The Cowboy

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As Kay came down the walkway she spied her aunt and uncle immediately. Even at 72 her uncle was still a very good looking man. He was tall, tan, and robust looking, even if she didn’t know better she would have guessed her uncle to be in his late 50’s. Her aunt was a bundle of smiles with open arms that always made you feel welcomed and loved.

This was the first time that Kay had ever been to Florida, the heat and humidity were a shock to her system. The short walk from the airport terminal to the parking lot already had her long hair wet with the moisture in the air. She was going to have to put her hair in a pony tail or at least put it up in this kind of heat. Her mother was constantly on her about getting her hair cut. She told her at 46 years old she was to old to be wearing her hair that long.

Her uncle tossed her bags into the rear of the Bronco he was driving and helped her and her aunt into the vehicle. “It’s about time you got yourself down here to visit us outlaw. Hell, your aunt and I ain’t got much time left on this earth as it is. If you’d have waited much longer you would have been visiting us at our damn grave side girl,” he told her smiling at her.

Ever since she was a little girl her uncle had called her his little outlaw, as did his eleven brothers and sisters. Her aunt was the only one who called her Kay Marie, she was after all named after her. “Aunt Kay how have you put up with him all these years?”

“Well dear it hasn’t been easy, but if I let him think he’s always right then we never had need to argue.”

“Don’t believe it! Every time she was getting ready to lay into me for something I would just grab her, give her a big kiss and she’d melt in my arms and forget what she was mad at me for,” he told her winking at her.

They were still laughing when they pulled into the drive of their charming little house. Her aunt showed her to her room and Kay unpacked her things. Kay stood looking out the french doors of her room into the back yard. It still looked the same as it did in all her family photos she had of them. The orange and grapefruit trees were still there, along with the lemon and lime trees along the fence row to the right of her bedroom. Two Palm trees were at the far end of the garden near a small man made pond.

Her uncle was yelling at her down the hall telling her to get a move on it. They were going to spend the weekend at an old friend of her uncles, on his ranch. Kay had met George many times over the years when he and uncle Chuck had brought horses up north that George had been training for one person or another on the harness racing circuit.

“Come on slow poke, get your bag down here and let’s be on our way. George will think something has happened to us and send a posse out looking for us if we don’t get a move on it,” he was yelling down the hall.

Before Kay was barely out of the car George had her in a big bear hug.“So you finally got your fanny down here to visit us,” planting a big kiss on her cheek. “It’s so nice to see you again George. You haven’t changed a bit since the last time you and uncle Chuck came north.” George was her uncles age and looked every bit as fit and healthy. Aunt Kay had written her a few years ago telling her that George’s wife had died of cancer. They never had any kids and he had been an only child.

“Roper!……Roper get yourself over here boy I want you to meet someone.”

Kay turned around to see a tall man dressed in a tight pair of jeans, a khaki colored t-shirt rolled up at the sleeves, with a light tan colored cowboy hat coming their way. As he got closer Kay could see he was nice looking as well and he had mustache and goatee that just enhanced his looks as far as she was concerned.

“Roper I want you to meet Kay, this is Chuck and Kay’s niece from up north. Kay this is Roper my foreman and long time friend,” George said introducing them to each other.

He shook her hand that she had offered as George introduced her. “So I finally get to meet the “outlaw” these two always talked about when they came back from their trips,” he smiled as he shook her hand. “Pleased to meet you ma’am.”

He had a firm grip and Kay liked that, she hated it when men shook her hand in a wimpy delicate manner. She had gotten a little electric shock as their hands touched. “Sorry,” she smiled up at him, “must have some static in me from sliding across the seat when I got out.”

“Roper would you help Kay take her things to her room, she’s in the room across from yours. Soon as you freshen up missy come on down, your aunts already in the kitchen with Betty getting things ready for the big bash tonight and she said to steer you her way when you got back down here.”

