The Flirty Prosecco Drinker

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Family Love

Dan pondered, was Mae’s drunken challenge worth taking? In the brief silence in the conversation Dan looked out at the lights twinkling across the bay and at the harsh street lights of the harbour were reflected down the coast. The gentle verbal sparring continued on the now moonlit sea front seat outside the Mae’s flat on the empty promenade.

Dan smirked at the now outright flirting from Mae. Mae’s flirting had become decidedly more intense on the return to seat outside her flat. The topic of conversation had moved from the earlier relaxed revelations about the physical attributes, or lack of, from previous partners onto what Mae did best. Dan was struck by how brazen she’d become now compared to the comfortable, work related chat, some hours earlier. Was that due to the drink? Mae sat on the bench facing the sea, smoking her last cigarette and looking at Dan beside her. “Sorry Dan, I must go in for a pee, I can’t put it off any longer!” A good time for Dan to accept the offer of a cup of Coffee he thought before the drive inland.

Dan, now single, could leave after coffee having had a nice night of conversation, a head full of stories and images that Mae had revealed. The slow consumption of her birthday gift, a nice bottle of Italian Prosecco, had made an evening stroll along the promenade far more entertaining than Dan had expected. Mae had even offered Dan a beer, instead of coffee, and the opportunity to sleep on the sofa. Dan dutifully followed Mae into the seafront flat still unsure of what was being offered? Dan struggled to understand woman, here was a classic case. What it the sofa or possibly her bed?

Inside the compact flat Mae put on the kettle and went to the bathroom. Dan stood resting against the kitchen, looking across the open plan living space, and out of the large square window. It’s a great room with a huge window looking out to sea. Dan had enjoyed looking at the sea views from it earlier that evening. The sky was now a deep navy blue, the sun had set, the beautiful skyline views that the window revealed now faded, just a faint reflection of his nervous self could be seen in the glass. Dan was struggling, he was now single, he’d no reason to leave other than to go to his own bed. His heart pounded in his chest. Just as the kettle gurgled to its steaming climax, the bathroom door burst open, the little blonde dynamo that is five foot Mae came back into the room. “Shall we have some music? Yes we must! You must listen to Alt-J. They’re brilliant!”. Mae moved over to her Mac in the corner of the room, made a few clicks and instantly the space was now gently humming with the pleasing sounds from the small speakers on the computer desk.

Dan was still at kitchen worktop and stared at Mae. She was petite, long blonde hair, had nice legs, wore great boots and had a lovely bubbly laugh. Dan’s thoughts were running amok in his confused head. Whilst outside on the sea front Dan had just a taster of the Prosecco yet here he was head spinning, confused and pulse raised. Sobriety and temptation were scarey. No alcohol to loosen up his inhibitions, no tingling belly, no beer goggles to assist his recent battered self-confidence.

Mae returned to the kitchen worktop and looked at Dan and asked did he want coffee or tea? Dan looked down at Mae and was knocked squarely out by what he saw. Outside in the darkness looking into each others eyes wasn’t possible, it was dark and the street lights cast harsh shadows across Mae’s face. Inside with the softer, even low lighting in the room meant Dan could see the sparkle in her lovely blue eyes. She was drunk, happy and quite unrestrained. She had some strange magnetic feminine power and Dan was still trying to figure out how to control it.

Dan’s marriage had ended, quick, blunt, painful and now he was working on a new life. Here he was, just matter of months since the break up, chatting to a beautiful woman who flirts. This new experience was exciting enough for Dan. Flirting was fun. But in the transition from the intensity of the promenade to the flat had the flirting abated? Had the move inside changed their playful mood? Dan gazed down at Mae and said “Come here”. He reached out and bent down and kissed her. Mae soft lips were an instant relief to Dan. With just one familiar pair of lips, not kissed recently his only reference point. Now the new soft lips of Mae caressed his, what a difference! Their tongues touched and they explored each others mouths with gentle arousing strokes. Dan pulled back to savour the light touch of Mae’s tongue on his lonely lips. No stopping and complaining of a kiss being to “sloppy”, like his wife would, just a slow long constant French kiss from Mae. Dan was lost in this totally distracting kiss. A beautiful, head energizing kiss that wasn’t frantic, frenzied but slow, gentle and relaxed. Dan really liked this. They broke for air and Mae said in her chirpy tone “We must drink our tea!”. Dan thought must we? Inside his head Dan was floating, swooning from the tantalizing kisses and tea drinking wasn’t his main thought.

