The Firefighter Ch. 02

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Scott awoke hearing his door shut. He wonders who was just in his room, but figures it was just the nurse taking his vitals. Scott starts thinking about the fire and wondering how Jeanie was doing, not realizing that she was right next door. He couldn’t get her off his mind. He could barely remember what she looked like because he was focused on saving her life and nothing else. Through the discussions of his crew, he started to remember that she was exceptionally attractive. She was Tall, Blonde and physically fit. She had perfect breasts and according to his crew, “She had an ass to die for.” He remembers that when they hit the ground she was lying there in a purple bra and purple panties. He remembers that he skin was exceptionally soft even on his rough hands. Normally he would have cut off her panties and bra, so he could do a thorough assessment but for some reason he thought it was unnecessary. (Beside he really likes purple)

As Scott is lying there thinking about Jeanie, he starts feeling a tingling between his legs. His cock starts to grow. He reaches his hand under the sheet and starts stroking his cock. He lays his head back and starts to think about Jeanie in her sexy purple underwear. He imagines her laying in the bed next to him and he hand grabbing his cock and stroking it. He starts fantasizing about her taking off her panties without letting go of his cock. Sliding her head towards his cock and moving her ass towards his face. He loves to dine at the “Y”. She straddles his face and lowers her wonderful pussy down onto his face. He expertly begins licking each labia without touching her clit. Jeanie moans in delight and grinds her juicy pussy into his face. He gently licks her clit and gives it a little blow, she starts to bucks wildly. He continues to lick her clit and she starts shouting “Oh my God!!”,”Oh my God!!” That is when he sucks the clit into his mouth flicking it with his tongue. She goes crazy and thrusts her hips down as if she was trying to suffocate him. With each thrush a gush of Jeanie’s flowery juice spreads over Scott’s face. Jeanie is unable to continue sucking on Scott’s cock, she had a hold of it but wasn’t able to even stroke it. She flops down on Scott’s body and can’t move.

Scott hears the door open…he quickly removes his hand from his throbbing cock and puts it behind his head. A couple of nurses walk through the door with a doctor and ask if everything is all right. He says “Yeah, things couldn’t be better.” The doctor comes over and looks at the heart monitor. She says, You heart rate has risen quite a bit above your normal rate. His heart was beating at 140 times per minute, his normal is 60. The doctor advises the nurses to keep an eye on him. One of the nurses looks at Scott and sees that his face is flush, she starts scanning his body. She sees beads of sweat on his chest and continues scanning down and sees that his sheet has popped up between his legs. She cihangir escort smiles and winks at Scott and says “I think he just had an intense dream, probably reliving the rescue.” The doctor and nurses turn to leave, but the one who knew what he was doing stays back and pretend to check his IVs. Once the door shuts behind the others, She leans over to Scott pats his cock and whispers in his ear, “She is right next door.” She re-adjust the IVs and leaves.

Scott lays back wondering which room Jeanie was in and wondering if Jeanie was thinking about him in the same way he was thinking about her…..

Scott was lying in bed wondering which room, Jeanie was in. He hit the call button and the nurse came over the intercom, “May I help you.” He hears a group of nurses giggling around the lady on the intercom. He asks if he is allowed to get up. She advises him to wait there and someone will be in to talk to him. He lies there in anticipation, hoping that when the nurse comes in she will allow him to get up out of bed. He waited and waited, it felt as though time had stood still, he was wondering what could be taking so long. He thought that maybe they were looking for a wheelchair. The door finally opened and he heard the squeaking of a wheelchair. He saw a hand reach for the curtain and slide it out of the way. It was her, more ravishing than he remembered. Even in the unflattering Hospital gown, she looked amazing. Her smile brightened the room, tears were running down her cheeks as she said Hello.

Scott stammered, “Hello, How are you?”

Jeanie replied, “I am fine thanks to you. How are you doing?”

Scott said, “I am great now. I have been hoping that you were ok.”

The nurse said “You guys have a lot to talk about so we will leave you alone for awhile. Dinner is in two hours, you will have two uninterrupted hours.” The nurse pushes the wheelchair next to the bed and turns to leave. She looks back over her shoulder and both Scott and Jeanie smiles and winks. They hear the door close behind her.

The first few moments were a bit awkward, Jeanie already having tasted his cum, without him knowing and Scott fantasizing about one of his patients. Scott broke the silence.

“So do you remember what happened?”

Jeanie said, “I am not really sure what happened, I remember getting up and going to the kitchen to put on the coffee. I went back upstairs jumped in the shower and the hot water wasn’t working so I took a cold shower. I started getting dressed and all of a sudden I was in the back of the ambulance. What else happened?”

“Well, you and I came out of your bedroom window and landed pretty hard on the ground,” Scott said,” By the way, does anything hurt?”

“No I feel OK, just a little sore but no more sore that if I had just finished my evening run” joked Jeanie.

Scott was relieved, “Good I was worried that I hurt you. So how long are you stuck in here?”

Jeanie bahçeşehir escort looked at Scott and said,” I will be getting out tomorrow but lets talk about you, the hero.”

