The Gift – Working Vacation part I

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The Gift – Working Vacation part IEarly one morning, almost a year into my new job, the president of the company, Walter, who was also the founder and owner of the company’s grandson, walked into my office. Up until then we had never spoken other than to say ‘Hi! Hello! Good morning! Or Good night!’ as we crossed paths during the course of the day. I wasn’t even sure that he knew my name. Walter was about five years older than me and, from the little I’d heard about him, quite a partier, if you were to believe the stories. There were a few minutes of exchanged niceties.”Good morning!””How are you?” “Very well sir, thank you.””I see you’ve settled in okay” as he looked around my office”Yes sir.”Walter walked around the side of desk, and sat on the corner as he picked up the small framed picture on my desk. “Beautiful girl! Your daughter?””My wife.”He gets this funny not quite a smile and then “beautiful girl, just beautiful.””Thank you sir. I think so too!””Any c***dren?” “Not yet.”After a couple other similar questions along the same vein that was pretty much the end of the conversation.Let me give you the requisite description of my wife now and get that out of the way. My wife is half french and half Vietnamese. She’s tall, five foot nine inches tall in thigh high stockings, with a small muscular frame, but she’s not skinny. She still weighs a pound or two either side of one hundred and forty pounds; and fills a 34C-cup on the rare non-working occasions when she wears a bra. Her hair back then was waist length and naturally jet black. However, she’s changed colors so many times that I’m pretty sure her roots are confused as to what color they really were. This was during her silver-blonde era.Early the following Monday morning Walter was back in my office with a request. “I realize you haven’t been here as long as the other engineers, but would you go to Chicago the end of the month for a computer conference, it’s only Monday through Wednesday…?””Yes sir. I suppose so, if that’s what you want.” What could I say. I was the new k**.”Fine, fine. Miriam, my secretary, will make all of the arrangements,” and he was gone.Just before I left for my first call on a customer that afternoon Miriam called me with my itinerary. I would be leaving from the Ontario (California) airport in three weeks on Sunday morning; staying at the O’hare Inn where the conference was being held, almost across the street from Chicago’s O’hare Airport; and returning that Thursday afternoon. I immediately called my wife to let her know the details and then left for my call.Two days later Walter is back in my office first thing in the morning. “As long as you’re going to be in Chicago anyway, would you mind sticking around and taking a week long computer programming class, offered by the company that’s going to supply all of the computerized equipment for our next line of conveyor systems. Then in turn, you can teach some of the other engineers what you learned. It’s the week after the conference, with four days in between where you can play tourist.”I told Walter “I don’t really feel comfortable taking the class when there are engineers here that have been with the company for decades.””That’s the problem!” Walter replied. “They all look at computers as voodoo; some kind of black magic. Don’t worry about any of the others.” and then, to sweeten the deal, he picked up my wife’s picture and said “She really is quite stunning” and then added “Tell you what; how about if I cover the airfare for your wife to join you for the four days in between. You can both play tourist.”Again, what could I say but yes. That night when I got home I explained the situation to my wife and she grudgingly agreed that I should go. I then made it seem as though her joining me was my idea. It never hurts to look good for your boss, whether they’re at work or at home.”What do you think? Would you like to join me for the long weekend in between? Do you think you could get the time off?””Oh yes!” She couldn’t say it fast enough; and even suggested “We could even play while we’re there. Not much chance of running into anyone we know!”All I could say was “of course!” By this time we’d been playing our Game, where we let some guy in a hotel or motel bar pick my wife up for sex, or we pick up a hitchhiker, most weekends for the better part of nine months.”In that case I’ll need a new cocktail dress and shoes, maybe a new summer dress and a skirt, and some lingerie.”Again, all I could say was “of course!”The following Monday morning Walter was back in my office again. Three times in a little over one week. By now I was getting a bit gun shy; concerned about where he was sending me next, but that was not the case. He walked up, took a quick glance down at the picture of my wife, and sat on the corner of my desk.”Would you mind wining and dining a possible new customer while you’re there. Some guy from Chicago called asking about our new line of conveyor systems and I’d like you to take him out to dinner while you’re there and explain what we can for to him. Get an idea of what his requirements are. Which night would you prefer?”This time Walter wasn’t asking, and again I acquiesced. The wine and dine was set for the first Monday evening; two days before my wife was to arrive. For my convenience Walter would have a limo sent to get Steve and deliver him to some restaurant near the