Dan despite being şişli escort six foot tall, fit and in good health, stood at the worktop dazed, punch drunk from just their two pairs of lips touching. His brain hadn’t experienced the intense rush of emotions and natural chemicals like this for a very very long time. Mae drank her tea and Dan could not resist another kiss. He leant down and scooped Mae up into his arms and Mae offered her hot persuasive tongue, still warm from the tea, Dan laughed mid kiss. He liked the sensation of her warm tongue on his. He’d missed kissing with this relaxed slow pace and passion for so long. Dan was still leaning against the kitchen counter with feet apart and Mae with her head at his chest leaning into him. She could feel his heart beating fast and Dan could feel Mae’s body heat. Dan’s pulse was racing, blood flowing strong and fast, his body responding to the passion that these kisses ignited. Dan felt Mae body rest against his hips and against his growing erection. In that moment Dan was blissfully happy. And why not? All this emotion and feeling from just a kiss in the kitchen. He smiled and laughed as he held her. Dan rested his chin on top of Mae’s blonde head. “My hair must stink of cigarettes?” she said. It didn’t. It smelt more of the sea breeze, more of Mae, no hint of smoke. Dan wrapped his arms around Mae intoxicated by the moment. He didn’t want to leave for home, not just yet.

Mae said briskly “We should sit on the sofa!” as she peeled herself away from his arms and took the two cups, of now lukewarm tea, across to the small table by the sofa. Dan sat down on the low sofa and looked at Mae. He was smiling and trying to process all these simple basic pleasures and store the memories. File the new good memories away inside his head and throw out some of the new painful memories of the last few months. Dan needed to keep these new memories safe, to cherish them. This is what he missed from a relationship, simply the act of kissing that re-ignites his battered senses.

Mae was beautiful, feisty, funny and sat onto the sofa beside him smiling. For a while they chatted and drank there tea and just held hands fingers intertwined. Mae took off her boots and socks and was barefoot. Dan slipped out of his shoes and socks. Keen to slide his feet against the daintily painted toes of Mel stretched out beside him. Mae’s small smooth feet felt glorious to Dan after his cramped sandy shoe. Dan loved women’s feet, especially their shoes and here was a friend willingly letting him hold, stroke and touch her tiny feet. Another memory folder was being opened in Dan’s brain. Dan blissfully slid his feet all around hers. Dan giggled as yet another simple pleasure, absent for so long, was set before him. Mae giggled too, as she drank her tea. As soon as she placed her empty mug on the table Dan leant across and resumed kissing her, stroking her firm small thighs with his wide open fingers clasping them. Dan’s hesitation and sheepishness from earlier waning and lust was now looming.

Dan asked Mae to sit in his lap as side-by-side wasn’t enough contact for him. Mae shuggled over, sat on Dan’s lap, they were now eye-to-eye. Dan looked at Mae as the low glow of the wall lights behind shone through her blonde hair. Her face was in shadow and they continued kissing. Little sniggers and titters from Mae in the shelter of her long hair. Dan removed his watch not wanting anything to snag or catch Mae’s smooth skin and spoil the moment. His hands, not restrained, now free to glide across Mae’s body. Dan firm arms lassoed her waist, sliding up her blouse and up her petite back. He ran his fingers under her bra cups and gently squeezed her breasts with his left hand, enjoying the smooth silky texture of her underwear, whilst sliding his right hand all the way up to her shoulder and holding her firmly there. Mae was so small and cute and he had hold of her completely. Mae ran her fingers across Dan’s neck and in the short hair on the back of his head. It felt good. After a short while Dan slid along the sofa so Mae could sit on him, he wanted her on top. As they adjusted Mae swiftly ran her fingers beneath his shirt and along his firm stomach. Can she tell I’ve been working out? Was it worth it Dan thought? Dan held Mae’s waist as she sat upright across him looking at the light shining through her hair, her face in shadow, but he knew she was smiling.

Alt-J was now on its second time of playing on the computer and they’d not left the sofa. Dan was beginning to think about of leaving. But why should he go? This was great. Nothing to be ashamed about, just fooling around on the sofa by two single mature friends. It was late and the once blue sky was now black outside. It was midnight and time for Dan to make a choice. Should Dan go home or “sleep over”? Dan told Mae that he would like to just “sleep over”, nothing more not to “sleep with”. He really was having a great time kissing and why mess it up with sex? Mae’s giggled and said “I must pee!” and leapt off Dan and ran out.

