The Corruption of Jade Pt. 07

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Jade nervously paced the room, waiting for the doctor to come back. They had taken her blood for a new rapid STI test. It took 2 hours for a result to come back. Jade had skipped class to come to the clinic.

“It’ll be okay.” Julia said.

It had been some time since the two had seen each other, but after the night before, she was the first person Jade had called.

“I hope so.” Jade replied, still pacing nervously. “I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid.”

“I can’t believe you did it.” Julia said. “You have never been like this. When you called I was thinking it was some sort of prank. So what are you going to do about tonight?”

“I have no choice.” Jade said. “I’m going to do it. I’ll go out, I’ll work Dougan street and then I’m done. No more of this.”

“Good. Jade, I love you, but you were fucking stupid to get involved with this sort of thing.”

“It’s still not the dumbest thing I have done recently.” Jade muttered.

“What do you mean?”

Jade hesitated for a moment, then sat down next to Julia.

“Okay, I’ll tell you. Please don’t judge me too harshly. Remember that other guy I told you about, the one that split Jon and I up?”

“Yeah.” Julia replied, looking at her suspiciously.

“It was Paul.”

Julia sat in stunned silence.

“Your brother?!” She exclaimed.

Jade looked at the ground, ashamed.

“He walked in on Jon and I in the middle of a rough fuck. Next time he saw me, he just took me. Since then, he fucks me whenever he wants. He doesn’t give me a choice.”

“Jade, that’s sick!” Julia said. Now she got up and started pacing the room. “This can’t continue. I know I am a whore, but I would never fuck my brother.”

The two girls remained silent, trying to figure out what to say next. Before either of them broke the silence, the door opened and the doctor walked in.

“Okay, Ms. Chambers, we have your test results.”

Julia crossed the room, sat next to her friend and squeezed her hand.

“I’m happy to announce you are clean. No STIs.”

Jade breathed a big sigh of relief as Julia gave her a big hug.

“Now,” the doctor continued. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple condoms. “I would recommend that you have your partner wear these, especially if it is someone you are unfamiliar with. It is the best protection against STIs. Be safe. And I hope you understand what I mean when I say I hope I never see you again.”

The girls laughed.

“Don’t worry, Doc. I understand. I hope I don’t have to see you again either.” Jade said.

“Very good. I’m that case, have a good rest of your day. I have other patients to see.”

Jade and Julia left the room. They made their way outside and towards Julia’s car. They pulled out of the parking lot and away.

“Jade, I was serious what I said in there.” Julia said, turning to her friend. “You can’t keep this up with your brother. I know Paul initiated it, and he is a little creep for doing it, but what if your parents found out?”

“I’ve been terrified of that for a while now.” Jade replied. “The problem is, I like the way he treats me. Have you ever had a guy that just treated you like a set of holes? He degrades you, he brutalized you, he doesn’t treat you as a person but as his fuck toy?”

Julia smiled. “Oh, yes. It is a lot of fun.”

“That’s what he does, and I’m addicted to it. I can’t get enough. Every time I say this is the last time, I find myself on my knees in front of him.”

“If that is what you need, then come see me tomorrow.” Julia said. “I know a guy who can do that for you. He will treat you exactly like you need. Just stop fucking your brother, please? It is fucking gross.”

“Okay, I will.”

Julia dropped Jade back at home. Jade entered the house and went upstairs. She entered her room and stopped.

Matt was lying on her bed.

“What are you doing, Matt?” She questioned as she dropped her stuff off.

“I’m here for you.” Matt said, sitting up. “I paid Paul for another fuck.”

“Do I look like a hooker to you?” Jade snapped at him.

“You are from what I heard.” Paul said, standing at her door, blocking her in.

“I got the strangest text last night, from a friend of a friend.” Paul continued as he stepped in the room. “Apparently, you were down on Dougan street last night. Some guy fucking you in the back alley was screaming about a Jade Chambers and that you are going to be back down there tonight.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Jade lied. Her heart pounded in her chest. She had worried that word would get back to the people she knew.

“You lying cunt.” Paul spat. “I know you were there. How much did you make?”

Jade eyed him with hatred. She was really getting tired of this. His blackmail was getting out of hand.

“$325. It was taken by the Bay street boys for working on their territory. I have to go back tonight to work off the debt.”

“So you lost me $325?” Paul said angrily. “Unacceptable! Once your debt with the Bay street boys is paid, you are Acıbadem Escort going to work off your debt to me. You can start right now. Matt is paying $50 to fuck you. So take your fucking clothes off and get to work.”

