The Headmaster’s Office – Chapter 4

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Despite the fearsome reputation that the St. Margaret’s Academy for Wayward Girls had gained for itself over the years, life at the school wasn’t always as bad as it seemed. Punishments were quite rare actually, and it was far from every day that a girl would be required to lower her panties to her knees. Out of the roughly one thousand students that attended, perhaps only about a dozen would end up being sent to the headmaster’s office per week. For the rest of the class, most of the days were spent quite carefree.But as lenient as the academy was, there still came a time when the rules could no longer be ignored. Every now and then, something big would occur, and the school would be forced to play its hand. Or the paddle, in the case of Reena Patel as she stood before the headmaster with tears running down her face. One look at the situation, and it was quite clear that there was a punishment waiting for her at the end of the day.“Please sir,” she cried, “It was a mistake, it won’t happen again!”An international student and eighteen years old, her accent was lighter than most, through her New Delhi background and her family wealth was the most likely cause. Sinking down onto her knees with her hands clasped in front of her however, there was not a single trace of her traditional upper-caste mannerisms to be found. For a straight-A student who played the flute and was on the marching band, it was quite a sight to see.“It was just once, and I didn’t even mean it!” she begged.Sitting behind his desk, the headmaster sighed in response.“Do you realize the magnitude of what you’ve done?” he said.“Sir, I…,” said Reena.“The issue here isn’t about just you now,” he said softly, “It’s become a matter of integrity for the entire school.”The words stuck in like a barb, and Reena lowered her gaze to the floor. It was one thing for her to fail a test, or heavens forbid, try to touch herself between her legs. It was an entirely different matter, however, for her to be caught in an intimate relationship with a stranger from a nearby town. An older, postgrad lecturer as well, if that made things any worse.It had started off rather innocently, a chance meeting between the two of them as they bumped into each other during one of her trips out. There was a café that she liked to visit, and sitting down together at the same table, he had been quite surprised to discover that she was reading the same book as well. Les Fleurs du mal, or The Flowers of Evil, as it was less elegantly put. Following that, the more they talked, the more it seemed natural for her to accept when he invited her out for a drink at the local bar.She shouldn’t have, she really shouldn’t have, but separated from the controlled supervision of her parents and living halfway across the world, it hadn’t even occurred to her that she should have said no. And by the time the first round of drinks were ordered, it was as if her thoughts were no longer her own. Bourbon and shots of tequila, Adana Escort the first time she had dared to drink alcohol. And during the drive back, with things going the way they were, she soon found a hand pressing down on the back of her head as her mouth was filled with the taste of something else. A brief spurt of bitterness against the back of her throat, and the rest was a blur, the memories of what happened afterwards forgotten in the haze of youth.Needless to say, even without her absence at the morning inspection the day afterwards, it hadn’t taken long for the school to find out.“I’m really sorry, sir,” sobbed Reena.“I’m sure you are,” said the headmaster.“Am I… am I going to be expelled?” asked Reena.It was as much of a confession of guilt as it was a plea for mercy, and staring down at the floor in front of her, her voice sounded almost broken as the words came out. The very thought of being kicked out was unthinkable. What would her parents say to her if they found out? They would disown her for sure, especially after they found out what she had done.The headmaster looked across at her, and she swallowed hard as she tried to hold back her tears. His usual smile was missing, and a solemn expression stretched across his face where it would have been. Even in the past when she was being punished, he had always been nice to her so long as she was willing to repent. Now though, it was as if the very air of the room was pressing down against her like a stone around her neck.Sitting behind his desk, the headmaster let out a sign as he set his pipe to the side. For once it was unlit, and the packed tobacco inside slowly curled upward as it dried against the air. When he spoke again, his voice sounded ever so slightly bitter as if he was more disappointed in her rather than upset.“I have half a mind to,” he said at last.“Please, I…,” said Reena.“But,” he said again, cutting her off, “Considering your previous record, and the fact that this was your first offense, I’m willing to offer you a choice. Provided, of course, that your purity is still intact. If you own up to your mistakes and submit to three months of detention, then I’ll allow you to stay at the school.”Silence, and then an eternity as her heart leapt up in her chest. And with a start, she realized, the reason why she was still here in his office now instead packing her bags. Whatever protests she had been about to say remained stuck in her throat as faint glimmer of hope rose up instead. He was giving her one last chance, she realized. A small one, but a chance nonetheless.Reena felt a sense of relief. She had been fortunate that sitting side by side in the car that night, she hadn’t had the time to do much else aside from fumble around a bit in the dark. She had taken him in her mouth, and he had stuck a finger up between her legs, but with the limited room they had to move in, there was still a good chance that her virginity was still Adana Escort Bayan intact. At least she hoped so. There had been a bit of pain when he stuck his finger in, but it hadn’t gone in very far at all.