airport.Bright and early on the Sunday morning before the convention my wife dropped me off at the Ontario Airport. The flight was uneventful – always a good thing! – and arrived on time. It wasn’t until I checked in at the O’hare Inn that I got the message to call Walter at home and included his number. ‘Steve, the potential customer, had to reschedule and he would get back to me as soon as he knew more. In the meantime, Miriam would contact the limo service and change the arrangements as well as the restaurant reservations first thing Monday morning.The conference ‘Small Computers at Large User Organizations and EDP Operations Environment in the 80’s (no, my memory isn’t that good, my wife had saved my name tag) wasn’t as boring as it sounds; and the EDP stands for electronic data processing. Everyone, including me back then, smoked constantly and drank way too much. Memories of the three martini lunch come to mind. Not there though. The inn was dry. We had to walk to the motel next door in the evening for a bar I never heard back from the office until late Tuesday evening when Walter called from his home. He was sorry, but the wine and dine was now set for Friday night. Steve was leaving on some trip early the next day so he would be taking his own car to the restaurant. Walter was sure that he just didn’t want to be at the mercy of our limo. That was fine with me! And so it was now set up that Steve would meet me (us?) at the restaurant.As soon as we hung up I called my wife to make sure all was still a go back home, that she was all set for her flight the next day, and to give her the update about the dinner. I also suggested that we could still play our Game, and maybe with Steve, if he wasn’t a total dork or something. What better way is there to make a potential customer happy than to end the evening by getting him laid. She said that was just fine with her, hinted that we could play more than one night, and then I got to hear all about her shopping trip into L.A. with her boss and best friend Joan after she’d dropped me off at the airport; the gorgeous cocktail dress she’d bought for Game night, a casual dress, a little summer dress, and a short denim skirt.I should mention here that when my wife says ‘a little dress’ or ‘a short skirt’ she’s not k**ding. She’s five foot nine and buys petite skirts and dresses which are made for women nearly a foot shorter.My wife’s flight landed just after three o’clock that Wednesday afternoon, just as the last of the seminars was finishing up. Twenty minutes after the last presentation, the place looked like a madhouse, with most of the attendee’s scurrying around like rats abandoning a sinking ship, everyone trying to get checked out and make their flights.I’d managed to grab the esenler escort room next to mine for my wife, complete with a connecting door, in case we needed it to play the Game. Just after 4pm I heard her and the bellhop in the next room, thin walls, and unlocked my side of the connecting door and knocked a few times. My wife unlocked her side and threw her arms around me. This was a few weeks after our second anniversary and the first time we’d been apart for more than a night.My wife looked wonderful, wearing what was known back then as a baby doll dress, very short, thin material in a pale blue, button front with enough of the top buttons undone to show off her terrific cleavage. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were staining at the light material. I wasn’t sure if it was because she was that happy to see me or if it was the fact that the air conditioning in the room was cranked up to the max. Either way she almost took the old black porter’s eye out with one of them when she spun to tell him where she wanted the remaining bags. She smiled at me and then gave us both a great tit shot as she bent over the bed to dig out a tip from her purse. The old guy was all smiles as he backed out of the door with his cart.Two minutes after the door closed we were naked and making up for lost time on my bed. An hour later we called to have a pizza delivered to the room. It was still early for my wife, who was still on Pacific time, so she walked to the front desk and brought back a Chicago newspaper. She went through the entertainment section and found an adult theater that we were pleasantly surprised to discover, according to the streets of Chicago book I’d purchased at the airport to play tourist, was about fifteen miles away and almost due east of us.We had never been to an adult theater before, but we had read plenty of stories about them in Penthouse and Forum and, to quote my wife, “We sure won’t have to worry about running into anyone we know.” And so it was decided. I called the front desk to get us a cab. Ten minutes later my wife exited the bathroom after a shower with her hair parted down the middle into two ponytails held in place with little yellow plastic bows, and wearing this tiny little button front pale yellow cotton dress with a couple of upper and lower buttons open, and high wedge heeled espadrille sandals. This was three weeks to the day shy of her twenty-third birthday, but she looked years younger and was constantly getting carded. As we kissed I ran a hand up under the front of her dress and inside the band of her panties. She was already wet! The phone in my room rang. It was the front desk. Our cab would be there at 10pm as requested.My wife gave the driver the address and he then spent most of the half