The Friendly Skies

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It had been awhile since he was last in the city. Even though his family and life were in another place going to this city was going home. He knew the sights, the smells, the sounds… it was wonderful. Just a little longer of sitting here in the Paris airport and then he would be airborne again…

He let his eyes wonder around the waiting area. It was early and there were not too many people around so he passed the time making up silly stories about each person he looked at. Suddenly he felt like he was being watched so he quickly scanned the thin crowd. There she was, sitting two rows over and almost in the corner. He would never have seen her, or maybe she would have been someone he would have just overlooked. But he was noticing her now. Maybe it was because of the intensity of her stare. As soon as he made eye contact with her she smiled. Her smile reached her eyes and they seemed to twinkle… like she had a secret.

For some reason he found himself smiling back. She tilted her head slightly to the empty seat next to her and he took that for the invitation it was. Picking up his briefcase and laptop he moved toward her.

After settling in the seat, he turned towards her and smiled, saying “Hi, I’m…” when her fingers quickly brushed up against his lips, cutting of his sentence. In a low voice that sent shivers through him she said she was off on an adventure. There was so much mystery in the world to discover and she wanted him to be some of that mystery. All he could think of at the moment was how different she was. She appeared so ordinary, yet at the same time there was this air about her that suggested that there was so much more to her then met the eye. Her eyes were blue and her hair a longish red/brown color. Her skin was nice, very fair, with a dusting of freckles. The longer he looked at her the more he realized that she really wasn’t ordinary looking at all. In fact, the more he looked the more he liked and the more he liked the broader his smile became.

They talked for awhile, just idle chatter about the cities they had both been to and what they liked best about them. He really liked the way she held eye contact with him. At times he was tempted to ask her what she was really thinking, but he knew that would be rude so he didn’t. It came as a surprise when their flight was called to board. First Class was called first and as he got up he told her it was such a pleasure talking and he hoped she enjoyed her flight. She replied, “Oh, I’m sure I will and I know you will too”. With a smile he started to walk away. One last look back and he caught her licking her lips… much like a cat does after the first taste of cream. He felt a flush rise as he walked onto the plane.

As he settled in his seat and got his first drink he smiled to himself and started to fantasize what being with her would have been like. He guessed that she was a very flirtatious type. That even if they had been seat mates nothing would have come of what he sultangazi escort was beginning to fantasize about. He leaned back and closed his eyes and let his mind wander. He didn’t allow himself to wander to far because he knew the bulge in his pants would become noticeable and… well… that could be a problem. The flight would be a long one, international flights always were. After take off drinks were served again. One of the perks of flying first class… good booze. After a rather nice dinner and yet another drink he asked for a blanket as the cabin lights dimmed for the movie and to allow others to sleep if they chose.

The three drinks had given him quite a buzz. He leaned his seat back and really settled in. His seat was on the last row of first class. No seat mate this flight, which was rather nice. He knew he would enjoy the time to himself. He could relax with thoughts of her drifting in his mind. It was rather dark now and the blanket hid his growing erection.

He felt someone slide into the seat next to his but did not open his eyes or acknowledge that person. In his mind he was touching her breasts and leaning forward to suck a nipple when suddenly a hand slid up his thigh and brushed lightly against the bulge in his jeans. His eyes flew open and he turned his head to find her eyes very close to his and with her breath warm on his cheek she whispered that she had come up to help make his flight “enjoyable”.

He had been hard to start with, but that statement made him rigid. As he opened his mouth to say something her finger tip again brushed against his lips. She said she didn’t come to sit next to him to chat. She had something far more fun in mind. With that she leaned into him and placed her soft lips on his and with surprising quickness thrust her tongue into his mouth. She made love to his mouth. Thrusting her tongue in and out, one hand softly touching his face and the other stroking his erection through his jeans.

She moved away from him a bit and put her finger to her lips and softly shhhhhhed him. He didn’t think he would be capable of saying anything at the moment anyway. With a silken, smooth move she slid to the floor and wiggled up under his blanket and up between his legs. Her fingers found his zipper and quite erotically unsnapped and then unzipped his pants very slowly. He shifted his hips and she pulled them down a bit. His cock was huge now, swollen and almost hot to the touch. He thought for a brief moment that he was going to lose his mind when her tongue flickered against the head of his cock. He wanted to moan out so badly, yet he knew he must not make a sound.

As her lips encircled his swollen cock he felt a moan escape him. As luck would have it, right at that moment, a flight attendant happened to be passing. She leaned toward him and asked if everything was alright. He managed to croak out that yes, it was just a dream. He could just make out her teeth in the dim light as she escort bayanlar smiled and said, “a dream huh?” as her eyes moved to his lap. He looked up at the flight attendant as his secret lover’s mouth sucked deeply on him. The flight attendant smiled even broader and said… “Well sir, I see you are enjoying the flight.” and then she moved away.

