The Gypsy Chronicles Ch. 05

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This one was a surprise. Gypsy satisfied a fantasy before I even had a chance to fantasise about it!

Power showers! You have to love them. It was a cold morning, so I set it so that the water to all but stripping and cooking the skin off of my back, the bathroom steaming up.

I was staying at Gypsy’s after a great meal at her place the night before with a group of friends. Something Greek that I can never remember the name of, but it was incredibly good. The wine flowed, laughs were had, and eventually, the night ended with two heading home and from the sound of snoring few more sleeping around the house.

I had reserved my place on the sofa early on saying, “that’s my bed,” once the conversation got around to drinking and driving. I knew Gypsy wouldn’t mind me staying over.

No one really knew about what Gypsy and I got up to. Some assumed that there might be something between us as we spent so much time in each other’s company. Others just accepted that we were what we said we were, friends, and that nothing else was involved in our relationship. As for us, we did not publicise or show any indication that we were any more than platonically involved. Which we were, albeit interspersed with moments of random passion.

While we were not exactly at it like rabbits, every couple of weeks something would happen as a result of my new found freedom to describe my fantasies to Gypsy. Having put so many to writing for her to read, she had started to get more and more in to them, from time to time she even made some a reality.

The shower was next to Gypsy’s bedroom, the lock had no key so there was potential for a little embarrassment here and there. But with the shower going like a fire hose and me humming some tune I could not get out of my head, anyone outside would know there was someone inside.

I needed a shave and not having Maltepe Escort any wash kit there, made use of the lady’s razor that I assumed Gypsy used for her legs. Hey don’t judge! How many guys out there have had their razor abused by a lady!

I didn’t hear the bathroom door open and only knew someone was there as the shower door made a noise.

Gypsy in a gown. A black silky Item that I had bought with her when we went for one of our periodic pantiless shopping trips. It had gotten to the stage where Gypsy hardly ever wore panties when I was around. She knew what it did for me and enjoyed having me on the edge even when she teasingly didn’t allow anything to happen between us. Damn, she knew how to get me worked up!

Gypsy slipped the gown off of her shoulders, and saying “good morning” came in with me as I finished shaving.

“Do my back please” she said softly, handing me her shower gel and pointing her delectable derriere towards me.

Do her back? I’d do all of her repeatedly, on demand, whenever she wanted. but having been asked politely, I did the gentlemanly thing and started to soap her up.

Running my hands all over her beautiful brown skin, massaging her shoulders slightly and getting a little sigh in return, I soaped each of her arms, slowly getting to her sides and inevitably her front, softly massaging her tits feeling the nipples harden and was rewarded with a groan.

Kneeling down while she stood supporting herself with her hands against the shower wall, I soaped her legs from top to bottom. Well from bottom to ankles and back up again. Both hands surrounding each leg as I slid them up and down and up again.

Purely in the interests of hygiene and thoroughness, I paid an appropriate amount of interest to her butt and that delectable peach of a pussy that enthrals and entertains me so much. İstanbul Escort A delicate touch was accepted, a slip of my finger between her lips elicited a groan, but the moment my tongue got close she pushed my head away. Damn she knew how to tease me.

Tugging at an ear to make me stand she pulled me to her for a kiss, my hardness sliding between our wet bodies. She had so far said nothing other than “good morning” and “Do my back please.”

Kneeling down she picked up the shower gel and started soaping my dick. I don’t think it could have been possible to make me harder but she was certainly trying to.

Rinsing off her hands she reached for the razor and started shaving the hair below my navel.

I have been trimming my pubic hair for years. Usually with a hair trimmers I use in a tight-fisted approach to saving on barbers bills. So although trimmed my pubic area is still a little hairy. I had never used a razor as I tend to be a clumsy handed klutz at the best of times.

Gypsy on the other hand, with her pianist’s delicate touch, was seemingly unbothered by the potential for damage. Gently dragging the razor down my shaft and the sides of my legs I was stripped of hair.

Taking me slightly by surprise, she gripped one of my balls quite firmly between her thumb and forefinger stretching the skin taught, she scraped around it, thankfully in an exceptionally delicate manner before moving on to the other.

To say I was in heaven would not be an exaggeration.

All done she soaped me up again, rinsed me off and still kneeling, admired her handy work before looking up and giving me a dazzling smile.

She pulled my shaft down, placed its tip in her mouth and started to do that thing she does with her tongue that drives me mad, while stroking me up and down with one hand, caressing my balls with the Anadolu Yakası Escort other.

After a couple of minutes I was truly on fire, so pulling her up, I gripped her under her armpits and jerked up what is a thankfully a reasonable 55kg. Being truly on the same page as me, Gypsy wrapped her legs around my waste as I lowered her down.

We met firmly inside her velvety smoothness as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her face for a deep kiss. All the while her back against the wall and my hands supporting her ass I thrust in to her.

Our tongues sliding over each other and passions burning in side of us, she pulled away and gestured to be released. Letting her down, I went to say something only to have a finger put to my lips with a delicate shhhhh.

Soaping her pussy and my shaft again she rinsed us off and went to step out of the shower. With the shower off, she dried herself while I watched, slowly stroking myself up and down.

“Not too much” she said nodding towards my hand, “you’ll need that later.” Putting on her gown she blew a kiss and left the bathroom, with me there hard as a rock and far fuller than I wanted to be.

Damn she’s a tease. But knowing her well I knew she had a plan, so I was looking forward to later in the day. Gypsy frequently gives the orders in our liaisons and loving a woman in control, I obeyed reluctantly, left my dick alone and dried off.

Dressed and refreshed, although more than a little aroused, I went to the kitchen and saw Gypsy whispering to Elise, one of the sleep over guests. Seeing me, she turned around and walked to a cupboard. What was she saying? Was she telling Elise about what we were up to 10 minutes earlier? I guessed I would find out in the fullness of time.

I must admit, the idea of others knowing about the arrangement that Gypsy and I had didn’t bother me in the least. In fact in the case of Elise I found it very sexy due to her shape and good looks. Gypsy is always my number one but that does not mean that I do not find other women attractive.

Ooooh, did we have fun when everyone else left! But that’s another story.

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