The Corvette Diaries

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I can’t believe it! I just spent my life savings on a 2018 Grand Sport Corvette! A RED one! My dream car.

The dealership was a bitch to deal with, but—damnit–I made it happen! Some of the people who witnessed the transaction told me that this is a huge accomplishment for a 29-year-old woman. And I tell them, “I know! Right!”


I get in my new car and embark on its maiden voyage–from the dealer’s front door to my home. I’ve been blessed with great-paying job that allows me to travel for work. All my friends and family tried to discourage me from buying a corvette for work purposes.

I tell them, “Hell No! I’m getting a ‘Vette! Twenty-six miles to the gallon and I ride in style! Why not?”

Being in sales is hard, hard work with a crushing schedule and I deserve of a Corvette. My friends tell me I’m going to be a cop magnet now. I tell them, GOOD! I hope he’s a hot, sexy single cop!

All kidding aside, I’m a responsible driver with a clean record and I going to keep it that way. I can’t afford a ticket. I am now car poor, and I wouldn’t have any other way.

This car is amazing! It’s comfortable, and easy to drive. And man, oh man, this machine is a rocket ship! After about five miles there’s a clear spot on the interstate, and I hit the gas! One hundred and ten! The vibration from the engine has me wet. Wow! I love this! The salesmen said I should go easy on it till I break it in, so I’ll have to find some self-restraint. But Really! Who am I kidding! WOO HOO!

The drive home is turning out to be the best day of my life. I love that almost everyone looks at my car. I adore the attention!

I put my red sexy car in the garage to cool down. I really like living in a townhome on the water. We have a grounds team that maintains everyone’s yards and it allows me peace of mind when I go away. I get inside and put away all my car paperwork and warranty information in a safe place. My car is all- electronic. If something breaks it would cost me a lot. I also put my spare key in a safe place. However, if I ever do need it I probably won’t remember where the hell my safe place is!

An avalanche of messages has rolled in from my friends about my Facebook picture and post.

April writes: ” Jennifer! What a beautiful car! Can’t wait to ride in it!” All these messages will keep me entertained for a few hours. I’m sitting here thinking of where I can go next so I can drive my car more. But I’ll take a shower instead. Now that I stopped moving I’m pretty tired. It’s Friday! I should go somewhere!

The shower is just what I need. I shave my armpits, legs and pussy silky smooth, and extra condition my long blonde hair. Sometimes I’m temped to cut it because it takes so long to dry, but then I remember all the sales I make because I’m blonde and have big boobs. Nope! NO cut. My hair is an asset I’ll exploit.

As I shave my pussy, I remember how turned on I was when the Vette was doing one-ten. The vibrator is in the nightstand draw, I grab it and hop on my bed and insert my curved rod into my wet pussy. As it hums, I grab my nipple clamps and put them on my hard nipples. My whole body dances between pleasure and pain, and pain and pleasure. I make my self cum… maybe a few times.

I rested for more than hour, then I’m ready to go.

I text some friends and we decide to go to a clothing- optional resort where they’re having a swingers night. I really love going there! Because I’m a single woman, I get lots of attention and I crave it! Single guys want me and couples want a unicorn. The world is my oyster! I have three single friends and three married-couple friends.

All of us try to get together to meet there once a month.

I zip into the resort, and all of my friends are waiting in the parking lot. “Jennifer!” they shout almost in unison. They all take turns hugging me and congratulating me on my new car. When I promised to give them all rides, they chant: “Jenn! Jenn! Jenn!”

After all the laughter and more hugs, we go in. Kiely and Logan pay for me because they say I’m car poor now. They may be right! I won’t complain.

We go straight to the club and grab our usual seats. We order our drinks and some food and sit back and check out who’s here. My girlfriend April and I are already getting admirers. I’m wearing a super tight red skirt, a sexy red and black bralette with a small black shear jacket. April, who has long blonde hair and big dark blue eyes, is wearing a skin- tight stretchy hot pink club dress filled with holes so you can see her pink nipples, hairy pussy and smooth tan butt cheeks!

