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Subject: The Council of Elders Chapter 6 Chapter Six: Two Decades earlier… In the year of our lord 1703, in the home of Baron Heinrich, member of the Council of Elders: The commotion from the parlor woke Donald from his shallow slumber. The sun had just risen and the twelve year old boy rubbed his early morning erection before sitting up in his bed. He heard several female voices coming from the room directly below the loft that had been converted into his bedroom nearly two years before. He recognized the Mayor’ wife, Lady Gwendolyn for certain. The two other voices seemed unfamiliar to him. He slipped his cotton nightshirt over his shoulders and watched as it landed on his four inch long erection. He lifted the material over his rigid hairless cock and crept out of his bed. He carefully placed his face near a crack in the floor board and listened. “A great number of boys have already been affected in the village of Denmaich. My husband and several of the elders are already preparing to go to their aid.” She said. “And what of children here? Are they also at risk?” she said. “Unless the epidemic is stopped at the Dolcene River, they are afraid that it will in fact spread here as well. That is why my husband and the Reverend Blaflorde are calling on all of the elders to come immediately to Denmaich.” The sound of horses and carriages could be heard from the distant. Donald looked out the side window in the loft to see the dust rising as the carriages approached his home. “Before the elders leave, we should begin administering the antidote to the endangered children in our village, before such a calamity spreads. Even thought the sickness has not spread here, it would be prudent to take those precautions. There are at least a dozen or more boys in the affected age group. We must insist that at each boy receive,at at the very least, one dose of semen ” Donalds’s mother said. “That may not be possible. All eligible semen donors have been ordered by Lord Falerah, to proceed without pause. Only those who are too ill to travel are to be left behind. That means that only Eric, the apothecary, who recently fractured his leg, will be the only man over sixty to remain in the village.” Lady Gwendolyn said. Donalds mother began a silent counting of the boys in the village between the ages of eight and fourteen. The number rose from twelve to seventeen when she counted the boys in the outlying area. “Eric, the apothecary, will have to service between twelve and seventeen boys. Surely, he does not have the ability to supply enough semen to protect these boys from the malady. With all the other elders absent from the village, we will have to ration his discharge into each of the boys so that each one gets a fair and equal amount.” She said. Lady Gwendolyn replied: “I may have a solution to this problem. The trip to Denmich is a nine hour carriage ride from here. The thirteen men, and if we include my husband, who will also make the journey, will have at least a nine hour period in which to replenish their semen. If we can gather all the boys together, and have each men deposit his semen into one of the boys, just before the carriages depart, then they will be able to immediately service the boys of Denmaich.” Donald could here muttering and multiple conversations going on. “Then it is agreed! Lady Edina and I will summon all the boys to Reverends home, whilst Julith will inform all the men to meet us there in, shall we say thirty minutes?” Donald moved his head away from the crack in the floorboard. “Stevben?” he thought? “What is Stevben?” “Donald! Donald! Come down here immediately. Put on some trousers and get down here now. We must move quickly!” his mother shouted. Less than five minutes later, Donald and his mother were walking hand in hand towards the Reverends home. It was a good ten minute walk from their cottage and his mother used this time to explain to him what was going to happen. “Donald, there is something I must tell you that is very sad indeed. In the village of Denmich, and in several other villages nearby, an serious illness has overcome young boys who are about your age. The illness caused nearly every boy in the village of Wurchok to fall gravely ill. Three of the boys in the village however, were perfectly healthy and the local constable began to investigate how this was possible. He discovered that the three boys had been seeing their schoolmaster after classes were over. During this time, how shall I say this….” She paused. Donalds mother decided to tell him straightforwardly what happened before they arrived at the Reverends home. “The three boys had been engaging in certain physical acts with their Schoolmaster. The constable learned that elderly schoolmaster, had been placing his penis into the mouths of the boys on a regular basis and discharging his semen into their mouths…and that he had required each to swallow the fluid.” She said. Donald looked down at the ground. He looked at his mother. “Is that the white stuff that comes out and makes babies?” he asked. She nodded. “Now, the constable, being a very bright man, concluded that the semen that these boys had been swallowing for several months, may have prevented them from getting sick. He summoned several other men in the village to report his findings.” “The men were of various ages, ranging from twenty to seventy years old. The act of placing a penis into the mouth of a small boy was of course repulsive to these men as such acts are called perverted and not allowed by the law, or by the Church. At first, the men refused the Constables suggestion that they all provide their semen for the sickly boys to swallow. “Eventually,, they decided to have the boys in a separate room. The men would then arouse themselves and deposit their fluid into a cup. The cup was then taken to each of the boys in the next room, and swallowed entirely. But despite numerous sessions, the boys did not seem to respond.” The village doctor, who was about the same age as your grandfather gave his medical opinion, that placing semen in a cup was allowing the fluid weaken. The Schoolmaster, was placing his penis directly into the mouth of boys, and was not allowing it to cool, or be exposed to air. Thus he said, it would be necessary to duplicate what the retched schoolmaster was doing and place their penis directly into the boys mouths. There was much resistance on the part of the men in the room. How could such an atrocity be even suggested? The confectionery store owner, suggested that the boys could be blindfolded, so as not to see the display of the adults organ. The men would then masturbate in front of the blindfolded boy. Just prior to the semen coming out, which is called ejaculation, the boy would be told to open his mouth. The adult would place the head of his penis into the boys mouth until all of the semen was discharged. The boy would then be told to swallow. After much grumbling, the village doctor,reluctantly agreed. The other men soon followed suit. All of the boys were awaken from their sleep and told that they would be blindfolded and administered a warm slightly salty fluid from a larger container. They were told to open their mouths and form a large O, with only their lips, and above all, not to bite down on the object being placed in their mouth. With blindfolds in place, Edward and Steven went into the childrens clinic first. With the the boys blindfolded and mouths held open, each man began to arouse themselves to erections. Steven a man in his thirties, was rigid immediately and Edward, being just over six decades old, took a bit longer. When Steven was nearing his climax, he moved forward and placed the head of his penis into the mouth of the nine year old boy. The boys head reared back slightly at the intrusion into his mouth and had to open his lips even greater to allow its entry. Then, to his surprise, he felt the first of many hot jets of fluid strike the back of this throat. The first spurt caused him to gag slightly and he swallowed it instinctively. The next four spurts puddled in his mouth before he swallowed again. When the good Doctor, Edward, saw the adult penis in the mouth of the boy, his climax rapidly approached. He too, moved forward and placed the head of his 15cm penis into the pursed lips of an eleven year old lad. The boys lips closed over the head of his penis and clamped down slightly. The semen flowed steadily at first, then gained in volume until the boys mouth began to bulge. He swallowed two times to ingest the fluid as Edward instinctively slipped his penis even further into the boys mouth. He could feel the boys teeth touching his penis until the boy opened his mouth even further. The remaining semen flowed out steadily from the good Doctors member and as it did, he pushed his flesh further into the boys mouth. By the time his penis was fully depleted his member was fully inside, with the hair from his balls touching the boys chin. One by one, the remaining men removed their trousers and stood before each of the boys. Young and old alike, the men placed their penis into each boys mouth to deliver the lifesaving fluid. Some of the men pulled their penis out immediately after discharging the fluid. The Doctor observed that a few of them men, allowed their penis to remain in the boys mouth an unusually longer amount of time. One of these men, Councilman Traylor, actually spoke to the boy, telling him to “move his mouth back