Dan stood up, walked across the çapa escort room out to the hall and faced the bathroom door. He listened to Mae as she peed singing to herself. She was out in a flash, tiny, sparkling and looking up a Dan with a wicked glint in her eye. She took his hand and led him into the bedroom. Mae swiftly cleared the bed in the dark. A small instant barbeque clattered onto the stripped wooden floor, other strange items were hastily cleared off the bed too and Dan noticed a shiny aluminium step ladder keeping guard beside the bed. Mae slid under the dark duvet and held it open encouraging Dan to join her. He climbed in beside her. Dan still in surf shorts and T-shirt felt safe, he had protection, his clothes were staying on. Before he could protest Mae pulled her blouse off and then removed her bra in one seemingly swift movement. Dan was shocked, she was very forward. Mae continues the shower of kisses and slid her hands up his T-shirt. This was not going to plan Dan thought. Soon Mae persuade Dan to take his T-shirt off. They snuggled in close together under the covers, warm bodies kissing passionately as legs and arms entwined beneath the duvet.

Mae was ignoring Dan’s feeble protestations of just wanting to sleep together. She had a fit man in her bed, was very tipsy, rather horny and enjoying the challenge. Those womanly powers that Dan feared were now being flexed fully. Mae’s goal was ever closer and her hands everywhere. Dan slid his hands all over her body too and trembled, desire now coursing through his veins. Sleeping was going to be harder than he imagined. Kissing, stroking, pinching and teasing each other just felt right. Dan slid his hand down across Mae’s back, across her round hips, down to her firm small thighs and back up around her silky clad buttocks. Dan’s hand clasped Mae’s small but pert buttock. One hand, one glorious buttock, how simple. Dan massaged and squeezed each buttock, then slid his fingers slowly along the wasitband of Mae’s delicate knickers. Dan enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being so close to a woman who knew just what she wanted. Mae wriggled free and slipped out of her underwear effortlessly. Was he really going to just sleep?

Mae tugged at Dan’s shorts, he began to panic, the blood draining from him. Beside him this writhing, lustful, wanton sex pot, yet he was thinking too much, his erection wasn’t pressing hard against his leg anymore. Dan was truly mixed up now. Here was Mae, a sexual energy life force clawing at him, kissing him, wanting him yet Dan’s brain was failing to send the right messages to his body. Or was he over thinking too much? Dan pushed Mel back against the bed, kissing down her neck, sucking her nipples, his hand slid up her pert thighs and gently cupped her sex. Oh the joy as he squeezed her mound in his palm. Dan missed foreplay and now he had no choice. It was foreplay or flopsy. He rubbed her sex firmly and slowly. She was mouth-wateringly wet. Dan parted her slowly with his fingers, circling her wetness and gently sliding a long index finger inside her. Mae exhaled, wanting, needing this insertion. Dan began to slowly speed up, moving his finger in and out, savouring the silky smooth folds of Mae’s flesh. Dan eased his finger right inside and felt the gentle folds deep within her, tantalizing textures on the tip of his finger as he circled inside. Mae slipped her hand down and began stroking her clit, Dan liked this, a woman who knew what she wants in bed. Dan began to slide his second finger slowly in, his head was going crazy, he hoped hers was too.

With as much speed and rhythm as he could muster Dan began building up momentum. Mae clasped Dan’s hand and guided it whilst her other hand strummed rapidly across her clit. Dan was amazed. His arm was pumping hard against Mae thighs. He began to slowly spread the two fingers inside Mae apart as he stroked. Stretching Mae as his palm bumped into her own busy fingers stroking her self. The intensity of this masturbation was a shock to the inexperienced Dan but he was revelling in it. His arm was aching, Mae was moaning, they kissed briefly as Dan concentrated on the job in hand. Dan forced his fingers in further and faster. Mae orgasmed and gave out a low “Uuh!” took a quarter breath, “Uuuh!” another quarter breath, and a longer exhaled “Uuuuuh!”. Mae’s body delicately shuddered. Dan held her close and slid his wet fingers out slowly. Mae let out a low hum, stretched out her arms and then lay breathless, head back, naked, legs apart and sated.

For a few minutes Dan led beside Mae enjoying the moment and the view of this now fully relaxed naked friend. Mae’s breathing slowly returning to normal. Composing herself Mae sat up and reached out for Dan’s erection and it just wasn’t there. Mae asked “What’s wrong?” before he could answer properly Dan slid his still sticky index finger back inside Mae. She let out a groan as she felt his warm finger probed deep inside her. Dan was trying a quick distraction tactic… it was working. He began again sliding his finger inside faster and faster. Mel was mecidiyeköy escort writhing and so Dan began a line of kisses down her stomach, sliding his tongue around her exposed sex. Dan slid in a second finger whilst tasting her, probing her with his smooth tongue and sucking on her mound. “That won’t do it” said Mae between breaths. Dan knew what Mae meant but he was enjoying the taste, smell and closeness of her sex on his face. It was doing it for him. Dan raised himself back up and kissed her whilst his hand pounded her with his palm and fingers inside. She came again with three more low “Oooh!”‘s and Mae lay still and gently hummed to herself a contented tune again.