Roper led her up a flight of stairs and down a long hall, he stopped at the end of the hall and opened the door to her room taking her case inside and sitting it beside the huge bed in the center of the room. He walked across the room and opened another door urla escort showing her the private bathroom. “I’ll be out front when you get ready,” he put a finger to his hat bowing his head a little as he closed the door.

The house was huge and Kay was a little surprised by that considering George never had any kids. While she unpacked and washed up her mind was thinking nasty little thoughts. She felt an instant attraction to Roper when she shook his hand, she had felt a nervous little twitch in her stomach pulling at her. It had been a long time since she had felt that pull of desire in her.

He just exuded sex appeal. Now she was going to have to sleep across the hall from him for the next three nights. She knew she was going to be in for a lot of tossing and turning. She already new from the dampness between her thighs that she would be masturbating thinking of him laying in bed across the hall from her.

Kay freshened up and headed downstairs to give her aunt and Betty a hand in the kitchen. They spent most of the afternoon getting all the food ready for the cookout tonight. Must be a hell of a lot of people coming tonight with all the gallons of potato salad, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, and all the rest of the food the ladies put together that afternoon. She could smell the wild boar they had roasting out in a pit out back and it smelled wonderful. Around 5 the ladies had everything ready and the hired help George had hired for the party had everything under control so the ladies left to get ready for the party.

People had started to arrive around 6:00 pm, Kay could hear them down on the lawns under her balcony. She had opened the door to her balcony leaving just the screen door closed letting in a nice breeze. Her aunt had taken her shopping the day before to buy something to wear for the party. Kay very seldom wore a dress or skirts, she wasn’t built for them is how she felt.

Her aunt had talked her into getting the outfit that was laying across her bed. Kay had to admit that it did look nice on her after trying it on so she agreed to get it. The top was sleeveless, it was 3 layers of thin gauze like material. One layer a pale lemon, one a pale peach and the other a pale green. It was cut long, flowing over the ankle length mint green skirt that went with it. It was cut low across the breast showing Kay’s more than ample cleavage. Kay liked it because it hid all her imperfections. She had decided to leave her hair down as the night was not humid. She slipped on her sandals and headed down to the party.

Kay had met so many people tonight she knew that she would never remember more than two or three of them by name. She had noticed Roper earlier talking with some other men and then later when she saw him standing over by one of the palm trees talking to a very sexy looking lady who Kay had not met yet. Kay actually felt a little pang of jealousy when she saw them deep in conversation.

One of the men George had introduced her to earlier that evening had her cornered over near the pool. He was a little taller than her, balding and probably late 50’s or early 60’s. He was pretty lit, having had more than enough to drink which is why he was probably being as forward as he was. Kay would never do anything to embarrass her aunt and uncle or George so she was trying to ignore him for the most part. He put his arm around her and let his hand press up against the side of her breast.

“Either you take your hands off of me right now or your going to find your fucking ass in the pool” she hissed at him. Before she could push herself away from him Roper showed up and pulled her free from his unwanted advances.

“I think this is our dance Kay.” He put his arm around her waist, putting distance between her and the drunk man. “You better go get some coffee in you Frank before you do something I’m going to make you regret.” Saying that he pulled Kay over to the area where a couple dozen couples were dancing and pulled her into his arms.

“Thank you, I was on the verge of tossing his ass in the pool when you showed up.”

He chuckled, “I saw the fire spitting from your eyes and knew something was going to happen if I didn’t interfere pretty soon.”

Kay loved his aftershave, it was not like what most men usually wore. It had more of a clean almost citrus smell to it. His arms were hard around her and she enjoyed the feeling. It had been a long time since she had been held this close and it was playing havoc on her senses. The dance ended and Roper led her away from the crowd of people who had been dancing.

“Let’s take a walk,” he said pulling her along beside him. “What took you so long to come down for a visit? Your uncle and George have been trying to get you to visit for as long as I can remember.”

“I hadn’t seen them for three years and I missed them. I’ve been thinking of moving someplace warmer for a long time so I thought I might see if I liked kemalpaşa escort it down here. The place I was working closed up so having some free time I decided to come down before I try finding another job. If I like it down here I’ll look for job and if I find one I ‘ll find a place to stay and move here.”

