The Family Affair Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: Happily Ever After?

Later that night her husband was pleased with the extra income and encouraged her to seek more housework.

Sandi had returned and found the excuse to be totally accepted. With her immediate worries behind her she set about preparing dinner and caring for the children’s needs with vigor. She felt she had betrayed her family and attempted to make up for her transgressions by applying extra effort on their behalf. Then, even as she worked, she had thoughts of the afternoon and the incredible effect it had made on her.

Later, with the kids in bed and all quiet around the house she would talk to her husband. He had seemed so pleased with the events of the evening. In fact, he was so pleased that later, in bed, he assumed his husband’s right and proceeded to do his wife in the manner he always had. She took care of her household responsibilities with every facet of her body, mind and spirit that she could muster. She permitted her husband full freedom in his lovemaking and performed her duties to perfection.

After a short kiss Sandi felt a mouth on her nipple where it suckled and played as his hand moved quickly over her belly and on to her labia. “Why does he move so quickly?” she thought as she struggled to keep up with her husband’s lusty moves. “I need more time!” she said to herself. It was when she felt his finger enter her still dry vulva and vagina that she uttered a passionate moan to enhance her lover’s pleasure. It was a sentiment she did not feel! Sandi used every physical and mental trick she could muster to hurry her preparations for the match that was coming too soon. She was only partially prepared a minute later as he inserted his cock into her vagina and noted that his wife seemed to be more into it – more ready than usual. Without further thought on the matter, he fucked his wife. It was a violent and totally physical event for the man while the woman voiced certain moans, cries and guttural sounds to enhance his enjoyment similar to many times in the past. As he poured his seed into her, Sandi was indeed more aroused than usual and her husband was impressed with her responsiveness as he turned over and went to sleep. What he did not suspect was the reason she was so responsive. That night, the man who was “doing” her and stimulating her arousal was actually far away in a house on Old Farm Road.

Sandi slept soundly that night.

During the coming week, Sandi thought often of Sam. The old demons were gone – replaced by pleasant memories. Monday morning, before her morning shower she took a scissors and proceeded to trim her lovely dark blonde bush. She worked carefully to trim enough to provide a lover’s mouth free access to her labia; yet, not so much as to detract from the natural beauty there. As she worked, she admired herself in the mirror and for the first time in a long time, she really liked what she saw. It never entered her mind why she did it. . .

Of course, she planned never to see Sam again. “She was married and she would live up to her responsibilities.” she reiterated over and over in her mind . Again, even as she made her resolve, she knew that she would weaken.

By the end of the week, Sandi was back in her old routine with family and household. As before, kağıthane escort she lacked all adult communication and support and as she went about her duties she began to feel the knees that had driven her to transgress before. The needs she craved were now more clearly identified in her mind now and she no longer feared them. She only needed them.

Then, faced with the reality of her situation, she knew she would weaken and succumb to her needs. It was only a matter of time before her sinful nature would be in control. Still, she vowed to fight . . .. knowing, even as she vowed it, that resistance was futile.

When Sam called and suggested that he needed a housekeeper again, Sandi’s husband practically insisted that she go. Then, when Sam suggested that his attic needed some cleaning and he’d pay extra for her to do it, Sandi’s husband directed her to put in the full day at her “contract housework”. Already weakened, the wife and mother readily gave up the fight. . . .

So, on the following Monday, Sandi was free to spend the whole day with her lover.

With the decision made Sandi was free to anticipate and enjoy her plans for the coming tryst. She became light hearted and happy with her family. She shopped for new lingerie on Saturday. She played games with her kids on Sunday afternoon.

Monday was a memorable day. One that started off sunny and clear. As Sandi drove the van into it’s assigned spot behind Sam’s house, she was in high spirits. She flirted as she approached Sam at the door with a light kiss and moved directly into the house. Sam, immediately aware of Sandi’s appraised Sandi as she came towards the house with simple pleasure and tried to respond with his own eye and body movements.. . . .she looked ravishing in her blue shorts, which accentuated her long legs, and a white blouse. Her hair was done up neatly in a pony-tail and she looked fresh and crisp as she approached. As she passed him in the door, he realized that she was standing ramrod straight. The slight bulge at her belly had disappeared with her better posture.

Sam had both dreaded and anticipated this meeting. He was not a home wrecker; neither was he in a position to offer this young woman anything physical. He should never have allowed the whole matter to go this far. Sam fought the good fight but just as Sandi was drawn to him, he had been drawn to her. Even as he struggled to overcome his situation, he knew his weakness; then, he had picked up the telephone and the time and place of the assignation had been set.

As Sam made her comfortable, Sandi relaxed in the spacious living room. He brought her coffee and a Danish. They talked and grew accustomed to each other again. In the friendly, unhurried atmosphere of their morning they continued to bond as they anticipated the afternoon. Sandi told him about her feelings from their previous meeting. She was candid and admitted she had never experienced anything so poignant before. They discussed the act openly and she admitted no man had ever eaten her out before. . . she had liked it! No man had ever aroused such deep feelings in her before. . . it had scared her at first.

When Sam brought up the possibility of her sucking his cock, she admitted that she’d tried it a couple istanbul escort of times in high school and didn’t much like it. “No matter,” Sam said.