Mae gathered her thoughts and so did Dan, still acutely conscious of his lack of firmness between his legs. Mae wanted to show her prowess now. Dan persuaded Mae, by the practicality of the problem, to just fall asleep and lie beside him. Dan was happy. He had a great time, his head was full of sights, sounds and tastes. Had he really wanted to fuck Mae and change their relationship forever? Would it be that simple, to have sex with Mae, just leave and be friends? Mae curled up beside Dan. She fell asleep very quickly and Dan led there, hot and confused. Dan had loved listening to his wife sleeping whilst he spooned her and now, led beside Mae, listened to Mae’s calm breathing, he was very content again. Dan still never understood women and was just grateful to be allowed in their bed. What did they like about him? Dan listening to Mae’s relaxed breathing eventually drifted off to sleep.

It was a fitful sleep of only about twenty minutes when Dan woke up thinking, willing his brain to get its show on the road and send the right messages to the right places. The messages seemed to be getting through. Dan felt the blood slowly pump around his groin. He was stirring. Dan smiled to himself as he lay with Mae at his side. This was a crazy night, he had been nervous, this was a big step to take… and now it was looking promising. Slowly Dan knew his erection was part built and needing very little encouragement to be fully engorged. Dan touched himself to be reassured that he want imagining this most gratifying development. Dan slowly moved Mae’s left arm across his waist and down over his hips. He rested Mae’s hand on his now sprightlier penis. Mae stirred in a sleepy, woozy, post finger fucked state. She didn’t need much encouragement. Her small fingers caressed Dan’s firm erection and her hands began sliding up and down the warm length. Game on!

Mae and Dan kissed and stroked with renewed vigour despite the late hour. Mae didn’t waste any time, she climbed onto Dan, guiding him inside. Dan was lost as his small, cute, blue eyed blonde friend had just slid over his legs and effortlessly, exquisitely captured his penis. He was now deep insider her and ecstatic. Brain fireworks were exploding as he held her waist as she slid up and down his length. Dan began thrusting, slow, then fast, gentle then deep thrusts. Dan was smiling and swooning as Mae steadied herself on his chest. Dan was enjoying this new late start immensely when after a few minutes of gorgeous fucking Mae declared yet again “I must pee!”. She jumped off Dan and out of bedroom and went to the bathroom. Dan now pleased his erection was fully recovered wandered out to the hall. Again Dan listened to the trickle and Mae’s high-spirited voice from the bathroom. She emerged into the hall naked, beautiful, unbelievably hot and on a mission. She walked into the living room and coolly retrieved a condom from her handbag. Dan admired Mae’s naked form in the gloom. This girl prepares Dan thought. Dan wanted to take her, there and then, Mae’s hands spread wide on the windowsill looking out to sea. He thought that might be a bit awkward, it was still a nice thought all the same, so he kept it for himself. He grinned as Mae gave him the condom, they went back into the bedroom, the foil wrapper was torn, the condom rolled on and Dan’s Fifty Shades fantasy was no longer fictional.

Dan had a very limited sex life so he wasn’t about to be stuck in the rut of old positions here if he could avoid it. As they resumed their extended sex session Dan, now fully protected, asked Mae to turn over and face the headboard. He wanted Mae from behind. Her small back facing him and her Dan hand sized buttocks right before him. Dan had not done this for a very, very long time. He asked Mae to “Show me the way”. Mel reached back and took his penis and positioned it and she gave a small slippery thrust backwards and he was gloriously inside her. Dan had dreamt about this feeling many times but now he was sliding all the way in and out it was better than his fantasies. Dan was not huge by any means but he enjoyed the sufficient length he possessed as he made sharp, sweet thrusts into Mae. The delicious sound of his thighs slapping her buttocks was heard along with a low moans from Mae. All Dan could see in the low gloom of the night was Mae’s head turning occasionally towards him and then down towards the pillow. He hoped she was enjoying it, Dan certainly was. He looked up and smiled as he saw the step ladder in the corner of her bedroom. What an odd surreal moment as with his hands on the bed, gripping her firmly with his upper arms as he banged against her cute round buttocks.

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