her legs, and slid some of her wetness around her asshole. Slowly I rimmed her ass, and licking her clit. I came up for air. Yes, a moan. Back to her clit, as I ran my tongue all around it, and flicked the tip, Back to her lips as I tasted her fragrant juices, she tasted so good.

Sliding my finger down to her ass I massaged her ass hole, probing it while I continued to flick and licked up and down her engorged pussy. As I increased my tongues rate over her clit, I slide my finger into her ass, and slowly starting to finger fuck her. As my tongue did its job, my finger was doing its job, she finally started to let go, and fucked my face. As she rode my face, I could feel the start of her orgasm. Franticness took over as the Urla Escort first of her orgasm started to hit her as she started to cum. All I heard was “Fuck me”. I slid up her body and kissed her as my cock, found its way into her tightness. OMG, it was wonderful. Our tongues entwined, her tasting herself on my mouth, as I rammed that pussy that only a moment ago was in my mouth. As I pushed into that incredibly tight, wet cunt, I felt her muscles grabbing my cock, and pulling her into me. I wanted it to last longer, much longer, but the sensations were too intense. I broke away from her lips, my face a combination of relief and joy, as I looked at and said ‘I’m Cumming’. She wrapped her legs around me, and pulled me deeper, as I let my cum explode into her waiting pussy. She was not going to let a single drop escape and milked me as I shivered in pure orgasmic bliss.

After awhile I looked at her again, and while still locked together gently kissed her. We smiled, and I rolled off her. We looked at each other and both said I think we made a mess and laughed. She looked down at my softening sticky cock, smiled, said ” clean up time” and moved around to start to clean it off with her tongue. As she took my cock in her mouth, I felt the pleasure of her mouth, as it wrapped around my cock gently bringing it back to life. Meanwhile her beautiful bottom was inches away from me and I reached over and started to lick some of my cum off her leg. She started to tease my cock, which was stiffening to the working of her mouth. God how many times did I imagine this. She then greedily engulfed it, and then let it go, engulfed it and let it go. Fuck she had a talented mouth. All the while my cock grew harder and harder. She then started licking it all over and lapping away all of our juices. Alternating between licking, sucking, mouthing, I’m not really sure all she was doing but my god, did it feel incredible. She teased me over and over again.

Finally in an effort to focus my mind, I did the only thing I could. I grabbed that cute little ass of hers and threw her legs over my face into a 69. I looked at that wet lush pussy of hers and started to kiss her, and lick away. I couldn’t see her face, as my cock was buried deep in her mouth, but she seemed to adjust herself to accommodate my tongue as I lapped our mixture of cum out of her sweet pussy. The competition began in earnest as she relentlessly tongued, and engulfed my cock. I could tell she had no intention of cuming first, and my feeble attempt to make her cum was getting harder and harder to do. God it felt so good. After eating my share of cum out of her, I gave up, and stroked my hands up and down her sides cupping her breasts. She took the inaction as a personal victory, slid off my face, let go my cock, slide around and passionately kissed me deep taking my tongue in her mouth, and making sure that she had every last drop of cum from my mouth. Then with a smile that was a mixture of victory, love and evil, she slid back to my cock and engulfed it again. Then with a little flick of her tongue, she started working my cock in earnest. God I could barely hold on. She used her mouth, in ways I couldn’t even image, and every once and awhile looked in my eyes to ensure I was getting maximum pleasure. I guessed my face told the story, and her pace quickened, as did my breath, I wasn’t going to last long. She knew it. All I could say was a vague, “I’m cumming” as my cock started to quiver and the cum exploded from its end, she let it slip out of her mouth and it sprayed over her face, then just as quickly she engulfed it again, and swallowed it entirely, as my dick kept unloading into her waiting mouth, all the time with a look of love and lust on her face. God this woman was incredible.

Eventually I was able to breath again, and I pulled her away from cock, and brought her near my face. I kissed her mouth deeply, and licked some of my cum off her face, and then kissed her face again, effectively cleaning her off. I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her near me, reached down and pulled the covers over us, and just held her. I awoke later, much later, and we were still cuddled in each other’s arms, I smiled, took a look at the clock, saw we had another hour before getting up, and for the next 15 minutes just stared at her beautiful face. Eventually I gently kissed her face, until she awoke. Smiled at her said “Morin Beautiful” and passionately kissed her again. I looked in her eyes, and knew that this would never happen again, kissed her once again, and said see you at breakfast at 7:30. Grabbed my clothes, got dressed and went back to my room to pack and get ready for the day. It certainly started well.

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