The Doe Party

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Most people routinely know about bachelor parties. Ya get a bunch of guys, a lot of booze, maybe even way too much booze. Add in a handful of dirty movies (which no one watches for fear of being made fun of). The night might even feature something like a stripper.

All fairly predictable stuff, because everyone knows men are animals eh. Certainly not like women.

That was the way Bob saw it. Women are angels. When women hold a party for a bride to be, they all gather to gossip and swap stories about their own marriage…correct? Guess that isn’t the case though. Or that was what Bob found out. If it wasn’t for the club he might have remained ignorant like most men do. But ooohhh nooo.

The “thing” with Julie’s daughter went nowhere. It was likely destined to be the case though. She was just a gal that had not had the nerve or the urge to get involved with the male of the species. After the first rather spectacular scene with Bob, and being caught in the kitchen nude and impaled on a man rates as spectacular, it lost most of its luster.

Julie though was a bit reluctant at first having him over brazenly. But eventually it became obvious that Tina wasn’t going anywhere after all. Of course not she lived there. And the fun of it was having Bob do the housework nude. Otherwise she might as well not bother. But Tina realized that Bob was after all a guy that could be her father. And not everyone is into that scene.

Tina had been playful with him at first. She truly had no real experience with men, so a lot of it was just experimenting. And most teens being rebellious do tend to pull your strings a lot. First she had enjoyed walking around sans undies knowing a man might see what was not supposed to be seen. It was fun to make a sudden shift in posture while wearing a short skirt, and get exposed in the process.

She had to admit, it was fun watching Bob see her charms. Then watch as his cock helpless, would fill and stiffen. She did find watching the male equipment become erect was cool in its own way. But he was just mom’s house toy. Of course the downside was, as her mother explained, if he is given a view he can make use of it.

The first time following her opening incident was kinda neat. He was cleaning up the living room clutter at the time. And as usual he was totally naked while he was doing this. What he was doing was nothing new now. As he walked around his limp cock and his balls just merely swayed a bit while he moved around.

She made a point to put one foot up on the coffee table as she read the tv listings. This was exactly what she wanted to do. With no panties on, she was pointedly exposing her enticingly youthful charms to him in obvious view. Her entirely unladylike posture was made complete, when as Bob walked past she spread her legs apart causing her pussy to open up like a rose.

Bob noticed immediately. I was after all impossible to not see Tina’s pussy. With generally no real concern he put down the books he was sorting and began to massage his cock right in plain sight for her. Immediately his cock became erect.

He walked over to her his cock now proudly erect and stood before her. Tina’s smile made the situation visibly clear, as to her satisfaction.

“Would you like it in any specific way dear?” Bob stood there like an odd man servant.

“You are being a good boy today” Tina giggled out. “I think I will also pay you for the cool job you did sorting out my library and organizing my music collection. You sure have a lot of uses.”

Tina reached over and placed here hands on his bottom and drew him to a position in front of her. Bob didn’t make any move to avoid the pose he guided into. Then with no preamble or preliminaries she just swallowed down on Bob’s cock without warning.

Bob’s legs swayed dramatically. She held up part of his weight with her hands on his hairy bottom and drove him down her throat. The moans that he emitted were sudden and loud.

She didn’t place her hands on his tool, or in any way attempt to ward off the usual male response of onto the woman’s head. She drove his full shaft into her mouth with no thought what so ever. The sensations that washed over Bob’s face can best be described as potentially comical. Tina sucked aggressively on his cock like she actually intended to eat him literally not figuratively; a loud slurping sucking sound being the result. Bob’s legs didn’t get much steadier in the process. He swayed wobbled and generally was completely swept away in almost any males dream opportunity. Every single cell of his organ screamed out in bliss. What an incredible capacity this girl had. This wasn’t merely deep throat; he was thoroughly fucking her face.

Tina wasn’t saying all that much, gee no shock there. All she had to offer was a humming slurp sound as Bob’s cock rapidly slid in and out of her mouth. Bob wasn’t actually saying much either; or at least nothing coherent as conversation.

“Ooohhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd” doesn’t routinely qualify as conversation.