The food is great, the beer is cold and the company is fantastic. The event’s sponsors open their playrooms at 10 pm. Kiely and Logan and Ashton and Liz go up to check out the action while April and I head to one of the pools. The resort has two pools and a huge Jacuzzi. We headed canlı bahis to the conversation pool. It’s heated, shallow, and has seats built into it. It’s shaped like an S, so there are narrow parts to it. April and I strip down and place our clothes on a chair near by. I really like all the eyes on me. It makes me feel pretty even though I have a hard time believing I am. I’m a BBW, Big Beautiful Women. I am 5’9″, blonde hair, blue-green eyes and nicely tanned by the sun. I have big boobs, 42 DD’s and fortunately I have a natural hourglass shape. My girlfriend April is also tall, 5’11”, blonde, blue eyes, thinner and slightly older than me. Most of my friends are on the heavier side. April is newly divorced and a lot of fun. We both turn a lot of heads.

Wading in the pool we go and walk by a lot of sexy bodies. Where the pool narrows, many people reach out and skim our bodies with their hands making flattering comments.

We find our way to our favorite spot in the pool right in front of the door so we can see the new people coming in. We joke about what celebrities some people look like. That becomes their nickname so we know who were talking about. This game has often made us laugh so hard that we pee in our pants—or in the pool! April and I are laughing about some guy who just walked in that looks like Pee Wee Herman when three guys wade up to us.

“What’s so funny ladies? We want in on it.” one of them says. These guys are average men, Almost Handsome. One looks sort of like Tom Cruise. The second like a young James Spader. The third is much shorter and looks like the weather guy on Channel 4.

April and I look at each other and silently decide not to tell them our little game.

I look at Spader and say, “It’s a little game my friend and I play to remember people. You have to be part of our Posse for us to tell you.”

Tom Cruise says: “Posse or Pussy?” He sneers. Because of his crass comment and his sneer I don’t like him. No matter how handsome he almost is.

The guys look at each other and smile. They’ve moved into positions so April and I can choose who we want. The third guy, the short one, is in the middle. There is one possibility for me and I wait to see who April chooses, which is stupid on my part because I’m the dominant person in our group and I should decided first. But I don’t. All that’s on my dirty mind tonight is my car!

The water is about four-feet deep, and it’s obvious from their growing dicks that all three guys are turned on by April and me. The short one’s head comes up to about my boobs, and he stares at my nipples with his mouth open with a desperate look on his face. I think that maybe later I’ll smoother him with my tits.

Tom Cruise can’t take his eyes off April’s pussy. The guy I like, Spader, magically reads my mind and puts his hand on my back. He whispers in my ear, asking me to tell him about our little game.

“Sorry. Nope! You will just have to hang around and get to know us all.”

“I saw you pull up tonight in your Corvette. What year is it? “

I tell him and move closer to him. He moves back a little. I move with him. There it is. We are all now slightly separated from our original group. It’s amazing how all this works out, sometimes with words and sometimes without.

I feel bad for April; she’s still flanked closely by two men. I’m guessing from her smile she is good with that.

I ask my guy his name.

“Well I guess you will have to hang out with me longer to find out.”

“Ha. Ha. Very funny.”

We both sink down into the pool and sit. We make small talk for a short time and he reaches out and puts his hands on my thighs. Everyone knows why we are here so it really doesn’t bother me that he touched me without asking first like is protocol at the dungeons I go to. He asks what I like to do in bed and if I like kissing. Boy, he gets an earful! I tell him I’m kinky and like to be spanked and have rough sex. When I’m done I look at his face and I see his smile is gone. Oh boy, too soon, I think. He opens his mouth and still no words come out. I lean forward and kiss him. He kisses me back. Yay! He’s a great kisser! After we’ve been kissing for a half hour or so and my lips are puffing up, I pull away and whisper:

“If I’m too much…too kinky… for you, I understand. I had fun kissing you.”

He quickly tells me he’s shocked but not because I’m kinky. He’s shocked because he’s never found a hot, sexy, women here who’s KINKY! He also tells me he’s ready to warm my ass if I am!

My smile is huge! I stand up and grab his hand; we make our way to the playroom on the second floor. His hard dick wobbles as we climb the stairs.

We get in the door and my guy spreads out his towel on our space on the bed. He grabs my hair and asks me my safe words.

” Red, Yellow and Green.”

He kisses me hard, then sits down and pulls me over bahis siteleri his lap. I squirm in anticipation. He tells me to be still, and I obey. My sexy guy begins to spank me, hard. Harder.

