The Family Mansion Rewrite Pt. 19

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The Family Mansion 19: Faded Memories

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2020 Charlie Flemming

Liz woke up first feeling especially hungover but her responsible side was back in control. She had a very bad headache and her whole body felt like it had been through the mill. Most of her skin felt especially sticky as well making her think, I must not have been very careful, she thought, I guess I spilled wine all over me…. Liz briefly tried to remember anything after she started drinking wine at the kitchen counter yesterday, but everything was so hazy, I kind of remember sitting in the hot tub… Meh, it’s probably not important. I feel pretty sick though, this is why you should never start drinking at noon.

It was still too dark to see so Liz crawled along the bed in the dark. As she did she, realized that she was naked and there seemed to be spots all over her giant, heart-shaped bed that was either wet or seemed to be crusty and dry, what the hell happened in here last night? She asked herself as she made a mental note to ask Bri to wash her sheets before James got home. Liz sighed, depressed, as she thought of James out with that slut of his, that made her think of her son Nathan and what they’d been up to lately, at least that won’t happen again, and I haven’t done anything since the massage two days ago, She reminded herself, feeling somewhat proud of her self-restraint and not remembering at all the events of last night after she started drinking with Bri.

Liz realized as she stood from the bed that something stank. She knew part of it was her body being that she was covered in old sweat and wine, but something else in the room permeated the air.

Liz walked to the room’s adjoining bathroom, something she had no problem doing in the dark. She turned the light switch on and blinked her eyes quickly to adjust to the flood of light. As she did she thought she saw something strange in the mirror. But then realized it was only her own reflection. Her mouth dropped open as she looked at herself in the mirror.

There was what appeared to be dried cum, both from men and women, all over her face, dried into her messy black hair, and dry semen was streaked across her big boobs, there was even some dried on her lips that Liz licked up before she could stop herself. But tasting it she knew right away that it was her son, Nathan’s, cum.

Delicious, even dry, Liz thought, bitterly, Holy fucking shit, I look like a slut and I’m fucking acting like one too. I don’t even remember what happened but I know it wasn’t good. Something sexual with my son! And God even knows who else! It’s my fucking Sex Demon! When will she leave me alone!? As Liz thought more things to make her feel terrible she started the nearby bath and got in.

There was only one bathtub, not including the jacuzzis, in the whole house and that was the one in Liz’s bathroom. It was also a shower and she rarely used it as anything but a shower but wanted to take a bath then, both because she felt soaking in hot water would help her hangover and perhaps her mood.

As she sat in the tub and waited for it to fill completely with water, Liz tried to remember the previous day’s activities. I remember everything up to getting upset about James cheating on me with that fucking slut Rosa, Liz wasn’t normally this course with her language, even in her private thoughts but the hangover combined with her guilt was keeping her from thinking civil thoughts.

Also, it was then that the hot water touched her pussy, which wasn’t normally a big deal but it made Liz realize that her vagina felt especially tender that morning. At first she didn’t think about it, but as she grabbed the nearby soap and started spreading suds on her body as she washed away her son’s dried semen and God knew who’s pussy juice, she felt the soreness in her pussy once again and suddenly realized something.

Liz had a flash of memory through the mist of alcohol keeping a lock on the full extent of what happened last night. She was on her back in her room, it was night and the lights were off, she was moaning wildly, “Yes, fuck me! Fuck your mommy! Fuck me, Nathan!” As a silhouette of a person loomed over her as they furiously fucked her pussy with something very, very large which could only be a cock thrusting deep inside her as she came around it, “I’m cumming on my son’s cock!” She moaned like a maniac in her memory.

“Oh no!” Liz said aloud in shock as she knew the very reason her cunt felt so raw that morning, “I fucked Nathan last night!” It was the only explanation, “I fucked my own son!”

