The Grieving Process Ch. 04

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Note: If you haven’t already, read The Grieving Process Ch 01-03, which are prequels to this story.

My cousin Carol was ten years younger than me so, when we’d been growing up, we weren’t especially close. In part because I’d moved so far away not long after graduating from college, it wasn’t until my dad’s funeral that we had a real grown-up conversation for the first time. I enjoyed the opportunity to connect but there was never any suggestion afterward that we stay in touch. Once I was back home again, I thought about her occasionally but still made no effort to reach out. Seeing her in the parish hall at the church after my mom’s funeral, I smiled and hoped I’d have an opportunity to sit and chat with her again. When we eventually found ourselves heading toward each other, we slipped into each other’s arms and hugged. There had been a lot of hugs since I’d returned to my hometown but this once definitely felt a little different. She held onto me for what seemed like a long time so I continued to hold her, too.

“You smell good,” she said softly, looking a little flushed.

“Maybe we should step away for a moment and chat,” I suggested, not really thinking that we needed to be alone but it must have come across that way.

“Is there someplace we can go where we won’t be interrupted?” she asked as she broke into a big smile.

“Oh, yeah, I guess,” I replied, still not sure we were on the same page, “did you see the steps when you first walked in? If you head down those, I’ll meet you near the bottom.”

We separated and she headed toward the front door of the church while I headed toward the back. It was the church my family had attended from when I’d been small so I knew it pretty well. I went down to the church basement via the back staircase and headed toward the front staircase, where I found Carol waiting. I led her into the nearby choir practice room and when I turned toward her, expecting her to want to talk about something, she was suddenly in my arms and her lips were against mine. It wasn’t the most graceful kiss but we adjusted and were quickly exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. This definitely hadn’t been where I’d been expecting this to go, at least not consciously. I slipped my hands down to her ass, which turned out to be quite toned. She was also subtly humping the growing bulge between us.

“I’ve been thinking about doing something like that since the last time I saw you,” she finally gasped after breaking off our kiss.

“Wow, really?” I asked, still surprised but definitely into this unexpected situation.

“My parents would shit if they knew, though,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure that everyone would shit if we were discovered,” I replied, “If we’re going to continue or take this further, we should do it somewhere else.”

We agreed that our best opportunity would be on Monday when my brother would be at work again but I confirmed that she wouldn’t be concerned if he found out. She didn’t care as long as we were able to get together; her parents were the only ones she was concerned about finding out. We made out a bit longer then headed back upstairs, though I did request that, if she was so worked up that she needed to take matters into her own hands once she was alone, I wanted her to shoot me some video but save it to send to me once I’d flown back home. She assured me that she’d have a lot of videos for me. We blended back into the remaining mourners when we returned to the parish hall but I was so worked up that I knew I’d need some relief.

Both Theresa and Emily were wearing dresses but Emily had come to the church with her parents, who had been friends of my parents. When Theresa was ready to leave, I walked her to her car and asked her for a favor. We both slipped into her car then she leaned over to blow me. My cock was quickly rigid and, since we knew that this wasn’t the best location to do this and that we were expecting have more opportunities to draw out our pleasure before I left town, she put her remarkable oral talents to work to give me a quick but highly pleasurable orgasm. I reclined my seat enough so that I could watch as she repeatedly engulfed my cock, which just made me even more aroused and assured that I’d be cumming quickly. Of course, I fully intended to return the favor and assumed that there would be a flood of juices to lap from her pussy. Thinking about pushing up the hem of her dress and sliding down her panties just caused my cock to become even harder.

The level of pleasure continued to build as my cock grew thicker but her efforts weren’t impacted by my impending orgasm. Even as I finally blasted into her mouth, she continued to suck me off as she swallowed down my load. Only when I was fully spent did she let my softening cock fall from her mouth and straighten up. We both took a quick look around then I moved toward her to slide the hem of her dress up her thighs until her panties were visible. She didn’t protest and, when I realized that ataşehir escort she was wearing a sexy pair of bikini panties under her conservative and funeral-appropriate dress, it occurred to me that she may have been hoping for some action. I slid them down, exposing her trim, light brown bush while thinking that my passing mention a few days prior about how sexy I found bikini panties definitely had not fallen on deaf ears.