Tina çankaya escort sucked furiously and without pause for several minutes. Bob was for his part, actually and realistically, in no way in control of anything. He just stood there, or more accurately swayed there, held aloft partially by her hands as she held him firmly close to her ravenous mouth. He had closed his eyes after the first minutes unable to do anything else. Now Bob was beginning to get ready to explode. And he felt certain that this performance was going to get the rest of today’s supply as well.

Tina sensing him grow tense through her lips cupped his balls lightly with her left hand. It was just too much for Bob. He gripped her head and heaved suddenly at her.

“Aahahahahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhh……” He burst out violently.

Bob drove himself full into her mouth. He was unable to tell if this was uncomfortable for Tina. Something had snapped inside him. With his cock fully inserted in her mouth, right till he could shove no more of his shaft in, he began to pump his cum into her throat. He held her face completely buried in the fur of his crotch. But Tina didn’t squirm, she knew what was going to happen and had relaxed in advance.

Bob groaned out of control at the supreme pleasure of feeling his cock pump burst after burst of warm sap into Tina. It seemed like his cock had an endless supply of sperm. This had to be a record in some way. Not since the very first time as a frightened pre teen had he felt so much cum flush out of his cock. The tip of his cock savoured each pulse of his seed as it gushed out the opening.

But of course it did end. Bob soon relaxed, but slowly. Tina stood there an incredible grin on her face when she was finally able to pull her mouth from his cock’s shaft. Her mouth was smeared by the goo that has drained out of her mouth. Bob looked at her with pleasure seeing his seed drip off her chin onto her top. And there was sooo much of it.

“Holy shit girl Bob panted heavily. “You can make a man do anything for you after a performance like that.”

“Yes I know” she giggled lightly, as she licked the cum off her face and flicked her tongue at the last dribble coming from his now limp cock.

Bob’s cock danced on the end of her tongue. Each time her tongue caressed it he moaned loudly. The sensitivity of his cock’s head was absolute now.

“Damn lucky your mother got hers this morning; I just have to be completely empty right now.”

“Yes I would hope you are empty. Look at this stuff” she indicated her top that had more than a few spots of his load on it. “I expect this top to be properly washed eh, right now will do fine”

She yanked off the top and threw at his feet with casual abandon and walked out of the room. Bob bent over and picked it up. Most might have seen that as condescending action. The state his cock was currently in though, was more than enough evidence he was well looked after.

That was the first time of three events, before Tina appeared to have had her needs met with Bob. She slept with him one night (it was arranged and was cool with all parties). She said she wanted to experience actually pretending she had a husband. Bob spent the evening with her. She borrowed one of her mother’s sexy nighties and played the evening up to its fullest potentials. The sex was ordinary though and then they went to sleep. The other two times she had asked Bob to show her how he liked to masturbate. And then that was basically it. Bob had become a chapter in her life, but not a lot more.

Amazingly all this time though, Bob was still a secret of three women only. But that would change. Unknown to Bob, Julie’s long time friend Alice was getting married. The girl was still a virgin and incredibly ignorant of men it was rumoured. Alice was a great gal though and a great sport too. She was not inclined to do outrageous things, but on the plus side she was not a prude either.

Alice’s man was a nice guy; Julie had not really met him much before though. Julie though, through her spies had heard the Jake was getting one hell of a Batchelor party. Strippers the whole works. He worked for a large mining firm and had lots of friends that had some serious incomes. It was rumoured that the bill for this party was going to consume quite a few bucks.

Julie had no problem planning Alice’s party as a result. Fair is fair after all. Once they were man and wife they would have set obligations, but on the night before the wedding, it was to be a last shindig before shutting off the supply to all others.

Bob was by now the regular houseguest of Julie. He had also been visited at his place more than enough by Julie as well. It was 3 months now since he had become the casual plaything of three females. So it was becoming less and less unusual to get told to get his ass in gear he was “wanted” elsewhere. It always meant his cock was wanted elsewhere.

It was a Friday when Julie dropped by. June and Julie had had a private chat and Bob didn’t glean any etlik escort bayan of the details while they chatted together. But the giggling made it clear something was up. And lately Bob had gotten used to when Julie giggled; it meant he was some how involved.