and forth slowly, to coax more of the medicine out.” Sidney, the blacksmith urged the ten year old boy who was receiving his deposit, to “make a suction with your lips.” The boy complied several times after the entire load of semen had been swallowed. “We are almost at the Reverends Home, so I will have to shorten the story, dear Donald.” his mother said. “Now despite the attempts, after numerous doses of semen into the mouths of these sickly boys, only two of the boys showed an immediate recovery. Both of these boys had swallowed the semen of men who were at least six decades old. The other boys, who ingested the fluid of the younger men, showed no improvement. Thus it was concluded that the remedy for this ailment would have to come from the ejaculation of men over sixty years in age.” “That is where we are going this morning my son. At the Reverends home, there are a dozen of so men of a certain age, one of whom, will place his penis in your mouth and allow you so swallow the medicine that will protect you from becoming gravely ill. We are here now. Let us not delay. The men must leave in a few minutes and we haven’t much time to waste.” Donald and his mother were not the first to arrive. Joseph, his ten year old friend and Joshua, his eight year old brother had already arrived with their mother. Mr. Workler and the former mayor, Samuala were seen taking each boy by the hand and leading them into a back bedroom. Lord Falerah and Reverend Withers were standing near the fireplace when they saw Lady Gwendolyn and her son enter. The two men briefly spoke and nodded in agreement. Reverend Withers moved forward to greet the two at the door. “Good Morning my lady and to you, young Donald as well.” He extended his hand forward towards the twelve year old boy. “Let us not delay. We have important work to do my child.” The young boys mother touched the arm of the elderly Reverend. “Bless you Reverend, for I know that such an act is against gods will. How can I thank you for your help?” “The Lord wants your childs life to be spared. That is why He allowed us the wisdom and the knowledge, to know the cure. I am sure he will see this retched act that your son and I am about to perform as a necessary evil to fight of this great sickness caused by the devil. Come now, with me, my child. Let us do this in private to spare your mother and the others the horror of what I am about to do.” he said. The twelve year old took the wrinkled hand of the holy man and followed him down a short hallway into the Reverends den. The holy man closed the door behind him, locked it, and turned to face the extreamly nervous lad. The boys eyes focused on the shaking hands of the elder as he unfastened his trousers and let them drop to the floor. He pulled back his white shirt and allowed the boy to see his member. It was the first adult penis that Donald had ever laid eyes on and he was fascinated by the length and girth of the slightly swollen flesh. “I thought you were suppose to put a blindfold on me, like my mother said, Sir?” “Nonsense boy. We have no time for that. The blindfold approach was no longer necessary after the cure had been discovered. There is nothing at all wrong with your seeing what is about to enter your mouth. You may gaze at it as much as you like. Let me finish removing my trousers completely. As for you, please sit in my leather chair and turn to face me.: The preteen sat in the comfortable leather chair and relished the feel of the soft leather, which was being warmed by the sunlight shining in the window. The reverend took a few steps forward and stood before the boy. Donalds eyes were just a few inches from the mans penis, which had now swollen even more. The holy man took his hand and began moving his penis back and forth, whilst the boy stared, dare we say, gawked at the sight. When the holy mans cock had grown to nearly 16cm, he looked up at his face to see him smiling. When Reverend Withers saw the boy looking up, he quickly stopped smiling and told the boy to close his eyes for a short prayer. “Forgive us Lord for what we are about to do. We believe you have guided this poor messenger of yours and this young boy into this small chamber so that this child may live a long happy life as your servant. Amen.” “Open your mouth my child, and let us get this deplorable act finished.” donald, remembered his mothers story and opened his mouth in the shape of an O. As he did, he felt the warm flesh of the Reverends penis enter his mouth. He held his mouth still for several second, nearly a half minute, expecting the fluid to begin flowing, yet it did not. The was surprised to feel the penis being pushed further and further into his mouth, until the hair on elders crotch began to tickle his nose. The Reverend then pulled his penis back out, leaving only the fleshy head inside, before plunging it back in again. This was repeated at a slow and constant pace. The young lad pulled his head back after a couple minutes, dislodging the penis completely. “Am I doing something wrong Sir? I do not feel any medicine coming out?” he asked. “No, no my boy. You are doing very well. Its just that it takes a bit more coaxing on your part for a man my age, to get the fluid to flow. Now then lets get this back into your mouth and try again.” He said The holy man placed his penis back into the boys mouth and with both hands, grasped the back of the boys head. As he rocked his penis back and forth his firm grip on the boys head prevented any possibility of him removing the penis. The boy noticed that the Reverends stokes quickened, and his penis seemed to swell up in the boys mouth. With each individual thrust, the penis touched the back of the boys throat, causing him to gag slightly. But the cock soon pulled out so that he did not choke. “Since this is your first time, and some boys do not care for the taste of semen, I will deposit my entire volume directly at the entrance to your throat. When I do this, you will want to gag, but just relax and let the end of my penis slip into the back of your throat. It is there that I will ejaculate and it will flow directly into you without your having to taste the fluid.” The boy tried to nod in agreement, but his head was being held so firmly, all he could do was shake it slightly. This action seemed to please the Reverend. “Bear in mind, lad, this is not a pleasant thing for a me to do. But I must do the Lords work. Prepare to receive my seed.” Reverend Withers raised his eyes up towards the heaven and pulled the boys head forward. The head of the adult penis entered the boys throat and the boy began to gag. The first spurt of semen was followed by at least five more. All of them flowed copiously and steady from the rigid cock into the boys throat and flowed down into his stomach. He pulled his cock out slightly, leaving half of the shaft and head still lodged between the boys lips. “Now, purse your lips and suck hard on the end of my penis, to make sure the last drop has entered your body.” He said Less than five minutes after the boy had entered the home, he emerged from the Reverends den and looked sheepishly at his mother. “Did you receive your medicine?” Lady Edina asked. The young boy nodded. “Then your mother may take you home so that you may tend to your chores. I have work to be done here. There are two boys who live just outside our village, I see approaching, are the last two remaining boys to receive their doses. Mr. Bromiester, Mr Ritchmoud and my husband will provide them with their seed.” Lady Gwendolyn said. Donald and his mother began leaving. Before they could exit the door, Lady Edina raised her hand and called out. “Wait! How foolish of me. There are two children left and three men have not donated their semen. That means we have one extra dose. My dear, all the other boys have left. Would you like your son Donald, to receive a second dose, since we appear to have an extra one available?” The boy looked imploringly at his mother. His mothers eyes lit up in excitement. He began to shake his head but his mothers eyes were not on him. Lady Edina looked at her friend the Mayor. Charles looked at the Mayor. The boy noticed that there was a large bulge in the noblemans trousers. “My dear man, Would you be so kind as to take this young boy and alow him to swallow your seed?” The Mayor shook his head. “Nonsense my dear. The boy has already had a dose from the most holy pastor of our church. Pastor just informed me that it was a rather larger dose than he normally generates due to his abstinence.. Now, I myself, have not had a discharge of semen in nearly seven days. I expect that the amount I will put into this young boys stomach along with the Pastors, may exceed a safe quantity. Besides, a man of my standing in the community should not be placing his penis into child.” the mayor said. “Very well dear. I just think you should be setting a example for the other men who are participating in this vile act. If they are willing to do this, then you should too. But I respect your right to chose. Reverend Withers called the mayor aside and whispered in his ear. Edina noted the tenting in his trousers began to increase the longer the Reverend spoke. “Very well then. You are correct as usual my dear. I shall uphold my civic duty and show the good citizens in this village that I am willing to protect all our citizens, no matter how young, and I will do it for them.” By now, Donald noticed that the Mayor had to adjust his trousers to keep his hardening