I set her panties aside and lowered my face toward her pussy, running my tongue along her slit and tasting the copious juices that she was producing. She moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair and, while I would love to have eaten her for a good long time through multiple orgasms, I knew this wasn’t the time and place for it. I focused on providing her with the highest level of pleasure in the shortest time possible rather than on indulging myself. I slipped a couple of fingers into her hot, wet pussy while licking and sucking her clit which caused her to gasp. She stopped running her fingers through my hair and instead held onto my head while rocking her pussy toward my face. I could feel her pussy becoming wetter and more engorged almost immediately so I was confident that she was building toward an orgasm. I definitely didn’t want to be finished eating her but I did want to make sure she came before anyone wandered over to her car to see what was going on.

When she started tensing up and was apparently having difficulty suppressing the noises that kept trying to slip out, I knew she was just about there. I didn’t change anything about my technique but did relish the last few seconds before she gasped again and her body started shaking. As with my previous sexual encounter with her, I wanted to commit every detail to memory, including the feel and the taste of her pussy. Her orgasm was clearly quite intensely pleasurable and seemed to go on for a good long time. I continued to eat her until she finally went still and let out a long sigh. I raised my head but continued gazing at her pussy while slipping my fingers out of it and into my mouth, sucking her juices off of them.

“I really should get going,” she finally said, “or I’m going to need to fuck you but let’s figure out when we can do that again, okay?”

“Most definitely,” I replied, handing her panties to her and watching her slip them on. She straightened her dress as I tucked away my cock, which had actually been beginning to recover. The last thing she did before I headed back inside was to pop a breath mint into her mouth and give one to me, as well. She started her car then we hugged before I hopped out and headed back inside. I went straight into the bathroom and made sure nothing was out of place and I didn’t have light brown pubes in my teeth. Our timing had been good because Theresa was just ahead of the slow exodus. I said good-bye to and was hugged by a lot of people before my brother and I departed ourselves.

We took it easy that night since it had been an emotional day but talked about what we needed to still get done now that the funeral was over. We established a plan for the next day, to get things organized and come up with a plan for the rest of the week, since he’d need to be back at work on Monday, the day after that. We really ended up getting a lot figured out on Sunday, including what I could get done while he was at work, what he could get done while he was working and what he could get done when he wasn’t and what we’d need to work on together. We went to bed on Sunday night feeling like we got a lot accomplished and would continue to do so with our newly formulated plan. I was also feeling a great deal of anticipation since Carol would be coming over while he was at work.

As was now my custom, I was wearing just jeans and a t-shirt when she arrived but I did not expect to be wearing them for long. I watched her all the way from her car to the front door, which I was holding open for her. She was wearing yoga pants and a snug shirt that showed off her figure much better than what she’d been wearing at the funeral. As toned as her ass felt while we were making out in the church basement, I was not surprised by how fit she looked and it just made me want to get her naked even quicker. I locked the front door behind us then led her to my bedroom and locked that door behind us as well before taking her into my arms.

“Now where were we?” I asked as our lips were coming together. I ran my hands down over her toned ass as our tongues were quickly exploring each other’s mouths. This time I was fine with my cock stiffening as we made out and I hoped that she was feeling it pushing my jeans outward. I also hoped that her pussy was becoming as wet as my cock was stiff so, rather than wondering while continuing to make out, I knew there were many ways I could find out for sure.

“Do you want to take things slowly,” I asked, breaking off our kiss, “or do you want to get naked and fuck?”

“I want to get naked and fuck,” kadıköy escort she replied, “I need to feel your hard cock inside me.”

