The Descending of Jessica Ch. 03

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You might want to check out the first two chapters of my saga before you read this one to get my back story. Or you might want to just read this one as it is shorter and gets to the nasty stuff quicker. Your choice!

We almost didn’t make it upstairs. After giving Brent the hottest cum sucking blow job I knew how, and after he ate me and tongued my ass and pussy to orgasm we were both sated, but still aroused. I suggested, or rather demanded, as I stroked his hardening cock, that he come upstairs and fuck me properly. I had graduated high school only days before, made a terrible mistake with another guy at our prom (see chapter I), then found that the love of my life was in the same foster home that had raised me the last two years. I now wanted to give him my virginity, but not here in the family room on the couch, but in a bed, properly, and I had decided that I wanted it missionary style, face to face. I know this seems a bit traditional, but I was a traditional kind of girl. I didn’t think Brent would begrudge me this small request, as I had already insinuated that he could otherwise do whatever he wished to my body. This time, I wanted to watch him, and kiss him, and hold him, as he entered me and filled my womb with his hot seed.

I stood and gathered my discarded thong and dress which caused me to bend over in front of Brent and I was rewarded for this display with the slap of his hand on my firm, taunt ass. I stood and faced him, grinning and said “Cut it out!, but I giggled at his playfulness. “Two can play that game” I thought and I reached forward and grabbed his hardening cock, still moist from the attentions I had given it what seemed only minutes before, and pulled until he had to stand.

“Come on, we need a bed now.” I said firmly as he gathered his cloths and followed me. I was half way up the stairs, with him on my heels, when his hand gently grabbed my hip to stop me mid stride. He leaned forward, his face level with my tush, and gently ran his hot, wet tongue up the crevice of my back side. It tickled, and my butt involuntarily squeezed tight denying him further access.

“Ow” I gasped, not from any pain, in fact it was quite pleasurable, but certainly it was a surprise. “You seem to like my ass” I said to him, as I turned and smiled.

“Your ass is amazing, I can’t stop thinking about it.” Brent confessed.

“Years of running paid off I guess.” I replied. I was about to continue up the stairs when he leaned forward again, this time gently kissing along the crevice on each side of cheeks. My face felt immediately hot and flushed, and my clit began to tingle as my pussy moistened. This time I grabbed the stair rail and leaned forward to give him more access. He took advantage of it immediately as his tongue began to circle my anus making me gasp with pleasure. Minutes before he had licked and fingered me to a mind numbing orgasm, but that was mostly eating my pussy, this time his sole focus was on my nasty pink asshole. He licked it, kissed it, even sucked on it, and I found myself on my knees on the staircase, my hands reaching behind me to pull my cheeks apart to give his mouth total access to this taboo opening. I had never thought of my anus as an erogenous spot, but he had discovered it for me. I began panting and moaning as his tongue began to penetrate this other hole, and my body relaxed to let him in. His finger and thumb began circling my clit and as soon as they did, he tongue fucked my ass and I bucked my hips against him as I came.

I was just catching my breath when he stopped his oral attentions to my butt. I wanted him now more than ever and my pussy was dripping juices onto the carpet. He stood behind me and I felt his warmth as he hovered over me. I waited in anticipation for him to slide his rigid manhood into my sloppy wet snatch, but instead he pressed the head against my anus and began to push.

The pain was instantaneous and agonizing.

Brent managed to get the head and some of his hard shaft in the second before my body revolted and expelled him from my bowels. “Arrrgggggggrrrraaaa” I screamed as I pushed away from him and crawled up a couple of steps before “Not there!!” I shouted at him as I rolled over and crawled backwards up the stairs the last couple of steps. Tears were welling up and my sphincter felt like it had been destroyed by the sudden stretching of his cock violently entering my rectum.

He stood with his rock hard cock in his hand, the first several inches covered in what I assumed was my ass juice, “I’m sorry, Kurtköy Escort I thought you would like it. I want you so bad and I don’t have any condoms, so I did it that way so you wouldn’t get pregnant.” he said with genuine sorrow in his voice.

“Listen” I said, trying to sound loving but still in pain, “If I want you to fuck my ass, I will say, “Brent, please fuck my ass.” Otherwise you are free to fuck my pussy, my mouth, my armpits, wherever else you want. I’m yours. Heart and soul. But don’t do that again unless I say so. Also, I’m on birth control. Allison got it for me clear up my skin two years ago and I take it every morning. So we’re pretty safe as far as that goes. Right now, I need you to wash that thing up,” pointing at his cock “and meet me in my bed room. Okay?”

“Okay, I’m sorry” he said, and sincerely meant it. “Its just your ass is so spectacular, I want it so bad.” He continued.

“That’s okay,” I said. “Maybe sometime when I’m ready. Right now, I need something else.” I couldn’t stop staring at his dick. There was a good 4 or 5 inches of it moist with my anal juices, did I really take that much of him up the butt?

“How much of that did you put in me anyway?” I asked, now grinning.

“About to here” He pointed to where the wetness stopped. “It went in easy, but then I ran into something inside and you screamed and pulled away.”

