The Family Room Ch. 07

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Jerry was wearing a flannel shirt when I stopped in the bait store the next week. How could anyone wear flannel in August?

“You’re smiling. I assume everything went well at the doctor’s?”

The old man nodded, a yellow grin followed. “No cancer, just need to take better care of myself.” He narrowed his tired eyes. “How about you Rick, ever work through them problems of yours?”

Julie had her period last week, so one huge weight had been lifted off my mind. Other than that, my life was as perfectly imperfect as ever. “Let’s just say ‘that time of the month’ came and went, so I’m happy.” I moved to the soda machine and inserted a handful of quarters. The glass door unlocked and I reached through a wall of mist to pull out two frost-cold bottles of Coke.

Jerry hunched over the counter, I had given him a tiny, first peek into my life. “So no Rick Juniors just yet?” He pulled a cigarette from his shirt pocket, ignoring his own no smoking signs.

“Not for a while I hope.”

“Just don’t wait a whole lot longer.” Jerry blew a halo of smoke my way. I coughed “Before you know it, you’re my age and then it’s too late. Three wives, Rick, not a one of them stuck around long enough to start a family.”

“Maybe number four will be different.”

The old man snuffed his cigarette on the counter. His lip curled as he chuckled. “Listen to me son, there’ll never be another one like the first.” He was right about that. “Learn from this old dog’s mistakes, and don’t let my past become your future.”

“What would you suggest I do?”

“Hard to say, considering you have told me next to nothing about this girl.” Reflexively, he lit another cigarette. “But if you’re serious enough to be ‘almost making babies’ with her, then I’d say you ought to just take off and marry the girl. The sooner the better.”

“You make it sound awfully simple,” I said. It was only in the last week that I had even conceded to the chance that Julie and I could have some semblance of a future together. “Looking to drown a few worms?” Jerry drummed the top of an old coffee can.

“Absolutely, but not tonight. I promised my parents no more late nights for a while. I’m as close to grounded as a twenty-four year old can get.”

“Your lady friend must be pretty disappointed, what with you stuck at home.” Jerry seemed amused by my predicament.

“She’s coping.” I raised the coke bottles and told Jerry to take it easy. Before I walked back across the bridge I slipped the last of my quarters inside the newspaper dispenser outside of the shop. I grabbed the last copy of the morning edition.

“I haven’t had one of these in ages.” Julie put the glass bottle to her pursed lips and sipped the sweet cola. She licked her pink mouth. “Remember when we used to walk across the bridge to that little bait place?”

“Yeah,” I said clinking my bottle against hers. She hopped on the counter and crossed her smooth legs. She had squeezed into a tiny pair of denim short shorts. “Since when did you start wearing clothes like that?” I asked.

“Since I wanted you to notice me.” Her butt grazed the amber Formica as she slid off the countertop. Her bare feet slapped the linoleum floor and she turned around to model her little shorts and golden tank top. The faded blue material stuck to every curve, I wondered if it had been plastered on. “How do I look?”

“You look decent.”

She smacked her palm on the counter. “Decent? Rick Martin, I haven’t walked around with a wedgie half the day, just for you to think I looked decent!”

“Alright, you look hot.” I approached and reached behind her to knead a denim-enclosed buttock.

“That’s better.” She surrendered to my explorations, resting her cheek against my chest.

“How hot?” She stepped back and twirled a strand of long brown hair between her fingers. “Supermodel hot? Girl next door hot?”

“Baby, the girl next door has nothing on the girl in the next room.” I stepped forward bringing our faces close together. The tips of our noses grazed, and her breath warmed my lips.

“You’re such a suck up.” She patted my cheek.

“I know.” I held her hand against the side of my face. “But you’re so much fun to suck.” I yanked her golden tank top over her chest, letting it rest above the swells of her breasts. I took a salty nipple between my lips, while my fingers attempted to breech the waistband of her shorts. The denim was so tight she gasped when I managed to work an entire finger inside. She told me it was pinching her, so I relented.

I knelt, those little shorts now dominated my entire field of vision. I pulled the button free from the eye and worked the zipper down. Working the tight denim over her full hips was like peeling an onion, I had to tug a couple of times to free her shapely thighs, but once that was done the shorts came off with no more difficulty. How had she managed to fit so much girl into such a small amount of denim?

