The Glorious Liberation of a Man’s Sexual Inhibitions

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I’ve never been one for love. Nothing in that field has really ever helped me…I’ve pretty much been evading love all my life. All it’s ever done is hurt and bring about discomfort.

Until today, that is.

Earlier today I was sitting at home watching television until the phone rang. It was Lena, my best friend. She was in a relatively weepy voice and telling me how her boyfriend dumped her. Just hearing her so feeling so sad was enough to make me sad as well.

She was so pretty, too. She had these translucent brown eyes that just stunned me, at least. Her long brown hair was straight and flowing, better than it should be. That and her skin… normally I wasn’t a big fan of tanned girls, but for some reason she looked really good to me like that. However, I had known her for over three years so I had fallen into that dreaded “friends” category. Well, I figured that behind every beautiful woman there’s a man too spineless to tell her how he feels about her, so I headed down there.

I arrived about ten minutes later, and upon arrival I put my cigarette out and knocked on the door. When she answered I was taken aback, even more than usual. She looked hotter than ever for some reason. It could have been the short, loose fitting skirt she was wearing. Perhaps it was the tight navel revealing T-shirt. Hell, maybe it was just because she’s simply gorgeous in my eyes. I was almost ashamed of the thoughts I was having of her, but I’m only a man. The visuals of me drilling into her ran through my head like the sugar plums in “The Night Before Christmas”. I tried to shake these thoughts off as I greeted her.

“Hi, Lena,” I said, happy that my jeans were tight enough to efficiently conceal my developing erection.

“Hi, Jake,” she said softly. She opened the door and gestured to a couch. “Are you thirsty at all?” she asked.

“I’m fine, thanks,” came my response. Finally she sat next to me on the couch. “So, what’s wrong,” I asked, hoping to help relieve her problem somewhat.

“Well,” she began, “it’s not that complex. Paul cared about nothing but sex, and when I said that it was too early in the relationship, he called me a bitch and left!” Tears were already forming in her eyes. Seeing this girl who’s had subtle restraints on my heart for so long just made me sad.

“Come here,” I uttered. I held her in my arms and reassured her. “He already made his choice, Lena, and there’s Antalya Escort nothing you can do about it. It was a faulty decision in my opinion, but that’s his loss. He doesn’t deserve you, Lena. There’s so much more to you than that beautiful exterior..”

I caught myself, but a little too late.

She looked up. “You think I’m beautiful?”

I figured the jig was up, so fuck it. “Of course I do, I always have.” She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes, shimmering with something unidentifiable but….or was it lust? It must have been, because she started kissing me softly right then. It became apparent that maybe she had her inhibitions as well. The sudden feeling her full lips pressed against mine took me by surprise, but I quickly regained my composure. Feeling a little pert, I slowly slipped my hands up her shirt, only to feel her slide her tongue into my mouth. My tongue invaded her mouth, and then our tongues seemed to engage in some sort of territorial dispute. I slowly began undoing her bra, and as it came undone, she was working on my pants. Finally I grabbed a hold of myself. I broke our kiss. “Wait,” I told her. “Should we be doing this?”

“Well, I think so,” she replied. “It seems that we both feel this way, and I’ve known you for long while. I’m confident that you wouldn’t hurt me.” I shrugged. That was good enough for me. I then resumed my activity and cupped her breasts in my hands. I fondled her tits and she softly moaned into my mouth, gradually begging for more in more desperation as I went on.

I left one hand on her chest and moved the other up her skirt. She squealed at the mere sensation of my hand traveling up her thigh, which caused her to squeeze my cock. Just as I had suspected, she wasn’t wearing panties. She had planned this whole thing. It felt even better because I knew she wasn’t a whore, the only other possibility was that she wanted me to that extent, and I certainly wasn’t complaining. I ran my fingers up and down her lips gently, teasing her. Soon she started bucking her hips up and fucking my hand. While this was going on I felt her pull out my fully erect cock. She wrapped her long fingers around it and started stroking slowly.

“Ooohh” she moaned. I had found her G spot and was fingering feverishly, trying to get her to cum for me. Finally I felt her pussy muscles contract, and she came. I rubbed her cum all around her vaginal Antalya Escort Bayan area and prepared to thrust in. However, she was masturbating me all this time and I was about to cum myself, so I figured that I’d save that for later.

