The demure Neighbor

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The demure NeighborBrazil storyIt was a Saturday night and as I was short of money had to be enjoying a bottle of wine on the balcony of my house instead of going to feast on Livestock, was alone because my whole family had traveled that morning, by 03:30 in the morning, I see come down the street a female silhouette swaying sensually with a bag in hand … loose hair shoulder length, black as the night that surrounded, wearing a micro-skirt brown leather, and a blouse with laces at the front like a bodice those times grandma who insisted on smothering a pair of tits crazy to jump out, but did not hide a tummy with perfect hairs which according to my imagination down to where the horny live. As she approached, I was noticing more details, brown skin, thick thighs, high, 1.75 m minimum, hips denounced what an ass pert and nothing small. I saw beautiful green eyes, and to my surprise I knew that living sculpture! It was my sweet neighbor! The day before I heard the house her fight with her boyfriend, but what would have happened to so severe that one usually dark as respectable, was literally dressed as a prostitute, and smelling like alcohol at the time? Well, that she even answered me with a stammering voice of those who had already taken an 8 doses of whiskey: – Mark, that bastard told me that I not awakened interest in men … To which I replied: – That is, it was just a fight of boyfriends … – Just a fight? Then you will want to convince me that this is reason for him to betray me with any slut? But he’ll pay me the same favor! When I heard this, my blood ran cold … That sounded in my ears like an invitation to a night of sex, already noticed that my neighbor for some time, but had never seen her wearing revealing clothes so at that time she was already inside the porch of my house, facing me, leaning with one foot on the wall, I was sitting on the stairs and that her position with her thighs revealed by loirinhos, and so tiny skirt almost gave me a view of her panties, then, my dick was hard and could feel my underwear starting to Melar … From there I thought, why not take advantage of that situation, once she showed up to spill the mad lust that filled her and I to fulfill my fetish large, eat a hot neighbor. I decided to put my plan into action … I made it accommodated beside me on the stairs and offered her wine, drunk as she was, it was easy to leave it at ease and began to open up, laugh and tell most of his life … I tried to steer the conversation soon aside sex and she made it clear that more than a year, lived daddy-and-mommy with her boyfriend, I was even more surprised when she told me that the horn called her a bitch when she tried perform oral sex on him, and that from that day forward she did not know klasbahis güvenilirmi what was the taste of a dick in his mouth and was too unhappy, because she loved sex and oral sex for her is what most excites! I was mad about the whole thing, since I love oral sex as much as she tried to leave her aware of it … She laughed too, looked me up and down and told me in a voice I’ve ever heard more sensual:- this is an invitation? Have not take it anymore that situation replied, no, that’s an order! Then she looked me deep in the eyes, dropped the glass he was holding and started caressing and squeezing my cock over the shorts, closed my eyes and took a deep breath as she spoke she wanted to see me naked to know how much I was hot ( Her words influence of alcohol … hehehe!) got up and took off his shirt, dark’m clear, I’m 1,83 m tall, brown hair and eyes, I’m 33 years old and she told me I was doing 29 tonight! Suggested we go inside the house and she accepted into the front … locked the house, making sure that no one had seen us in, she sat on the couch, and pulled me to stand facing her … opened my shorts, down to the foot, and was squeezing my cock and talking about things that only she knew … My boner was such that the head of my cock out of his underwear tava over, she was passing the thumb in the opening and spreading molasses running down it, and asked coy girl voice: – Let me kill my desire? I really want this cock in my mouth! I did not answer, just held his head and tried to get into her mouth, she did not leave, first took my underwear, leaving me naked, came a hard dick and treacle in front of it, leaving a few inches of his face, then she went licking my thighs from the bottom up until you put my balls in your mouth … Ours! What a delight! The warmth of that little mouth and swallowing my wet bag almost made me cum, my cock throbbed and my hips were u*********s movements of back-and-forth as if she got into her pussy. It was just a good time, and then followed by licking the bag until the little head, swallowing altogether, sucked, sucked, sucked and pulled out of the mouth leaving a trickle of drool from the tip of your tongue to the head of the stick, and talking that crazy tava to miss that according to her taste: (like male) that maddened in their erotic dreams. I held her head and started to fuck her mouth and pumping like crazy, she held the stick with one hand and sucking too hard! I felt myself getting into a virgin pussy such was the pressure that my cassette suffered that greedy mouth … 2 minutes in this movement and a jet of thick cum filled her mouth, I was enjoying!My eyes rolled back, my legs stiffened, tried to take my cock inside to enjoy what was missing in klasbahis yeni giriş your face, but to my surprise, she swallowed my cock until the stalk did he disappear todinho inside the