hour drive talking and trying to look up my wife’s dress in the rear view mirror. It was just about 10:30 Wednesday evening when the cabbie dropped us off across the street from the theater as he tried one last time to get a glimpse between her legs, but didn’t stand much of a chance as we didn’t want to exit into traffic and got out from the passenger side. There was an adult bookstore on the far corner of our side of the street. We had never been in one and that was on our list too. We looked at each other and after a short discussion decided on the theater as planned.We walked around the lobby checking out the many lighted niches containing posters of current and upcoming movies. The place had obviously always been a theater. As we made the right turn around a corner and peeked through a curtained doorway with stairs leading up to a second floor. I thought it was for the balcony until my wife pointed up at the sign above ‘Peep Shows 25 cents’ and just below that ‘Tokens Required’.”We have to check those out before we leave,” my wife whispered on our way to the counter for tickets to the theater.The cashier leaned over the counter to get a better look at my wife. At first I thought it was because of how she was dressed, but that wasn’t it. He caught me totally off guard when he looked at me and then leered at my wife.”Isn’t it a little late for her to be out on a school night?” he said.Without thinking I incredulously replied, “Who, my wife?”She’d heard us and walked over next to me. He made of point of checking out the ring on her finger. I paid and he asked if we wanted our hand stamped. That way we could go in and out of the theater, and even go outside and come back in if we wanted. My wife deliberately stuck out her ring hand, letting the light catch the diamond on her wedding ring as he stamped the back of her hand.From there we went through a set of double doors into the middle of a long curved hallway with the lights dimmed and five equally spaced sets of double doors in the opposite wall leading into the theater. We went through the doors directly in front of us and took a few steps into the theater and stopped, allowing the door to close behind us as our eyes adjusted to the darkness. Up on the enormous screen a woman was on an office chair, bent nearly in half, with a huge glistening cock slamming into her while another guy was playing with her tits. I looked around and still couldn’t see anything in the huge theater until the screen brightened and lit up the place long enough that I could look around. I eventually settled on a group of guys, none of them sitting together, clustered on either side of the next aisle to our left at the far end of three rows about a third of the way down. I picked the row with two guys sitting a few seats apart at the far end and paused, waiting for my wife to enter the row first. She started to sit down two seats from the aisle but I whispered for her to continue on to the center of the row, which left three empty seats between her and the nearest guy.We sat with my wife on my left, turned just slightly away, and leaning up against me. I put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her in close as we snuggled up to watch the movie. About five minutes later she slid down in the seat to get more comfortable while I finished unbuttoning the bottom half of her dress. After another fifteen minutes or so of watching the movie and playing with my wife’s pussy I stuck a hand into the top of the dress to cup her left breast and rolled the nipple between my fingers. She reached over and began to rub my cock over the outside of my slacks, then tilted her head up and kissed the side of my neck, and said “I’ll be right back. I have to use the Ladies room.” With that my wife got up and side stepped towards the aisle to our left where the two guys were sitting.’Your dress’ I whispered trying to get her attention; but either she didn’t hear me or didn’t care. She paused by the first guy for a bit, facing him. I figured she couldn’t get by and was waiting for him to move his feet, then continued on to the aisle and out of the theater.By now most everyone in the theater was aware of my wife being there and dozens of heads were turned to follow her progress up the aisle and out through the door. I’d already decided that if anyone got up and followed her out I was going to be right behind them, but it didn’t happen. Ten minutes later my wife slips past the first guy, and pauses again to say something to near guy sitting three seats away, still facing him. Then she scrabbles over by me and leans down and gives me a kiss before sitting down. As she’s kissing me she drops her balled up panties in my lap and whispers “He’s got his dick out. It’s a really nice one! I invited him to move over by us.”Before he decided to move, or gather the courage, I unfastened the three remaining buttons still holding the front of my wife’s dress together, dropped my hand down onto her pussy, and worked a finger in. She reached over with her right hand and unzipped my slacks, fished my cock out, and started stroking me. Up on the screen five guys were taking turns fucking a young woman on a swinging chair suspended from the ceiling while she sucked and stroked the other four.After five minutes of watching the five men pleasuring the girl up bahçeşehir escort on the screen my wife quietly asked “Is it okay if I fuck that guy?”I looked around and nodded. The guy hadn’t moved and was still