“I don’t owe you anything.” Jade spat back. “I earned that money. I’m not giving you anything.”

“Oh, but you are.” Paul reached over and grabbed her hair, pulling her close. “You’re my little hooker, and I’m your pimp. So if I tell you to go out there and make me my fucking money, then you do as you are told!”

He pushed her down on all fours and grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. Jade tried to push him off but he put his knee on her neck. He grabbed a pair of scissors from her dresser and cut the shirt off her back. Matt laughed as he watched her.

“Come on, man.” Paul said, waving his friend over. “Come get what you paid for.”

“Fuck you, Paul. I fucking hate you.” Jade said, looking up at him.

“You fucking embarrassed this family. Hate me all you want, but you have been fucking asking for this.”

Matt had removed all his clothes and knelt behind her. He pressed his cock into her soaking pussy. He put his entire wait on her back and pushed her head down so it was pinned against the carpet. She collapsed under his weight and lay there as he fucked her.

“God damn, how do you keep this pussy so fucking tight while you are out there selling your holes?” Matt asked her as he penetrated her a deeply as he could.

“Just shut up and fuck me, Matt.” She said as she stared into the mirror at herself.

“You like my cock inside you?” He asked.

“Yes, your cock feels amazing.” Jade replied honestly. “I’m just your little hooker.”

“Don’t worry, you are going to be nice and busy soon.” Matt said as he grabbed her neck and choked her. “I told everyone about you. A lot of guys want to fuck your pretty little face.”

Jade prayed that he was lying, but the way he said it made her believe that he wasn’t. She winced as she felt her tits burning, the fiction from the rug leaving red marks on her skin.

“You look so pathetic.” Paul laughed as he recorded her on his phone. “I found your mykink account. I think your followers would love to see what a whore you are.”

“No!” She cried out. The last thing she wanted was a sex tape online. “Paul, don’t you dare.”

Paul walked over and pressed her face against the floor with his shoe, causing her to yelp in pain.

“First of all, it is sir or master. Second of all, you don’t have a say. You’re a fleshlight. I don’t care what you want. Matt, do you care what she wants?”

“Fuck no, not anymore.”

Jade closed her eyes.

“Oh, shit, dude.” Matt cried out. “Her pussy got a whole lot wetter when you said that.”

“She likes it. She likes being treated like a stupid cunt.” Paul said.

It was true. She loved it. She also hated it. She hated it because it was her brother and he did things to her that no other man could. Julia’s words kept coming back to her:

“Jade, that’s sick! This can’t continue.”

Matt flipped her over and pushed her legs up to her chest. He picked her up and slammed her into the wall, causing the objects on her dresser to fall to the floor.

“Put me back inside you.” He barked.

Jade wanted to spit in his face, but instead grabbed his cock and lined it up with her slit. He began hammering her as hard as he could. The angle allowed him to get in deeper. Jade’s pussy ached from the abuse. It felt amazing.

“Oh, fuck, Matt.” She said. “You’re hurting me.”

“Yeah?” He whispered in her ear. “You want me to hurt you more, don’t you.”

Jade just looked at him in the eyes. She didn’t have to say it. She knew it, he knew it.

He pinned her against the wall and withdrew his dick. He shoved his hand up her cunt and began to fist her.

“Ow! Oh fuck! Ow!” Jade screamed. It hurt a lot. At the same time, she felt the orgasm be ripped from her body. It was strong, one of the strongest she had ever had. Her screams of pain turned to screams of pleasure.

Matt pushed his cock back into her pussy and slammed his hips into her. The sensation was overwhelming. Her sensitive clit begged for Matt to stop. Jade’s face contorted in discomfort.

“Yeah, that clit burns now, doesn’t it?” Matt said. “You want me to stop? Give you a little break?”

“Yes, please sir.” Jade begged.

“Fuck you, whore.” Matt spat in her face. He didn’t slow his pace for a second. All Jade could do was hold on and push through. He was turning her orgasm from a pleasant release into a punishment.

“Fuck, it is too much!” Jade cried out.

“It’s not enough.” Matt replied.

He heaved her sideways and threw her onto the bed. She bounced off the mattress and fell to the floor. Matt came around while she laid there and grabbed her legs. He pulled them up and split them, so she was balancing on her neck. He began to pound her into the floor as roughly as he could. He slammed his foot down on her face and held it there. He pushed Acıbadem Escort Bayan his foot into her mouth and fucked it with his toes.

