The Horse Hung Volunteer

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An acquaintance of mine whom I’ve known now for some years asked me if I had time to be a volunteer at his research laboratory and get compensated for my time.

“Ralph Harrison, I need a word please sir.”

“Hello Dr. Enlil. Sure, how are you sir?”

He explained that he needed me for a 6-week long experiment.

“I’m flattered Doctor Enlil but why me?” I asked him in total curiosity.

His answer, “Well, primarily because I’ve been told by multiple individuals that frankly you have an oversized giant phallus and you are who I need” he told me just as straight faced and serious as he could be.

Although I was caught off guard, I paused and froze. After a good hour of asking questions, I determined that I would do it since I needed the money. Mainly because I had been out of work since being laid off 3 months prior.

The first requirement was a physical exam to be conducted by his assistant, Nurse Jackson. I agreed to this and was at the lab the following morning at 10 AM.

Nurse Jackson greeted me at the front door. Apparently, I was the only volunteer there, at least at the moment.

Nurse Jackson immediately made me so damn horny because of her amazing chest. She had enormous big boobs. Her chest was absolutely unbelievable. Even more so because this woman was definitely of the mature age group. She may have covered her breasts but she damn sure couldn’t hide them.

Nurse Jackson was very intelligent and professional at her job. I say this based on her attitude, her ability to communicate, her focus, her firm grasp of her duties and her passion. All of these qualities were very much on display during our meeting. Plus, she was very compassionate and empathetic in her attitude and tone, very much like a mother.

But I immediately couldn’t help but notice her absolutely giant tits. These beach balls were staggering. They looked extremely heavy and they dominated her entire appearance. These were truly some big ass titties. Her body awakened my sexual energy and honestly made me want to whip out my dick and beat off right then and there in front of her. Everything about her was very big and extremely intoxicating. Suddenly I had a huge boner.

Nurse Jackson had perfect teeth. They were very white and her mouth was beautiful. She also had a pretty face, perfect complexion, green eyes and big juicy exceptionally erotic dick sucking lips.

Seriously, not only were her boobs just simply enormous, but her lips looked like she could possibly be the rare woman who could actually wrap them all the way around my rather oversized cock. She definitely had amazing dick sucking lips.

But her ass should have a warning sign on it. Her huge fat ass was almost not suitable to be viewed by children under 18. I mean, it was a house and would awaken the eyes of any man to instant arousal. It was a huge donk. It was just nasty as it was so bursa escort big and fat that it jiggled with an obnoxiousness. Her ass was by far larger than any ass I had ever seen before in my lifetime. It was quite massive and that’s putting it mildly.

I couldn’t stop staring at her gigantic fat ass from behind, because it made me have the strongest urges and devilish desire to see it, spank it and slap the shit out of it with my dick. My dick was heavy enough, long enough, and strong enough to slap the absolute shit out of any fat ass on the planet.

Nurse Jackson is gorgeous in her enormousness and her intelligence. She’s a fine black woman who seems like she is in her 40’s or 50’s. She was taller than me just a little. I’d guess she’s 5 feet 9 inches tall and her body was much more massive than mine in every area… exception being my cock. Yeah, my slender skinny body hauls around a heavy ass horsecock.

I was indeed super horny every second around Nurse Jackson.

“Good Morning Mr. Harris. Are you ready for your examination?”

“Sure” I said as we walked back to a small office.

Nurse Jackson simply oozed professionalism and courtesy.

“Ok great. I’m Nurse Jackson. I’ve been a Nurse for 30 years and I’m here to be of good service for you. Please ask any questions should they arise. I want you to know Mr. Harrison that you are special. You are about to enter into a rather unorthodox string of requests for the overall experiment which will reveal to the world’s medical authorities a wealth of information previously undiscovered. This may require some unusual demands or requests needed from you but you’ll be assisting the entire planet with your agreement to participate” Nurse Jackson calmly reassured me.

“So, the first order of business is I need you to remove all of your clothing and step onto the scale.”

I said, “Of course yes ma’am” and removed my shoes, socks, shirt, pants and my boxer shorts. I’m only 5 feet 6 inches tall and a scrawny white boy. My dick bounced right out of my boxers and slapped back and forth between my legs. When I lean just a hair slightly forward, my dick can actually reach my knees in its most flaccid and heavy hanging state.

My phallus is abnormally long and equally extreme in girth. It’s as ugly as it is nasty. My parents never had me circumcised for what reason I’m not sure. But I can guarantee you that my penis is bigger than anyone else’s in my school, church, town and state as far as Ive been told. This would include every black dude that I had ever seen personally. Plus, somebody would have certainly told me if there was such an individual who was even remotely close in size.

No, my cock was truly a work of art obviously gifted from the Creator. Anyone who witnessed my cock in person up close was truly humbled and simultaneously shocked to see such a massive member on such a smaller escort bursa type dude such as myself.