Nathan was the next to wake up. He was in his bed, naked, with an equally naked Lexi pressed up against him. He knew it was her before he even opened his eyes, just by the feel of her body in his arm, that’s how familiar they were with each other. He subconsciously stroked her bare back all the way down to her ass, odd, he thought as he gripped her soft buttocks without even thinking about it, loving Didim Escort how her shapely cheeks felt in his hand, Lexi never sleeps naked…

Then a flood of memories came to Nate as he remembered the events from yesterday. In his mind, he recalled what happened in the hot tub and how he basically had oral sex with everyone, how he rubbed down his mother with sunscreen leading to him getting another blowjob from her in front of everyone, how they’d all met up in his room leading to a whole array of cunnilingus and cocksucking. Then Bri showed up, also naked, and announced there was pizza. He remembered eating pizza, and his mom, Liz, wanted to drink wine off his hard cock, and things started to get blurry after that. He vaguely remembered eating pizza in the kitchen, everyone still naked and standing around with the tits, pussies, and asses of his sister’s, mother, and Bri all on display for him to see but everyone acting like everything was normal as they ate, but nothing else was clear after that.

He took his hand off his twin sister’s ass and pushed himself away from Lexi, slowly as to not disturb her. He didn’t turn his light on as he grabbed clothes blindly from his dresser before running across the hall to his bathroom. As Nathan got under the hot water, he realized that his cock, which was flaccid but also very sore. He wondered what the hell he, and his dick, had gotten up to after he blacked out. He felt guilty about everything and blamed himself, and part of him hoped he didn’t remember.

Bri was the next to wake up, and she woke in her own bed. She didn’t remember going back there the night before. In fact, the last thing she remembered was eating pizza with the nude Slopes and then Liz got more wine from the cellar and started ordering people to drink it off of each other’s bodies. She started with practically dumping the bottle on Nathan’s cock as she slurped the wine dripping down the sides. Bri tried to say that things were going too far again, but Liz offered Bri to lick wine off of Liz’s pussy and Bri couldn’t pass that up.

The last thing she remembered was Liz on her back on the kitchen’s long wooden cutting board, pouring wine on her pussy as Bri drank it straight off her labia while also sucking on her best friend’s clit. She looked up as Liz moaned and poured wine on her breasts while Nathan sucked on one of his mother’s nipples and Brooke sucked on the other.

The memory turned Bri on greatly, but she also knew she should talk to Liz to make sure she wasn’t freaking out about everything. Bri herself wasn’t sure how to feel about all the incestuous touching yesterday. Though she realized it turned her on a great deal, she also knew it was something she couldn’t let Liz ever do with her family again.

Yesterday was just a one-time thing, Bri told herself as she entered Liz’s room.

As Bri entered, her senses were attacked with the very strong smell of sex that permeated the room. As Bri turned on the light she saw that all across Liz’s bed were patches of wet spots that were obviously pools of girl cum, along with some very big white spots where Nathan obviously spread his seed. Holy fuck! What the hell happened after dinner last night!? Bri thought in total shock as she surveyed the bed.

Bri was distracted by this thought as she heard the sound of Liz crying in her bathroom. Without even thinking about it, Bri crossed the room and pushed open the door to where Liz was.

Liz was surprised as she heard the door, half-worried, half-excited that it might be her son coming back for more, “Who’s there?!” She said, but a second later, saw through the open glass door around the tub that it was Bri.

Bri took a moment to ogle Liz in the tub, she could clearly see her friend’s sexy body in full, her large EE-sized tits, just as large as Bri’s own, her beautiful, tone legs, her shaved pussy that looked so inviting and Bri remembered once again how tasty drinking wine straight from Liz’s cunt had been…

Bri took a moment to shake off her horniness, this wasn’t the time, “I came to check on you. I figure after last night-“

Liz interrupted Bri before she could say anything else, “Bri, I think I have to fire you.”

“What?” Bri said, this caught her completely by surprise.

“How can I keep you on, after I-” Liz took a breath, not sure if she could admit to Bri that she fucked her own son, “After I let myself go again. I definitely can’t be around my children anymore, that’s for sure.”

“Liz, you’re overreacting,” Bri said, calmly, “I know I should have put my foot down harder yesterday, but it was just one drunken night. We’ll get through this, just so long as we never do it ever again.”

Liz sighed and brought her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She didn’t look at Bri, not knowing how to feel, yet unable to trust her feelings either, “But I can’t be sure I’ll never do anything again, Bri. I lose all control and look what I’ve done.”