sitting three seats over from her, intently watching me play with her pussy. She held her left hand out towards him in a fist, pretending to stroke an imaginary dick. The guy quickly half stood and moved over next to her. She slid down a little further and towards him, hooking her left foot over his. He leaned forward and looked over at me. I grinned and nodded. That was all the encouragement he needed and put a hand on the inside of my wife’s thigh just below her pussy.On screen, the girl had one of the guys call down to the madam for more men. The woman wanted to go for a personal record. Her previous best must have been eight men, because she wanted the madam to send up four more guys. Meanwhile, some of the men lifted her off of the swing and put her on a bed. Now there were lots of hands and cocks all over her, while half of them pulled their dicks and came all over her pussy and face. One of the guys, a black man, was eating her pussy after most of them had already fucked her and cum in and on it!I removed my hand from with my wife’s pussy to put my arm up around her neck and cup her left breast again. The guy next to her slid his hand up and filled the void I’d left in her pussy with a finger. My wife spread her legs further and shifted some more to give him better access. He was fingering her and rubbing her clit when my wife grabbed the guys long thick cock and started stroking it until it was fully erect. Then, without saying a word, she raised up and slid over onto his lap, guiding him inside of her as she sat down on his dick. She used the armrests as braces as she pushed herself up and dropped down on the guys dick. He matched her stroke for stroke. They didn’t last more than five minutes when he wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her breasts and rolling her nipples as he drove up another half dozen times and came in my wife’s pussy. In the meantime my wife had managed to make enough noise when they came that everyone in our section knew she was getting boned.As soon as they’d finished my wife slid over next to me again and said ‘I did it! I did it,’ and kissed my cheek; then she fastened three or four of the buttons from her waist to her hips and signaled for us to leave.On screen the scene had switched to a lovely Asian girl with a slight resemblance to my wife and a pretty young blonde. They were now making out with the male lead, who had somehow managed to get wrapped in plastic wrap from his head to his ankles. I had definitely missed something on screen but nothing next to me. We walked quickly out to the corridor between the theater and the lobby.My wife kissed me and said “I did it! Let’s go upstairs and check out the peep shows.” I ran my hand under the front of her dress. There was cum leaking out of her pussy.All I could think to say was ‘Okay’.She kissed me again and we walked out to the counter where I handed the cashier a $20 for a roll of tokens. He reached into a drawer behind him, pulled out a roll of tokens and cracked it open on the edge of the drawer, then put the two halves on the counter next to me as he stood there staring at my wife’s dress out of the corner of his eye while he rang up the sale. That’s when I realized that she had misaligned the buttons on her dress in her haste in the darkened theater. There were three empty button holes on the top, and three unused buttons at the bottom. My wife gave me this little evil grin of hers and leaned forward against the counter, flashing the cashier a nipple while he slowly counted out our change, ten dollars in singles; then counted them one more time, just to be sure he got a good look at her tit. “Only one to a booth” he yelled out as we walked through the curtains and up the stairs leading to the peep shows.Upstairs we stepped into the center of a long dimly lit aisle with evenly spaced rows of narrow plywood doors every six feet or so along both sides. There were three or four men milling about. We paused at a poster board, across from the top of the stairs and directly below one of the few low wattage bare bulbs that almost lit the aisle, to check out the assortment of movies being offered. I let my wife pick out a movie and lead us to her chosen booth, the last booth on the stair side of the aisle.There was a plywood bench spanning the back wall from side to side. I put in a bunch of tokens and watched the tv screen built into the wall next to the door jump to life. A pretty young girl with long blonde hair was getting double-teamed by two men with huge cocks, one in her pussy from behind, and one was very slowly disappearing and reappearing from down her throat.My wife reached around and unzipped my pants, freed my cock and stroked me till I was hard. I turned to face her and undid the buttons holding the front of her dress together. We kissed. She ground her pussy up against dick. I spun her around and she braced herself with her hands up against the side wall as I easily entered her from behind. We’d just gotten into a steady rhythm with me playing with her nipples when I felt fingers on my dick. Both my wife’s hands were in sight, braced on the wall.She let out a soft moan and whispered “Mmm. Someone is playing with my clit.”I pulled out and squatted down between her legs. There was a hole in the wall with a hand sticking through. It’s middle and index fingers had taken my place in my wife’s pussy and now she was rolling her hips with her stomach pressed up against the wall. I shifted so I could