The Day We Went To A Night Club

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On leave I went to a night club with a friend.

The Day We Went To A Night Club.

I knew there would be consequences and I had to come out.

I was sitting with my friend Alan Wallace a professional competition chess player at Prague airport waiting on our delayed flight back to Edinburgh whereupon I would take up my new post near Inverness. To pass the time he asked me how I knew that this was what I wanted to do in my life. It all started one Friday night;

I was passenger in the back an old Bedford Army truck as it suddenly left the road tossing us all about as the driver kicked it noisily into four wheel drive. After a very uncomfortable drive from Elgin sitting on bare wooden slatted benches with only a canvas covering protecting us from the elements, which flapped about noisily preventing us from talking to each other. We all had just about enough being sent on an Outward Bound Course with the Army when the truck leaned over alarmingly with all of us hanging on, it then flipped over the other way as we all tumbled onto the hard truck floor bed it stopped abruptly.

The rear board banged down and a bellowing voice shouted, all right you lot get out and remember to pick up all your gear! Nobody challenged the authority in the voice just did it, this was our introduction to Lance Corporal (LCpl) Alexander (Eck) of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, REME, who was on his Junior Leaders Course assessment exercise. Our failure on the course was his failure as a Junior Leader and he knew it.

There is always one wanting to declare their rights and retain their home comforts, I kept my mouth shut. Sergeant Ronald MacLeaver (Ron or Mac), REME, appeared out of the darkness behind us, he was built like the preferable shit house door, in a quiet gruff voice said, anything wrong son. Silence descended as we stood there holding our kit. Didn’t think so. Lance Corporal show our recruits to their tents then bring them over for some scoff, Army for food.

I was assigned to tent three, four of us were to share with Eck our Lance Corporal mentor and trainer for the weekend. After we were assigned a camp bed each, mines was next to Eck’s, we headed over to the Mess tend, food was basic but ok. Finished eating the others headed over to join their work colleagues, I was left alone with Eck.

He asked me how come I was here as it was clear that I was not part of the Foresters group. I explained my father was the Reverent John Semple and had used his influence with the Forestry Commission to allow me to tag along as somebody had pulled out, to find myself in my father’s words. I am starting my Theological studies at the University of the Highlands and Islands, UHI, in the autumn.

Eck said he never had much use for religion too bigoted for his liking. I said I know what you mean my father has been trying to change it for the better and that is what I am going to do. As we walked back to our tent his words of wisdom were, good luck, let me know if you do as I use to like going to church when I was younger.

The following morning after breakfast we were all standing at the shore of Loch Rannoch being given our training assignments for the day. Mines was to crew on the black Ribbed Raider with Lance Corporal Alexander. Looking at it swinging at its mooring it looked the business, I was told later that it was a left over that the training team had cannibalised. My first task was to retrieve the Raider from its mooring.

Eck said follow me and we headed back to our tent. Get into your speedos and pull these on, black cloth shorts with a REME badge and a white tee shirt with REME across its back. We both stripped off naked pausing to looking at each other, I admired Eck’s muscular toned and tanned look and he seemed to be eying me up too. I felt a bit pleased about that nobody had done that before to me. After dressing and shown how to wear a life jacket we headed down to the shore.

Mac met us pointing at the Ribbed Raider said, go fetch. It was about 30 meters or so offshore, didn’t know how deep the water was so I followed Eck into the cold water. It was up to my waist by the time I grabbed it and stood there, Eck said, well done, get in, I legged up over the side, pulled, slipped and ended up back in the water with a resound splash. I stood up dripping, conciliation was Eck was too as he had reached out to help me as I landed on him taking him under. We both stood up to the booming voice of Mac, HAVING FUN BOYS, Eck replied for both of us, just checking it was all clear underneath Sargent. Well done was his supportive reply.

Tried again and in we both went flopping into the gunnels, Eck started doing his engine checks I was sent to check everything was secure on deck. All checks done engine started my job was now to haul in the mooring, it was a folding grapple type, quickly stowed, gave the thumb up to Eck and off we went like a bat out of hell. Talk about a thrill as we wave hopped it was ecstasy in speed, we did a 360 turn for the hell of it Mersin Escort then headed up the loch to our staging point. We were the rescue and command point, three teams of three plus a junior leader who were all on field assessment for their first or second stripe, each team was to hike around the loch. We would only be needed if something went wrong other than that we were free to relax in the sun.