“Look Jeanie, I am not a hero.” Scott replied

“You are my hero and I want to know more about you.” Jeanie stands up, leans over Scott and looks into his eyes.

Scott looks back and wonders if he should just kiss her. He has been waiting to kiss her since he woke earlier. He keeps looking deep into her eyes and finally gathers the courage. He runs his finger through her beautiful soft hair. Slide his hand to the back of her head and pulls her towards him. The kiss was passionate, he felt her tongue slide out of her mouth and into his. His tongue moves along her tongue as though he was giving her a massage with his tongue. They break the kiss, he can’t take his eyes off of hers. His hands started to rub her shoulders and slide down her back which was exposed because of the hospital gown.

She kissed him deeply again and placed a hand on his chest. She started moving her hand around on his chest and found one of his erect nipples. She started lightly caressing the nipple, lightly flicking it and occasionally pinching it. With each pinch Scott moaned.

Meanwhile Scott had found his way down to Jeanie’s delectable ass. He gently grabbed her ass. The kiss intensified and a muffled yelp came from Jeanie. Scott could feel her smile against his face.

Jeanie broke the kiss and moved her mouth down to his nipples. She began sucking on his nipple and again flicking them with her tongue. Her hand slid down across his abs and under the sheets. She found his stiffening cock. She slowly slide her head down kissing him all the way down. She gently moved his injured knee over and moved her body in between his legs. Pulling the sheet back, she got to see Scott in all his Glory. She moved her head closer to his cock, grabbing it with both hands as she did. She looked at up at Scott as she licked the head and gathered up that precum that tasted just as good as she remembered. One hand slide around to cup his heavy balls and she took his cock all the way down. She had never had her mouth stretched as much as Scott’s cock was stretching it right now, she couldn’t wait to have that cock in her pussy and ass.

Jeanie felt the head of Scott’s cock hitting the back of her throat. Her eyes were wide opened watching Scott’s face glow each time her head bobbed up and down. Scott grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down while he thrusted his hips up. Jeanie continued to fondle his balls while being face fucked. She pulled her head off his cock and slowly licked down his shaft to his hairless sac. She sucked his left testicle into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. She continue to stroke his cock while she switched to his right nut. He was in heaven. Scott looked down and couldn’t believe, that this gorgeous maslak escort woman was sucking his cock. Jeanie then did something he had never had done to him before. She started licking the underside of his balls and continued to his ass. She stopped stroking his cock and spread his ass cheeks apart. Her tongue started probing around his anus. She was stimulating him in ways he could never imagine. Jeanie pushed her tongue into him and out again. WOW, thought Scott. Jeanie moved her head back to his cock and started licking his shaft, one hand still spreading his ass cheeks apart. He felt something putting pressure on his anal opening. “Jeanie was sliding a finger in my ass,” scott thought. Scott wasn’t sure how he felt about this but he liked it. Jeanie started moving the finger in and out. She bent her finger and was trying to hit his prostate. She got it and started to see gobs and gobs of precum pour out of Scott’s cock. Jeanie lapped it all up.

Scott was in heaven but what he really wanted was Jeanie’s sweet pussy on his cock. He grabbed Jeanie under the shoulders and dragged her off of his cock and out of his ass. He kissed her passionately. He reached down and helped his cock find her soaking wet pussy. Jeanie began to ride Scott, kissing him passionately and thrusting herself down on his fat cock. She came within seconds and flooded the bed. She tried to rest for a minute but Scott started thrusting his cock up into her. She figured that she has rested enough, Jeanie sat up and turned around into the reverse cowgirl position. She got her feet under her and began bouncing up and down. Feeling Scott’s cock going deeper each time she came down. Scott spread Jeanie’s ass cheeks and slowly inserted a finger deep into her ass. Jeanie screamed and orgasmed again. Jeanie reached down and started fondling Scott’s balls. This was all Scott could handle, he told Jeanie “I am getting ready to cum.” Jeanie said I want to taste you, again. Scott was unsure what she meant by again but he just needed to shoot his load. Jeanie slid off Scott’s cock and started stroking it with her hand. She took the cock in her mouth and could taste all of her juices that were on it. She stroke and sucked for about 30 seconds and Scott unleashed a spurt of cum that hit the back of her throat with such force she thought she was shot. He kept shooting cum and she attempted to swallow but unlike the first time she could no keep up with his cum. A good bit dripped onto his belly. Jeanie could feel his cock start to soften the slightest bit. She kept hold of the shaft and tried to stroke every last drop out. She licked the cum off of his stomach and continued kissing until he reached his mouth. She hesitated to kiss him because she wasn’t sure if he wanted to kiss after she swallowed his cum. Scott grabbed her head and kissed her harder than she had ever been kissed before. Jeanie slide to Scott’s side and snuggled up onto his chest. He caressed her arm while she was kissing his chest. A knock came at the door. The adjusted the sheets quickly and Jeanie adjusted her gown. The nurse was coming in with dinner.

Jeanie and Scott asked if they could eat together and the nurse allowed them to do so.

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