“Ok Mr. Harrison, step up on the scales so I can get your weight.”

As I stepped forward, my penis swung to and fro between my legs. I could feel the heavy weight of it even more because of the energy rushing through it on account of Nurse Jackson’s mammoth tits. But then again, it always felt very heavy due to its girth and amazing blood flow.

There is one thing I constantly hear about from others who have actually seen my masculine phallus. The people seem to

consistently comment on the blood vessels of veins that run up and down my shaft and pop out of my dick. Someone once said it’s as if my cock had muscles and is always flexing.

“Ok, you are weighing 142 pounds and measuring 5 ft 7 inches tall Mr. Harrison” she told me as I visualized her big fat ass jiggling back and forth. I so badly wanted to beat off all over her tits.

“Ok Mr. Harrison, next let’s measure your penis.”

She had me stand on an x which was taped to the carpet. She got down on her knees to inspect my penis when she nearly had a heart attack. Apparently she was so short of sight (as she did wear glasses) and so focused on getting my height and weight that she had not even looked at my horsecock until right at this very minute.

So inconspicuously, I slightly twisted my hips causing my penis to flop forward and slap Nurse Jackson right across her face. I just wanted to get her attention.

From down on her knees with her hands grabbing ahold of my hips, she looked up at me and said, “Mr. Harrison, try to hold still because it’s very important for the tests that the doctors have your accurate measurements.”

After running a tape measure up and down and wrapped around my cock, Nurse Jackson said, “Now Mr. Harrison, I’m required to get your measurements in your fullest and most erect state. Are you able to bring your member fully erect because we are short on time today?”

I responded as honestly as I could seeing that she was genuine and all business. I basically responded, “I think I should masturbate for a couple minutes if I’m really going to be fully erect.”

“Ok baby well here’s your options and this is where my job as Nurse expands in order to get the job done. I’m going to give you a quick blowjob just so your penis can go to it’s maximum expanded state with hard erection as we are very short on time and it’s my job to hit deadlines” she said as she quickly removed her medical attire followed by her blouse. She then released her bra directly to the floor.

My cock instantly starting rushing with blood flow and growing enormously in size as I gazed upon her gigantic gorgeous heavy milk juggs. They bounced around below her bellybutton and looked almost like footballs yet bigger. More like heavy rugby footballs that were just gorgeous and bursa escort bayan naturally massive. Her areolas were as round as the old compact discs and her nipples were thick and erect. She put her hands behind her head and said, “Ok, you can begin by looking at my breasts Mr. Harrison. Go ahead and stroke your member” as she posed for my cock for a good 2 or 3 minutes with both of her hands positioned behind her head.

Honestly, I was ready to explode and ejaculate all over those massive macromastia breasts of hers.

Quickly she reached out for my big dick which was damn near dangling to my knees. In one smooth motion she opened her big mouth and with her big puffy dick sucking lips she easily swallowed my cock and I mean she swallowed my entire 11 inch cock. Yes, my balls were hitting her chin.

I couldn’t believe she did not choke to death but she manhandled my anaconda.

She kept my cock down her throat for about 15 seconds then pulled it all the way out and looked at it in its most erect state. She grabbed her pen, her file and her tape measure and methodically groped, grabbed, tugged and measured every inch of my elephant cock.

“Well one thing is for certain Mr. Harrison, your penis would be enormous on any man alive today but it is even more a giant on your little body and boy it sure is a giant of a member.”

“Before you are through today I need to see you masturbate ok?”

So Nurse Jackson proceeds to escort me to another wing of the laboratory and tells me to wait there on the couch.

She’s gone maybe 10 minutes and returns with 1 man and 3 women. Well, the man was in his 50’s I imagine, and he was the cameraman. Then there were 2 older German ladies in their late 50’s and 1 Native american beautiful woman in her 40’s.

Then walked in a young black male early 20’s practically a kid in comparison.

We were all directed to the big living area where there were 2 couches several recliners and in the center of the room were rubber mats all laid out connecting a big open area on display like a movie set.

I was told to undress and sit on the big lit up couch by myself, positioned so all could easily see my big dick.

The rest began a nude photoshoot with the black male eventually fucking all of the married ladies while I stroked my cock. It was all photographed and video recorded.

At some point I was ordered to fuck all 3 women but first I was to allow each one to suck on my cock for 2 minutes each. I took turns fucking their pussies hard while they screamed in pleasure. Nurse Jackson in the end removed her blouse and bra and ordered me to look at her gigantic breasts while ejaculating in the oldest German lady’s extremely hairy pussy.

Just as I thought I was done for the day, Nurse Jackson said change of itinerary. I would be off tomorrow but could not leave until I sucked my own cock to full ejaculation in front of the camera with 2 witnesses.

Luckily Nurse Jackson started me off with sucking my cock and then she watched me suck my own cock to full ejaculation and she ordered me not to pull out until i swallowed.

And this was day 1.

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