The way Liz said that last part made Bri Didim Escort Bayan suspicious that this was more than just about her sucking her son’s cock. True, Bri thought, that was fucked up, but Liz was practically schooling Lexi how to suck Nathan’s cock in the hot tub. She can’t be freaking out just about that, can it? Bri wondered if it was because she ate her friend’s pussy again, remembering how she reacted when she tried to do that in the lingerie store and decided Liz needed to clarify, “Is there something about yesterday bothering you specifically, Liz?” Bri asked, choosing her words carefully.

Liz bit her lip, Bri knew her too well for her to be able to hide anything. But Liz knew she couldn’t just admit to Bri that she fucked her own son, at least, not until she was absolutely sure that’s what happened, even though there was no doubt in her mind it was Nathan fucking her. No one else in that house had a dick last night… She thought bitterly before answering her friend and maid, “I, um, just need time to myself I think.”

Bri nodded and turned to leave, as she opened the door back into the bedroom she got another whiff of the smells of pussy and cum coming off of Liz’s bed, “I’m going to wash your sheets, okay?” Bri said as she left the bathroom and started to clean Liz’s room without waiting for an answer.

Liz sighed as leaned back in the tub and let her body sink until everything but her nose was under the water. As she did another memory of the night before leaped into her mind, this one of her on her knees in front of Nathan, sucking on his balls while Lexi sucked his cock, and beneath Liz was Brooke, her eldest daughter, eating her cunt. She was cumming hard on her daughter’s face, and she did, Liz remembered thinking this is the happiest I’ve ever felt.

This memory was too much for Liz right then and she felt herself start to cry again. Partly out of guilt, but mostly because she knew that thought from her memory was absolutely true. I really was happy then, just as I was happy when the shadow was fucking my brains out as I cried out for Nathan to fuck Mommy. It’s the happiest I’ve ever been in my God-forsaken life, and I can never, ever do it again…

Erika was the next to awaken. She was in her own bed. She had drunk less than anyone else before they had pizza, but then after dinner when Liz suggested drinking wine off each other, and she and Lexi stared on in utter jealousy as Liz sucked Nathan’s cock again. Once Nathan switched to sucking on their mother’s tit, Erika and Lexi were suddenly competing with each other on who could suck more wine off Nathan’s dick and balls and things got very blurry after that.

She vaguely remembered going to the living room after and Brooke suggesting that they have a “pussy-eating contest,” and Nathan (though it could have been anyone…Erika couldn’t remember clearly) brought her to orgasm with his tongue again, probably more than once, but after that, everything was a total blur.

As she wiped the sleep out of her eyes, Erika thought about yesterday, specifically, about Nathan eating her pussy in the hot tub, Jesus that was amazing, she thought, I can’t believe I never knew before that getting your pussy licked could ever feel so good, then again everyone else I’ve been with has been pretty lame in that department…. Why does it have to be Nathan to have such a knack for getting me off? God, he’s such a loser…right? I mean, he’s always been my loser older brother. Shy, no friends, keeps to himself all the time, just like the unpopular nerd he’s always been…and yet why can’t I stop thinking about him? God! He’s so muscular now, he has such a sexy body. Why does he keep it covered up all the time? Because he’s a loser, right. But still, and that cock! I mean, I’m not a size-queen, like Mom totally is, she laughed softly as she thought of what a slut her mother was for most of yesterday but then stopped when jealousy took over, and now I feel like I’m competing with her for Nathan’s attention. Fuck me! Why couldn’t I realize I have feelings for him when the rest of the family is away on vacation, or at least not trying to fuck him too!?

After Erika thought that last sentence she realized what she was thinking, Fuck me, I really do have feelings for Nathan, don’t I? My loser brother is also the man I’m in love with, um, I mean, not “love.” That’s stupid, I could never fall in love with someone so sensitive, and caring, and selfless, and I don’t know anyone who would do more for their family so you know he’d be a good father, not to mention all the crazy sex we could be having…No, shut up Erika, you’re doing it again. He’s your brother!

Frustrated with herself, Erika threw her blanket off her body. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was much earlier than she normally woke up but knew she wasn’t going to get back to sleep anyway. She grabbed some clothes, barely glancing at what she was grabbing, and walked out of the room naked to take her shower in the bathroom across the Escort Didim hall.