phallus from being seen by his wife and the other men karşıyaka escort present. He saw the Mayor walk towards the back bedroom and exit the door towards the barn. “Come then, my boy. Let us get this over with.” he shouted. Nearly twenty minutes elapsed before the boy emerged from the barn. He was wobbling severely and the Mayor had to hold him by the shoulder to keep him from falling. There was a glazed look in the boys eyes and he grimaced with each step that he took. The Mayor was sweating profusely and his face was flush. Lady Edina and the boys mother thought they heard strange noises coming from the barn, which was several dozen meters from the main house. They thought at one point that they heard a muffled scream but they reasoned, that with the boys mouth filled with a penis, the sounds could not be coming from him. The last carriage to leave was waiting for the Mayor, who was the last of the village elders to depart. He kissed his wife on the cheek and quickly got into the carriage without looking at the boy. After the Mayor left, Donalds mother turned to see her twelve year old boy adjusting the strap on his trousers. His hands were very dirty and the knees of his trousers were stained with pieces of straw hanging down. “Dear boy. Look at yourself. Your hands and knees are filthy. Did you fall in the barn?” She asked. Donald shook his head back and forth. His mother brushed off her sons trousers. “Did the Mayor give you his semen?” she asked bluntly. The boy nodded but yes did not speak. The walk home proved to be much slower than the walk there. Donald kept stopping and his mother became impatient. “Why are you walking so strangely. What in heavens name is wrong with you.” she asked. “Ummm.” he paused. “Well? What is it Charles. You can tell me.” she said. “I think I feel something leaking out of my, you know. Out of my bottom hole.” he said. “What on earth could that be? Is that why you are walking so strangely. And is that why you seem to be in pain? Do you want me to look at it?” she asked. He shook his head. “I think I know what it is.” he said. Donalds mother stopped and grabbed her son by the shoulders. “What would that be? ” she asked. “I think…I think..maybe…its the Mayor’s semen” he said. Three weeks later in another nearby village near the crystal clear Lake Rewaldo… Twelve year old Simon and his nine year cousin Lucas, were running as fast as they could towards the home of Lady Gwendolyn and the Mayor. Mr. Fieldsocot, who managed the local library, watched out the window as the two lads neared the front gate. Turning to Mr. Ritchmoud, he nodded towards the front yard. “Theodore, I believe these two boys approaching are the ones Lady Gwendolyn spoke of. They seem to be having a race as to which one gets to the door first. One of them appears to be a bit older than the other, but the winner is yet to be determined. Would you like to place a wager on who will win?” Mr. Fieldsocot said. “And what shall the winner get?” asked Mr. Ritchmoud. Mr Fieldsocot rubbed his gray whiskers and pushed back his thinning hair. His cock began to twitch and began to throb. “Why the winner will get to pick which of the two boys will receive his semen, of course.” he said. Theodore Ritchmoud saw the two boys approaching in the distant dusty road leading to the Mayors cottage. He removed his glasses and wiped them clean on his handkerchief. “So be it. I believe the shorter of the two boys will win. The older one has an advantage with his longer legs, but the younger boy appears to be more competitive. So I predict the shorter boy will win.” he said. “Very well then, Theo, I shall go with the older boy. Remember now, it is the winner of the bet who will pick his boy for the dosage today.” When Simon and Lucas were racing with all due speed towards the elegant cottage, they had no way of knowing, that the outcome of the race would decide whose penis would enter their mouth that day. As the boys approached the front door, the two elderly men watching from the upstairs window, could not see who won. Both began to speculate on who the winner was as they exited the bedroom and went down the short flight of stairs. There standing before them were two thoroughly exhausted boys. Lady Gwendolyn was in the process of explaining to the two boys, that they were going to receive a special medicine and that they must cooperate fully with the donor, or they would fall gravely ill. Both boys nodded, thinking that they were going to be swallowing a foul liquid like they had when they came down with a cold last winter. “You know, Mr. Fieldsocot, from the library of course. He will take one of you to the den and administer the dose. Which of you would like to go with him?” she asked. “Er, excuse me, my lady. Theo and I have made a little wager as to which of these boys would win their footrace to your lovely home and that this would decide on the pairing between the four of us. May I ask the boys, who arrived at the door first?” Mr Fieldsocot said. “I did!” shouted the younger boy. Mr. Fieldsocot nodded to Theo. “You were correct my friend. Which of the two boys will go with you?” “I shall take the loser with me. You may take the young lad.” he said. “Splendid. My first choice had I won the bet. We both win.” Mr. Fieldsocot said. It was a short walk down the hallway for Fredrick Fieldsocot and the nine year old Lucas. He put his arm around the boy and could feel the heat from his body radiating through his thin shirt. He opened the solid oak door leading to the den and motioned for the boy to go inside. Theo Richmoud and eleven year old Simon were just a few steps behind. They heard the door close and the metallic sound of the lock being latched in place. “Why are they locking the door?” Simon asked. Theo did not answer at first. “Because what they are going to do and what we are going to do is very private and we would not want to have anyone suddenly come in.” replied the elderly man. Fredrick had told Lucas to sit in the plush leather chair at the Mayors desk as he began to disrobe. He explained to Lucas that the medicine he was about to receive had to pass directly through his penis, into the boys throat without being exposed to air. By the time he was finished the startled boy was now staring at his first adult erection. Fredricks penis was only 15 cm long, but to a nine year old boy, it seemed enormous. His tight ball sack was covered in wispy gray hair and the boy leaned ever closer and cocked his head to get a closer look. He pulled the foreskin back on his penis, while the boy watched intently. The head of his cock was now fully exposed and he began to move it slowly towards the boys mouth. The boy, sitting in the leather back chair was at an ideal height and the penis lined up directly with his mouth. “You must always remember this moment, my young lad. There will be many, many more cocks aimed at your mouth in the coming months, until this dreaded plague has left our country. You will see some smaller, and many much larger. All of them will be different, but all will have one thing in common. They will all fill your mouth with a warm salty fluid that you keep you healthy.” “I want you to study my penis. Look at it from every angle. Look at my balls and lift them gently with your hands. There will be many more cocks aimed at your mouth, and all will fade in your memory as you grow older. But you will never forget, and you must never forget, the very first cock to enter your divine lips.” “Now, lets have you open your mouth fully and let us begin.” As the head of the elders penis entered the young boys mouth, his small brown eyes widened as did his lips. Within a short time, he could feel the wispy hairs on the mans balls tickling his chin. Theo began to move his penis in and out of the boys mouth, pulling and pushing his foreskin back and forth each time. In a nearby bedroom, eleven year old Simon and the towns librarian were both nearly finished disrobing. The boy stopped when he had only his trousers left on, and Mr. Fieldsocot, now fully nude, turned around to face the boy. “Sir, I understand what you and Lady Gwen told me about having to swallow your seed to keep from becoming ill, but I do not understand why I must be undressed in order for me to do this.” he said. “You must be tested for your response to the treatment, my boy. The treatment is administered on two different levels. One of them is orally, and the other, is well, lets just say, there is another option as to how my semen will be entering your body. In order to determine this for future dosages, it truly is necessary that you be nude.” he said. Now, dropping the trousers that he held concealing his 17cm erection, he motioned with his hands for Simon to continue with removing his trousers. Simon stared at the elderly mans erection. While he had seen his older cousins penis whilst swimming in the local pond, it had not been erect. And his cousins testicles were no where near the size of this man, who was slowly stoking his penis. Simon turned around and losered his trousers. Mr. Fieldsocot looked closely at the boys firm buttocks. He imagined what it would be like to,, Suddenly, the boy turned around, disrupting Fieldsocots dream. Simon held both hands cupped over his genitals concealing them from the seniors eyes. “You must be tired boy. After that long run, you must be exhausted. So lets have you lay on our back on the bed, with your head towards the foot and your feet towards the front….yes, thats it. Just like