Gross. I didn’t even want to think about what he had ran into as at this point I didn’t know people even had an inner sphincter. “Damn, that’s a lot of dick. Well, go wash it up. I want it clean if you think I’m ever going to suck on it again.” I smiled.

“Yes mamm.” he said, grinning at the thought of my mouth on his cock once more.

We bounded up the stairs, me to my room and him to the shower. As my room had its own bathroom I should have just invited him to use it instead of the one in the hall, but it didn’t occur to me and this gave me a chance to straighten the sheets and comforter as well as fluff the pillows before running back down stairs to pour us both some apple juice. I returned to the room and laid on the bed, my knees slightly lifted, and slowly fingering my clit to moisten myself again. I turned off the overhead and the only light was from a small bedside reading lamp that I faced down and towards the wall to give the room a dim, romantic glow. It was the best I could do under the circumstances.

I lay on the bed thinking of Brent and our future together. Although we had been a couple for probably less than two hours, I could not imagine life without him. We had been so close the last two years and his words this afternoon had opened my eyes to my feelings toward him. In the short time since I had given myself to Brent in every way except one, and I was was waiting anxiously for that now. We had the summer together, but the Andersons would be returning from vacation on Saturday, so we only had the rest of this week to openly express ourselves. I didn’t think it would be good for our foster parents to know we were involved, especially given Allison’s opinion on purity in young ladies. So after this week we would have to hide ourselves away. In the community it would be much the same. While I had no plan to hide my affections, it made no sense to advertise them through public displays of affection and bring scandal to the Anderson’s home. I hoped Brent felt the same way. Fortunately the Andersons had planned several trips this summer, including two weeks in Europe in July and a trip to Orlando just before Brent and I went to college. We wouldn’t be going to Europe with them so we could be naked and chase each other around the house then. We would be in Orlando, and there probably would be some space for affection there, but rooms there are expensive so it would be celibate in all likelihood. Many evenings the Andersons went out to dinner and I figured Brent and I could make excuses to stay in for a quickie on a lot of those occasions. Once we were off to school it actually got easier as we would only be an hour or so apart. Mine was actually closer to Nashville than his engineering college, but it was a drive that could easily be made round trip in a evening. All is all, I liked our future. Then I realized how stupid it was to be planning for us to be together when so many relationships fail, and a knot rose in my stomach of doubt. I heard the shower cut off and the knot grew larger. Was I really ready for this? I wondered.

My reservations were cast aside moments later when Brent entered the room and Pendik Escort shut the door. He was damp from the shower and had a towel wrapped around his waist which he let drop to show his magnificent cock. He was still semi hard, but not as erect as he had been on the stairs when he entered my ass. He approached the bed and had one knee on it when I reached out and took his member into my hand. “Did you wash it really good?” I asked.

“Yes mamm.” he said sheepishly as he was reminded, inadvertently, of the mistake he had made my entering my anal canal without permission on the stairs. I was of a mind to forgive.

“Lets see” I said, still laying on my back as I slid my body across the bed and took his cock into my now re hydrated mouth. My head slid over the side of the mattress and I saw the world, and Brent’s cock, upside down, but lifted it to my lips and licked the underside of the head.

“Mmmmm” I moaned as I engulfed the soapy tasting head. “Tastes like dick, not ass.” I giggled as I stroked his shaft with my hand. “You did a good job” I concluded as he looked down at my face, and then my body as I took his now hardening meat into my mouth in this awkward position.

“Ohhhh” he groaned as he moved his hips forward and slid his cock over my lips and past my mouth, the shaft going deep into my throat.

I didn’t gag, and this surprised me as his balls touched the tip of my nose and I realized I had swallowed his entire length. I had accidentally discovered a way to suck all of him, and this made me deliriously happy. I played with the shaft against my tongue and tried swallowing, but my esophagus would not allow itself to squeeze too hard against him. Although I had him all in my mouth and throat and was comfortable with it, I couldn’t’ do anything to his cock to help him to cum. That second discovery was a disappointment until he pulled his shaft out until his head was back in my mouth, letting me lick it a bit before he slid it all back in. A trail of saliva trickled down my face as he began fucking my throat. It occurred to me that I had no way to get out of this position, but at the moment I didn’t want to anyway. I allowed him to take his pleasure from my mouth and he began pumping me harder and faster.

Brent reached down my body, stroking my breasts as his hands went by, and began fingering my cunt. I know some folks don’t like the word “cunt” but in some situations there is no better word to describe the swollen slit leaking hot sexual juices between my legs. He leaned forward in an attempt to lick me again, but with his member firmly sliding in and out of my throat he could reach no farther than my naval, which he licked and sucked. It tickled but would never take me over the edge.

I began to taste the bitter pre cum in my mouth after several minutes and decided that this had to stop. This batch of semen was meant to go somewhere else, so I touched his lower abs and pushed gently and he correctly took this as a sign to pull out. Saliva covered his dick, and there was just as much dripping down my face and into my hair. I had never dreamed sex could be so messy. I rolled over and sat up on my knees, grabbed a pillow and wiped the spit from my face with it as I had not thought ahead to have towels ready. I flipped the pillow over and replaced it where I had picked it up, then finally looked at Brent who was still standing by the bed. His cock was rock hard and soaked with my spit. It shined in the dim light and I wanted it in me more than ever.