They were walking around behind one of the big barns and Kay tripped on a hose laying on the ground. Roper grabbed her before she fell pulling her close to him. She looked up at him getting ready to say thank you when he leaned down and kissed her rather forcefully. He forced her lips apart to accept the invasion of his tongue as it probed the recess’s of her mouth. At first Kay was startled by the ferociousness of his kiss, but then she kissed him back.. Her tongue dueling with his as the kiss went on. Then his kiss gentled and became more seeking and passionate. Kay felt her knees weaken and she held onto him tightly for fear that she would fall. The kiss went on forever and Kay was lost in it’s passion.

“Roper where the hell are you?” The sound of the woman’s voice broke them apart, both of them breathing hard from the passionate kiss they had just shared. “Come on Roper old buddy we saw you heading this way, where the hell you hiding at?” This coming from some unseen mans voice. Just then five of them appeared around the corner of the building. Three women and two men, one of the women was the one Kay had seen Roper talking to earlier that night over by the palm tree.

Up close Kay could see she was a beautiful woman and she also noticed a little flick of hatred in her eyes as she came up and slipped her arm through Roper’s.

Roper introduced Kay to the five of them. “I was showing Kay Necromancer, she didn’t get to see him today as Paul had him out training him when she first arrived.” He reached for Kay’s arm and led them all back towards the party. Her aunt and uncle called to her when they came back and she excused herself from the group.

It was going on midnight and there were still a few people milling about outside. Kay hadn’t seen Roper since the kiss they shared behind the barn. She was having a hard time getting that kiss out of her mind. She had never been kissed like that before. Sure she had been kissed in passion, but never like that. It was the force of the kiss, the kind that said I’m in control and your going to accept my kiss whether you want it or not. She shivered involuntarily without thinking about it. She was going to go see if she could help clean up when she saw Roper standing in the shadows over by the barn, locked in a kiss with the woman who had come looking for him. She headed into the kitchen feeling sick inside. She asked Betty and her aunt if they needed any help with clean up. They told her no that the hired crew had everything almost back inside and there was a cleaning crew coming in the morning to help clean up after the party. She kissed her aunt on the cheek and excused herself saying she was going to head off to bed then.

Once she got in her room, she quickly undressed and headed for the shower. She could not believe that she had let him kiss her in that manner and that worst of all she had returned the kiss! Christ what was wrong with her anyway. He must have just thought he would give it a go and kiss his boss’s best friends niece so she would have a nice little memory of her trip when she got back home. She could tell all her friends about the cowboy who had kissed her at the party.

Chris normally slept in the raw, if she did sleep in something it was usually just a t-shirt or a short nightie, she hated anything restricting her in her sleep. She picked up the short white silk gown and pulled it over her head climbing into bed. She laid there for over an hour trying to sleep, listening to the sounds of the people down below. Soon it was quiet in the house, must be everyone had gone home by now. Another hour had passed and still she couldn’t sleep, she never heard Roper come upstairs so she assumed he had gone home with the woman from the party.

She tossed and turned and finally gave up trying to sleep. She got out of bed and walked out onto her balcony gazing up at the star filled sky. She stood out there for about a half hour, enjoying the quiet of the night and the beauty of the night sky. Kay didn’t see the man standing in the shadows down below, smoking a cigarette, watching her. She went back inside and climbed into bed.

She had only been back in bed for a minute when her bedroom door was opened and Roper stood there looking at her. She sat straight up in bed startled when he had opened the door. “Roper what are you doing in here? Is something wrong with my aunt or uncle?” He didn’t say a word, just came inside the room closing the door softly behind him. He came towards the bed and Kay scrambled to get out of bed.

He was to quick for her though and grabbed her pulling her back onto the bed with her menderes escort laying on her back. He leaned over her pinning her down onto the mattress.

