The Holding Cell Pt. 03

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Chapter 3 Escalation

My first day on the job was ending and I lay in bed relaxing after my long enjoyable shower. The rest of the lights were dimmed so I could barely see her outline but I could hear her moaning and pleasuring herself. Part of me felt bad because I couldn’t imagine her level of pent up tension. Another part of me took a happy evil pleasure in it. To know I was having that effect on someone! To think that she wanted me so badly I couldn’t stop her if her cell door was unlocked! To think she would take me so hard it would be dangerous! I felt my body heat starting to rise and fantasies started exploding in my head in my head once again.

This was also going to be a lot harder or me than I’d imagined. Granted I’d known it would be difficult for her but didn’t stop to think it would have a reverse effect. All I had to do was unlock her door and… No! I stomped on that thought hard and fast. I’d be a fucking idiot to try something that insane and I’d bet my sweet ass she’d gladly and obliviously wreck me in the heat of passion! I shook my head hard and figured I’d best just masturbate myself to bliss and sleep it off.

I kept a small towel close to my bed for these occasions when it was easier and more sensual to just cum on my stomach and then clean up afterwards. I stroked myself with my eyes closed letting the pleasure course through me and fantasized about letting the Denufari female only a few feet away take me. Not really considering my actions I got lost in the fantasy and continued for a solid twenty minutes. Long ago I’d become good at edging myself and prolonging the feelings and while I fantasized and edged the pre-cum flowed from me.

In my haze I suddenly became aware of deep breathing and looked towards the sound. She’d left her bed and was there sitting on the ground on the other side of the bars watching me and pleasuring herself. With one hand she was stroking her huge hard dick and with her other hand had two middle fingers shoved hard up inside her pussy. It made me jealous to imagine she could feel that many kinds of pleasure but it turned me on even more realizing I was putting on a show. The pressure was building in me for a massive orgasm and just then had a thought I couldn’t resist. I wanted to see her turned on, I wanted to know more about this Denufari woman; how she worked, how she ticked and what gave her the greatest pleasure.

I rolled out of bed still pleasuring myself and startling her slightly in the process. She kept going on herself however while watching me curiously. I walked up to the bars as close as safely possible and stood there in the dimness with legs spread masturbating myself in the open and for her pleasure. The cobalt blue of her hairs were startlingly beautiful as they shimmered in the darkness, in response to my actions. My body tightened the muscles in my groin, bunched themselves for release and I threw my head back. This was for her, for her satisfaction and as these thoughts swam through my mind I came harder than I could ever remember. I shot between the bars my cum landing across her large breasts.

To my shock and somehow still sounding like a woman she let out of kind of shocked and primal roar and everything happened at once. She suddenly stopped what she was doing, jumped up and with the palms of both hands slammed them against the bars trying to get to me, her hair blazed a brilliant blue and she orgasmed hard. Her dick was pointed straight at me and I was in turn hit by jet of thick liquid blasting out of her. When it hit me I was shocked at how much shot out of her and it practically poured down the front of me. It was like getting hit with water from a hose!

She roared and attacked the bars again shooting yet another jet of cum at me. “I will have you!” She howled in frustration. “I will fuck you till you can’t move! I will fuck you till I’m finally satisfied! LET ME OUT!” She was strong for sure but the bars easily held. Finally she sank to the ground in an exhausted heap and I found myself sitting across from her as well… in a giant pool of what she’d shot at me. It was slick, mostly clear with a slight scent of flowers.

I laughed and to my pleasure I heard her slightly laugh as well. “It’s nice to know you are enjoying yourself human” she said quietly, still gasping for breath.

Then I noticed she was barely moving. In fact she’d fully slumped over onto the ground and was laying on her side. For a second I was alarmed. “Are you OK?” I asked wobbling to my feet.

She quietly laughed again this time sounding giddy. She rolled onto her back and convulsed into another set of orgasms, jerking, moaning and then sighing. She didn’t shoot another load this time and her giant penis was laying large and mostly relaxed but the orgasms seemed to roll through her. Then I remembered what Lady Careella had told me the effect human cum on Denufari and groaned.

