The Gig

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The GigThe GigIt was a hot summer’s Friday night and Chloe was tipsy and looking to unwind after a long hard week. She was at a gig of a band she quite liked with her friend Amy. The support band had just gone off, Amy had seen them before and told her they were really good. They’d been ok but she was ready for the main event, especially because she massively fancied the lead singer of the main band. She was waiting to get served at the bar and felt someone press up behind her. She didn’t really mind, the bar was busy and she knew she was bound to attract some male attention the way she was dressed. Red “Fuck me” heels, a short schoolgirl style plaid shirt and a tight t-shirt of the band. She pressed her arse back against the person behind her, not knowing or even caring who it was, just enjoying the sensation. She got served and took her drinks and edged away from the bar.She got a good look at the guy who had been pressed up against her and she liked what she saw. Tall, muscled, shaved head, he was right up her street. He moved out of the way for her, even though someone else took the place at the bar.“Thanks” She said, nonchalantly.“You’re alright”. He shrugged.She walked off to find Amy, walking carefully through the crowd with the two beers to add to the bottle of wine they’d shared before coming out. She got to the spot where they’d been stood but couldn’t see Amy anywhere. She took her phone out of her bag to see a text from Amy“Met the singer from the support, gone to their dressing room!! See you tomoz” She was pissed off with grandbetting giriş Amy for leaving her alone so stood and drank her beer whilst people watching. Before she knew it she had almost finished the second beer and the main group were about to come on stage. Excited she downed the rest of the beer and chucked the plastic. She heard someone tut, she turned to see the guy from the bar stood close behind her.“Shouldn’t litter” He said smirking, his blue eyes piercing into hers.“What can I say? I’m a bad girl.” She smiled back and turned around.The band came on stage and the large crowd cheered, everyone pushed forward and all of a sudden the bar guy was even closer to her than before, pressing his crotch right into her arse. The first song kicked in and she started rocking to the music, one of her favourites, and so did he. Almost immediately she felt his dick stiffen through his jeans and she bit her lip. She’d always wanted to fuck in public, but that wasn’t going to happen it was just a guy with a hard-on. She stopped rocking, wanting to see if he would but he was more forceful, moving with the sway of the crowd. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, and she could feel her nipples harden and she moaned. It wasn’t loud but it was obviously loud enough for him to here because immediately his hands were round her hips, controlling the movements of her body. She gasped as he slid his hand up onto her inner thigh and began tracing his fingertips lightly around it. By now she was absolutely dripping grandbetting yeni giriş and he could tell, the heat radiating from her little black thong. She put one arm behind her back to feel his cock straining against the fabric of his jeans. He began expertly flicking his index finger gently against her clit through her virtually non-existent underwear. He rubbed it hard and fast and as the first song ended and the crowd roared loudly she came from his touch.She was putty in his hands now and didn’t he just fucking know it. He slid two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy and her body shuddered in mini-orgasm. The next song was a little slower so he went with the tempo of the music and fucked her with two fingers slowly, letting her gyrate her hips over him, her eyes glazed over with pleasure and looking no more slutty than other of the other girls bumping and grinding.She continued to massage his cock through his jeans and he decided to take things further. Using the lube from her hot wet cunt his slowly worked his index finger into her tight arse and she was shocked at how dirty he was, but she fucking loved it, knowing what a little slut she was being in a room with eight hundred other people in it, none of them having a clue she was getting pleasured. She backed herself further on to him, now with three fingers in her pussy and one in her arse she could barely breathe she was so turned on. He worked her body hard and fast as the next song ended.“Would you like to hear a new one?” Enquired the singer grandbetting güvenilirmi of the band.“Yes! Yes!” Came her screamed reply, louder than most of the others.“We’ll take that a yes then”She had had enough teasing now. She tried to unbutton the guys jeans but struggled, he quickly obliged. She felt the warmth of his cock against her hand then against the back of her thighs. He slid into her effortlessly and she came instantly as his cock dipped into her from behind. He teased her, placing the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and rocking her hips with his strong hands back and forth, jus the way the rest of the crowd were moving. Slow and gentle, not too violent. She was simultaneously in heaven from the sensation and in hell that it wasn’t harder, faster, more. The new song was fairly short and the band kicked into an old classic, a fast upbeat song. Chloe started to get fucked just how she liked it, hard and fast. She suddenly realised she was getting fucked bareback by a complete stranger. For a second she felt dirty and guilty. Then she just started to feel dirty and enjoyed it. The fact that this unknown man could shoot his cum into her tight cunt and potentially get her pregnant made her wild. “What fun is fucking without any risks?” She thought.Again he started to rub her clit and she rocked her hips for him as he started to fuck her harder and faster. She knew he was going to shoot his hot thick cum inside her pretty little pussy and she licked her lips ready to take it. Her body quivered as his cum shot into her and as quick as that he had pulled out. She breathed out a heavy sigh, tired and extremely satisfied. She turned round, she wasn’t really sure why, to kiss him maybe? But he was gone. She looked round and couldn’t see him anywhere.“Oh well” She thought, and started making eyes at the singer of the band.

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