Everyone in the room stops what they’re doing and stares at us. I love it! This never ever happens here. It’s usually just sport fucking and maybe someone will ride the Sybian. That would be exciting for the night.

Instead, tonight, they all get a little taste of my favorite world–BDSM.


His hard hand swats my ass and the sting becomes painful and the throbbing is euphoric. I squirm again from the delicious pain and the endorphins kicked in. My ass is burning hot and I’m getting light headed.

“Had enough, Princess?” he growls.

” NO!”

My sexy guy spanks me a little bit more, a bit harder, and then pushes his fingers in my soaking wet pussy. I moan loudly and he picks us both up to a standing position. He kisses me again with my hair in his hands.

“You’ve been a Good Girl. Here is your reward.”

He bends me over the side of the bed, puts on a condom and pushes his big long cock in my throbbing pussy. Oh boy, it hurts! A lot! I’m not use to a long cock. I have tiny holes! It takes me a moment to adjust.

“Wow! Princess you’re tight! You’re going to pull this condom right off.” Spader reaches forward and pinches my nipples. “Oh God YES! More! Harder!”

He does, and I announce I’m going to come soon. One, two, three more hard forceful thrusts…

“I’m coming! Don’t stop!”

“You got it Princess.”

I’m not big on making orgasm noises, but I can’t help it. Spader comes too, and our spectators cheer.

We both plop down on the bed to catch our breaths. Of all the times I’ve gotten fucked here…this was the best.

We return to the pool and kissed and fondled each other for several hours. I don’t even notice where my friends are. At the end of the night, Spader and I exchanged info and, hopefully, we can see each other again. I go to the ladies room to change into my street clothes and I’m surprised when I run into April. She says she hooked up with both those guys and crossed off a threesome off her bucket list. Laughing, She says: “That short guy had the biggest dick!” She proclaims she will be doing that again as soon as possible!

April rode here with Kiely we just have to find one that suits us. We get to my house and April gets out first and punches in the code to my door lock. She says good night and goes right to my guest room. I go straight to my bed and we are both fast asleep.

The next day, Saturday, we get up, shower and decide to go out for breakfast. There is a really great bagel shop down the street we should try out. I park out front, and the waiter has the door open for us already.

He smiles. “Super gorgeous car you have there, ladies.”

“Thank you. It’s my new car.” I smile right back. He’s a gorgeous man. He seats us, still smiling at me, and walks away. He returns with two glasses of water and takes our order. All the time he has his eyes on me. We get our food quickly and chow down. It’s delicious. Sex always makes me really hungry. Apparently it works that way with April, too. We finish, and the waiter is still smiling at me as he hands me the bill. I see writing on it. He’s written me a note!

“Hey sexy, I’m single and think your car is gorgeous and so are you. Here’s my number take me for a ride!”

I show April the note and we see the waiter’s still watching. He winks, and I wave him over.

“So where do you live?”

“Actually, ladies I live up stairs in this building.”

“That is handy! You like my car huh?”

“I like YOU and your car. Your friend is pretty too.”

I am blushing fifty shades of red, and April is kicking me under the table. I ask him when he wants to go.

“Now!” He blushes, too.

“Well since all three of us can’t fit in my car…”

He interrupts me and says: “If you ladies would like we can go up to my place now and chat for awhile. If you have time…”

I looked at April: “Sure. Is that oaky with you?”

April nods to signal yes and we get up. I leave my money on the table and we all walk outside.

The waiter tells me again: “I really love your car, I do want that ride.”

We walk around the corner of the building to another door that he unlocks. April and I are silently talking girl code behind him as we admire his gorgeous ass! We get to another door on the second floor and, after unlocking it, he opens it up.

We all walk in and– Holy Crap!!– It’s stunning! Out of a GQ magazine. This place is huge! Marble floors, granite counters, fireplace, grey leather couches, extremely modern and clean. I would not have guessed this in a million years. Not by the look of the building’s ancient exterior.

“You ladies make yourselves comfortable. Snoop around, bahis şirketleri get into things. There are drinks in the fridge. I’m going to hop in the shower and wash off this food smell, I’ll be real quick.”