I immediately began to pull her shirt up over her head, exposing a bra that was probably more cute than sexy but I liked it. Once her shirt was off and cast aside, she was pulling mine up and it soon joined hers. I fondled her tits through her bra, feeling her hard nipples pressing outward, while she went to work on my jeans. She pushed them down far enough for my cock to spring out so she gently gripped it then started stroking it. I dropped my hands to her waist and began to slide her yoga pants down, running my hands over her bare ass because she was wearing thong panties. Once I got them down as far as I could, I had to hunker down in front of her to continue so my cock moved out of her reach temporarily. I got her yoga pants down to her ankles and she stepped out of them as I gazed up at her toned body covered by just matching bra and panties.

“Your body is absolutely amazing,” I said.

“Whenever I’m sexually frustrated, I head to the gym,” she replied, “so I spend a lot of time at the gym.”

“Well let’s make it so you can skip a few days at the gym,” I suggested.

Since I was already down there, I then started to slide her thong panties down, revealing a very well groomed, very blond bush around her pussy. Like most of my family, including me, she was blond with blue eyes and fair skin. Her bush, and her hair in general, was a much lighter blond than mine, though. After gazing at her bush and considering just diving in and eating her pussy, I recalled that she wanted to fuck so I kissed my way back up her body until I was standing again, then pushed my own jeans down and stepped out of them. All that was left was her bra so I reached behind her and unfastened it then slid it down her arms, revealing her tits, which were probably about average in size but her nipples and areolas were very light pink. Her bra dropped to the floor as I reached out to fondle her bare tits then I lowered my head to lick and suck her hard nipples. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair which just made me think that she was probably incredibly wet.

I straightened up again then had her get on the bed. Even though she’d said she wanted to fuck, I couldn’t resist her blond bush and ended up positioning myself with my face between her thighs. I didn’t think she’d mind if I indulged myself in eating her pussy as long as she was able to cum as a result which was, of course, my goal. I ran my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan, as I tasted the abundant juices that were flowing between her lips. Glancing up, I could see her tits pointing toward the ceiling and, beyond them, a look of pure ecstasy on her face, which made me smile. I was pretty psyched about eating her pussy but to see that she appeared to be enjoying it even more than I was just made it that much more enjoyable. I could have slurped up her juices for hours, and I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded, but I doubt I’d have been able to keep up with her production of them. Recognizing that, I ended up focusing my tongue on her clit as I slipped a finger into her.

Her pussy was quite snug but she was so wet that my finger easily slipped in. She was moaning even louder as I was sliding it in and out while licking and sucking her clit. She surprised me by suddenly gasping as her body started shaking. There was no way I was ready to be done eating her pussy so I continued through her orgasm and once she’d finished cumming. It appeared to be an intensely pleasurable orgasm and I guess she was just so pent up that she didn’t need much stimulation to push her over the edge. My cock was rigid and I was looking forward to fucking her but I wanted to continue tasting her for a bit longer and figured she wouldn’t mind that. Once she’d gone still again, she was silent only briefly before she was moaning again. I wasn’t sure if, having cum once, her subsequent orgasms would be even easier to achieve, but my preference was for her to experience a high level of pleasure rather than quick orgasms. If I could help her to achieve both, however, I would be fine with that, too.

I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her now even hotter and wetter pussy as she started to rock her hips toward my face. She never did grab onto my head, gripping the comforter instead as she built toward another orgasm. Her moaning continued to get longer and louder and, if my brother had come home at that moment, there’s no doubt that he would have heard it. If he’d been able to tell that it wasn’t Theresa or Emily moaning and realized that I had yet another woman with me in the bedroom, he might have turned around and walked right out the door again. It wasn’t much longer before Carol was on the verge of cumming again. I was thinking that it might not just be that she was so pent up; she also might just have no issues with cumming.

As with bostancı escort bayan her first orgasm, she started to tense up right before cumming again but I didn’t change my technique since it was clearly doing the trick. She went silent just briefly then cried out as all the tension abruptly left her body and she started shaking. Once again, I continued to eat her right through her orgasm and didn’t stop when she’d finished cumming. She allowed me to keep licking and sucking her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her through a couple more orgasms before finally stopping me.

