The First Time I Shared My Girl (True)

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The First Time I Shared My Girl (True)So I have done plenty of stories about the times I have watched my wife Sarah with other guys but I realized that I never shared the story of the first time that I watched Sarah get fucked by a stranger. So here it is, Hope you enjoy guys and gals……This story took place about a month after Sarah and I first met and began dating. She was spending most of her time at my apartment to the point where she was basically living with me. One night we were laying in bed talking, nether one of us really able to sleep when I brought up that I have fantasized about watching her with another guy in bed. She seemed kinda taken back by it but not in a bad way “Really?, you would be OK with that?” she asked and I quickly assured her that I would and thought it would be really kinky and fun to see. She seemed kinda hesitant about it but eventually asked how we would go about it so I started laying out my idea to her that I would go online and find a guy to come over and then I would sit and watch as the two of them did it. She kinda chuckled “Well that seems simple enough, your sure you would be OK with it?” she asked again, and again I assured her I would be just fine. After a second or two of a silent paused Sarah smiled and nodded “OK lets do it”. “That’s awesome,I will look for a guy tomorrow” I told her and then we tried to sleep but all I could do is lay there imagining what was about to happen. The next day while she was at work I hopped on my computer and began scrolling threw ad’s for the perfect guy even though I really had no idea what I was looking for. I must have scrolled threw a hundred ad’s when eventually I came across one that was titled “Good looking, hung guy for couple”. And the title was quiet accurate as I looked at a tattooed, in shape guy guy with a thick, long cock. I just knew this was the one so I quickly emailed him and about a half hour later I got a response. He said his name was Kurt and that he was formally in the Navy for a little bit. I explained to him rus escort what Sarah and I were looking to do and he was quickly on board asking where and when. I was so excited to finally do this I told him to come over around eight at night to our apartment. I gave him the address and my cell phone number and that was that. The time seemed to fly by when Sarah got off work around seven and I quickly told her that a guy was coming by at eight. She smiled “Ok, I gotta shower” as I sat on the couch watching the clock. Eventually she came out and joined me on the couch in some blue shorts and a while tank top and we talked but I easily noticed how nervous she was getting as eight approached quickly. Sarah was bouncing her leg up and down on the floor and she was already blushing as I assured her it would be OK. Shortly after eight o’clock there was a knock at the door which I quickly got up and answered seeing Kurt standing there in some blue jeans and a white sleeveless shirt. “Hey come in” I said and let him watching him grin as he saw Sarah on the couch. “Hi” she said this time really blushing as I closed the door and Kurt quickly asked “Where you wanna do this?”. The bedroom I said and I started heading that way as Kurt asked Sarah how she was doing as they followed me into the bedroom. I walked over and sat in the corner in my computer chair as the two of them stood in front of the bed talking and smiling. “You wanna get started?” Kurt asked making Sarah smile and nod as he leaned in and started to kiss her as he made short work taking off her cloths. “You have a sexy body” he smiled as he grabbed and played with her tits and ass before he pulled off his own cloths exposing his large, hard cock. “Nice” Sarah said and gently stroked it as the continued to kiss until Kurt asked softly “Wanna suck it a little bit?”. Sarah took Kurt’s hands and slowly got down onto her knees pulling her hair out of her face before she grabbed onto his cock and started to stroke it. Kurt gathered her hair rus escort bayan and held it on the back of her head and I watched as she leaned in, opened her mouth and wrapped it around his cock and began to slowly work it up and down. “Oh yeah” Kurt groaned tilting his head back as I watched her tiny head moving up and down his thick shaft. “That’s good” he groaned as she looked up at him as she sucked trying to take as much as she could before her petite body jumped and gagged. “Don’t choke baby” he smiled as she started to suck again this time a little quicker while she rubbed his balls as Kurt tilted his head back and groaned “Oh god fuck!”. She sucked him a little longer until Kurt said “Up on the bed baby”. He helped her up and laid her down as he quickly climbed onto the bed between her legs and started to rub his cock up and down on her little pussy. “You got some lube?” he asked as I quickly got up and grabbed it from my dresser and gave it to Kurt. I sat back down watching as he sprayed it on his cock and again started to rub the tip on her pussy as Sarah panted and trembled slightly until Kurt asked “You ready baby?”. She nodded and I watched as he pressed the tip to her pussy and started to shove making Sarah’s face clinch until all of the sudden her eyes and mouth opened wide as he cock slid into her tight little pussy. “Oh fuck!” she squealed loudly as Kurt looked down watching his cock as he inched it into her as Sarah started to shake. “Fuck your tight” he smirked and leaned in sucking on her tits as he slowly raised and lowered his cock into her tiny body as she wrapped her arms around his head and squealed. “So fucking deep” she whimpered as Kurt smiled and looked down at her as he started to fuck her a little faster and harder as her pussy started to cream on his cock. “Take that dick baby” he groaned as he fucked her harder and harder until she grabbed onto his shoulders and started to pant “I’m gonna cum”. “Cum for me” he groaned slamming his cock into her escort rus bayan as Sarah started to breath harder and harder as her legs kicked on the bed until suddenly her face turned bright red, her head flung back and she screamed “Fuck!”. I could hear her pussy gushing on his cock as he just smiled and slowed his thrust’s down as she laid trembling and groaning on the bed. “That was good” he smiled and sat up slowly pulling out his cum covered cock and rubbed it on her pussy making her shiver until he grabbed her hips and said “Turn over”. Sarah slowly rolled over to her stomach as Kurt lifted her ass up in the air. He put his hand on her ass spreading it open as he looked down and guided his cock back into her pussy. Sarah grabbed the bed sheets with both hands twisting them and squealed as Kurt grabbed her tiny hips and started to pound her from behind. “You like that?” I asked her as she quick squealed “Yes!” and began moaning loudly as he slapped his body into hers over and over until again she buried her face into the bed and screamed as she came. “God damn” Kurt smiled as tightened his grip on her hips and started to fuck her so hard the bed rocked. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Sarah screamed as Kurt started to pant until he groaned “Oh fuck I’m cumming”. “Cum on her face” I quickly said as Kurt grinned and pulled out as Sarah sat up facing him as he stroking his cock aiming it at her face until he growled and I watched as stream after stream of his runny cum began to spray all over her freckled face and even in her hair. Sarah closed her eyes and opened her mouth as he sprayed his load all over her face until he shook his cock and got off the bed with a smile “Damn that was good”. Sarah laid back on the bed scooping the cum of her eyelids before opening them. “Was it good?” he asked her as she smiled and nodded still panting hard. Kurt got dressed thanking Sarah and I over and over before saying he had to get going. Sarah stayed in bed as I let Kurt out and made my way back to the bedroom looking down at her still breathing heavily and slightly shaking. That was the first of many times I have shared Sarah and still enjoy it to this day. I hope you enjoyed, If you liked the story, like the story and let me and Sarah know in the comments what you thought. Thanks again for reading guys and gals \m/

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