“What the fuck do you think your doing, get off of me and get out of my room,” she spat at him her voice full of venom. He didn’t make a move to do as she had ordered and Kay was a little apprehensive now. “Damn it Roper get the hell out of here, how dare you come in my room?” She was trying desperately to get out from under him, but he was to strong for her, holding her down with her arms pinned on both sides of her head.

“Your room? This happens to be my room, as is every room in this house Kay. I built this house from the ground up and George deeded it over to me years ago.” He leaned down close to Kay, kissing her on the tip of her nose. “Now I think you and I should finish what we started out behind the barn.”

“I don’t fucking think so! Now get out of my bed and off of me!” He paid no attention to her at all, just laughed at her before he lowered his head to kiss her hard. She tried to pull away from his kiss, she kept her mouthed closed tightly as his tongue tried to force it’s way in again. She managed to pull her mouth away from his. “Stop this Roper, you’ve been drinking and you don’t know what your doing,” she could taste the alcohol on his lips.

“Oh, I know exactly what I’m doing Kay, you want this as much as I do.”

She was just about to say something when he kissed her catching her off guard, allowing his tongue to rape her mouth with his searing kiss. His kiss was almost brutal, yet not quite. He seduced her mouth with his feeling her body start to relax. He pulled her hands above her head, holding them there with one of his, while his free hand slid down her side until he touched bare thigh.

She came to her senses when she felt his warm hand against the side of her leg. She jerked her mouth away from his kiss again. “Stop! I want you to stop Roper! Roper if you don’t stop it will be rape, your forcing yourself on me, now get off of me!”

“It won’t be rape, and there will be no forcing either. I’ll not take you until you beg me to Kay. And Kay….you will beg me….I guarantee it. Before this night is over, you will beg me to take you.”

He took her mouth back with his before she could say another word. His kiss was endless and no matter how hard she tried not to return his kiss Kay found herself doing so. His hand was still on her thigh rubbing and caressing it lightly. He moved his free hand back up her side until he reached the strap of her gown. One tug and he had ripped it, allowing him to pull the gown down baring her breast. He lifted her breast and found her nipple, he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger, back and forth making it firm and harden at his touch. Kay moaned…

Roper knew it would not be to long before her body would take over to the pleasure she was feeling. He had stood outside for over an hour staring up at her darkened room. He had drank 4 beers in that hour standing there under that tree thinking of her. He hadn’t intended on coming to her room until she stepped out onto her balcony. Standing there in the moonlight, her golden hair shining hanging down to the middle of her back. The short white gown she was wearing showed off her tan and it also gave him a good view of her nakedness underneath.

Kay was trying hard to keep her sanity, she knew she could make him stop if she could just keep her wits about her. All of sudden her lips were free from his and she gulped in a huge breath of air. His mouth went to her breast as his tongue licked across her swollen nipple. She gasped out loud not meaning to. He sucked her nipple gently and that was the beginning of her downfall. He would lick, then suck, then tug it gently between his teeth alternately. Kay tried to remain still, she didn’t want him to know how wonderful it felt, but her body gave her away in the end.

Roper was elated that Kay was starting to relax and enjoy his lovemaking. He let his hand slide slowly down to her thigh again while his mouth teased her nipple. Her body was no longer thrashing under his so he moved his leg from over hers just far enough to allow his hand to find her womanhood. His finger entered her slowly feeling her heat. She was moist from her juices and he began a slow finger fuck of her pussy.

Kay gave up, she could no longer deny the sexual urgency her body was feeling. He had broken down her defenses and now all she could think of was the pleasure he was giving her. Her mound pressed against his probing fingers, begging for more.

He let his finger move up to her clit and began rubbing it in slow circles. Her woman’s cock was hard and extended and he rubbed a little harder. He would love to taste her but that would have to wait until the next time, he had to make sure she would stay receptive to his finally fucking her. He teased her pussy unmercifully. His cock was straining to get out and get inside her, to feel her moistness wrapped around him. He reached down and quickly undid his jeans, he slid them down his hips and wiggled out of them. He slide his two fingers back inside her and began finger fucking her in earnest now. She was breathing hard and she kept pressing her mound towards his probing fingers.

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