But it did matter to Sandi. . . .Sam had pleased her with his oral ministrations and she owed him as much. As their discussion moved on, Sandi’s mind began to dwell on stimulating Sam orally. She was aware that many women did enjoy it. . . Perhaps she could learn to do it in a more pleasing manner. It was during lunch that Sandi devoured her salad and made a silent promise to give her lover the fellatio he deserved at the very first opportunity. Then, having made the decision she began to look forward to it.

After lunch and dishes, Sam approached and embraced the woman of his attention from behind. In the warmth of the moment, Sandi turned and they entered into a leisurely kiss. Soon the kiss became more passionate as each responded to the other. Then, they began to lightly caress each other and as one thing lead to another, Sandi grasped Sam’s cock through his trousers. It lay limp in her hand as she carefully caressed and fondled it while waiting for a response. In minutes, the naked instrument lay nestled in her hand and Sam’s trousers lay in a pile on the floor.

As she pressed on with her quest, her blouse and shorts found a place on top of Sam’s trousers and shirt. Now, having determined her course of action, Sandi was anxious to get on with it. Her wet lips slowly and carefully kissed Sam’s limp tool until it began to show life. Then, with renewed life it became more rigid and she placed it in her mouth. She would please him . . ..

Tell me how to do it,” she begged Sam as she proceeded with the blow job. With Sam’s encouragement, she soon began to find it pleasurable. His rapid breathing and lust were signs enough that her actions were affecting her lover. Sam continued to offer encouragement as she became more proficient and she knew that she need not have worried about her lack of experience. . His rod was soon stiff as a pole. . . .

When Sam finally said, “No more!” she was disappointed. Then, it was Sam’s turn and he moved over Sandi in the now familiar manner and proceeded to kiss her all over with body kisses. When he came to her genital area, he said, “That’s beautiful . . .so neatly trimmed. You have a beautiful pussy.” When the time for Sam had arrived, he proceeded to do her with his mouth. With the hair cleared away he worked his tongue over her labia and into her vulva before concentrating on her waiting clit. Just as before, he played her body with the perfection it deserved. This time, Sandi reacted immediately and had a mind blowing orgasm before he had hardly begun. . .then, a second. . . . .

When Sandi moved to take Sam’s again flaccid cock into her mouth from the sixty nine position Sam was ready and willing. In minutes, the lovers had worked themselves into a passion as they sought to please.

Since neither of the lovers wanted to spill Sam’s seed before they had screwed, at Sam’s request, they drew apart and rested. Side by side on the bed, they continued to fondle and play. When Sam inserted a finger, then two, into Sandi’s vagina he asked, “Did anybody ever get you off with their finger?” “Just myself,” she said. Ten minutes later her taksim escort response would have been different.

After the lovers had showered together and caressed and stimulated each other into another passion, they returned to the bed. Five minutes later, the lover’s concert began. Both knew it would be the ultimate act of the day as they enjoyed each other to the fullest. Unlike the first time when Sam was the sole conductor, Sandi took her turn in the position of power. As she assumed her new position for the first time she felt awkward and insecure only to find Sam encouraging her and supporting her efforts.

Soon she instigated a change of position; then another and finally another. . . . . All her previous experience had been in the missionary position and she had read the Kama Sutra. The lovers attempted the doggie style but found it unsatisfying. With Sam on his back on the bed, sitting on her lovers pole while facing him she found it relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Mostly, she enjoyed the power of being on top. . . of lowering herself onto her lovers stiff rod and driving the action. As the afternoon wore on, the position of power changed several times by some unspoken, mutual consent.

By the time the lovers were spent, the attic was clean and it was time for Sandi to go home, she was aware that she could never be the same woman again.

When she left, Sam asked her, “Will I see you again?” “I don’t think so,” she replied. On the drive home Sandi mulled over her statement and she vowed to continue to fight her urges and maintain the integrity of her home.

Once home she placed the four 20-dollar bills that Sam had given her in her savings jar and proceeded to prepare dinner and tend to the kids. She attended her family as never before and the kids responded with happiness and love. Her husband came home to an excellent dinner and a neat and orderly house. Before he left for bed, her husband checked the jar and took great satisfaction in the four bills that lay with the ones from the previous week.

As man and wife retired for the night, He was momentarily astounded by his wife approaching him, totally naked. When she pushed him on to the bed, he resisted. That night her husband got the best sex of his life. He tried vainly to exert the power that was his custom but this night his wife prevailed and he was treated to pleasures he hadn’t even previously imagined.

For Sandi, it was an experience which she had not allowed to go outside their bedroom. Oh! It might have been more exciting across town but this was her husband. She kept her mind focused on the act that she was initiating and found it somewhat more satisfying than usual with her husband. The act of intercourse had improved in their bedroom but the other forms of support and communication had not.

The next week passed and Sandi worked hard on family projects. By the end of the second week her needs were pressing on her like never before and by the third week, Sandi had weakened sufficiently to submit to their influence. She picked up the phone and dialed. “Hello Sam, . . . ..” she said.

Sam also was having his problems. He had not intended for an affair to start but it had. He did not intend to love the woman he was involved with but he did. He would no allow any further damage to occur by reason of the affair. Then the phone rang and Sam found himself ready, willing and able to see Sandy again.

That night, Sandi turned the van into her driveway with three 20-dollar bills in her purse.

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