that. Now, relax and let me position myself above you.” Mr. Fieldsocot got up onto the bed, feeling pain in his aging knees. He straddled the boys head with his knees on both sides. The boy looked up and saw the mans wrinkled balls hovering over his face and the underside of his erection pointing towards his chin. Fieldsocot took his penis and aimed it downward at the boys mouth. “Now cup my balls with both your hands and massage them firmly. You must open your mouth wide and let me do all the work.” he said. When Simon removed his hands from his own genitals and placed them around the elders balls, Fieldsocot could now see the boys hairless penis. It was laying on his belly with the head poking slightly out of the foreskin. His small balls were barely visible from that angle. Fieldsocot lowered his cock into the boys mouth and leaned forward. He placed his elbows on either side of the boys waist so that his own face was hovering just inches from the boys small prick. He moved is hips slightly, pushing his penis deeper into the eleven year olds mouths. Simon mumbled and gagged slightly. Fieldsocot pulled his penis back out, leaving just the head in the boys lips. “Now, just suck on the head whilst you give my balls a good massage.” he said. After a few minutes of gentle sucking, Fieldsocot watched from a close distance, as the boys penis began to stiffen. His cock raised up off his belly and began to ark upward. Neither Simon or the elderly man provided any stimulation to the boys genitals. Highter and higher, the cock rose until it was fully erect and pointing right at Fieldsocots face. “Your cock is hard, lad. That is a very good sign. You are sucking on an adult penis, and with no stimulation other that the feel of my cock in your mouth, you are excited. That indeed, is a very good sign. You may, in fact, be a candidate for another form of treatment.” Simon had no idea what the elder was referring to. All he knew is that he had been sucking on the head of an adult penis for the first time and massaging a heavy set of balls, and now his own penis was hard. “We must test you, my young friend, to determine if you shall be administered an alternate form of treatment. Now, lets have you spread your legs wide. Thats it. Now bend those knees. Thats right. Now, let me lean forward a bit so that I can get to you.” he said. Simon could only mumble, as his mouth was full of man flesh. He felt Mr. Fieldsocot lower his body and place his arms under his waist. Suddenly, he felt the mans finger slipping between his ass cheeks, rubbing back and forth against his rosebud. When Fieldsocot’s finger first penetrated the boys rectum, the boy let out a muffled groan. He could feel the boys mouth tighten up on the shaft of his cock as he probed his finger even deeper. When his middle digit was fully inside the boys tight ass, he sought out the boys prostate. Simons penis immediately jumped. Fieldsocot continued to massage the boys prostate and thrust his finger inand out of the boys bottom. Simon began to buck wildly. Fieldsocot watched the boys penis lengthen. The boys balls pulled up tightly into his body. His cock began to twitch. Fieldsocot lowered his mouth very, very close to the boys penis. The boys young semen spurted two times hitting the elders mouth and beard. Fieldsocot licked his lips, tasting the boys semen for the first time. For a boy his age, Fieldsocot was pleased that he got any fluid at all. He continued to piston his finger rapidly into the boy, eventually adding a second finger. The boy grunted and shook violently. Fieldsocots penis began to erupt in the boys mouth. Semen spurted six, seven times into the boys throat. Laying on his back the way he was, the fluid flowed directly into his throat without resistance. For the next few moments, both the boy and the elder remained motionless. The last few drops of semen flowed gently out of the elders penis and the boy accepted the last drop. Fieldsocot pulled his fingers out of the boys ass and lifted his cock out of the youngsters mouth. He rolled over onto the bed and turned to face the boy. “Congratulations, boy. You are going to receive your next dose of semen in a very different manner. The reaction you had to my penis in your mouth and your response to my fingers just now, tells me that we shall take a different path to preserving your health.” “So let us both get dressed now, and no talk of this treatment to anyone, and tomorrow night…no, tonight in fact. Tonight, you shall join me at my home and spend the night. My wife is out of town this week, and we shall have the house to our selves all night.” Simon, red with embarrassment, had now put his trousers and shirt back on. “What time shall I arrive at your home sir?” he said. “Lets have you over at an hour before dark. That will give up plenty of time to administer the treatment.” Simon added: “Then I shall see you then sir. Thank you for the lifesaving dose of medicine today, sir.” Fieldsocot patted him on the head and smiled. Simon turned to walk out the door. Fieldsocot stopped him abruptly. “Oh Simon. There is one more thing. It appears that at my home we are out of butter. Could you be so kind as to ask your mother to give you a large pat of butter before you come over tonight?” he asked. “Yes sir, I will ask her. But I am confused. By the time I arrive, both of us will be done with our supper. Why would you want me to bring butter if you have already finished eating.” Fieldsocot smiled. “You will find out tonight, what that is for, my boy. Now, off you go and I caution you, do not want to forget to bring that butter tonight!” The following week, at the home of Lady Marcinora: When Lady Victoria Marcinora stepped down from her carriage she nearly twisted her delicate ankle on the wooden planks below. The driver had stopped, at her request, near the rear entrance to the estate and the area was poorly lit at best. She caught herself by clutching the silver railing on the door. “Is Madam in need of assistance?” the driver asked. The elderly woman did not answer. She simply waved her frail hand towards him and walked slowly toward the building. The chambermaid was waiting for her and opened the door, bowing slightly before she stepped back away. “Evening me lady.” she whispered. “Do we have any of the lemon tea, Emma?”she asked. “Shall I bring it to your bedroom?” Emma asked. Lady Victoria pulled a silk scarf from around her neck and placed it over a wooden chair. She stepped up to the fireplace and held out her hands. “I shall take it right here, in the kitchen.” she said. “The fire feels wonderful, Emma. That was such a dreadfully cold ride from Elkshore. I do dread having to go there so often, but I surmise it cannot be avoided. I shall change into something more comfortable and warmer first and return shortly.” The elderly woman walked away as Emma placed another log on the fire. Getting to her bedroom was not an easy matter. There was at first, a large dining area, which led to a magnificent library. From there, through several darkened corridors, devoid of any candlelight, she entered the west bedroom wing of the estate. The sounds coming down the hallway at first were muffled. As she approached the heavy oak door at the end of the passageway, the sounds became more clear. It was a groaning and muted sound, rhythmic in nature and becoming increasingly more intense as she placed her hand on the handle of her bedroom door. When Lady Victoria Marcinora opened the door to her bedroom, the last thing in the world she expected to see was her husband, Baron Heinrich, sodomizing a young child on her elegant sitting lounge. The Baron was facing away from the door. His nude body showed all the wrinkles and aging signs of a great man who was now nearly sixty eight years old. The candles on both sides of the lounge cast a direct light on the juncture between her husband and the child affording him a clear view of the connection. All she could see was his backside, thrusting slowly and methodically. The child beneath him was bent over the arm of the lounge, pinned tightly and unable to move. She could see two small legs dangling down, not even touching the floor. Each time her husband thrust forward and upward, the child’s legs would sway. A groan came from the child,s mouth, faint, but long and guttural. The small thin body would push forward. Her husband had grasped the slender hips and pulled back each time, to prevent his penis from dislodging. She walked towards the two, shutting the heavy door behind her. As she did, the sound of the squeaking hinges caught the Barons attention and he turned his head towards the door. Lady Victoria was the first to speak. “My dear, what a shock it is to see you here. I thought you were staying at Lord Griethfurh’s estate until Tuesday. Why, you are home two days early?” she said. “Yes, the meetings concluded ahead of schedule. Cant say that I mind. Quite a boar of a man, if you know what I mean. He suggested I stay at least for the night, but I feared the rain might sit in by morning, so I decided to come home early.” he said. Baron Heinrich had momentarily stopped his movements while he addressed his wife, but now resumed. Lady Victoria walked closer and moved to the side of the lounge, pulling up a small chair, before sitting down beside them. “And who do we have here?” she asked. kartal escort From her vantage point, she could now see a cotton gag was placed in the child’s mouth, muffling the moans and groaning considerably. She