April and I explore around with our mouths open. How can a waiter afford this apartment? It’s incredible! The rent must be off the charts. It’s the entire second floor and this building is massive.

April whispers: “You know Jennifer, if it weren’t for your car we wouldn’t be up here right now.”

I whisper back: “April I think he picked US and not because of my car.”

“I think your wrong, Jenn, but so far so good.”

We giggle and our sexy waiter says from behind us: “What’s so funny? Did you find the draw full of my sex toys?” April and I jump! We both shout: “SEX toys?? Where? I want to see them!”

We follow our waiter into the living room. There’s a very unique shaped couch covered in soft grey leather. It’s got a huge round middle with two very long extensions that stick out from opposite sides of the circle. It has to be custom made. Near the couch, the huge entertainment center is smooth, black and shiny.

“So ladies, come here.”

We move closer, and he’s holding a remote control in his hand. He pushes a few buttons and the lights dim. Music plays, a dark, deep rockish type that I usually hear in the dungeon I visit. He slides open a big draw in the entertainment center and steps back. April and I edge closer, and we both grin from ear to ear. The drawer is full of toys—sex toys, just like he said.

Many kinds of vibrators, a few dildos, nipple clamps of all shape and sizes, floggers, rubber paddles, tie wraps, nylon rope, cock sleeve, violet wand, hand cuffs and assort sensual pervertables…

He asks: “Do you like my collection?

“May we touch?”

“Yes. Please do.”

I picked up a few curved vibrators, and April picks up tie-wraps and a leather strap.

Our waiter laughs. “Interesting choices you’ve made.”

“Oh? This is a choice? I thought we were just checking things out?”

“Yes, checking things out of course, but I find most women touch the things they want deeply first. It’s been true every time.”

Our faces got flushed with desire, and my pussy was pulsating to my heartbeat. April slaps her hand with the strap several times. I’m thinking that it’s a good thing that we’re both kinky. She’s a switch, so I’m not sure if she want to beat his cute butt or for him to top her. With luck, we’ll get to see soon!

As I’m examining all the vibrators April strips. I look at her with a puzzled expression and I decided to take my clothes off, too.

He grins. “Well I’m glad to see you ladies are on my page.” He strips too.

No names have been given out, which added to the sexual tension in the room. Our sexy waiter’s eyes kept going back and fourth from my shaved pussy, to Aprils bush.

April takes the strap and tie wraps and kneels in front of him. He grabs her arm and walks her over to the granite island in the center of the kitchen. There were shelves on both sides of it. He zip ties her wrists to the shelf so she was bent over with her beautiful butt in the air.

He put two condoms, three vibrators, and the leather strap on the counter and then walked over to me.

He whispers to me: “Your car is exquisite, but not as exquisite as you.”

Goose bumps erupt over my entire body and made my nipples hard.

He gasps. “Oh my… I love your gorgeous breasts and hard nipples, May I?”

I nod, and he kisses me. He rubs his hands all over of my breasts, but never touches my hard nipples. My pussy is wet and my nipples are begging to be pinched.

He stops and walks me to the kitchen and the granite-topped island next to where April is bound. Our waiter picks me up and sits me on the ice-cold counter. My goose bumps are back in force and my nipples ache in protest.

He says: “Lay on your stomach my beauty.”

I think, Damn it! This is going to suck.

But I do as I’m told and instantly regret it. My head is near April’s head and she’s watching with extreme interest.

“Do NOT move. Understand?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now you understand.”

He moves over to April and rubs her back. She sighs with pleasure… but suddenly he spanks her!

I hear her gasp in surprise and I see how wide her eyes have opened. Then our waiter rubs her back and butt again, I hear her sigh again and whack! He keeps spanking her and she tries to move around. But the ties trap her around her wrists.

Meanwhile, I’m freezing!! My teeth chatter. My nipples are rock hard and aching terribly. He turns to me and tells me to roll over. I’m not sure I like the idea, but I do it. ICE COLD!!

Our sexy waiter leaves April and starts rubbing my boobs…

Oh my…warm…hhmm… I start to feel light headed. Around and around with his soft warm hands. Never touching my erect nipples.

I beg for relief… “Please??”

“Be quite and still.”

I’m moaning softly in pleasure and frustration.

He barks: “Roll over.”

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