Eck brought the Raider ashore at our designated hold point, my job was to get wet again jumping in from the bow before we grounded. In I went then straight down face first in the water, didn’t matter there is a point where you can’t get any wetter. I stood up with the mooring rope over my shoulder like in the movies and waded ashore, motors cut silence then a splash as Eck joined me hauling it up onto the beach near some foliage. Mooring grapple dug in and secure, next bit was fun we camouflaged the Raider, you couldn’t make it out unless you knew it was there.

Our next job was to set up our hide, that was fun too, and again you couldn’t see it unless you knew where to look. Eck explained that the teams would pass over the hill opposite us looking for us to ferry them back to the camp site tonight after they had completed stage one. Test was, no easy lift home they would have to hike round the end of the loch in one not two stages with an overnight rest period, demoralized, and it would take them all night to do, no food no hot drinks and no tent if it rained. A survival test which as Forrester’s could happen to them. We were to stay hidden just in case they freaked out or got injured, monitoring their radio traffic we would come to their rescue out of the dark if called upon.

We retired under the camouflaged hide, as we were soaking wet Eck said off with your kit and dry it out. I stripped down to my speedos and hung my clothes up to dry including my trainers. Eck standing there naked looking at me as he had done in the tent, said speedos too. We both clambered into the hide in our hands and knees bumping into and rubbing against each other, must admit I was starting to enjoy doing that, from the look in his face Eck did too. After we brewed up and had a hot bacon sannie we both lay on blankets in the sun which, was streaming through warming and drying us nicely.

As we lay on our backs naked talking, Eck asked me was he right in thinking was I gay too? Lost for words I said I don’t think so are you allowed to be gay in the Army? Yes, changed days, all-inclusive these days. I looked over at him he had a hard erection that looked so hot and fiery, that seemed to set me off, not hot and fiery but very hard. He leaned over and towards me, I could feel his fingers on my penis slowly caressing it. I was now on a high that I had never experienced before then he leaned over and kissed me on the lips, touching my tongue with his. I had never felt as excited as I felt his erection press on my side, I turned on my side facing him and he let me start caressing him. We were now equally committed to what we were doing to each other as the sun bore down seductively on us.

How long this went on for I don’t know, I unloaded first over both of us, not to be outdone I increased the intensity of how I was stroking him, I could feel him tense up then he unloaded over me. It was warm and comforting. We both lay back in a trance looking at the sun in silence. Eck said I though you said you were not gay, no I said I didn’t think I was gay. He looked at me and said you bloody well are now we both laughed at that. He asked what else do you do that you don’t think you do, I said nothing but can you show me, he looked seriously at me and said, yes I can.

He leaned over to his kit bag pulled something out and said I will ease you first, at that time I had no idea what he meant. He pushed a folded blanket under the small of my back then my knees up I instinctively opened my legs as you do, I felt him apply oil or cream with his fingers as he rubbed them around and up and down. I was starting to get an erotic high lying there, I felt my self start to drip as he pushed my legs further apart and leaned over me. Then I felt him prod at me with his hard erection then slowly filling me up as he entered until he touched me inside, I was on an all-time high at that point. I instinctively squeezed to hold him back as he withdrew, from the look in his green eyes I was doing what he wanted. We kept this up until we were both wheezing with excitement, just after his motion became erratic he unloaded and froze leaning over me, I could feel it fill up and then escape slowly. He slowly withdrew which was a tantalising feeling and flopped down alongside me saying are you sure you haven’t done this before.