“You ready for this?” he asked.

“Yes, more than anything.” I said as I lay back on the bed and opened my legs showing him my dripping wet pussy as I slowly fingered my clit.

He climbed on the bed and over me as I opened my legs further for him to enter me. He rested his weight on one hand that was beside my head while he guided his cock to my pussy with the other. I reached down to help him as I looked lovingly into his eyes and taking his shaft slid the head down from my clit to where my vagina awaited him. I pushed my hips gently forward as he pushed himself in, finally taking from me the virgin status I so wanted to give up to him.

I had always heard there was a bit of pain involved, but my hymen was gone years ago from tampon use and my own wandering fingers, and I was so wet with anticipation and desire that his cock slide right in. I gasped in pleasure as the muscles surrounding my pussy seized onto his invading meat, and he stopped to let me adjust. He pulled back just ever so slightly and Mutlukent Escort my body relaxed, then he continued his journey to the depths of my womb. Finally he was all in. Here he rested a bit, letting me adjust to the warm feeling of his hard cock entering me and stretching my pussy. I had never felt anything so wonderful and I felt full in a way I had never felt before. I was almost ready to cum right then, and he hadn’t even started fucking me.

Another thing I had heard was that I would only be able to feel the first couple of inches. This turned out to be inaccurate as well. True I could only feel the first couple of inches into me, but once he hit bottom and the tip of his dick pressed against my cervix there was a wonderful sense of pressure there. I was awash with new feelings and trying to take it all in while breathing heavily when Brent began to slide in and out of me.

Now the feelings magnified. It felt like my pussy was stretched to its joyful limits, like anymore would be painful, but just enough was ecstasy. The top of his shaft, still wet with my saliva and now wet with my pussy juices dragged against my clit and the sensitive lips of my vag with each stroke. Every time he was all the way in a nice thumping of my cervix occurred, and every time he pulled back I felt as if I would cum at any second,

I began bucking my hips against him, trying to squeeze his cock with my pussy muscles with each stoke to milk the seed from him., I was out of my mind, delirious with pleasure when after a few minutes I felt he familiar tingling in my gut that told me the sweet release of orgasm approached. I tried to kiss him but we were breathing so heavily it wasn’t possible to for very long. I was thrashing about, calling out his name, speaking in tongues for all I knew when the first wave of climax hit me. I lost all control and very nearly lost consciousness at that moment. I was a woman awash in her orgasm and didn’t know what I was doing. My body took over and spasmed as I continued to cum. My legs wrapped tightly around Brent as my pussy went crazy and squeezed and milked him with a mind of its own. My juices trickled out like a stream and drizzled across my ass and down on the sheet. My eyes saw his nipple on his muscular chest and I was driven by a sudden desire to suck on it. I wanted him to cum in me and make me his own, and my body fucked him back as hard as he was fucking me. Finally my hips heaved forward and my wet slut hole engulfed his meat, driving him hard into my cervix and it felt like I had been punched in the cunt. I gasped as he groaned. I felt his cock swell as he began to pump his cum into me, deep, as it should be. I felt his squirt three or four times. I thought you weren’t supposed to be able to feel it, but I was stretched so far that when he swelled up to pump his jizz I could. I also felt the increased wetness as my juices continued to gush out of me.

After a few more strokes, he collapsed onto me, slowly lowering himself and kissing me as he did. We kissed a long time, hungrily, in between gasps for breath. My body tingled all over, I had never experienced anything like this, obviously, and I wrapped my arms and legs around Brent and never wanted to let go.

We caressed each other gently as he grew soft inside me. I knew he had me completely then, and I knew he was mine. His wet, soft cock fell from me suddenly and with it another gush of our combined juices leaked out. Only then did he roll off of me and onto his back. With great effort I rolled to my side and rested my head on his shoulder.

“Thank you” I said.

“I should be the one thanking you” he replied.

“Whatever. That was wonderful. I never imagined it would be so good.”

I ran my fingertips across his chest mindlessly, and trailed then down to his defined abs as we relaxed in the after glow of our passion. In the dim light I saw his manhood, withered and wet with my juices, laying upon his tummy, with a glowing drop of white cum leaking from it. I could not let it go to waste, and lowered my head down to take him once more into my mouth. His cock was a delicious mix of my tangy fuck juice and his creamy sweet semen and I relished the taste as I milked the last remaining drops from him. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep with his succulent dick in my mouth.

As I slurped his waning penis of its last juices he reached my ass with his hand and began lazily trailing a finger up and down my crack.

“You really like the taste of that cock don’t you?” he said, kind of laughing.

“Yes, yes I do.” I replied, licking my tongue around the soft velvety head. “And you like my ass don’t you?” I asked with a giggle.

“Honey, I love your ass.” was his soft reply.

I knew then that somehow, some way, I was going to give it to him.

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