The feel of her mouth on him was incredible. Her fingers lightly touched his balls and her tongue was doing magic. Her mouth moved up and down the length of his cock, sucking and pulling and he felt himself grow even larger as his orgasm started to build. For a brief moment he wondered if she would allow him to cum in her mouth, but that was only a passing thought because when she moved her mouth up and down with no intention of pulling away, he let himself get lost in the sensation and feeling.

He felt himself grow rigid as he spurted his hot cum into her eager mouth. He couldn’t believe how she continued to suck on him. As he felt himself soften she wiggled out from under the blanket. Again he was reminded of a cat when she licked her lips. She moved to the seat next to him again and leaned over and kissed his cheek. She whispered, “enjoyed” and then was gone.

After adjusting his pants and settling back down under his blanket he fell into a deep, restful sleep. He dreamed he was making love. His cock was rock hard and he was thrusting deeply into his lover when suddenly he realized that he wasn’t dreaming, but his cock was rock hard and it was being stroked.

Smiling as he opened his eyes expecting to find her sitting next to him again, he turned his head and almost gasped in surprise. Sitting next to him with her hand under the blanket stroking him was none other then the flight attendant who had smiled at him hours earlier. The woman leaned close to him and said, “I was talking to your friend much earlier and she told me how delightful you were. That if I should get the chance I should,… sample you.”

Then she went on to whisper that his friend had described how wonderful he had felt in her mouth, how huge and hard he was. As she told him all this she continued to caress and stroke him. Then she asked him if he had ever really visited the galley in an airplane and would he care to look around one while everyone was still asleep?

He was glad the plane was dim and that most of the passengers were asleep because he knew the bulge in his pants was more then noticeable as he followed the flight attendant down the aisle and slipped into the galley. He never realized that the galley had a curtain before until she pulled it closed.

With a smile on her lips she turned toward him, unbuttoning her blouse as she moved close to him. Her breasts were full and firm in her white lace bra. As she unhooked the clasp between her breasts they fell free from the bra and he reached out and touched them. The nipples were rosy and hard. As his lips closed around one of those beautiful nipples bağcılar escort her hands undid his belt and pants and pushed them down, exposing his throbbing, rock hard cock. As he sucked her nipple her fingers grasped his member and she gasped in pleasure and surprise, the other woman hadn’t exaggerated.

Pulling back from him she raised her skirt to her waist reveling thigh high stockings and just a bit of white lace. He went to his knees and pulled that white lace from a very closely trimmed patch. Reaching his hands around to grasp her creamy ass he pulled her close to him. His tongue slid down her slit and went deep into her. She gasped in pleasure and moved her hands to his head pulling him even closer. His tongue slid up and down and flicked against her clit, all the while his hands were kneading and fondling her ass. She was wet with her desire for him and when her legs began to quiver he knew it was time to plunge more then his tongue into her.

He pulled away from her dripping thatch and quickly stood. As he leaned against the wall in the galley she moved toward him and because she had on heals she had the advantage of height. Leaning against him with one leg wrapped around his hips she slowly slid down his shaft. It was at that moment of joining that the plane hit some turbulence. They both reached out to hold on. Here he was with his cock buried deep inside of her and the plane was doing all the work. The whooshing up and down movements and an almost weightless feeling were all adding to the incredible sensations. He thrust his hips back and forth as his cock plunged deeply into her. He could feel her tighten around his shaft as she leaned closer to him and claimed his mouth. His tongue thrust into her mouth with the same speed and intensity as his cock thrust into her. Her breath came in short hard pants indicating her approaching orgasm. She gave a soft moan deep in her throat and his cock swelled in response as he thrust deeper and harder into her. It was like an explosion as they both reached climax together. His swollen cock shot a load of hot cum deep within her. He thrust again and again as it poured out of him. Her lips tight around him she seemed to be sucking him in.

The turbulence gone from both the plane and the two people they leaned against one another as their breathing slowly returned to normal. Moving apart she reached into a drawer and offered him a warm, lemon scented towel and taking one herself they tidied themselves and got their clothing back together. It seemed just in time too. The curtain was pulled aside and there stood yet another flight attendant. Smiling and giving him a wink she said, “Finding out what it’s like to work in the galley sir?” Feeling a slight blush rise up in him he smiled back and said, “yes, very close quarters in here but it seems to work out just fine.”

He settled back in his seat just in time; the fasten your seatbelt sign dinged on. The lights on the cabin came on and everyone started to stir and get ready for the approaching landing. The flight attendant walked by, smiling, leaned toward him and said, “I hope you enjoyed the service sir and that you will fly with us again soon”. Smiling, he leaned back, closed his eyes and waited for the landing.

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