So while he washed dishes in the kitchen, listening in, he stood there with a visibly quite impressive erection. Visible being an overstatement of course; all he had on was an apron. Julie had quite enjoyed seeing him in it the first time. She said he was “cute” dressed like that. So she had asked him to wear it more often. Now when she walked in, if he had it on he generally got a pat on the ass for a greeting.

So now all manner of whacky notions swam throughout his imagination. What was it they were scheming, and how much sleep would he need when it was over.

After perhaps 30 minutes or so Julie got up and said as she departed “Tell his highness to get ready for a great evening tonight.”

Julie rose and walked her to the door and then came into the kitchen.

“Bob dear, I have need of you tonight. Julie put in a special request” she giggled in fits and starts as she told him. “Ahhh, I want you bathed shaved and completely ready for anything” and then she wandered off laughing at her hidden humour.

Sooooo there waaaas something afoot then Bob mused. The knowledge that something special was up only ensured his cock was up as well. He went and had a long soak in the tub and waited for the evening to arrive.

Bob’s father stopped by explaining he would look after his grandson for the weekend. Bob realized he might not be back for some time now. Wonder what they told dad, for why they he was looking after his son for the weekend.

Julie showed up at 8 that evening to get them. Julie looked quite “happy” about something.

“Ready Bob? She asked him.

“Ahhh well I guess so.” He offered in a non-committal fashion.

“Good” was all she offered him as they drove out of town a ways.

They took a route out of town that went off a way till they reached what looked like a cottage by a lake.

“Jessica graciously offered up her place out here for our party. We wont have to worry about being bothered by anyone, as its off season right now.”

“Cool” June piped in. I haven’t been to a cottage in a dang long time.”

There was no one there yet as they drove up to the building.

Shifting around to Bob in the back seat. “Only one problem dear, some of our guests want to keep their names out of it. So you will be spending the night wearing these.”

Julie handed Bob a pair of eye covers for people that sleep in lit conditions.

“Man I hope you don’t peek either. Some of the assurances I had to give were hmmmm exceptional.” Julie commented.

“No I have no trouble with this” Bob said convincingly.

“Ok, well its obvious now I suppose why we are here first. The party is due to happen in like 30 minutes though. So get in get comfy and get done what you need done before anyone else arrives.”

The three of them went inside. Bob went and got a quick look at the place then went and put on the eye covers and sat down and essentially did nothing.

Then the sound of cars was heard and several female voices started showing up. There was a bit of surprised comments when they noticed Bob sitting quietly on the sofa doing nothing.

Generally it was “Why is he here?”

Julie wasn’t saying much beyond “He is the night’s amusement.”

There was no way for him to know how many gals were there or ages or whether he knew any of these girls. An intelligent guess would include a number of people though. Alice would have a lot of obvious people at this p [arty of course. And that made Bob a bit edgy thinking on some of the names.

Hmmm wonder if they would bring her or her.

He just sat there unable to know categorically. The thinking ensured his tool was by no means soft. He lost track of time. Just sitting there, but “feeling” a great many eyes on him all the time. The few giggles he suspected were aimed his way.

Then clearly Alice showed up. She had not been told about aaaany of tonight it was self evident.

“Ahh why is Bob here, and why is he blindfolded?”

“All will be clear dear when the show begins.”

That had to be Julie that said that. So many voices, and he was sure he knew a lot of who was here in spite of the blind fold by listening to voices.

“Ok ladies sit down and shut up eh. That had to be Julie. June as we all know doesn’t have any real funds to work with. But, she has graciously provided tonight’s feature entertainment.”

She pointed at Bob who of course had no way of noticing.

“We all know the guys are as we speak some where at a party. And being guys, they are all pigs, accept Bob of course. Bob is a useful male.”

That was followed by a common murmuring through the room.

“I happen to know they are all getting drunk, and they also have a stripper appearing tonight. Nothing odd about that I suppose. But fair is fair. So tonight we get Bob. Bob stand up and take a bow and all that sort of thing.”

Oh drat he thought to himself, bad time to have an erection. He stood up reluctantly, and was unable to do much about his cock tenting his pants. And this was NOT overlooked, as several giggles made clear.

