The Honeymoon Pt. 01

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My father was finally getting married again. Being 21 I was away at college while he dated the woman who would become my step mother. Truth be told I didn’t really get to know her all that well. My soon to be step sister, Cindy, was only 18. I was kind of looking forward to getting to know her. I liked the thought of being someone’s older brother.

Our relationship really only started the night of our parent’s wedding. They’d flown out that evening to start their honeymoon. It had been a really long day and I was still in a (rented) formal suit, albeit everything had been loosened, sitting on our parent’s couch with an open beer. I was exhausted from the all day niceties with family, both for the wedding and the reception. I was glad for a little quiet.

And then in walked Cindy.

“Hey” she said as she landed heavily on the couch next to me. “Can I have some?” She was still wearing her bridesmaid dress. A full length light purple dress.

“Sure” I said as I passed over my bottle. “Hell. Have it. I’ll go grab another.”

I took a second to gaze at her on my way back to the couch. Her mom’s choice in bridesmaid dresses was a good one. It was a full length slinky number that clung around her curves. I’d had a bit of a perve at one of the other bridesmaids. A cousin of Cindy’s – Emma. That dress and her curves had been an incredible combination.

“So what happened to Frank? He seemed to disappear halfway through the reception”, I asked Cindy once I’d plonked myself back down. Frank was Cindy’s date.

“Oh he left with Emma”, she replied.

I wasn’t sure how to take that. She didn’t seem to be upset about it. Maybe I was projecting. Emma seemed ataşehir escort bayan to be ALL sex. She leaned her head on my shoulder while taking a swig from her bottle.

“I saw them leaving together so I followed them. He went down on her on her out behind the kitchen. Half the catering staff heard them”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

She grabbed my hand put it behind her and rested my hand on her arse. It felt like she had been aiming for the hip…

“I’m not. It made me horny as fuck. I fingered her a couple of years ago but gawd… can you imagine being between those thighs? I’ve been picturing it all evening.”

And just like that, I was feeling horny while thinking about my step sister. I remained silent for fear of giving myself away.

I realised my hand had been giving her arse a light squeeze. She wasn’t objecting. In fact she wiggled a little, moving closer to me. She seemed to come to some sort of a decision. She gulped her beer down, turned to speak into my ear and whispered “If you beg, I might let you fuck me”.

So much for the romanticized older brother / younger sister relationship I’d imagined. Instead here I was sitting there with my hand on her arse with a raging hard-on and suddenly wanting nothing more than to fuck her brains out.

I was stunned. What the fuck was happening? In a movement that seemed far too easily done she managed to straddle me – her full length dress making it all look far more innocent than it was. She took my beer out of my hand and put it down on the side table.

Before I knew it she was pulling my head back by my hair. “BEG ME!” she demanded.

She was already grinding into escort kadıköy me. Bucking with ferocity. “God. Please. Let me fuck you”. It was a breathless plead. It was meant for us alone.

“You want to fuck your baby sister?”

“God yes. Please…”

She didn’t seem to need too much more. She let go of my hair and I was finally free to kiss her. It was a mad mashing of lips tongues as we both seemed to be trying to sate a desperate need. She bucked madly..

The couch wasn’t going to work. With my hands under her arse, I managed to pick her up. She smiled broadly with a slightly too wide mouth. Her desheveled red hair framing her lust fulled green eyes held my attention as I moved us into my (the guest room) room.

After that it was a mad fumbling with our own clothes while watching each other. Watching her C cup breasts spill out of the dress was mezmorizing. As much as I liked her dress, her incesterous naked body was on an entirely different level. The tabooness of it made it all that more… erotic.

Undressing had felt like it’d taken a long time while in reality less than a minute had passed. We embraced again. Devouring each other with urgency. We landed on the bed in a mess of limbs. She kissed her way down to one of my nipples and started playfully biting on it. I can’t describe just how erotic I was finding this. While the biting was playful, she’d nip at them every so often and they were a little painful. My hand on the back of her head was encouraging her on.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed. I could feel her lips curl up into a smile as she kissed the nipple instead of biting it. One of her hands trailed down to my cock while she moved bostancı escort to my other nipple. This time she started to pump on my raging hard on while biting my nipple. The pain and pleasure at the same time was exquisite.

She didn’t move further down. Her hand stopped and she came back up and kissed me.

She broke the kiss. “Show me how much you want me.” She put her hands on the top of my hand and pushed me down. I wanted to stop to suck on her nipples but she kept pressing down. Ever slowly down.

She had a cute red landing strip. I kissed my way down and got my hands behind her arse, pulling her into me. It wasn’t long until she was bucking into my face.

“FUCK YES!” she panted. “My brother really knows how to eat me out.”

I imagined what we would’ve sounded like to someone else if anyone else had been here. Muffled cries of pain and pleasure and incestuous sins.

“GOD YES. KEEP GOING. Yes yes yes yes…”

I don’t know how long I spent licking her clit and eating her out. Finger banging and using my tongue.

I felt her hands on the back of my head grab me roughly by the hair again. She’d apparently had enough as she pulled my head back up towards her face. I went to kiss her but instead she was licking her own juices off my face. She was teasing me with a quick passing peck before moving on to taste her own juices. She smiled broadly as she rolled us over to position herself on top.

I’d love to be able to tell you that we fucked well into the night but the truth is we were both really tired after the long day. While we were making out she seemed to come to a decision again and fell asleep on my chest. Soft snores punctured the silence only highlighting the disappointment, and if I was honest with myself, relief at being able to get some sleep, I was feeling at not having cum.

I eventually drifted off to sleep thinking “I’m going to love having a sister. Having my sister…”

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