The First Step With Hope- part two

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The First Step With Hope- part twoI felt immediately at ease with Hope’s friends; the ‘blokes’ were much as I was, and the ‘girls’ were all very sweet and feminine, preoccupied with their nails and how their bra-straps looked etc. None of them asked too many prying questions, they seemed immediately at ease with me too and smirked at Hope as she sat close to me, eyeing me constantly and holding my hand tightly, lest I should suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke. When she did eventually accompany one of the girls to the lady’s room, the other girls jumped onto the seat next to me and the men leaned forward; all told me how excited Hope was and how she could not stop talking about me. They were so glad I had turned up and now they had seen me they were confident we’d be happy together. One of the girls, ‘Tara’, looked at me with a wicked smile.“Hope has told me what you like, and I know what she likes; I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you two are alone together, I’m messing my panties just thinking about it!” giggling she departed back to her seat rapidly as Hope reappeared from the Lady’s room; she smiled and blushed softly as she guessed she’d been the topic of conversation, I looked at her now rosy face again with some wonderment; she was stunningly feminine and I yearned to be alone with her. We all climbed into taxis from a rank familiar to the frequenters of the club, so they did not mind more people than they would necessarily take squeezing in; hope took the opportunity to sit on my lap and squirmed her sweet bottom against my stiff cock, giggling as she shuffled the crevice of her buttocks over it, to get the maximum feeling. I put one hand around her waist and slipped my other down to her crotch, caressing her sweet little bulge; I ran my hand up the hot pantie clad erection of her little cock; Hope as excited as I was, she clenched her buttocks on my pulsing erection, the two of us hoping for a bumpy ride just this once. All too soon we arrived at our destination and Hope left my lap with some reluctance. As we stood on the pathway she stopped and adiosbet yeni giriş embraced me, and then we kissed once more as the others whooped and whistled; Hope was really getting excited now, and so was I.Hope stayed close whilst we were at the party, taking great delight in introducing me to her friends, some of whom were delectable. At one point Hope took me to a dimly lit room where couples were canoodling as they watched videos on a large screen; t-girls receiving what they wanted from males who were as excited as I was. Hope giggled and pulled me close.“I want to go home for that cocoa soon.” I put my hand around her bottom and squeezed her tightly; each-other’s excitement apparent as we pressed close together. We went back to the main party area and I noticed Tara and one of the other girls, Lucy, whispering to each-other. They then came over to us and Tara looked Hope in the eye with a knowing smile.“I think it’s time we took you two home young lady; you have an appointment which is more important than any party! Lucy and I will come back with you to make sure you’re comfortable, and then we’ll come back here.” She winked saucily at Hope who giggled and shivered at the same time. For some reason my cock stiffened all the more, though I did not know why. We all four went back to Hope’s flat, which was pleasantly furnished and decorated in typically girly style. Tara disappeared into a bedroom with Hope, whilst Lucy sat chatting with me. She went from mediocre chat to more intimate subjects, as if to ready me for what was to come, not that I needed any encouragement, and then smiled long and hard as she glanced toward the bedroom door.“You mustn’t be shocked at what you see tonight; I know it’s your first time with one of us, but remember that Hope is a t-girl and has special needs and desires. She assures us that you will accommodate her, but please keep it in mind that it is only fantasy role-play; I know you’ll find some of it difficult at first- she may want you to ‘hurt’ her. Just remember that you will always be able to adiosbet giriş comfort her afterwards; I can see you are the sort of man who will appreciate that part.” Tara emerged from the room as Lucy finished. They both spontaneously grabbed me and kissed me, Tara’s eyes a little welled up.“We’ll be off now; Hope is ready for you. We’ll see you tomorrow.” They giggled as they left and I waited to hear the front door close before I ventured toward the bedroom. As I went in, my nose was immediately hit by the sweet smell of scented candles, though softly lit my eyes soon adjusted to the light. My cock was ready to burst from my clothing as I viewed Hope. She was gagged and veiled, dressed in a one-piece black chiffon body stocking, loosely fitted with open crotch, tight only at the ankles; it gave her the look of a harem girl. Her hands were bound behind her back, and she lay front down with her sweet round bottom up and open invitingly; her ankles strapped and kept apart by a spreader bar. She sighed softly through the gag as I removed my clothes, my cock rigid at the sight of this sacrificial lamb. The situation brought out an a****l in me I did not know was there.Hope trembled as I instinctively let her sniff my erect cock, before caressing her sweet little anus; I slipped my finger in to her warmth and she moaned as she clenched on my finger. I then toyed with her sweet little cock and hairless balls; the length of her little cock was jacketed in a smartly buttoned tube, her sweet rosy bell-end shiny with pre-cum, a little pink silken bow tied just below it completed the picture. Hope rocked back and forth as I teased her, caressing her tubed cock and ensuring her little bell-end was stimulated; it slipped sweetly between my fingers as she oozed slippery pre-cum and moaned sweetly. I caressed the inside of her silky white thighs as I surveyed her beautifully feminine bottom, there for the taking. My cock was in spasm and throbbed in anticipation. Hope was mine and completely at my mercy, I felt dominant for the first time ever and could not adiosbet güvenilirmi resist biting that sweet bottom; I nipped just her enough to her know I was there and in control; I felt her little cock pulse at this and knew it was time for the coup-de-grace.Teasing her little sissy cock all the more I licked her delicious arsehole, making her quiver all over, as she now knew I was ready to fuck her for the first time. I continue to stroke her cock which now dribbled continuously as I placed my other hand under her soft belly and eased my eager cock into her tight t-girl pussy for the first time. I gasped with pleasure at the luxuriant feel of her tight rectum about my cock, slowly pushing it right up to the hilt. Hope moaned with pleasure through her gag and I felt her wrists pull at her bindings, and her legs tense against the spreader bar as she revelled in the erotic pleasure of being bound, owned, and fucked. I wanted to make it last as long as I could as I stroked in and out of Hope’s soft little bottom whilst stroking her little cock in unison, but the pleasure was all too intense for both of us.Hope tensed all over and moaned in ecstasy and I felt her hot little spurts in my hand as she spent again and again, spoiling her pretty bow which she immersed in hot cum. My cock could take no more and I felt that ecstatic surge as I began to come. There was no holding back the a****l in me now. As Hope shuddered through a glorious orgasm I roared out to her.“You’re mine forever Hope, mine to do as I please with, mine!…” I squeezed her belly and arse back onto my cock as I gratefully spurted my gifts over and over into her tight little bottom, viewing the sweetly bound prize as I came. I had the most satisfying orgasm I have ever had, my whole body rippling with waves of pleasure as I unloaded my semen into the beautiful submissive body below me. Hope lay flat, exhausted and satisfied too. I undid her ankles and wrists as quickly as I could and pulled the gag from her mouth. We embraced and kissed for what seemed like hours. I could not believe what had just happened, but it had happened and Hope was more than happy to be mine.We had sex again twice within an hour then fell asleep, Hope in my arms, warm and content. We had taken the first step and had found the way forward. I never did get that cocoa, but Hope was mine. Forever.

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