I gazed up at my Julie, long brown hair spilled over her shoulders and down her sides. etimesgut escort Her pale skin glowed in the window light. I sighed. How had I denied myself for so long. She was kind, caring, beautiful and devoted to me in every way. I thought about the previous failed romances, all the torture I’d put myself through over girls I hardly knew, and this had been waiting at home for me all along.

Julie leaned back against the counter, she gasped as a drawer handle pressed into the soft flesh of her panty-clad butt. I put my hand between her and the handle, acting as a shield, I couldn’t bare to see her in discomfort.

Her paper-white cotton panties had me spellbound, little high-cut things. I could see the shadow of dark hairs, the tuft of her bush, through the dainty fabric. She noticed me staring. “What, these aren’t sexy enough? You know, I’m not going to break into the Victoria’s Secret collection for any old occasion.”

“No, they’re perfectly sexy.” I snapped the lacy waistband. “Anyway, it’s not the wrapping that matters, it’s what’s inside the box.” She giggled. I realized what I’d said and stifled a laugh of my own. “Julie, may I unwrap your box?” She nodded her consent and I dragged her panties to the floor.

My fingers caressed the tops of her feet, trailing outward to her ankles. She was amazing. Places that were rough and sinewy on my own body were soft, and smooth as cream on hers. I tickled my way up her calves and thighs, tracing the contours of her legs. I allowed my hands a moments rest, they found solace on her full hips. I leaned close, bringing my mouth to the apex of her femininity. She was getting wet, I could see and smell the evidence. I kissed the triangle of dark hairs, dipping my tongue into the treasure they guarded. I pulled away and gazed at her adoring face. Without uttering a word she pleaded with me to continue, her green eyes begging me to use my mouth until she writhed to an orgasm on my tongue.

There wasn’t enough time to pleasure her that way. Returning to her little tuft, I gave a long slow lick up her lubricated slit. It was a promise that my tongue would return when we were less rushed.

I swirled my tongue around in my mouth, I wanted to distribute her flavor to as many taste buds as possible. Meanwhile, my fingers continued their journey northward, pressing against a thin layer of flesh to climb her ribcage like the rungs of a ladder. The second I reached her armpits and she doubled over. “Looks like I found your ticklish spot, little sister.” My fingers transformed from explorers to conquerors, she was at my mercy. She was out of control, wiggling and jiggling with laughter.

Julie brought her arms down hard in defense. My left hand wasn’t fast enough, it found itself trapped by her armpit. Not a bad place, but I was partial to another of her warm, wet furrows. “Rick.” Her voice was as sugary as any cola. “Mom and Dad will be home in a few minutes.”

Less than fifteen, according to the clock on the microwave. My left hand wriggled free from under her arm and sought out the silky curls of her bush. “This won’t take long.” My forefinger breached the tight lips of her vagina, sinking into her delicate warmth. She was soaking inside. She was wet because of me, wet for me. Julie moaned as I twisted my finger, pressing deeper inside her snug channel.

“Rick.” She panted. “Be careful down there. You don’t want me to make a mess on the kitchen floor, do you?” I pulled my index finger halfway out of her sopping hole and planted a kiss on her engorged clitoris. I teased the swollen nub with my thumb and thumbnail. She gurgled and purred. My middle finger had been waiting patiently, he wanted nothing more than to join his overworked comrade within my sister’s silky channel. “Two fingers? You wouldn’t be loosening me up for something bigger, would you?”

“Of course I am. Now if you could just hand me one of those bananas.” I could feel her spittle rain down on my forehead as she snickered. She was ready. I eased my fingers out of her and stood back up. I brought my oily fingers to my nostrils and drew in her fragrance. She bit her bottom lip as she watched me lick and suck the glistening juices from my fingers. I offered her a taste, she gave a tentative lick, tasting my salty skin mingled with the sweet traces of her own syrup. She took both of my fingers in her mouth and sucked. My right hand went to the button of my work pants. The khaki material collapsed to the floor around my ankles. My red-striped boxers were next to fall.

“Little sister,” I pulled my fingers from her mouth. “I am going to bend you over this counter and pump you so full of my sperm that you’ll have to sit in the sink and drain with the dishes.”

She turned around, presenting her round ass. “This counter?” She patted the linoleum and narrowed her green eyes at me. “But this is the counter where Mom makes our dinner.” She was right, dinner would never seem the same. “And Dad pours his morning coffee right here.” She bent over, etimesgut escort bayan her breasts hung low, brushing the top of the counter as they swayed. The cool Formica further hardened and erected her pink nipples. I couldn’t believe we were actually going to do this, right here in the kitchen. What if Mom and Dad came home and caught their own son and daughter together, our naked bodies entwined in the very place where the family meals were prepared and consumed.