“Yeah, bitch. Fucking take it.” Matt shouted. Paul laughed as he sat on the bed, capturing every second of the action.

Jade looked into the camera.

“Look at those sad eyes.” Paul taunted. “She wants you to finish and for us to leave.”

“Well let’s make the bitches dreams come true.” Matt said.

He grabbed the small crucifix off her wall and jacked off until he spilled his cum all down it. He then held it out.

“Clean Jesus up, cunt.”

Jade rose to her knees and ran her tongue along the cross until every last drop of cum was sucked up.

“As always, slut, you were well worth the money.” Matt said as he held his cock out for Jade to clean. She sucked his tip and swallowed what was left.

“Now, clean yourself up, cunt.” Paul barked, ending the recording. “You have work tonight.”

Matt and Paul walked out of the room. Paul stopped and looked back.

“Oh, and keep your eyes open for your Oscar nomination after I post this.”


Jade finished her makeup and examined herself in the mirror. She had gone all out, every last bit. She had eyeliner, masquera, foundation, lipstick, fake lashes, the whole thing. She was in a tight leather outfit. A top that barely covered her tits, a skirt that rode halfway up her ass with no panties, and four inch heels. She looked just as much like a hooker as those girls on Dougan street.

“Okay, Jade. This is it. You do this, 4 hours of work, then you are done. Then you change your life around.”

She grabbed her hand bag and walked out of the bathroom.

“Thanks for letting me get ready here, Julia.” Jade said.

“No problem.” Her friend replied. “I’m sorry you have to do this Jade. I wish there was something I could do.”

“Just dropping me off and picking me up is enough.” Jade replied. “After tonight, I turn my life around. I will stop this nonsense. “

“Jade, you have to understand that there is a difference between being a whore, and being his whore.” Julia said. “There is nothing wrong with being a fuck toy for a man. Just not every man.”

“I do like being a cock sleeve for someone.” Jade replied, giggling a little.

“That’s why I’m introducing you to my friend Ryan. He will treat you just the way you like, but he is also stable. You two will get along, I know it.”

“Did you fuck him?” Jade asked.

A smile came to Julia’s face.

“Of course! That’s how I know what he is capable of.”

The two girls laughed. Julia grabbed her keys and they left the house. She took Jade down to Dougan street and pulled over.

“Jade, I will be here at 1am to grab you. If anything happens, give me a call and I can be here in 10 minutes. Then go into the Skin Game. I have a friend, Maddy, she strips there. Ask someone for Crystal and she’ll look after you until I get here.”

“Thanks, Julia. You are a good friend.”

Jade stepped out of the car and took up her spot from yesterday.

She was only there for a few minutes when she heard a familiar voice.

“I didn’t expect you to show up.” Durk said. “I thought we would have to drag you out of your house.”

“I just want to get this over with.” She replied, playing with her hand bag nervously.

“You’re a half price shank tonight. That means $20 for a blow job, $50 to fuck and $100 for the ass.”

Jade stared at him.

“I have to do anal?” She asked. She had not prepared her ass for that possibility. “I thought these hookers don’t do that.”

“They don’t, you do.” Durk responded with a smug look on his face. “Part of your punishment for working on our territory without permission. Best be ready, I have been spreading the word. That asshole is going to have a busy night.”

“I didn’t bring lube.” Jade said sadly, hoping to garner some sympathy.

“Use spit.” Durk said, crossing his arms. He wasn’t giving her the out. “Now, get yourself ready, I already have your clients lined up. In a few minutes, one of my guys will pick you up and take you to the location.”

“Where am I going?” Jade asked. She was scared. “How many clients do you have?”

“Don’t ask fucking questions!” Durk barked. It was loud enough to make a couple of other girls not far away jump. “Just wait for my guy, go to the location and do your fucking job!”

Durk walked away, shaking his head. Jade trembled on the side of the road. She wasn’t sure what was waiting for her, but she had a feeling it wasn’t good.

A few minutes later, a SUV pulled up, and the driver lowered his window.

“Jade Chambers, get in.” He said.

Jade slowly walked over to the car and jumped in. The car peeled out and down the road. The car ride was only a few minutes down Dougan street until they stopped at a seedy motel. It was run down, a lot of the lights were burnt out. Jade was positive that this was just another front by the Bay street gang, a place for people to bring their prostitutes Escort Acıbadem to.

The driver pulled into the parking lot and turned the car off.