see better.The hand withdrew and she said ‘NO’ but didn’t move. Seconds later a cock head came through and was pressed up against her leg. Without even thinking about it I reached up between my wife’s legs and rubbed the head up and down between my wife’s pussy lips several times. She couldn’t wait and dropped a hand down to guide the invading member home, then began to slowly rock her hips up against the wall again. I put my hand back up between her legs a pressed her pussy lips firmly around the dick that was now assaulting her pussy with a vengeance. That went on for several minutes with my wife moaning ‘Oh, oh, oh’ just loud enough that I could hear her over our movie, and then drove her hips up against the wall one last time.Another minute or so later, and no more, and the sperm donor pulled his dick back through the hole and my fingers were bathed with their combined fluids. I stood up and replaced the dick with my own from behind. My wife never missed a beat and began rocking back and forth on my cock. The silky warmth of her pussy was something I’d never felt before. Oh I’d had her sloppy seconds at least two dozen times in the year since the grand opening of our marriage, but never immediately afterward. There’s always been a waiting period after she’d been fucked; waiting for her to get back to the bar, waiting till we got our own room, waiting until we got to the car, until we got home, before we could fuck. Try as I could, I didn’t make it any longer than the last guy and all too soon added my load to the mix, and by then the screen and our booth were already dark.It took a while to get another bunch of tokens with my pants pocket down around my ankles. I counted off a dozen tokens as they dropped in the slot and the booth lit up. This time when the movie started up again there was one half of a pair of glasses with a magnified eye peering through the hole in the wall where the cock had come through.My wife looked over at me, I shrugged my shoulders, her decision. She squatted down and fed her left breast through the hole. A moment later she was bracing the side of her head against the plywood wall with her eyes closed while I was rubbing her clit. That went on for quite a while until my wife pulled her breast out with the head of black cock pressed against her nipple.My wife stood up and took a step back as more and more of the semi-rigid cock followed. Even hanging, bent başakşehir escort down at an angle from the effects of gravity, it was nearly as long as my seven inches and freakishly thick! Just behind the head it ballooned out to at least twice its width. As I mentioned before, this was three weeks before my wife’s twenty-third birthday. One of her twenty-second birthday presents was an old friend of mines dick. Rod is the proud owner of the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, and you see a lot of them in the service. This guy’s cock was a close second. She wrapped her hand around the base, up by the wall. Her long narrow fingers barely fit all the way around it! That made the damn thing fill with blood and it grew even more, in both girth and length, and was now curving up like a scimitar. The part sticking out beyond her hand was nearly as long as my dick. My wife’s eyes grew at the same rate as the cock. She looked back at me, obviously impressed.”Go ahead” I urged, as I grabbed the thick meat just behind the head with one hand and brought it back down to rub along her clit and then up and down between her pussy lips to lubricate the head while I pushed on her ass with the other.My wife finally got the hint and scooted in close to the wall again and drove her hips forward. I felt the cock twitch and grow again in my hand as I watched my wife’s pussy being pressed open and the head disappear inside until she was driven back by the force of him pushing and stepped away. I ran the head of the guy’s dick up and down between her pussy lips again to use the spunk leaking out as lubrication, and pushed on her ass again. She worked her hips another half dozen strokes and her sex was pressed up against my fist. I had to remove my hand if she was going to continue to work herself the rest of the way onto that huge piece of dark meat. It took my wife quite a while of rolling her hips and driving her ass forward to work her stomach up against the wall and all the way onto the guy’s dick. She paused for what seemed like forever, her upper body pressed up against the sheet of plywood, not moving, but was probably only another minute or so, to let her pussy get accustomed to the fullness. Her eyes were closed. There were beads of sweat on her forehead shimmering in the TV light. Then we could hear and feel the guy on the other side of the plywood wall as he began to slowly withdraw and press back into her. I stuck my left hand up between my wife’s legs. I could feel the bottom of the thick cock and then the springy curls of pubic hairs pressed up against her pussy. She’s shaved so the hair had to belong to the newest sperm donors.Pretty soon she started to rock her hips to match his movements; very slowly at first, and only an inch or two off of his dick on each stroke. I left my hand there, two fingers pressed up against the bottom of the thick cock. My wife started rolling her hips in time with his thrusts, picking up speed; and then harder and faster, pulling further and further away from the wall each time as they built up speed and intensity. The thick ebony meat was