I said no, his reply was well that’s what you do. Without saying anything he rolled onto his back raising his knees and said your turn at that point I was so excited it was hurting. I oiled the both of us then slowly started, first push we were engaged, the tight thrill of it going in was unbelievable until I was stopped. It was then that my excitement Mersin Escort Bayan took over and I was athletically lunging, no we were both athletically engaging with each other, I could see from Eck’s wide open eyes and mouth that I was satisfying his need’s and mine’s as he held me tightly. I was building to a climax as my pressure built within, with the heat from the sun on my back being intense sweat was running down my face as I unloaded, I could feel its pressure as it blew back on me the ecstasy was so intense that I couldn’t contain myself. I pulled back and lay alongside him satisfied and very wet.

As we lay in the sun recovering we must have both fallen asleep to be wakened by the radio calling us. Eck clambered up and over me to answer he was now kneeling over and astride me as he answered with his call sign. He was also dangling on me which was quite erotic each time it touched when I started to caress his penis which soon responded, the message was long and slow, I could hear from his voice that he was getting breathless and excited as he said, No Sergeant I had to run up from checking the Raider, all ok. As he looked at me said bugger as he unloaded all over me, deserves you right. I think that was our bonding moment.

All afternoon we lay there in our speedos, our Army issued shorts and tee shirt were still wet from the morning, in the hide together as the radio crackled away with positioning and status reports. About midafternoon everything went quite on the radio, it was then that Eck roller over to me and started sucking and nibbling at my nipples, I never knew it was so erotic to do that. I put my hand in his speedos and started to bring him on, the more I did that the harder he sucked and nibble my nipples chest and ears. I could feel his hand slip inside my speedos and start to bring me on. It developed into a competition of who would let go first, faster and faster we played the game until we both nosily celebrating the ecstasy came in unison. It was one of the most exciting games I had ever played. Alan my airport colleague said yes I know I have played that game with you a few times.

We returned to our vigil with the radio reporting position and status of the groups. We were back to lying together naked, our speedos hanging up to dry with our still wet shorts and tee shirts after we went down to the loch for a swim and clean up. He asked me how come I was so athletic, I confessed I did ballet dancing then asked him how did he know and come to terms with being gay?

I was always into Army things but started my apprenticeship as a motor mechanic in a local garage that is where I met my workmate Steve Callahan, we became best friends. There were always questions about his sexuality, it didn’t matter to me we were friends and went everywhere and done everything together, well maybe not everything. The garage folded some financial scandal with the owner and we were both made redundant, I joined REME he went to work for his father who owned a pub. In the Army, yes there were a few guy’s that were gay and the Army had started their all-inclusive policy, bit controversial but they did it. Somehow I always felt different, I was always comfortable in the company of guys in various stages of undress and I found myself looking at times and was beginning to ask myself was I gay.

One weekend home leave I met up with Steve in Glasgow after an Italian meal he took me to a night club he knew called the Groundhog Private Members Club, up a back ally and under a car park, inside it was very very plush with a mixed crowd. What I noticed was Club Security must have all been body builders their muscular bodies really turned me on, didn’t know why but it did. We took a table near the stage as the floor show started, it was a bodybuilders Iron Man show, all they wore was almost there white speedos as they strutted their stuff and as the lights strobed appeared intermittently naked. Steve really enjoyed it between him table banging and making lewd cat calls I started too as well, very vocally. I looked around the audience it was then I realised it must be a gay club, all guys some cross dressed or whatever. Steve noticed and said I thought you might like here.

We had a great night sank quite a few cocktails too then headed back to our hotel which Steve had booked us a double room in. It had a double king size bed in it as I looked at him he said I thought you would like this too. Ok I was shocked but he was right we had a hell of a night together, it was then I realised I always was gay just hiding it because I wanted to join the Army.

In the morning Steve’s phone received a message from a guy called Tim, the Groundhog Club official photographer, with a string of links in it and asked did if we wanted any prints to let him know. With a degree of lingering concern we opened the first link, Steve and I were there enjoying a drink with our shirts open to the waist, maybe they were a bit gayish. The second link we were their in our entire splendor, naked, they were clearly photoshopped and good not pornographic Escort Mersin just good nothing full on. The third link was to a video although not banging each other or anything like that they were erotic as we pranced about together the bar backdrop looked a bit phony. It was then Steve confessed he had spiked my drink, I could have strangled him, if the Army found out I was in deep shit. When I returned to my unit I made it official with the Army that I was gay, security and all that.

