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THE FATHER OF THE BRIDE PART 1FATHER OF THE BRIDE.’This should have been the happiest day of my life.’ Gail Thorn thought to herself as she sat with her father in the back seat of the black limo. Gail had plain for this day for months, maybe even years, and now that the big day was here, the feelings that she thought would magically appear, had not. The wedding of Larry Chandler and Gail Thorn was to be the wedding of the social season. The coming together of two such powerful families had been well planned out even before the birth of the bride and groom.The father of the bride John Thorn wasn’t really jumping for joy that his little girl was about to become a bride. The man that she was about to marry was only half the problem. The other half was a bit more complex. He had enjoyed six years with her. She had become everything to him. Gail Thorn was so much more then a daughter to John, she was the love of his life. And the thought of sharing her with another man nearly drove him insane.They rode in silence, both knowing what the other wanted to say, but they dear not speak their truth, for it would break whatever resolve they had left. But they knew this day had to come. Someone had to protect their family, and the secret they held. It would be Gail who would make the sacrifice for their family, and for their love.Gail knew just how her father felt about this marriage, he hated the very idea of his daughter being in another man’s bed. She had been his for six years, and when he thought of his soon to be son-in law’s hands touching what has been his for so long, it made the man’s blood boil with the kind of fury that was best reserve for murder. ”Dad please don’t look at me that way.” She said as she fiddled with her hair. The sadness in her lovely green eyes spoke of just how far she would go to protect them. ”How do you want me to look at you Gail? This is so wrong, and you know it. Please honey, you don’t have to do this. You say the word and we can turn this limo around and head straight for the airport, and we can be on the next plane to where ever you want to go. But please baby don’t do this. Don’t make me walk you down that aisle and watch you marry another man, when we both know that you belong to me.” John pleaded.She saw the love in his eyes. It was the love that has always been there for her. Gail also saw great sadness in them as well. However, he was wrong, because it was too late. There was already talk and whispering going on behind their backs. People wondering what the true nature of their relationship was. During their six year affair they canlı bahis had to be so careful as not to raise questions about their relationship. After all John Thorn was a young handsome wealthy widower, who could have any woman he wanted. But there he was night after night, and year after year at home alone with a growing daughter as his only companion. However, there were questions, questions that have lead them to this moment in time where it felt like they were about to loss everything.”Dad, you know why I have to do this. You know that it has nothing to do with me being in love with him. I am getting married today because I have to protect us dad. If word ever got out about us, you would go to jail. And with Aunt Mary and Aunt Pearl sniffing around, well who knows what could happen. Look daddy my plan is going to work. I will marry Larry today and pretend to be the happy bride who is so much in love with her new husband that can’t see straight. But you and I will know the truth.”John caressed her cheek with the palm of his hand. Deep down he knew she was right. But when he thought of her giving her body to another man, something that only he had had for nearly seven year, well the very idea of it could drive him insane.She loved his touch, and how it always made her feel inside. She looked so beautiful in her white satin wedding dress. Her father could not take his eyes off her. In his eyes there could never be another woman that could ever hold his heart the way she has. Looking at her right at that moment he could barely believe how fast the years have gone by. She has always been the apple of his eye, daddy’s perfect little girl. She has had his heart from the very moment that he first laid eyes on her. Only a few minutes old and she had already had him wrapped around her tiny finger. There were no words that could match the pride and the love that he felt for her. She had gone from his sweet baby girl, to his teenage lover, and now she was a young woman about to be married in order to protect their family.They had only minutes to express their feelings for one another. With the planning of her wedding Gail had not had the time to spend with her father like she had wanted to. She had moved in with Larry two months before their wedding day. The night before she moved out was the last time they had made love.She had longed for his touch, to feel him inside her one last time was something that she just could not pass up. Gail reached for the car phone, and when Tommy answered; she asked him how long would it be before they arrived at the church. Tommy said bahis siteleri that it would take less then five minutes. She looked back at her father and saw the faint