leaned forward and could not see much of the child’s face. The Baron had placed a woolen blanket over the child’s back as a means to keep warm in the chilly bedroom. “A little gift from Lord Griethfurhs. Rode all the way home with me in the carriage. Sat on my lap the whole trip. Quite a bumpy road, it was.” he said. Lady Victoria shook her head. She rose up from the chair and slid it back towards the bed. She patted her husband on the shoulder and kissed him on the top of his head. “I will stay in the guest room tonight so as not to disturb you two.”she said. “And dear, would you please place a towel on the lounge. You know that was a gift from my mother and I don’t want to have it ruined with your semen stains.” Heinrich looked directly at his wife. He tried to smile, but his face was frozen from the pleasure he was enjoying. His cock slipped out completely and waved obscenely in the candlelight. It glistened from the oil that he used before the initial penetration. She glanced down at his stiff member. He nodded to her. “I promise I will place a cloth beneath us before I finish. Have a pleasant night dear, and I hope we do not disturb you and the others nearby. Would you mind terribly if I stay here the entire night?” He said. There was an impatient tone in his voice. “Of course not. I plan to have some nice tea with Emma, then retire for the night. I shall see you in the morning at breakfast. You should bring your little plaything with you.” Lady Victoria smiled at her husband, shutting the door, and leaving the two alone again. She had barely closed the door behind her when she heard her husband’s voice from the room. She decided to eavesdrop on him and the child. “Lets stand you up now and let me place this cloth beneath you on the arm. There that’s it. Stretch your legs a little bit so they don’t get sore. There, that will work fine. We don’t want to ruin the fabric on the lounge. So lets have you lay back over the arm the same way you were before. We can start all over again.. I might just as well take that gag out of your mouth, I don’t think anyone can hear us.” A few seconds later, Lady Victoria heard a loud, Owwwwee come from the room. Her husband spoke again. “There we go. About halfway in this time. I noticed when you stood up that your penis was hard. Are you enjoying this as much as I? Lets put it in a little deeper this time shall we? I don’t think you are ready to receive my entire length just yet. But the night is very young and long. I have not sodomized a boy your age in nearly a fortnight. I feel as if I owe you the pleasure of feeling a mans balls slapping against you, so I shall try to get it fully in. The night air became colder and damper. Lady Victoria woke after sunrise and put another log on the fireplace in her bedroom. She heard thumping sounds coming from the adjacent bedroom where her husband and his newest guest, were apparently very much awake still at it. She rose from the bed and put on her robe. Creeping outside the hallway, she looked into her bedroom. The morning sun shone directly through the window, illuminating the bed and the scene before her. Heinrich and the boy were now laying in the bed with the covers thrown back. The boy was laying face down with his head buried in the pillow. His ankles were tied to each of the bedposts and his hips were propped high in the air with several elegant silk pillows. Baron Heinrich was atop him, thrusting his full weight down onto the boys buttocks, driving his cock fully into his sore rectum. It had been the third time since the previous evening that his penis had entered the boy. And he vowed that he would fill it with semen as he had done twice before. After the first orgasm the previous night, Heinrich had given the boy a short reprieve. He had to help the boy off the lounge and carry him to the bed after the ordeal. Heinrich had, after nearly thirty minutes, gradually worked his entire penis into the boys bottom. With each thrust forward, he would lift the boys buttocks off the arm of the lounge and hold him there for several seconds before pulling back. The boy was hardly conscious at this point and only the Baron could hear the sound of his balls slapping the young boys bottom. The Baron had not ejaculated in nearly four days before bringing the boy home. The elder re-positioned the boy on the lounge. He reached underneath the boy and pulled his testicles and penis backwards so they protruded towards him. Now, with each forward push into the boys bottom, the Baron could feel his own balls smashing against the boys nearly hairless scrotum. The boys stiff penis poked the elders balls as he slapped their thighs together. Although he was now nearly asleep, as a natural reaction, the boy ejaculated first, spurting a healthy amount of semen onto the Barons ball sack. The head of the boys penis slipped under the elders balls and smeared cum onto Heinrich’s anus. That was all the elderly man needed. He pressed his thighs together, sandwiching the boys penis between them and thrust his cock fully into the boy. The boy screamed for the first time. The Barons seed flooded the boys bowels for the next thirty seconds. When it was over, the old mans heart pounded. Later that night, near the hour of witches, the Baron was awake. The boy was gone from his bed. He sat up and lit another lamp. He was alarmed by his absence and began to rise from the bed to find him. Just then, the door opened and the twelve year old boy walked towards the bed. There was a stiffness to walk and a grimace on his face. He slowly placed one arm on the bed and gently lowered himself down. He scrunched his face when his bottom touched the mattress. “Sorry sir. I had to go to the toilet.” he said. “So I surmise that all my semen has left your bowels?” The Baron asked playfully. “Why yes sir. I couldn’t help it. I know you told me to hold it all in and I did for as long as I could.” “Well then” said the old man. “We shall just have to put teach that little bottom of yours to behave. Come now. Place yourself over my knees and prepare for a sound spanking. The boy had a troubled look on his face. He shut both his eyes. “Please sir. I am very sore back there. Do I really have to do that again? Isn’t there something else we could do besides that?” “Why what ever do you mean? What do you propose then that we do? the Baron said. “Well sir, I have heard other boys talk, that they um, they put there penis into a mouth and it is satisfied that way. I have never actually done that but I am told it is not a difficult task.” he said. The Baron pulled back the covers from the bed, exposing his penis to the boy.. He stroked his cock obscenely in front of his view. “Well then, let us try that. Come to bed now and let us see what can be done. Place yourself between my thighs so that I can see your face in the light.” he said. Fifteen minutes later, the boys jaws were beginning to ache from being stretched open. His tongue and throat were sore from the thrusting of the Barons cock in his mouth. Several times, the elder came close to orgasm and stopped the boy, knowing full well the reason. He let the boy fellate him until he grew weary. “That’s quite enough. You did very well. Now, lets place some of these pillows in the center of the bed. I want you to lay atop them, on your belly of course, and spread your legs as far as they will go. I have some nice straps to hold your legs in place whilst I use some of the smaller ones to thrash your bottom a second time.” The boy lowered his head and had a worried look on his face. “Please sir. I am very sore. Please don’t do it as hard as you did last time.” he pleaded. Baron Heinrich said nothing. He did not want to lie to the boy or give him false hope. He knew that the second time for a man his age, would need to thrash the boys bottom twice as fast, twice as hard and twice as long for him to be satisfied a second time. The boy did not need to know that yet, but he would learn it soon enough. About half an hour later, the Baron rolled off the boy. His own penis was now soft and deflated. He left his cock in the boy after he ejaculated for as long as possible. Eventually, it softened and flopped out of the boys anus. The boy was now asleep. His ass cheeks and rosebud were a brilliant red from the beating and sodomy which had just occurred. He passed out nearly ten minutes after the anal assault started. The elderly man did not attempt to wake him. Instead, he pounded his cock harder than ever into the boys bottom. “He will be sore in the morning.” muttering to himself. “He will always remember his first time.” Baron Heinrich removed the silk pillows from under the boy to prevent them from getting stained when his semen leaked out of the boy. He rolled the boy on his back and began to cover him up with the sheets. It was then that he noticed the boy still had an erection. The elderly man remembered the first time he had seen a twelve year old’s cock. It was in the bedroom of an older boy whom he had grown up with. The Baron had been only ten years old at the time. Staying the night with his friend, William, son of Erithison,. Now memories of that night returned as he saw the stiffened cock with a wisp of blond pubic hair forming near his shaft. Baron Heinrich took the boys penis in his hand and stroked it lovingly. The boy did not stir. It was forbidden for a man to take the penis of another man into his mouth. That was a sin in the eyes of The Lord and a crime in the Provincial estates of Lord