“Oooh I can’t wait to see that up close” said a voice he couldn’t place.

“Yes that’s definitely the point of why Bob is here to be sure. For those that are even remotely concerned, June here is fully and categorically aware of tonight. Let no one have the slightest doubt that it’s cool with her.”

June stood up. “Yes I am cool with tonight gals. But talk is cheap proof of the pudding is in the taste eh.”

June walked over to Bob and then pulled down his zipper. Then she reached in and found his cock which was completely erect now. And without any fuss she pulled him out of his pants. Several gals hooted and there was a bit of fluster in the room as well.

“This is mine.” June said rather matter-of-factly. I do with it what I want when I want for whatever reason I want, correct Bob?

“Yes ladies, I agree with her” Bob commented.

“Ok ladies; having Bob strip is so yesterday’s news. I have a better idea. We are going to play some poker. Each winning hand gets to take something off Bob heheh.”

That was good for like 20 minutes or so. And by that point Bob was sans clothes, and totally naked in a room with who knows how many females. And the evening’s plans were still unclear exactly. But the matter was to be cleared up shortly.

“Ok Bob here has been soooo nice to give us his body to play with.” This generated a lot of snickers. “And an erection is something I hate to waste myself normally. But tonight we won’t be wasting much. I sincerely hope not at any rate.” A great many more chuckles. I have asked a good friend to help me out tonight, in a little demonstration for our blushing bride. A lot of laughter erupted over this remark. But Alice you have to be the one to start things off. Ladies with your help remove her clothes.

At this point Alice was a bit upset initially. Bob was unable to see, but I was clear Alice was not previously informed about this part. Eventually the room got quiet and it was no real problem thinking that the girls had succeeded and Alice must have nothing on currently.

Unknown to Alice though, her groom was currently sitting rather woozy and feeling a few drinks in him. His mind was relaxed and eeeeverything was fine. He was enjoying the lass that had stripped for him. His cock was quite impressed as well. The girl had finished three tunes worth of performance and was now busy in a lap dance. What Frank was unaware of is he was due more than a lap dance. Two of his buddies reached under the girl and deftly undid his pants. Frank was a bit to gone to object. His two friends laughing way to much then yanked him free of his pants and shorts. His cock was free and he was getting a nice view of this ladies breasts. This was all planned.

She giggled and commented on her discovery between his legs. But before Frank could object she slid his shaft into her and rode him enthusiastically. Several minutes later she felt him erupt inside of her. She removed herself. Then she tugged off his condom that she had so expertly slid onto him and licked a bit of his seed from his head. Frank was getting all manner of hoots from his buddies.

“Ok settle down, accept you Alice, you just stay the way you are honey heheh.” Tonight we are going to show Alice here how to get the most cum possible from a single male in a limited amount of time. Alice is going to use the usual method first, as this is her party. Then Lady X here will demonstrate the other methods for us heheh”

“Hey just what do you mean I am supposed to use the usual method. Alice stammered.

“Ah Alice, that means you fuck him.”

“WHAT!” Alice exclaimed.

“You dooooo know how to fuck don’t you dear?

“Don’t be silly, of course I do. But I am supposed to be getting married tomorrow.”

“Yep so this is your last free night eh.”

Alice objected a while, but eventually she was coerced into it. Her being nude and Bob’s cock was already leaking his fluids was getting to her though.

“All you are required to do is get him to shoot load number one into your pussy Alice. How you get that to happen is your business though.” And no this isn’t about Bob having fun either. Girls hold him down while Alice empties him.”

Bob was laid out on the floor than he felt 4 women take grasp of his limbs and ensure that he was helpless to do anything but be there. Then he felt Alice, it had to be Alice settle over him. Then her body came into contact with his. She straddled him in a common posture, and then he felt his shaft ease its way into her soft wet opening.

“Don’t hesitate to enjoy it eh Alice, but we are basically wanting hi to cum.”

Alice rode him and rode him. Bob was not having any trouble with this. Alice felt nice on his shaft too. 25-35 minutes later he felt a twinge and then he moaned into her breasts as he let himself release his load into her. She had fulfilled an orgasm a few minutes earlier.

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