I allowed my fingers one final journey, between the supple valley of her butt cheeks. My fingertips parted delicate flesh as they traveled south, over mysterious territory, until reaching the intended destination. I spread her labia, creating an entry point to allow my dick easy access to her warmth. She was wet and accepting. I pushed, invading her body until my pelvis rested against her soft rump.

I reached around to cup her breasts. They were slightly more than a handful, plenty to drive me wild. I pulled almost the whole way out before thrusting back in. Her breasts pulsed in my hands. I leaned over to clear the hair from her left ear, I gave the lobe a little nip, then whispered how much I loved her.

Our bodies slapped together filling the kitchen with sound as she met each thrust. The hum of the refrigerator was joined by the sounds of our lovemaking. My love for Julie overtook me, wrapping it’s honeyed tendrils around my brain it squeezed until I almost lost control. Julie breathed my name, asking me to slow down. I had almost forgotten where I was, who I was with. I pulled out of her, still rock hard, my testicles ached for release. Julie turned around, she asked why I had stopped.

I rested my hand on her slim shoulder. “I was hurting you.”

“No, baby.” She touched my cheek. “You were making me cum too fast, I want it to last, just a little longer.” She turned back around, once again offering her luscious backside.

I sank inside, we promptly recreated our lost motion. I couldn’t cum in her, not this time and not until she started the pill. But the pill was no guarantee. I remembered the lecture from health class, as good as the birth control pill was, it wasn’t one-hundred percent effective.

Julie came, she screamed my name. Her pussy tensed and relaxed on my hard dick, in seconds I would paint her insides, planting my seed in her womb. Next month would see a repeat of last week, the two of us waiting and wondering, unsure if her period would arrive.

A car door slammed outside. Great, the parents. My dick escaped her spasming hole. Julie spat and cursed as she tugged the thin cotton of her shirt over her voluptuous torso. My little sister called our parents terrible names, some were combinations of cusswords even I had never put together. I made a mental note to never come between my sister and her climax. I pulled my pants and boxers back up, making sure that everything was properly buttoned and zipped. Julie somehow managed to repack her derriere in the tiny shorts. I took her white cotton panties from the floor and stuffed them in my hip pocket.

Just as we parted our parents walked in the kitchen. Julie greeted them with a lop-sided grin.

“Uh oh,” Mom said, “what do you look so guilty for?” I prayed that neither parent would notice the wet patch between the legs of Julie’s shorts.

“What would this little angel ever have to feel guilty about?” Dad kissed the top of Julie’s head. “Unlike a certain young man I know, she hasn’t been sneaking around with a secret someone.”

“You wouldn’t know it by the way she’s dressed,” Mom teased. “Aren’t those shorts a bit revealing?”

“Don’t be such a dinosaur, Mom.” Julie grabbed her half-empty bottle of Coke off the counter and chatted with my parents. She was cool as ice. I, on the other hand, couldn’t be trusted. I retired to my bedroom, anxious for an opportunity to purge the lust from my system.

I flopped on my bed and unzipped my pants. I listened for any signs of my parents, it sounded like they were both still downstairs.

I reached inside my boxers and located my semi-rigid penis. It was slick, the remains of Julie’s pussy juices had mixed with my own sweat to create a pretty effective lubricant. I stroked myself, thinking about Julie and the secure grip of her little tunnel. After being pleasured by my little sister there was little hope that my hand would ever be sufficient again. I cursed my parents for spoiling our fun and making me resort to this. I slowed down, this wasn’t working. I laid on my back and tried to stroke myself that way. I imagined Julie’s bobbling body riding me and felt a surge in my groin, but it still wasn’t enough.

I rolled on my side and felt a pressure against my hip. Her panties. I still had those lacy, little white things bunched up in my hip pocket. I pulled them out and brought the soft cotton to my face. I inhaled, the aroma of her skin and her arousal had been trapped by each fiber. While I inhaled I reached down and wrapped my escort etimesgut fingers around my erection once more. It took only a half dozen strokes before my shaft spewed forth the first clear stream of precum. I wrapped the cotton of Julie’s panties around my dick and collected another squirt of precum. There was a quiet knock on the door. My entire body lurched. I scrambled to zip up, fortunate that I avoided injury. The door eased open.