However, right before Erika turned the knob to enter, she glanced down the hall towards her brother’s room thinking about what may or may not be feelings she had for him. Ugh, this is a bad idea. She thought as she let go of the doorknob and walked to the other end of the hall with her ass hanging out and the front of her body only covered by the clothes she carried in her arms.

She glanced in her brother’s room, and when she saw he wasn’t there Erika went into the bathroom across from his room and saw that he was already in the shower. Smiling, Erika dropped her spare clothes on the ground and entered the shower with him.

The next person to wake up was Lexi. Who woke up naked in Nathan’s bed, she stretched her arm out and was a tad disappointed that he wasn’t there next to her, but she started to remember the day before and her body seemed to fill with joy.

Unlike everyone else, her mind was not filled with regrets from the day before. In fact, she was emboldened by it, I got to suck Nathan’s cock! And he sucked my clit and pussy! Oh My God! That’s more than I ever thought I would ever do! Maybe dreams really could come true… She didn’t even care that the whole family knew about her feelings for her brother. If anything, they’ll probably be more accepting when we get married and have kids together, she thought to herself, not too concerned that her sisters and mother were getting involved with “her man” too, yesterday, He’ll only want to be with me soon. She hoped.

That’s when she remembered Erika and how she was acting especially competitive with her yesterday, especially when they were sucking wine off of Nathan’s cock together, What is with that? Lexi wondered.

Almost as soon as she wondered about this, the door opened. Hoping Nathan was coming back from wherever he was to lie with her, she pretended to be asleep. But through slitted eyelids, Lexi saw that it was Erika poking her head in, and as she turned away, Lexi briefly saw Lexi’s shapely ass.

“What’s that about?” Lexi asked herself as she sat up. She tiptoed to the door to look out through the opening and saw as Erika opened the door across the hall and let herself into Nathan’s bathroom.

A jealous-rage filled Lexi as she went across the hall as well and walked in. She came into the bathroom just in time to see her younger sister enter the shower with their brother. In seconds, Lexi got in right behind her.

“Um, what the hell?” Nathan asked as two out of three of his sisters were suddenly in the shower with him.

“I could ask the same thing,” Lexi said as she stared daggers into her sister.

Erika glowered right back at Lexi, “Oh please,” she said as she crossed her arms below her breast which made her push her tits up and made them look all the more delectable to Nathan, “Lexi, you’re such a hypocrite, you come in here and then get angry at me for coming in here too. It’s not like you called dibs on Nathan or something.”

Lexi blushed and looked down in embarrassment, of course now she was staring at Nathan’s growing cock in between her and her sister, “It’s not like that.” She lied, “Nathan and I shower all the time. I was just going to wash his back for him.”

“We’ve never showered together befo-” Nathan started to say but Lexi reached up and covered his mouth with her hand.

It was enough for Erika, who smiled as if she’d just won something, “You little bitch. You just thought you could come in here and steal Nathan out from under me.”

This statement really confused both Nathan and Lexi, “What?” they both said together, Lexi taking her hand away from Nathan’s mouth since he already let the cat out of the bag.

Now Erika blushed and looked down at her brother’s cock, she licked her lips longingly as she remembered how much she enjoyed blowing her brother the night before. “It doesn’t matter.” Erika said, hoping they’d both drop it, “all I know is that I’m going to suck this cock and there’s nothing either of you can do to stop me.”

Erika dropped to her knees, but Lexi dropped right with her, not willing to give up on making Nathan her boyfriend, and if Erika thought she could out blow her brother, she had another thing coming.

Erika started by sucking on one of Nathan’s humongous balls while she reached up and started stroking his cock with one hand. She wasn’t the least bit surprised when Lexi joined her on the other side of his cock, sucking on his other nut. Her hand met Erika’s around his shaft and the started stroking him off together.

“Um, you don’t have to, uh,” Nathan said as they sucked and stroked. His cock was still quite sore so the action was as much painful as it was pleasurable. He looked down and saw his beautiful sisters’ heads as they sucked his balls, Erika’s wet, black hair making her look all the more beautiful as it draped down past her shoulders. Lexi’s red hair did the same and Nathan started to stroke both their heads as they started sucking the sides of his shaft like they were competing to play the same harmonica at the same time. “That feels amazing.” He muttered, too horny to remember he was supposed to be feeling guilty about all the sexy stuff he’d been getting up to with his family.

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