Not only was this female new to being around humans but in one day I’d gotten her riled up, rubbed my pre-cum on the underside of her cock and then blasted my load on her stomach! To be honest I was Anadolu Yakası Escort feeling really nervous. I really hope I hadn’t overdone it. I sat back on the ground and decided to wait it out. Was I supposed to call some sort of emergency number or get her a doctor?

“No side effects, remember?” came her breathless whisper and then she once again started convulsing, laughing and writhing on the ground as another wave of orgasms flowed through her.

I sighed in relief as it all made sense now and figured she must have already informed this Denufari woman in advance. So I sat there in curiosity and wonder as she kept rolling back and forth moaning, laughing, sighing and maybe every other good feeling she could experience. It was becoming increasingly clear to me that Lady Careella wasn’t exaggerating when she said humans had narcotic like effects on Denufari.

This went on for at a good half hour and finally the Denufari woman sat up. Then getting slowly to her feet her long dress falling in place she weaved over to her bed.

“Human I swear I will fuck you silly one day and when I do your ass will be a giant hole made for nothing other than taking all of me.” Saying that she then fell face first onto her bed. She shuddered once and then I heard only heavy breathing.

“Well damn” I said aloud “I guess I took care of her and sent her off to bed.” After a few minutes stumbling around and cleaning up it was my turn to collapse in bed and sleep deeply.

I awoke the following morning relaxed, naked, face up and spread eagle across the bed. My dick was rock hard and slightly dripping from the wet dream I’d been having. I lay there for a moment letting the quiet sounds around me register. The lights were at half brightness as both sides could control the lighting and I heard the gentle tapping of computer keys coming from her side of the bars.

“Nice to see you’re awake” I heard her quietly say as she paused whatever she was working on. “I take it your dreams were to your liking?”

Everything from the night before drifted lazily through my mind and with her silky voice serving as the perfect back drop my body reacted with a string of crystal liquid that dripped from the tip of my penis in response. I simply turned my head to look at her and she was looking at me as well from the computer desk she sat at.

I smiled happily and responded “yes, my dreams were quite nice, how about yours? Hopefully you slept well and are rested?”

She nodded slightly. Even from across the room I couldn’t miss the incredibly intent look in her eyes. “I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well” she replied and smiled although there was some strain behind it. “If I understand human males anatomy I believe they can release sperm while sleeping when they have erotic dreams?”

I nodded. “yes, we call them wet dreams.”

She turned in her chair, got up and walked over to the bars. She’d obviously been up before me, showered and gotten on with her day and was wearing new clothing. I didn’t know if I’d ever lose my hard on with her around. In fact I think I got slightly harder to the point it was getting slightly painful. Her new clothing was a muted black body suit with gold colored edging along the seams. It was strikingly beautiful accentuating her female curves and the crotch and left be breathing a little harder. The crotch was missing and her giant phallus swung slowly and heavily out in the open as she walked.

She rested against the bars and when she talked I could hear her attempt to hide the strain in her voice. “Being around a perpetually aroused human comes with it’s own special effects on me but can you imagine the strain of being around a male that is having wet dreams through the night? She continued before I could answer. “It’s like I’m swimming in a nearly perpetual sexual high!”

“Well that explains the reason for you looking a little strained and tense this morning” I responded managing to keep the self satisfied smile off my face. “On the other hand if you’d prefer me to be more professional I can control myself and avoid further sexual arousal, or at least keep it a minimum?”

“Don’t be silly” she purred. “Yes my strain lacks an outlet but it makes things more interesting doesn’t it?”

I sat up in bed and looked at her intently a thought forming and asked. “What if I could assist you more effectively and at a more personal level?”

She leaned her face close to the bars watching me closely. “And how exactly would you assist me? I’m certainly open to… suggestions.”

“When they brought you here for isolation did they use any form of restraint on you?” I inquired

“Of course” she nodded. “While traveling to this location Denufari are under tight security but I still had to move from my transportation into this building. In that brief amount of time I allow them to restrain me. If someone happened to be passing by on the sidewalk and I lost control it would be a serious problem.” She cocked her head to the side curious about my line of questions. It added a cute look to her intense Avrupa Yakası Escort stare.