“Do you accept?” asked the headmaster.Taking in a deep breath, Reena slowly dried her tears and nodded her head.“Yes sir,” she said.&&&&&&Despite the newfound hope, there was still the matter of the actual inspection ahead of her, and Reena felt her face grow red at the prospect of even having to check. It made sense though why the headmaster would ask. The only students that were allowed to enroll at the academy were those who could keep themselves pure. He was willing to help her, but only on the grounds that her virginity was still intact.The next steps after that were more than clear, and reaching up to take off the top half of her school uniform, Reena blushed in embarrassment as she lowered her skirt. Her panties followed a moment later, and she shivered as the cold air blew across the warm tones of her mahogany skin. Standing there in the nude, she resisted the urge to cover up as her nipples perked up from the center of her breasts. The small, pert mounds were hardly large enough to even be considered B-cup in size.“Sir, I…,” said Reena.“Don’t thank me” said the headmaster, “Thank yourself for not letting him go any further.”It was the only opportunity she was going to get, and she wasn’t going to squander it by delaying any further.“Yes sir,” she said.Deep breaths now. It was just a standard purity inspection. She had gone through the procedure more than a dozen times now since she joined in her first year. But with her future resting on the results now, this time the anticipation felt so much worse. Moving her feet apart as she had been taught, she reached up to place her arms on top of her head.“No, not like that,” said the headmaster, “On your back.”“You mean like…,” said Reena.“Of course,” said the headmaster.So it was going to be a full-depth inspection instead then. Reena blushed as she realized what that meant. The only time she had been required to take one was in the nurse’s office the day she had arrived at the school. It had been one of the most embarrassing moments of her life, and she wasn’t really looking forward to repeating the process again. Most of the other times after that, the only thing she had to do was bend over and cough as someone looked up between her legs from behind.Of course, the only other option was expulsion, and her parents would be far from happy if she suddenly arrived home without warning only halfway through the semester. Swallowing hard, she walked over to the desk and slowly laid down on her back. Lifting her legs up into the air, she wrapped her arms underneath them as she held them up against her chest. The headmaster stepped forward, and turning her head to the side, she waited patiently for him to begin.“Comfortable?” he asked.“Yes, sir,” lied Reena.She Escort Adana flinched in surprise at the sudden touch as the headmaster trailed his hand up the inside of her thighs. Lying flat on her back however with her legs lifted out of the way, there was nothing she could to do stop him as he moved closer towards her most intimate place. Tracing softly over the sensitive surface of her skin, he gently ran his finger over the outer curve of her lips.“Spread,” he said.This was the part she hated the most. It felt embarrassing, but gritting her teeth together, Reena forced herself to obey. Reaching down with her hands, she slowly spread her labia apart for the headmaster to see. Then, lifting her legs up even higher into the air, she shifted her bottom forward again so that it hung out even further beyond the edge.It was beyond awkward to have to expose herself in such a way, but there was no helping it as she did her best to hold still. A quick check was all that was needed. Five minutes, and then she would be allowed to climb back down. Framed by the soft contours of her inner folds, the entrance of her tunnel twitched ever so slightly as the headmaster gently placed the tip of his finger against her hole.“Seems tight enough,” he said, “Have you ever stuck anything inside before?”“No sir,” said Reena.“Good,” said the headmaster.He pushed down a little harder, and she closed her eyes in turn. Her pulse felt like a drumbeat inside her head as it pounded in response to the intrusion down below.It was hard to think about anything else though as the headmaster held up a small flashlight and shined it down into the darkness of her hole. There was a slight tug as he adjusted his grip, and she held her breath as she waited for him to finish. An eternity seemed to pass as time stretched out in between. Then, the headmaster nodded once, and she let out a sigh of relief. Set a little less than an inch or so inside her, the soft barrier of her hymen was still very much in one piece.“What were you going to do if your friend had insisted on using you here instead of your mouth?” asked the headmaster.“I was planning on letting him use my… my…,” said Reena.She trailed off, the words too much for her to say, and the headmaster stared down at her with a disappointed look on his face.“Your ass,” he said.Wordlessly she nodded, too embarrassed to speak. The fact that she had even thought of such a thing was proof enough of her sin. There was nothing more that needed to be said after that as the headmaster moved his finger down to tap against the puckered entrance of her backdoor. In hindsight, the idea of having something shoved up her rear didn’t seem as good of an idea as it had once been.The feeling didn’t get any better when the headmaster reached over to take the paddle out along with a fig of ginger from the drawer.&&&&&&The first step of course was to take in a deep breath, and laying across the top of the desk, Reena tried to mentally prepare herself for the punishment that would no doubt came next. With her knees pulled up against her chest however, she couldn’t help but shiver as the headmaster stared down at the full length of her privates still spread open between her legs.“Well?” he said.

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