The Earth Moved

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You are in my living room sitting on the couch. I bring a couple of cups of coffee on a tray. As I bend down to keep the tray on the coffee table, your eyes wander down. You try to take your eyes off, but cannot resist as my cleavage is there for your full view through my orange sleeveless T shirt and white bra.

I pause for a while allowing you to take the scene in. I look at you and say “Help your self”. You are a little confused not sure whether I meant the coffee or some thing else. I turn round and come and sit diagonal to you in a single seat. I bend down again to pick my coffee and sit back. You are stunned by how low the shorts I am wearing are. I cross my legs and you get a good view of my panties

You are not sure if I am inviting you to make a move or just teasing you. You are not able to speak. You don’t even notice that the coffee has spilled on your t-shirt. I take a wet towel and wipe the coffee stain off your t-shirt.

You are still nervous and your lips are quivering

“What’s this on your lips?” I whisper as I inch closer to you;

My left hand is pressing sancaktepe escort your thighs gently. I take your left hand and place them on my lap.

I now run my fingers round your lips. You put your tongue out and start licking my fingers. You reach for my waist, put your left hand inside my top and start massaging my waist. Your hands move up and down my back in a circular fashion.

I am now sitting on your thighs facing you. My legs are locked around your butt. I start rubbing your back even as I start gyrating. You hold my shoulders tightly as you rub my collar bones with your thumbs. I move closer to your crotch and my ass is pressing against your erect dick.

I bite my lips and move my head close to your neck. I start licking your ears and your ear lobes and bite them gently. You pinch my erect nipples through my top.

I hold you by the neck tightly and kiss your forehead. My knees are pressing against your ribcage. You let out a cry. I just don’t stop. I lick your eyes and then your cheeks. My tongue does a ümraniye escort circle round your lips. I then suck your mouth in and our tongues are locked in the most passionate kiss that you have had.

“I’m in heaven” you scream.

“Not yet, we are not even close” I say and kiss your nose. I bit your upper lip.

You hold my left nipple between your teeth and bite them gently.

“Oh Darling Ajay”, I croon. You lift your head and gently brush your face against my shoulders. Your press my outer thigh with your left hand and put in inside my shorts. Your fingers lift the elastic edge of my panties and release them.

You spread your legs a little and I slide mine between them. My legs clasp yours. You slowly remove my shorts exposing my panties and put your hand and squeeze my butt. I lift your T Shirt to your neck. I lick your chest and come down all the way.

You lift my top and completely remove it and throw it on the ground. You grab me by the waist, turn me around, my back is on your lap. You remove the bra strap tuzla escort from my shoulders. In a tight embrace, you unhook my bra.

You are reclining on the couch and my back is on top of you. Your hands have cupped my boobs and massaging them. The up and down and circular motion makes me moan. Your erect dick is thrusting my ass cheek through my panties. You try to remove them with your elbows.

I help you remove my panties and am fully naked. You continue to play with my boobs and I am ecstatic. I now turn around and unzip your shorts and drop them to your ankle.

You lift me off the couch and throw me to the floor and kneel down in front of me. I rip your underwear down and push you down on me. Our sweaty naked bodies are rubbing against each other as we roll around.

My legs are now spread apart and I am ready to receive you. My wet pussy feels the thrust of your hard dick and I shout “More, More, put it inside”. You thrust deep inside me in a to and fro motion.

After you take it out, I get up to inspect your cum. You put your finger inside me and lick my wetness.

I bend down on my knees and initally gently kiss the head of your cock. I then lick the cum and slowly take your cock inside me and drink the warm cum. It is delicious.

We collapse on each other after another round.

We wake up later that afternoon and inspect our love bites and you say “The earth moved and took us to heaven.”

I agree.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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