“Did they take the restraints with them or leave them here?” I asked.

She pointed at my desk. “I believe they put them in the lower drawer.” She laughed sounding amused. “If you think you could put them on me I’m afraid you’d be quite mistaken although I am more than willing to let you try?” Once again she leaned against the bars expectantly.

This time I laughed climbing out of bed and headed to my desk. “I’m not for one moment disillusioned into believing I would win that struggle.” “Although I sure wish I could let you” I said quietly under my breath.

I heard her small intake of breath and realized her hearing was exceptional. “You mean you’d actually let me mount you and use for my pleasure?” she asked hopefully.

I opened the drawers and I found the restraints she’d talked about. “Oh believe me, if it was possible I’d let you do anything you wanted to me” I told her standing up and walking over to her still naked. The restraints were mostly typical to what the jail used and perfect for what I had in mind. They were held closed by a strong electromagnet and opened with an electronic key.

“For now however, maybe I can help in another way” I told her and held up the restraints; four of them. They were sort of like hand cuffs but for a person much stronger than a human. Instead of links between them which a Denufari could snap with ease was a short length of what I assumed to be quarter inch cable.

She raised an eyebrow curiously and I suggested “I’ll give them to you and you put them on yourself and lock each of your wrists and ankles to the bars. That way you can’t grab me and it allows me to enter you’re side of the cell.”

“And just what would you do next?” she asked her breath speeding up a little at the proposition.

“After you’re secure I enter your cell and begin to pleasure your body from behind.” I continued as she watched me silently. “I pleasure you like you pleasure yourself and I add touches of my own that I think you would like.”

She gave me a wicked smile. “Pass me the restraints and we’ll give your idea a try. Who knows, maybe the restraints won’t hold and I’ll have the bonus of taking you.”

I slid them across the floor to her cell bars and headed for the shower to get cleaned up. Over my shoulder I added with a provocative grin “if the restraints break you are more than welcome to rape me at your leisure.” My comment had my desired effect and her relaxed phallus suddenly started to harden rapidly.

“Human you shouldn’t tease like that” she said reaching down to pick up the restraints.

“Give me a second to get showered up and ready” I replied and then added “I wasn’t teasing, I was being serious.”

One last look at her before going behind the shower curtain showed her dick was now rock hard. Oh she wanted me badly but I was no fool. I had another idea slowly forming and played it out in my mind as I showered. Finally I finished, dried off and walked out of the shower and over to her. She was still standing there waiting and aroused.

I walked her through the preparation telling her to lock her ankles first and comfortably apart, then her hands, one at a time but far enough apart that she couldn’t get both hands on me at the same time. Finally I told her to present her last hand to me through the bars and quickly locked her hand into place.

She had enough room to stand comfortably or squat if she chose. I wanted her to be able to move comfortably without putting me in danger.

She watched as I walked to the electronic switch and unlocked her cell door. There was a buzz and a click and the door slid open on heavy hinges. Into her cell I walked and was turned on at doing such a crazy thing. She was already aroused but breathed in deeply as I set her off that much more.

I walked up behind her and was amazed at how perfectly made she was and also how tall. She was easily over six and a half feet tall but despite her smooth and feminine curves her small calculated movements hinted at significant strength. Finally I got to begin running my fingers through her long hair and it fell between my fingers like flickering stars. She put her head back in pleasure and I pulled her gently down to a semi squat so I could reach her neck. I slowly began kissing her neck and she shuddered all over.

It was obvious she was being docile because of the restraints and I wasn’t fooled. At the back of her neck I found the zipper to her body suit and unzipped it slowly down the length of her back watching her skin and then bare thighs appear. By now I was hard and dripping pre-cum but didn’t let it touch her yet. The zipper ran down between her thighs to the base of her penis and being fully unzipped I had access to all of her. As long as I didn’t put my body between her thighs I was safe.

“I would normally try to be more gentle and slow but from watching you I doubt that interests you” I spoke softly in her ear.

She agreed softly in return “you guess correctly.” İstanbul Escort She turned her head to look at me in the eyes my face only a couple inches away. “Just do to me what you want me to do to you” she added with another wicked smile.