“Get out.” He said as he opened his door.

“What is waiting for me in there?” Jade asked.

“Your clients, now get the fuck out.” The man said, very agitated.

He walked around the car and opened her door. Jade hopped out of the car, the man slamming it behind her. She stared out at the doors lining the motel. Shady characters were having smokes outside their rooms while hookers came and went. The man grabbed her by her forearm and directed her towards the building. He was rough with her. He led her towards room 7 and opened the door.

Jade walked in and four men turned to face her. One had blonde hair and a slight beer gut. The second was pretty short, and couldn’t be more than 5 foot 5. The third was a black man in his 50s and the last was a young Asian man, probably around 19 or 20, and looked like your typical nerd, with big glasses and parted black hair.

Jade shuffled over to the bed and dropped her hand bag in the side table drawer.

“So, these are the clients?” Jade asked with apprehension.

“What do you think?” Durk’s man said. “These are the first four.”

“First four?” Jade exclaimed. “How many are there?”

“15 ready to go. Probably more will filter in throughout the night. You will stay in this room until 1am and service everyone who enters. After that, I take you back to where I picked you up and your debt is paid. Don’t worry about collecting payment, I’ll be handling that before they even enter the room. You just lie there and take cock, whore.”

“15?” Jade was in disbelief. A few short months ago, she was a virgin schoolgirl that never did anything against the rules. Now she was a hooker about to fuck more than a dozen strange men. “How did I let my life go down this path?”

“Alright, let’s get this started.” The blonde man said. He was already naked, stroking his 6 inch prick. “I don’t have all night.”

Jade took her top off and threw it off to the side. Next, she pulled her skirt down around her ankles and threw it away. The nerdy man picked it up and sniffed it. Jade didn’t even try to hide her disgust.

“Come on, on the bed.” The blonde man said.

Jade lay down on her back and spread her legs open. The man grabbed her and flipped her over onto her stomach and crawled on top of her. He used one hand to pin her against the bed. He spat a huge glob of saliva onto her ass then lubed up her hole.

“I’ve never had a girl as hot as you before.” He said as he pushed his cock between her cheeks. “I hope you’re as good of a fuck as you look.”

Jade bit the pillow as her asshole stretched wide to accommodate his thick member. His head popped in and he pushed himself in deeper.

“Oh, gentle, please.” Jade said. The night was already off to a rough start as her unprepared hole tried to adapt. “Slow down.”

“Shut up.” The man said. He grunted as he hit the hilt. “Fuck you’re so tight.”

Jade moaned as he began to ram into her. He was neither slow nor gentle. Jade gripped the sheets in pain. She really regretted not preparing her ass earlier. Even if she didn’t expect to be fucked up the ass, she should have prepped for it.

“You’re tearing my asshole apart!” She cried out.

“But it feels so good.” He said, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. “I like to hurt little whores like you!”

Jade screamed as he slammed his cock in as far as he could. He was going balls deep with every thrust.

“God damn, that has got to hurt!” The short man said. “Can’t wait for my turn, that looks like fun!”

The three men watched as Jade was abused violently by the blonde man. All three of them were stroking their dicks. The Asian man came over and tapped his cock against Jade’s mouth. She opened it and he slipped it in. She sucked his head expertly. The man was clearly inexperienced since it only took a few seconds before he pulled out, clearly trying to hold back his orgasm.

The blonde man pulled out of her and slapped her ass.

“Who’s next?”

The short man hurried over and mounted the bed. He planted his feet on either side of her hips and shoved his dick into her ass. He fucked her as fast as he could.

“Yeah, that’s right bitch! You like that dick up your ass? Take it all, you slut.”

Jade’s asshole was loosening now, but the aggressiveness of the men still made it uncomfortable for her.

“Yes, sir. Your cock is stretching my ass so nicely!” Jade moaned.

She rocked her hips back against the man. It took a lot of willpower, her body wanted nothing else than to push him out, but she overcame it and pushed him in deep.

The man reached down and played with her tits. He liked to pull her nipples hard. She could feel them bruising up. The Asian man cock slapped Jade’s face repeatedly.

“Oh fuck yeah, your ass is trying to drain these massive balls.” The short man said as he jumped off of her. “But I’m not done with you yet. Come here.”

He walked around and shoved his cock into her mouth. She contorted her face in disgust as she tasted her ass on his cock. She tried to pull back but he grabbed her head and began face fucking her.

“No, you don’t. Taste it, you stupid whore.”

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