soon driving like a piston across the tips of my fingers as it plowed its way in and out her pussy. This time my wife let out another string of “OH, OH, OH’s” that were really loud and seemed to go on forever until I felt the veins along the bottom of the guy’s dick pulse three, four, five times, as he was emptying his balls way up inside of my wife where I could never reach. She threw her body up against the plywood wall and froze there as she let out a really loud “OHHH!” before collapsing against the wall and nearly falling. My wife was still impaled and was also sweating profusely as she looked down at me and smiled weakly. She braced herself on my shoulder and stepped back away from the wall.The spent dick fell out and flopped down on our side of the wall. It stuck there for several seconds, coated with the combined sperm of two other men and my wife’s vaginal fluids. I couldn’t believe the size of the thing as it was slowly withdrawn back through the hole in the wall leaving a trail of slime on the wall like a huge black slug. We stood there a moment staring at the empty hole in disbelief until my wife turned and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately and whispered “thank you,” as she sat down and leaned back against the back wall, physically exhausted.She shifted and turned a little, leaning into the corner of the booth with her legs splayed out in front of her. Her swollen pussy lips were wide open and nearly as red as a radish. We heard the door open in the booth next door, a quick flash of light at the peep hole, and then darkness again when the door closed.My dick was so hard that I had to do something about it. I stood in front of my wife with it dangling in front of her face. She leaned forward and I played with her breasts while she sucked my dick. I didn’t even try to hold back. I needed release. My wife noticed that there was someone watching us through the recently abandoned peep hole just as our tokens ran out. We were in the dark again but she didn’t stop. I grabbed her pony tails and pulled her forehead up against my stomach as I emptied my balls down the back of her throat.Someone tried our door while my wife was cleaning off my dick with her tongue. She finally quit when they rattled the door again. I got mad, turned and punched the door hard enough that my hand hurt for a few days, but we were left alone as I put my dick back until she finished.After she had collected herself my wife whispered “Hand me my panties and let me button my dress and then we should go.” It was so damned dark in there without the movie running that we could only make out shapes so I deposited one of the last two tokens I had so we could see to get dressed. I pointed out that someone was watching us through the hole, but as soon as she was ready my wife stood and grabbed my arm and whispered ‘Let’s go.’I pulled opened the door and led her out by the hand past a line of men queued up to the door of the booth next to ours. We had been in the last booth. My wife trailed behind me as I led her down the stairs to the lobby which by now wasn’t much brighter than the aisle upstairs. There was a tall lanky black man, wearing thick glasses, leaning against the counter deep in conversation with the cashier. He was rather good looking, my wife’s words, around my height, 6’-3″, maybe even a bit taller, but I’d bet that he didn’t weigh much more than my wife’s one-forty. As soon as we approached they quit talking and the black guy took a few steps away from the cash register to make room as we approached. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of my wife as I asked the cashier to call us a taxi. The jerk made the call and then stood opposite the black guy, openly undressing my wife while he was on the phone, then announced it be about twenty minutes.We had already been waiting at the far end counter for about ten minutes when the black guy grabbed his crotch as he smiled and winked at my wife, then walked into the vestibule area leading back to the rest rooms.I looked over at my wife. She arched her eyebrows in question. I nodded and whispered ‘Yeah, that was probably him!’She started to say something, paused to collect her thoughts, and then whispered, “if we were home I’d ask for his phone number.”I whispered back “we’re going to be here for three more nights!” Neither of us said anything, each with our own thoughts for a while until I leaned over and whispered “you could also go use the restroom!” I could tell that she was at least thinking about it as we stood there waiting for our cab. The black man returned and was trying to strike up a conversation with my wife who had only fastened the middle three or four buttons on her dress. He was staring at her breasts, as she was still showing a lot of cleavage as they talked; but to be honest, she was busy checking out the salami hanging in his pants leg. He had introduced himself and I honestly thought that, after telling him that we were vacationing from Los Angeles, she was going to tell him where we were staying. She didn’t, but not for lack of his asking where we were staying, and she did tell him that we would be there the next night.It was just after 1:30 in the morning by the time we got back to inn. Two minutes later we were in her bed and in each other’s arms talking excitedly about the two fantasies that we had just followed through on from our Fuck-it List!(To be continued…)

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