Griethfurhs. But the door was locked and the boy was asleep. And to say the least, he could not be considered as a man. The elderly man lowered his mouth and engulfed the penis of the boy fully. His nose pressed slightly against his pubic bone and the scant hairs tickled his nose. He lay his head on a pillow and kept the boys penis tightly inside his mouth until they were both asleep. About twenty minutes later, Baron Heinrich suddenly awoke. The boys penis was still in his mouth and was ejaculating sperm into the elders throat. The Baron did his best not to cough or choke. He swallowed over and over until the boys load was fully spent. Then, pulling the boys penis from his mouth, the Baron leaned lower and kissed the boys balls. He placed the boys softened cock in his mouth fully. Sleep once again took charge. Chapter Seven Lady Victoria had slept well during the night and arose early to walk in the garden. Emma, her eleven year old chambermaid, had already prepared tea and biscuits. A fresh assortment of pastries were placed on the table. She had just placed one of them on her plate when she saw the boy appear at the door to the kitchen. She was not unaccustomed to seeing a strange child appear in the morning, hungry for food after a previous night of ravishment by her husband or one of his distinguished guests. They were of different ages, mostly younger than the lad she now smiled at and beckoned to come forward. He prefers them a bit younger, she thought. But from the way he is grimacing as he walks, she knew that her husband would offer no complaints. He wore a thin lacy feminine robe which was slightly too small on him. It had at one time belonged to Emma. The Baron kept an assortment of such robes in the bedroom for his overnight guests. There was no cord holding it tight, so the boy clutched it together with his fists to keep it from opening up. As Lady Victoria watched him approaching,the robe parted several times, exposing the boys penis. The head of his penis was poking out slightly from his foreskin and she could see that it too was bright read from overuse. She was very accustomed to seeing young boys emerge from a sleepover with her husband…and of late, she had noticed that their penis seemed to be used as much as their behinds. “Good morning. Please have a seat. You must be famished.” she said. The boy sat down slowly on the wooden chair, being careful not to sit too quickly. He squirmed a bit in the seat. Victoria slid over a plate of pastries and he took one immediately. He looked down at his plate and did not raise his eyes. The robe had now parted and his penis dangled freely in her view. “You and my husband were up late last night. I hope you slept well.” she said. :From the way you are sitting, I can tell that you must have had a great deal of fun last night.” The boy did not respond. His blond hair hung down over his forehead and he squirmed again in his seat. He finished the first pastry and Lady Victoria slid another towards him. He accepted it with a slight sheepish nod. “My husband has a fine cock for a man his age, does he not? How many times did he ejaculate in you last night?” Her matter of fact tone surprised young Phillip. When he arrived at the estate last evening, he had no idea that the Baron was married. When he took him to the bedroom and ordered him to undress and bend over the arm of the lounge, there was no clue that his wife would be arriving in the midst of his being sodomized. Lady Victoria must have sensed some embarrassment in his behavior at breakfast. “Three” he said. Lady Victoria smiled. “It must be the potion which the pharmacist has been giving him. Why, a decade ago, he was having trouble just getting it hard. After the plant extract that Doctor Wohltrers gave him, you would think he was twenty seven, instead of sixty seven.” she said. “Were they all in your bottom, or did he fill your mouth with his seed as well?” Phillip looked horrified at the thought of having to answer. Lady Victoria appeared to be making casual breakfast conversation with the boy and waited patiently for him to answer. She cocked her head to the side and tapped him playfully on the top of his head before repeating herself. “In your bottom or in your mouth?” she said. “In my bottom” he said. “All three times?” she asked “Yes” he said. “He does prefer it that way, it seems. But sometime this morning, I hope he lets you put his member in your mouth well before our guests arrive this afternoon. The other boys have all done it and we would not want you to leave until you had a chance to swallow his seed. You will have an opportunity to do that this evening, as our guest is Reverend Wiskeps, I know for certain that he will fill your mouth with his seed, at least once during the evening but I would prefer that the Baron have the first opportunity . And how is your bottom doing now? Three times in one night is normal for him and the other boys in our village tend to expect that from the men. But if it was your first time, it may have been a bit too much. It was your first time, was it not?” She said. “That was the first time that has ever been done to me. I had heard about it from another boy who was brought to your home by the Baron. But I did not believe him and I thought he was making fun of my ignorance. Now I know that everything he said happened when he was here really did.” Phillip said. Phillip finished his second pastry and there was a look of discomfort on his face. “Its going to hurt all day dear. It takes a few days for your bottom to feel normal. Reverend Wiskeps wont let that stop him. In fact, I tend to think he likes the boys to have been recently penetrated. He will place you on your back when he does it, and bring your ankles up onto his shoulders. He wants to look directly at your face when he places it inside. Having your bottom already sore only delights him because the intensity of his thrusts will be felt even more.” she said. “let me see if you are alright.” Following her instructions, the embarrassed twelve year old stood up from the stool and leaned forward over the wooden table. Lady Victoria pulled up his short nighty and placed it on his back. She pushed on each of his thighs, forcing him to spread his legs about a meter apart. With both hands, she spread the cheeks of the boys bottom. He could feel the cool air hitting his sore anus. She held them open for longer than necessary. His hairless balls dangled down between his legs and she leaned down slightly to look closer. To Phillips surprise she gave his balls a firm squeeze. She twisted them in her hand, until the boy uttered a short gasp. “There are rumors among the villagers, that Reverend Wiskeps has made it a custom to place a young boys balls in his mouth. This is of course, strictly forbidden by our laws. That doesn’t mean though that small indiscretions do not occur. I have been told by some of the other wives who have allowed him to spend the night, that such a practice occurs” she said. Phillip had been asleep when the Baron took his penis into his mouth last night. He did not awake during the entire time. He did remember having a remarkable dream during the night. It no doubt, coincided with his ejaculation into the elderly mans mouth. And a few hours later, the same dream. This time when he ejaculated, he woke up hearing the Baron coughing slightly. Phillip only nodded to Lady Victoria. She continued to hold on tightly to his balls and pulled the skin back on his cock to expose its reddened head. “They say that during the night, Reverend Wiskeps does this to each of the boys he is with. He has them begin by performing fellatio on him. The boy is usually placed between his outstretched legs so that he can watch the boy engulf his member. You will no doubt be doing the same to him tonight, as we plan on letting you sleep in his bedchamber as a courtesy to him. Then, at some point, he has the boy crouch over him, kneeling as it were, with legs on both sides of his shoulders. The boys face is then lowered to his crotch and places the penis into his mouth.” “While in this position, the boys balls are now dangling directly above the Reverends head, a few inches away. As the boys sucking continues, the Reverend gradually pulls down on the boys hips until his balls become closer and closer to his face. At one point, the boys tentacles eventually touch his forehead and nose.” ” Rumors are such, that He indicates to the young lad, to begin a rocking motion back and forward, while they continue to bring him closer to climax. When this occurs, the boys balls rub back and forth across the entire length of the Reverends face. He opens his mouth, wetting his lips and extending fully his tongue as this occurs.” Lady Victoria continued to massage the boys ball sack and leaned forward with her mouth and wet lips, brushing them back and forth against the boys balls, as he listened to the account of what might surely happen to him that night. “And when he does this of course, the boys balls rub against his lips and tongue. It was the Reverends clever way of circumventing the laws against oral copulation. Now as he lay in the privacy of his bedroom, he is able to lick the hairless balls of young boys kastamonu escort to his hearts content. Such as I am demonstrating to you now with my own tongue.” She stopped after a few minutes and released his balls. “The boys report that when they feel the sensation of their balls being wet, it is a very short time later that the penis in their mouth