“My head just might explode if you keep going,” she said, sitting up while I got up on my knees. She noted my rigid cock and reached for it, stroking it as she maneuvered me onto my back. She got onto her knees and straddled me, guiding my cock toward her pussy as I reached for her tits and fondled them. I was looking up at her face, noting the expression of pleasure as she lowered herself onto my cock and we both moaned. Her pussy was incredibly snug but so wet that my full length easily slid all the way into her. She didn’t appear to be experiencing any discomfort despite how snug she felt. She sat still on my cock for a moment before beginning to slowly move up and down. I fondled her tits as I savored the incredible pleasure of her snug, slippery pussy sliding up and down my cock.

She was immediately moaning again so I was happy that she appeared to be feeling as much pleasure as I was. It was probably good that she was starting out so slowly because I suspect that if she’d started out riding me hard and fast, I’d have lasted about ten seconds. She did gradually begin to pick up her pace which allowed me to savor building levels of pleasure rather than experiencing all of the pleasure in a very short period of time. I could definitely feel the stirrings of an orgasm the longer she was riding me but I didn’t try to distract myself to hold it off, preferring to savor the incredible pleasure that I was experiencing as a result of her snug, slippery pussy. As she did ride me harder and faster and her tits started to bounce, I moved my hands around to caress her toned ass while I watched her titties bouncing.

She appeared to be building toward another orgasm based on the noises she was making and the expression I saw on her face when I could tear my gaze away from her bouncing titties. I was figuring on trying to cum either with or close to her so I was pushing up into her each time she dropped down and my own orgasm was building more quickly. I wasn’t even close, however, when she dropped down onto my cock and just sat there momentarily before crying out and starting to shake. Obviously I wasn’t disappointed to not cum along with her if it meant more opportunity to fuck her for longer. I waited out her orgasm, which appeared to be another long and highly pleasurable one, thinking that she’d go back to riding my cock once she was done. She didn’t but I wasn’t disappointed.

Once she’d finished cumming, she sat on my cock for a moment as she was catching her breath then climbed off and moved backwards down the bed. Positioning herself between my legs, she lowered her head as she gripped the base of my cock then engulfed it in her mouth. I moaned as she slid her lips up and down my cock, glad that I hadn’t cum inside her pussy and missed out on this. Watching her as she repeatedly inhaled my cock was a huge turn-on above and beyond the pleasure that she was providing with her mouth so I pulled the pillows over to prop up my head. When she looked up at me with her piercing blue eyes, her blond hair hanging around her face, I don’t know how I didn’t instantaneously blow a load.

Not only did I not cum immediately, but she managed to draw out the pleasure I was feeling for much longer than I ever would have expected to be able to last. This clearly was not her first rodeo though I didn’t know for sure whether she was drawing out this blowjob for my benefit or her own. She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself though I doubted there was any way that it could have been as much as I was. Even as my cock became thicker the closer I got to cumming, she maintained her technique and continued to skillfully suck me off. I was happy to have lasted longer than expected, and would love to have enjoyed her cocksucking for even longer, but it got to the point where even her abilities couldn’t hold off my orgasm any longer. I think she realized that I was just about there and switched from drawing out the pleasure to getting me the rest of the way.

When I finally started spurting into her mouth, she just continued to suck me off as she swallowed my load. Only once I was fully spent did she let my cock fall from her mouth then crawl up to lie beside me.

“Thank you,” she said, “I really needed all of that.”

“I’d think that there would be guys lining up for a chance to do all of that with you,” I said, “so why does it seem like you’re not taking advantage of that.”

“Too much effort, too much drama, too complicated,” she replied, “Take your pick.”

“So you hook up with your cousin,” I said, “because there’s already an established relationship but there’s no ambiguity about where that relationship might be going?”

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