Sliding my hands slowly around her waist and under her clothing I moved them up her body to fondle and squeeze her breasts and toy with her hard nipples. I continued kissing her neck and letting my warm breath tease her skin. She sighed happily and closed her eyes in pleasure letting me do whatever I wanted with her. After spending a while with her upper body I sank down to my knees and reaching between her legs trailed my fingers along the underside of her penis then continued across her vulva and back to her anus that was wonderfully exposed in her partial squat.

Finally I asked her quietly “is there anything in particular you don’t want me to do?”

Looking intently again into my eyes she responded. “feel free to enjoy me as you’d like, just remember” she smiled “whether now or later, turnabout is fair play as you humans like to say.”

While she was talking and without her knowing I’d taken my fingers away and was running them all over the tip of my penis till they were slippery with my pre-cum and the moment she stopped talking I took my finger and in a single smooth movement slid it as deeply as I could into her anus.

Her body reacted wildly and she stood straight up clamping my hand in place between her ass cheeks my finger still buried deep in her anus. First she went stiff as a board then threw her head back and let out close to the same roar I’d heard from her last night. I could feel her muscles begin pulsing and clenching in pleasure and I took that moment to reach around in front of her, grab her slick phallus with a firm grip and start masturbating her along the entire shaft.

It was as though her body couldn’t decide what to do. She was obviously enjoying it and I wanted to push her to the maximum. When I grabbed her cock she jerked forward in surprise and that left my hand between her ass cheeks free again to finger fuck her anus. Then she stood up again arching her back and causing her cock to stick straight out. I then alternated between masturbating her and fingering her anus as she jerked back and forth moaning and shuddering.

Every now and then she would thrash violently trying to break her restraints to get to me. She’d alternate between promising to be gentle with me if I’d just let her fuck me. Then after a few more sudden orgasms she’d turn into a sexual furry and tell me she was going to fuck my ass till I couldn’t walk or that she’d make me her sex toy.

If she thought this was all I had in mind for her she was in for a huge surprise. I also couldn’t resist the urge to feel her with more than just my hands. I wanted to hold her gorgeous body close and feel every movement as she struggled against her bonds and thrashed in pleasure and after a moment more I then stopped toying with her anus and penis and fully wrapped both arms around her body. As I did that I flipped my penis up so it would be pressed between her back and my stomach.

By this time pre-cum was continually flowing from me in a slow steady stream and as soon as I pulled her tight my pre-cum rubbed all over her lower back and her movements became even more wild. At this point she began making snarling noised and yet somehow it sounded incredibly erotic coming from her. She sounded positively feral now and at some point screamed “MORE! I WANT MORE!”

Who was I to argue with this wild and beautiful female and so I used my last trick for now. I pulled her close and tight the moment she howled for more and whispered in her ear a command. “You want more? Then squat down, show me your ass hole and keep your hips apart!

Fingering her anus a few minutes before had shown me she must have enjoyed anal play in the past and was loose enough that a fast thrust would only be a minor discomfort if even felt in her raging state.

To my surprise this powerful and tall woman complied and went from bucking at an almost upright position to sinking low with her hips spread. “Arch your back and show me your ass hole” I commanded and she immediately did as instructed. I couldn’t believe how much she wanted both this and me! Now was her moment, her peak, and I dropped my hands to grab her by the waist taking a brief moment to position my rock hard dick directly against her anus. I pulled and thrust at the same time, sinking my penis eight inches into her warm wet hole and between her amazing ass cheeks.

She howled with pleasure and threw her head back “kiss me!” she commanded and I figured she knew exactly what I intended when she commanded again “kiss me and cum as hard and as deep in my ass as you can!”

I was already riding the wave towards orgasm but when she commanded me intently and with passion I got lost in the whirlwind. I lifted one hand up, grabbed her neck and pulled her waiting lips to mine and we kissed our tongues darting around the other while my penis searched out the warm secrets of her sensual ass in hard vicious thrusts. There was nothing gentle in either of our actions now, just raw feral primal passion. My body approached the crest and I drew back from her kiss while commanding her once again. “Keep your back arched and your ass spread if you want everything I have!”

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