erupts, filling and I do mean completely filling, it with his semen.” Phillips cock began to harden. The elderly lady reached between his legs and grasped his penis, pulling on it a few times before returning her firm grip on his ball sack. “He will like these balls. That much is for certain. Many of the men have now copied this technique, which seems to be acceptable under the law. Two years ago, there were rumors that our Reverend violated that law by placing a boys penis in his mouth. Here, let me demonstrate this for you…..This resulted in a town hearing, in which the Reverend testified that the event, while it did occur, could not be held against him as a crime. In his accounting of the matter, he described the original technique for licking the balls of the young boys as they lay atop him.” He explained that in that position one night, after he ejaculated in the boys mouth, the exhaustion from the evening caused them both to fall asleep. The boy did not roll off him, and the entire night was spent with the boys genitals pressed against his face. Other boys were called to testify that while sleeping with the Reverend, they were often awoke by his snoring. Even after a grueling night of fellatio and sodomy, the boys did not sleep soundly enough and were kept awake by the sounds. The Reverend explained that on the night in question, he awoke at dawn to find the boy still atop him and the boys penis was fully inside his mouth. Like this…. It was his belief, that during the night, he began to snore and the boy may have shifted his position slightly. The boys penis fell into his mouth and remained there the entire night. He indicated that he tried to remove the boys penis, but that the weight of the boys body held it in place. He therefore, allowed the thirteen year old’s penis to remain until the boy awoke. The boy testified that when he awoke that morning, he could feel his penis being sucked gently by the Reverend. Here, let me show you what he described. His cock was hard as it always was each morning. He knew it was forbidden for the elders to perform fellatio, but that this was an unfortunate accident on both their parts. He did not know that the elder was already awake and he did not want to cause him to stir, so he remained motionless while the gentle sucking continued. Then he said, after several minutes, his cock began spurting in the Reverends mouth. He heard the Reverend cough and felt his throat muscles contracting on the head of his penis. After he was fully spent, he lifted himself off the Reverends face and apologized to the elder for his lack of control. When fully explained to the village authorities, the Reverend was found to be innocent of all charges. “He will like these balls” she repeated. Lady Victoria licked his ball-sack, before engulfing each one, one at timed into her mouth. She sucked on them extremely hard, causing his to gasp. She removed her mouth and slapped the boys balls playfully. “Go now. On your way back to your room, stop off in the Barons room and give his cock a little suck and tell him to join me at the breakfast table. Dont let him spend in your mouth. The Reverend deserves the right to be the first. Spend the morning relaxing. When the Reverend arrives, he will want to meet you immediately.” Chapter 3: Reverend arrives with an unexpected gift for the Baron. When the carriage carrying Reverend Wiskeps approached the gate, the Baron was already waiting for him. He waived at the Driver, Ernstab to stop and with a resounding squeal from the wheels, the carriage came to rest. The Baron could see that the carriage privacy curtain had been drawn so he quickly opened the door. There in front of him, sat a young girl. A pretty little thing, with long blond hair, laced with bows and ribbons. She was sitting atop the good Reverend, bouncing up and down on his lap. Yet she had no look of merriment on her. Baron Heinrich recognized the expression on her face, one that he had seen countless times before. It was the look of a young girl who had an adult penis inside one of her tender orifices. With her dress draped over her hips, he could not see if she was taking it in her little cunny or in her rectum. But with a girl that age, it hardly mattered. Both openings would be extremely tight and the look of horror on her face could not lend any clue. “Ah, my good friend Heinrich. How are you my good man. It is such a pleasure to see you. Say hello to Lady Chaswick, sport.” he said. The girl atop his lap did not look in his direction. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she panted heavily as she continued to bounce on the Reverends lap. “Help me get this child off me, she is going to give me a heart attack if she makes me come in her one more time.” he said. Baron Heinrich attempted to lift the girl off by placing his arms under hers. Unable to do so, he lifted the girls dress and grabbed her by the waist. He was now able to raise her up several inches. He reached underneath her dress in front in an attempt to dislodge the Reverends member. His hand traveled down her thigh, but before he could grasp the Reverends cock, his hand came in contact with a much smaller penis. Lacking any hair or girth, he immediately recognized it as belong to a boy, a young boy, very young indeed. He had felt the penis of many youths during the past seven years in which he was a member of the Council of Elders. Boys ranging in age from eight to fourteen were commonly found in his bed each morning by his wife or the chambermaids. Their young rectums would be sore and red from the previous night of buggery and their mouths still coated with the semen that they had sucked from his cock. The cock in his hand now, he believed, belonged to a boy, no more than ten years of age. He said nothing. Instead, he grasped the penis of the aging Reverend and pulled it forward until it freed itself from the boys anus. “Thank you good sir.” his friend said. Chapter Four: A formal introduction is in order: Lady Chaswick stepped out of the carriage and began to rearrange her pink dress, pulling it down over her stockings until it looked respectable. Her lipstick and makeup were smeared and the Baron suspected that a pubic hair was still on her chin. Revenend Wickwiths trousers had been pulled down to his ankles. When he stepped out of the carriage, he nearly fell. Baron Heinrich went to help him and his hand wound up wrapped around the ministers slippery cock. He pulled his trousers up and fastened his suspenders. “Now then, dear friend, permit me to formally introduce you to this lovely friend of a mutual friend, Lady Chaswick.” The ten year old boy lowered his head and bowed to the Baron. His long blond hair appeared to be a wig and was slightly too large for his head. Underneath it, the Baron could see his naturally curly red hair. “Pleased to meet you Sir.” he said. The holy man pointed his finger directly at the child. The driver, Ernstab watched from the corner of his eye carefully at the scene unfolding in front of him. “Now, is that the way we formally greet an Elder on the Council?” he asked. “Sorry sir.” the boy said. Then, without much fanfare, the boy knelt on the ground, soiling the hem of his dress in the dirt below. He reached for the Barons trousers and began to unbutton the flap. When enough of the buttons had been loosened, the boy placed his hand inside the trousers and fished around. When his hand was removed, the thickening penis of Baron Heinrich was revealed. Ernstab, a man just a year older than the Baron, rubbed his crotch as he watched the pretty little girl engulf the head of the elders penis. She kept it in her mouth, silently and slowly counting to ten, before pulling it out with an audible slurp. “Thank you for letting me place your cock in my mouth” she said, as was the customary way to end the formal greeting ceremony. “You are quite welcome my dear.” the Baron said. “I am anxious to do that again” said the young boy. “My dear lad, would you be so kind as to pull forth both of my balls so that they are free of my trousers” the Baron asked. The boy did do without hesitation. “Now sweety, just sit there for a few moments and look at my balls. You will see them very often during your visit. Sometimes they will be touching your chin when you have my cock fully in your throat. Other times, you will feel them slapping against your backside as I ram my cock into your bottom. Go ahead. Touch them, feel them. Give each one a little suck. Then tuck them back into my pants.” he said. The Baron had another thought that he did not want to utter in front of the Reverend. His other thought was that the boy would see his balls laying against his forehead, while the Baron lay atop him, in a sixty nine position. “We shall have to arrange that, my dear child.” said the Baron. The Reverend had now buttoned up his trousers and straightened out his coat. His cock was still hard, but the boy managed to stuff it in his pants. The thin fabric did not conceal his excitement. “We have much to talk about my friend. Let us have Ernstab take Lady Chaswick to the estate, while you and I walk the final few kilometers. Men like us must keep in shape and the walk will give us a chance to reminisce of the days gone by.” the Reverend said. The Driver took his hand away from his crotch and grabbed the reins. Lady Chaswick stepped back into the carriage. As she did, she started to slip. The Baron extended a hand to help steady her. He accidentally let his hand slip up her