The First Time

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She entered the bar where he was sitting at the counter, drinking cognac. When he noticed her, he quickly downed his drink and got up to move. His movements were a bit unsteady. She put her hand on his arm to stop him, and asked him where he was going. He just looked at her, a combination of self-loathing and shame (at her seeing him drowning his sorrows in a glass most likely), and walked off towards the bathroom. She admired the smooth line of his back and ass (the curve of his spine and ass was heaven unbound and unparalleled), and turned to the bartender with her sexiest smile. He immediately asked her what she wanted, and she reached into her pocket and pulled out the money she’d gotten earlier from pawning her engagement ring. Peeling off a hundred dollar bill, she placed it onto the counter, and asked for the “Out of Order” sign for the bathroom. He look amused, but handed it to her. She then proceeded to peel off another five bills, all hundreds. She held them in front of him, and told him that the bathroom was off-limits until they both came out. He nodded, and she took the sign.

She placed the sign on the handle, and went in. She scanned the room quickly (not hard — there was a toilet, a sink, and a mirror), and closed the door, turning the lock behind her. He was at the sink, rinsing his face with cool water, when he turned and saw her.

He told her to go, and she refused. He asked her to go, and she again refused. When he tried to move her, she held her ground, and told him canlı bahis şirketleri that they weren’t leaving until he admitted he was crazy about her. After a few useless arguments, he admitted that hell, yeah, he was, but he wasn’t stupid enough to do anything about it. He called her all sorts of names — foolish, crazy, insane, but all it did was heighten their awareness of each other. Without warning, he pulled her into his arms. His lips descended onto hers furiously and angrily, but the anger only lasted a moment. Soon there was passion in every brush of his lips on hers. He traced her lips with his tongue, half-expecting her to pull away. He certainly didn’t expect her to open her mouth and begin using her tongue to explore HIS mouth.

Without thinking of where they were (his mind was on other matters), he stopped trying to pull her away from the door and pushed her up against it while he used one hand to hold her head, and began using the other one to cup her breast. When she leaned into him, he took it the next step and began unbuttoning her blouse. To his surprise, she wasn’t wearing a bra (which was something he should have realised while he was caressing her breasts through a silk shirt).

She pressed against him, and was startled to feel her bare chest against his bare chest. Somewhere, she must have unbuttoned his shirt, although she could not recall doing so. When he lowered his head to begin suckling at her breasts, she used one hand to burrow through his silken hair and canlı kaçak iddaa hold it to her, while using the other one to explore his neck and shoulders, alternately sliding in, over and under the shirt he still half-wore.

She moved closer to him, and was pleasantly surprised to find he was rock-hard and ready for her. She began to pull away from the door, and edge him closer to the sink, which was waist-high (for him, anyways). She pulled his head back up to hers, and this time she initiated a kiss that was at the same time both brutal and tender. Following her obvious leading, he leaned her back against the ceramic glass sink. The cold ceramic against through the silk of her shirt caused her already taut nipples to go diamond-hard. When her hands went to the fly of his jeans he tried to brush them away, and would have told her that now was neither the time nor the place, but she silenced him with yet another kiss. Then it was her turn. She ducked her head slightly (not having to do so much because her nose was dead-on with his collarbone), and did to his nipples what he had done to hers. She heard him suck his breath in when she bit down lightly on one of them, and his mind was so preoccupied with what she was doing to his chest that he didn’t notice her hands unzipping his fly. By the time he came back to his senses (for a moment anyways), his jeans were already half-way down his thighs.

He would have pulled back even then, but then she reached down the front of his boxers and was canlı kaçak bahis holding onto him with her hands. She explored him with her hands until she heard him curse, and slide his hands up under the short skirt she wore. She knew he would be pleasantly surprised to realise she wore nothing under the skirt.

That was the finishing point for him. He lifted her, with his hands under her ass, and set her on the sink. He allowed her to push his boxers down just far enough for him to be fully extended. Only for a moment was she frightened — she hadn’t gone this far in her head, and hadn’t realised how big it would actually be. But she allowed the feeling to sweep her along, and opened her legs wider to accomodate him.

He barely entered her when both their worlds exploded. It seemed that the events that had taken place beforehand had made sure that they wouldn’t take very long to be completely fulfilled. He immediately felt the shame at having taken her for their first time in the bathroom of a bar, but when he would have pulled out of her and turned away, she quickly used her long legs to wrap them around his waist and keep him inside of her.

She was smiling a Cheshire cat smile of pure satisfaction. He was astonished to realise that he was already growing hard again. This time their passion was a little slower, but it was still fire all the way. This time when they reached their passion, he could hear the mewling sounds she made deep in her throat, and all shame was erased at the thought that he had pleased her so much that — when they were finished and he had, exhausted, allowed his head to drop and rest against her neck — she let her head fall back, and he heard the contented purring sound coming from deep within her throat.

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