That’s when I met Mac he was the LGBT Senior NCO representative for REME, gave me guidance on what and where I was allowed to be gay and introduced me to the Do and Don’t Army list, unofficially dubbed the, fuck a do do, list. It was then that Mac explained how and when he realised he was gay.

Mac was career Army since he was a cadet, joined REME and rose through the ranks. On a two year exchange posting with the Danish Army, based just outside Copenhagen, his opposite number and assigned friend in the Danish equivalent to REME, Sargent Jan DeViers invited him to a Midsummer party that one of his friend’s had organised. He had been out with Jan a few time’s enjoying the night life in Copenhagen and as this is was an important celebration in Denmark he accepted the invite. It was to be one of those pool type parties where everyone was dressed in swim shorts, some shorter than others, all very colorful and tight fitting. After a few beers, quite a few, at that time he drank too much a common problem with unmarried soldier’s whose off duty life revolved around the Sargent’s Mess.

He noticed it was mainly guys there but with the Army that was not unusual, during the course of the night he was introduced to one of the newly arrived exchange posting’s from the Royal Engineers, their sister Regiment, Sargent William (Wild Bill) Harrow. Like Mac he lived a Sargent’s Mess life style. One drink let to another and another the night merged into a haze. The following morning he woke up in a strange room and strange bed naked, with someone also lying naked beside him, Wild Bill. The previous nights memories totally lost forever.

Bill woke with Mac’s startled sudden movement as he sat up, Bill looking up at him said, you are a dark horse, Mac stammered lost for words (hard to believe) said what do you mean. That you are gay too. Defensively he said no I am not, you were last night and led the way, and they call me wild. Mac knew what Bill said was correct as he had had some gay assignations on overseas postings with ladyboy’s and again in Copenhagen last week after he and Jan had parted to go home, except he didn’t.

Bill put his hand on Mac’s leg and seductively rubbed it setting them both off repeating, as far as they can remember what they did the previous night. It was then that he accepted he was gay, came clean with the Army, changed days no issues just paperwork. Being a Senior NCO he was volunteered to be a LGBT mentor for the younger soldiers. Bill and Mac became, below the radar, partners, posting often keeping them apart.

They were both recently recruited by a Captain Gill Clarke of the Royal Military Police, Red Caps, and Army LGBT liaison Officer for the South West and her partner Shona MacBeth a boffin at Porten Down. Sweetener was that they both would receive a promotion to Staff Sergeant and a posting together to the Warminister vehicle maintenance and repair facility near Salisbury, with all is gay clubs and pubs, as instructors for both their Regiments and as LGBT mentors. They are to take up their posting’s next month, when I complete this evaluation and get my second stripe I will be joining them, Mac arranged it.

By now the sun was coming up, the night and our conversation only being interrupted by colorfully worded messages over the radio from the trainee Foresters enquiring where we were. But the hissing and rasping static across the radio, third button on the left, kept us from telling them that we were back on station and waiting for them. Our Army issue shorts were still wet when we put them on and fired up the Raider and headed back at what felt like Mach one as we sped through the water. We arrived as the Foresters arrived exhausted and very dirty after their 18 hour hike. We had a very quiet and peaceful day playing with the Raider as they slept off their night endurance and survival hike. Turned out Mac knew my father, Reverent John Semple from his LGBT liaison work.


By autumn Steve had joined the UHI Theology facility making a lot of new friends unexpectantly a lot of new friends and engaged in a full student life that they all wanted. The humdrum weekday studying was broken with a weekly chess club night, on an exchange University’s chess club visit he met Alan a prodigy of Sir Harold who was a chess Grand Master and Phillipe Dregmire, Sir Harold’s partner who both sponsoring him in chess tournaments. Alan introduced him to a whole new life style playing in the Pink Chess & Exhibition Tournament circuit with Sir Harold and Phillipe often accompanying them. As a result of their extra mural activities Sir Harold and Phillipe said they never felt fitter. Calum’s return to Inverness was to take up a post at a new LGBT friendly dioceses that was previously run by his father. Where he delivers, ever more stirring Sunday Sermons, which his father was very proud off.

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