calf, past her knee and between her thighs. His hand came to rest with four of his fingers touching the boys balls, and his thumb pressed against the boys rosebud. Baron Heinrich thrust his thumb into the boys ass, feeling his sphincter close in around it. His anus was remarkably tight, given that it had just recently been penetrated by an adult penis. He moved his thumb in and out several times, while pushing forward on the boys balls, until he was safely inside the carriage. Lady Chaswick turned and looked at the aging face of the man who had just violated him with his fingers and said nothing. “We shall see each other again, Lady Chaswick. After the adults are finished with dinner, we shall have yourself and some other children entertain us. You and the others, will all have your dinner served to you under the heavy oaken table by myself, the Reverend and all my other male guests. I look forward to that my dear. Just be sure you position yourself between my legs and do not let any other eager child get there first.” he said. Chapter 5: When the dust from the carriage was beginning to settle, Reverend Wiskeps placed his hand on the shoulder of his friend and shook his head sadly. “What troubles you my good Reverend? And where, pray tell, did you find that delicious little boy, and why is he dressed as a pretty little girl child. I need answers from you good sir. I beseech thee to tell me” “Let us walk slowly back to your estate, Baron. I have much to share with you and we must finish our conversation, while we are sure we are alone. Your questions about Lady Chaswick will be answered, I promise you. And the reason for my distress will become clear.” He said. “Lady Chaswick, is actually, William, the ten year old grandson of our mutual friend, Lord Charles. He was taken from his home shortly after Lord Charles was murdered, by a ruthless band of traitors. His life was in danger, so he was dressed as a young girl as a means of getting him out of the valley alive.” “Our driver, Ernstaub we believe is a member of the conspiracy responsible for his death.” The reverend said. The only way to get young William out safely, was to dress him as a young girl. We had Ernstab himself drive us safely out of the village, here, to the safety of your estate. “You were sodomizing a member of Lord Charles immediate family. You know that is against our policy, do you not good friend?” “I did, indeed” said the Reverend. “But to convince our driver that the young child was a girl, it was necessary for me to engage in some form of copulation. He has driven me many, many times and he knows that I always take a youngster with me on these long rides to your estate. He also knows, that as soon as I am outside the village, proper, the young passenger is kneeling before me, sucking on my cock and licking my testicles. He knows that I rarely if ever cum in a child’s mouth. Instead, I prefer to deposit my seed deep into their bowels. And so it is expected, that less than halfway to your estate, he should hear the cries of a young girl or boy who has just been penetrated. As the carriage bounced on the rutted path, the anguished cries from the boy could be heard each time my cock popped out of his rectum, then went fully back in again.” “So you see, I could not let him doubt me or become suspicious of me and William. I explained and apologized to the boy before the carriage arrived that I would have to do a very clever trick on the driver. He reluctantly agreed when I asked him to sit on my lap.” “I told him of my plan, to raise his dress, remove his panties, and to place him on my lap. With his dress pulled down the driver would not be able to see that my cock was merely positioned under him, but not inside his bottom.” “And so it came to pass, that you found me with my cock in the bottom of the youngest child, our dearly departed friend. You know now, that my cock was originally soft but the bouncing of his warm bottom as we hit each rut, caused it to rise. Now, when the carriage took an unusually large jolt, I was holding on to his hips. As I guided him back down, my now hard cock found its way between his cheeks and lodged about three inches into his rectum accidentally….and I did try not deposit any semen in his bottom out of respect to his grandfather but the trip was very long and on at least two separate occasions, I did feel the need to fill his bowels with my seed. I had no choice, given the circumstances.” “Charles, dead. His family in danger. And your driver may be behind all this.” Baron asked. “There is a conspiracy, my friend. A small group of younger men, are attempting to take kill the members of the council of elders and take control of the organization. These are a ruthless group of men, perhaps twenty years younger who are behind this plot.” “What do they want from us?” the Baron asked. “They want in. You are aware, that fifteen years ago, the Council of Elders was given the unrestricted rights to sexual liaisons with the children in the valley. Any child between the ages of ten and fourteen would be made available to the elders, without warning and without the permission of their family.” “Although there were some instances in which the young girls in the community were used, the physical beauty of the young boys captured our attention. It has been common for each of the elders, to have a boy beside them in bed each night. You know, as a member of the council, Our semen has flooded the mouths of a hundred boys each year. And the rectums of each boy in every village have felt an elders penis ejaculate in them on a regular basis.” “Now, a small group of men who cannot wait until they are in their sixties, to enjoy these treasures. They seek to lower the age to forty, so that men of that age would also have the same privileges that we enjoy.” “You and I both know, the number of children in that age group is limited. So to share them with a larger number of men would mean that an average boy would be sodomized every day, perhaps more than once, to satisfy so many other adults.” “There bottoms would become accustomed to the intrusion. Whereas now, we like to give a boy a couple days rest between penetrations, to allow his sphincter to tighten back up. If we allow this new law, it will greatly reduce our pleasure in hearing them cry out during the initial penetrations.” “So to accomplish this, the conspirators plan on widening the age group and allow boys, and girls, as young eight, and as old as fifteen, to participate.” The baron put his arm around the Reverends shoulder. “What do we do to stop this? the Reverend said. The Council of Elders is meeting at my estate tonight. We have invited many other guests, the good doctor, the merchants in the village, the teachers from our school. How will we know who they are. What do we do to thwart this coup?” he said. “Let us match deceit with trickery. Let us show them that age will win over youth. Let us force them to reveal themselves tonight.” Chapter 6: The carriage arrives at the estate. Lady Victoria and Emma greeted the carriage as it approached the rear entrance. Expecting to find Reverend Wiskeps, Lady Victoria was surprised to open the door and find a young girl sitting politely in the seat. “What have we here?” She asked. “Lady Chaswick” the young boy said. “You are just too pretty.” she said. Then, turning to little Emma, Lady Victoria remembered a task that needed to be done, “Emma, be a good girl and show Lady Chaswick to her room. Put her in the guest bedroom adjacent to that of the Baron. And when your are finished, I want you to go into the bath area, in the west wing of the estate. There, Mr. Bromiester is taking a soak. He likes to be masturbated after his bath. So be a good girl and give him a good wank.” Lady Victoria said. “Yes maam.” Emma said. She touched Lady Chaswick on the shoulder. “We can be friends.” she said. Emma ran off towards the west wing where she found Mr. Bromiester stepping out of the tub. She had never met the gentleman before, but she could tell by his sagging flesh on a thin body, that he was one of the elders. He had a towel around his waist, but when the young girl entered, he let it fall open in front. His stiff member was surrounded by a thin wisps of gray pubic hair and his balls were large and void of any hair. He smiled at the girl and motioned for her to come forward. “Do you know what I want you to do?” he asked. “Yes sir.” she said. “Then get on your knees.” He said.”Here, use this towel to kneel on so that you do not get slivers from the wood floor.” Emma knelt on the towel and grasped the seniors cock. She began pumping it back and forth. Slowly at first, then increasing in speed. “Put your other hand on my balls and tug down on them as you do that.” he said. “Faster. Now harder. More pull on my balls. That’s it. Pull harder. Stoke faster. Now, open your mouth as far as you can. Hold your mouth open. Bring your mouth closer. Aim my cock right at your mouth. Stick out your tongue as far as you can. Don’t lick it. That’s it. Harder now.” The first small spurt of semen found its mark. Little Emma felt the warm semen hitting the roof of her mouth. A larger dollop of cum came next, coating her lips and upper teeth, before dropping onto her tongue. Emma silently counted the spurts. Six, Seven, then eight before it stopped. Then, after a few coaxing stokes, the ninth and tenth drops oozed out onto her tongue. She smiled at the elderly man.

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