look of hope in his eyes, and she knew that she could not marry another man without letting the only man that she has ever loved know that he will always have her heart.She give the driver instruction to take a detour, that they need at least another half hour themselves. Tommy follies the orders of his boss’s daughter. He has been driving for Mr. Thorn and his daughter for nearly five years, and outside of the two people in the back seat of that limo, it is Tommy who knows the true nature of their father daughter bound.Gail hangs up the phone; she keeps her back to her father and waited. She felt his hand on her back as he slid the zipper down. As her wedding dress parted she freed her arms, as she let he dress fall to the floor. She discards the garment to one side. There limo was big enough to accommodate their passionate encounter.She felt his strong hands on her bare back as he pulled her close. Brushing her long red locks from her eyes he drew her into his big strong loving arms as they looked into each other eyes. She straddled her father, her bare ass connecting with his hard on. She leaned in and started kissing him. As first it was slow and smooth. But then suddenly their passion took over, both letting small moans of desire escape. Slowly she started humping him, loving him as only she can. A madness of raw lust and hot passion seemed to over take them as their last moments as lovers began to slip away.He laid her down on the back seat of their limo. Pulling her panties to the side, her freshness filled his nose, and the only thing he wanted at that moment was to taste her young sweet pussy on his tongue. She was sweet as the sweetest candy, as he took her with his mouth. He devoured her womanhood as she happily gave him all she had.Ripping her panties from her body she laid before him naked and eager to please. In order to find the pleasure he seek he needed to free his cock. At first he fumbled with his zipper, the pain of not b wing inside her for weeks on end was getting to him. His need for her was almost as great as his need for food and water. Taking his hands and moving them out of her way, Gail slowly pulled down his zipper, and suddenly his cock springs into life.From the very beginning of their affair she had loved his cock. Along with his eyes and his smile she thought he had such a beautiful cock. It was strong, and had just the right length and girth to fit her pussy. Gail güvenilir bahis knew just what to do in order to please him. Looking up at him as he knelled over her, she took his cock in her tender sweet hands and she began to gently massaging his manhood to perfection. He was equally enchanted with her touch, she has always known just how to soothe him. Even on the day when it seems like his life was falling apart, it was his sweet baby girl’s loving that made his world right again. She took his nearly nine inch pleasure tool in her mouth and little by little he surrender to the power that she had over him. He so loved when his little girl sucked him off. It was just one of the many ways that she would pleasure him. And while he loved fucking her mouth, nothing could ever compare to when he played inside her garden. Crashing through her tightness John found himself sinking into her pool of passion. Once he was fully inside her, he fucked her with every ounce of unbridled passion that he could muster. John loved her little tight fuck hole. He really didn’t mind all the hard work it took to get her tight little pussy to open for him. ”OH MY GOD BABY, OH MY GOD BABY, OH MY GOD BABY.” Was all he could say as he took her over and over again.As for Gail, well she has always loved the way his dick made her pussy feel. He was a strong and confident lover, and when he was inside her she knew that no other man could ever make her as happy as her father have made her. With each stroke and pounding he took her to places where she could soar. In his bed she always felt free and alive. He had taken her many time over the course of their six year affair, each time was always better then the last time they were together. But it was at this moment; om the day of her wedding, in the back seat of a shiny black limo is where their endless bound began.”Oh dad thank you. I didn’t know how much I needed that, needed you.” she laid her head on his chest, resting in the love that he had so freely given.He lifted her head and saw the calmness in her beautiful eyes. It was at that moment the he knew that would always be the only man that could put that sparkle in her eyes. John realized that Larry could never be a real threat to the love that they share, he was just an end to a means.”Oh my sweetheart you are so welcome.” John kissed her forehead and held her close in his arms. Forty-five minutes later Tommy was headed back to the church. John told his driver to take them to the back of the church where Gail can slip into the ladies shower room and shower, and get dressed again. She will get back in the limo ans pull up in front of the church where their family and friends were sure to be waiting. And everyone would just assume that it was Gail’s ability for being late for everything that kept them waiting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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