“Oooooh, you’re so big, Jake,” she murmured. “Can I suck your cock?” she asked, almost like a little girl asking her daddy for a pony.

Normally I’m not all that much into blowjobs, but I couldn’t resist. I just uttered “suure…”. In her first motion she took in all of me, sliding her tongue all around my dick and sucking the life out of me. My cock in her wet mouth and active tongue gave me a little twitch in my balls. She bobbed her head back and forth as I caressed her nipples some more.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” I heard her moaning. It was at that moment, when my cum came splashing against the back of her throat, that I realized what a great thing a blowjob could be. I looked down at her and saw her staring into my eyes with a sort of primordial lust that only turned me on more. I began to gently fuck her beautiful face until my load was depleted. After I pulled out of her mouth, I told her to lie down on the couch. She spread her legs for me and I slowly licked my way from her knee to her pussy. Finally when I arrived there I licked up her clit while I inserted my finger inside of her. With my other hand I kneaded her gorgeous ass.

As I shoved my face as far into her crotch as physics would allow, I heard her moaning loudly, telling me how good I was and not to stop. I’ve eaten my share of carpet, but her pussy was so deliciously succulent. I went insane with desire (as did she, I’m sure) and I just ravaged her cunt with my mouth. As I kissed her vagina madly, she wrapped her legs around my head tightly and came, much more than last time. “Oooh fuck!!” she screamed. God, she tasted so good. I licked up everything I could and literally sucked on her pussy in hopes of getting more. I didn’t think it possible for a girl’s cum to taste so pleasant.

When she finished I licked my way from her shaved snatch to her lips, and I kissed her for a good while, so she could taste herself. “You taste so good, baby,” I told her. She responded by grinding her hips into mine. “I want you,” she said breathlessly. “I want you to fuck me now.” I’m a very obedient guy, so my next action was to slowly insert myself into her. She moaned and thrashed about Escort Antalya wildly as I did this. Finally, when I had five inches in, I drove the other three in and she just screamed.

Her vaginal muscles squeezed tightly on me like a hot velvety glove, and I was just in a sexual trance. I felt Lena start to buck her hips into me, and I realized that I wasn’t doing anything. Finally I got with it and started slamming my pole into her cunt until she started screaming. “Oh, Fuck!! Harder, Jake! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!! Make me cum again! Oooohh!” I started kissing her nipples as I fucked her. I licked all across her chest and she was loving it. She arched her back to allow me easier access and gasped as she came a third time, all over my engorged cock. I don’t know how, but I managed to hold off from ejaculating.

This was amazing to say the least, because I was so infused with lust and slamming into her so hard my balls were slapping against Lena’s cute little ass. It hurt like hell, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was what I was doing to this lovely creature and what she was doing to me. I kept pumping into her like an unrelenting piston until she leapt up onto me. She violently turned and moved so she was on top of me and jumped up and down with the speed of a freight train. She threw her head back and moaned in obscenely exquisite pleasure.

She was bouncing on my hard on faster and faster, moaning my name over and over again until I couldn’t take it. I sat up and we kissed wildly as I finally felt the cum rushing up my shaft. I pulled out and as if knowing exactly what was happening, Lena hastily jammed my dick into her mouth and siphoned my semen. It seemed like she was sucking as hard as she possibly could, and I groaned loudly. I still think that I came with such a force that my sperm must have entered her mouth like an undertow and have taken out her uvula. That’s what it felt like, anyway.

She sucked up all she could suck and then some. I never thought her pretty little mouth could suck so well. She took all she could until my spunk was dribbling down her chin. When I was done, she licked my penis up and down and licked her lips clean. She laid on top of me and I held her in my arms, so pleased that what I thought was impossible had just happened. I was exhausted, and I think she was too, because it seemed like she was tired out herself. She kissed my neck and I kissed her on her head and I think we both fell asleep.

When I woke up I went home and recollected my thoughts. And here I am. So remember, boys and girls, even if you think it’s never going to happen, it just might. Hey, it just happened to me! Don’t you pay attention? Shit…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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