mouth touching his lips to my pubic hair, felt the cock head and pull down your throat, grabbed my ass with both hands, not allowing you to take my cock inside her mouth! The bitch just swallowed all my cum. Honestly I have not had long enjoyed so much, now my movements were strong thrusts slowing, slowing, and when I stopped, she was taking the cock in the mouth and licking as if he wanted to pursue a new blowjob, fell lying on the couch with legs nearly giving harsh cramps, and she laughing said to me – You think after so want a dick in her mouth, I would lose a leitinho so good? Laughed, drunk, and asked me beer, promptly brought the beers and after a few 25minutos had already taken four cans each and I went to the bathroom, when I came back she was sleeping lying on the couch, her skirt had risen revealing a huge volume beneath the beautiful lacy panties, golden and bow she wore, my dick get hard again, I approached, and the smell of beer that exudes her made me more mad, I started to stroke her pussy on top of her panties and saw that all volumes was a fleshy pussy for the drains, lisinhos and well trimmed, with big lips and the panties soaked could prove that she felt horny when I sucked …Put me on it and started to untie the laces of her shirt, come to see a beautiful pair of breasts with bikini marks branquinhas contrasting with her dark skin, beaks were beautiful and had perky as sharp knives, and decided not resist sucking ! I sucked, sucked, sucked a lot, and I saw the hard beaks increasingly hard … Completely rid your body of the blouse and down sucking in all walks of pussy until the navel, I concentrated there, sticking his tongue and making circular motions, hoping she would wake up and shared the boner that was just mine! But the only sign of life she sent me chills were the body … I decided to go down to her pussy flooded, more lifted her skirt and began to bite and lick her pussy over the panties, that smell of honeydew me mad pussy, pulled her panties aside and a trickle of drool was the pussy with her panties … I fell crazy horny mouth and sucked and licked it as I could … Pierce my tongue deep into her pussy and felt the contractions in my tongue, and the taste of that delicious tight pussy … Sucking the pussy lips tightly and felt her clit stiffened in my mouth at that moment her body writhed and she raised her hips as if to be penetrated by the language … With the stick too hard now, post a condom and decided to go deeper than that delights tava drooling with lust! sleeping as klasbahis giriş he was, he was too heavy mulherão … I straightened the couch, put your legs on my shoulder and saw my cock disappearing in that pussy and burying … The noise did luscious that made me crazy, I was worshiping meter that wonderful woman while she slept! It gave an air of **** because he did not want her to wake up, I started pumping with great speed, as when a dog fucks a bitch … Sweat dripped, her breasts swaying, the buzzing of molasses, I got to take and put the whole damn dick inside her, thrust eager and even with a certain v******e … Then I heard her whisper softly – to gozandoooooo!I saw his body shiver and her pussy contracting hard my cock, the horny was huge for me to stop at that moment! I enjoyed! I enjoyed very much, and too hard! I enjoyed seeing her bite her lips and suck his tongue! I came in spasms strong, long, I enjoyed everything in it! Deep in that pussy! My hips continued pumping u*********s after so much enjoyment, the head of the cock was aching … I fell on her exhausted and soaked in sweat, I feel his arms clasping her nipples and breasts even harder against my … We fell asleep like that … On Sunday morning I was awakened by her repeating the blowjob she had done hours ago. Then I knew that while she was drunk, she was very aware of what he had done! I wished her a good day, but she interrupted me saying – Be quiet! The only sound I want to hear from your mouth are her moans! Whoa! What hit me horny! He took the rest of his clothes, and was kneeling on the sofa with his face to the wall and steep fine ass, and pulled me to position myself behind her when tava positioning to bury again that pussy, to my surprise, she grabbed my cock and started to brush the hole the ass! I wondered: now! If the horn does not even let her suck his cock, that ass certainly not seen a long dick! I started forcing her head and felt that burying dilating ass … Her body trembled and she swore to me that I was unhappy and tearing it in two bands … But finally I go and stick halfway and began to move in a back and forth and increasingly lubricated, she felt the pain became pleasure, pure pleasure! I grabbed her breasts and started pumping hard and fast and she asking me that I would enjoy that she was not bearing the pain! I decided to stop! She turned to me and said – if you stop now, I’ll kill you! Fuck me fuck! It rips my cuzinhooooooo! Hearing this, I buried as much as I could and started to enjoy with strong thrusts, I enjoyed a lot! We stuck together like dogs after shag … Some time later I was taking the dick inside and saw cum dripping between her legs … I sat on the couch between my legs and she … We embraced a while … With versamos a bit and then went to bathe … After she got dressed, came to me to say goodbye and then she just came over and kissed me! He left then tava deserted street, she stood on the porch looking into the house, it happened last week, and now to a new opportunity waiting to have her again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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