I shoved the soiled panties back in my pocket. My nerves untwisted a bit when I saw that it was Julie. She came in and sat beside me on the disheveled mattress. I tried to put my arm around her, but she slithered away.

“I just want to talk,” she said. That was fine, talking was fine. “Do you ever feel ashamed?”

“Ashamed of myself?” I cursed myself for being so eager to touch her.

“Ashamed of us, of what we’re doing.” In the corner of her eye a tear formed. “If they had come home a minute sooner, they would have caught us. I wouldn’t have stopped, they could have walked right in and I would have kept fucking you.” I pulled her to me, she didn’t want to come at first. Her body shook with sobs. “I’m a slut.”

“Don’t ever say that.” I kissed the top of her head. “You’re my sweet little sister.”

I could hear my parents talking and laughing in the kitchen. “What if they catch us?” she whispered.

“They won’t.” I wiped a tear off her cheek, wishing it were true. I reached between my ankles, under the bed, and pulled out the newspaper I had picked up. “I was thinking about checking out some apartments from the classifieds this weekend.”

Her body went rigid in my arms. “You’re moving out?” She looked at me with frightened eyes.

“Not without you.” My words calmed her. “I’ll find a better job, you could get one too.” She didn’t like that part. “Just part-time,” I added.

Another tear dripped down her cheek. “I guess I could take one for the team. What about Mom and Dad? What would we tell them? That we’re moving in together?”

“I’ve thought about that too. Maybe I could move out by myself.” She sniffled, prompting me to continue. “Then after about a month I could complain about needing a roommate to help with the bills.”

“And who better to volunteer than your sister.” She leaned up to kiss my cheek.

“My sweet little sister.” I kissed the top of her head. “Just think of it Julie, our own place, our own rules.”

“Our own bed.” Her eyes closed, she was visualizing it. “I thought you didn’t like to think about our future.”

“I just wanted to make sure we had one.”

“Well we do.” She gave me a crooked smile and pressed a fingernail into my chest. “So don’t screw it up.”

The door opened again. We scooted away from each other as Dad peeped in. “What’s going on?” That’s parent-speak for what the hell are you doing in here with the door shut.

“We’re just talking, Dad.” Julie smoothed her hair and smiled.

“Sorry for interrupting, sweetheart.” He would never suspect anything where she was concerned. “Your mother wants us to go out for dinner tonight. So you kids get cleaned up.” He started to shut the door, then paused. “Oh, and Julie, she wants you to put on something a little more, uh, modest.”

Now when Dad says out for dinner, he doesn’t mean high society gathered for a banquet at some expensive restaurant. No, he meant a discounted chicken dinner at the local pan-fryer.

We were seated at our table by a waiter whose face was as slick and greasy as anything on the menu. As we waited for our order he kept gravitating to the table. He was a constant presence, hovering around Julie, trying to get glances down her top. When the food finally arrived, he spent a little too much time arranging Julie’s plate. As he turned to leave, I saw brief evidence that I wasn’t the only one who Julie could make hard.

“Rick, stop fidgeting,” my Mom said. “What has gotten you so upset?”

What indeed! Just the waiter checking out my sister. Didn’t he know that I was the only one allowed to do that? Of course, I couldn’t tell Mom any of that. I looked down at my plate. “That stupid waiter didn’t give me a drumstick.” Smooth, Rick.

“He didn’t?” Mom said through a mouthful of cole slaw. “I’ll call him back over.”

“No!!” I practically screamed. I didn’t want him within a hundred feet of my Julie.

“It’s okay Mom, he likes breasts just fine,” Julie said. Was she going to tease me like this, in public? Two could play that little game.

“Maybe so, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a little leg. Or a juicy thigh. My left hand dropped from the table and found it’s way to Julie’s silky smooth leg. She had changed into a canvas skirt, much more demure than the shorts, but it afforded me less hindered access between her legs.

“Are we ever going to meet this mystery woman of yours, son?” Dad asked.

I didn’t hear him, I was lost somewhere beneath her skirt. He repeated the question. “Uh, yeah. Definitely someday, when I’m ready.”

“You don’t sound very sure of her,” Julie said.

I looked at my sister, when she smiled at me I knew that I’d never been more sure of anything in my life. “We’re just taking it slow.” I slid my fingers along the velvety skin of her inner thigh, moving slow, towards the source of the warmth radiating beneath her skirt.

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