The House Of Robles Ch. 02

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Chapter Two

Junior Gets Out Of Jail

Melinda Robles swung her late model Honda Accord into the parking spot with a flourish. Thanks to her reckless driving, she nearly took out the side mirror of the car in the next stall over. Unapologetic, the Latin beauty didn’t even bother to back up and correct her badly parked sedan. Instead, she left it angled so awkwardly that the elderly Mrs. Mathers would probably have to climb in through the passenger side if she wanted to drive anywhere in the morning.

Melinda didn’t care. Mrs. Mathers was such a wrinkled old bitch anyway. The old woman was always complaining to the apartment complex’s manager whenever Melinda had her stereo turned up too loud, or had too many friends over.

As a matter of fact, Melinda had arrived in such a foul mood that part of her was actually hoping the old hag would dare to creep out of her apartment and step right in front of her. Any accusation, any bad look whatsoever would be enough to provoke the twenty-one year-old’s short temper. Too bad it was almost midnight, and well past Mrs. Mather’s bedtime, she fumed.

Melinda slammed her car door shut and started walking away before she realized she hadn’t even locked it. Impatiently, she clicked away at the alarm button until she heard her car chirp, before she stalked under the sporadic amber glow of the parking lot’s cheap lights. Had anyone been watching, they would have seen an attractive woman with black hair, wearing a silky black blouse and low cut, very tight blue jeans. Said observer might have been well intimidated by the deep scowl on the young woman’s otherwise pleasing face. But why would Melinda be so upset?

Well, it was her boyfriend’s fault. Matt was supposed to pick Melinda up after work for a date, as they’d agreed upon, but for the third time in the last couple of weeks, the asshole hadn’t had the decency to show up, or to even give Melinda a courtesy call. She’d been left hanging in the wind for over an hour, like an old towel forgotten on a cheap clothesline. Everyone else that worked with her had walked by on their way home or even worse, out to party. Melinda had just been standing there on the sidewalk like some sort of idiot, smiling sheepishly at her peers while they passed her by.

And she really, really needed to see Matt that night.

You see, Melinda worked as an exotic dancer at The Pleasure Palace, a downtown strip club that catered to some of the wealthiest businessmen in the city. She danced under the stage name of Mercedes. With her voluptuous J-Lo type figure; nicely rounded B-cup breasts, a thick waist and even thicker hips, Melinda had become one of the most popular strippers in the nightclub. As if that wasn’t enough, she had a set of playful brown eyes, full lips, and raven black hair that halted just past her shoulder blades. While her nose might have been less than perfect, just a tad too petite in her opinion, she had more than enough elsewhere to captivate the attention of every man, and even most of the women, that dared set foot inside the club’s wide double doors.

It was enough for her to walk out of the club with well over six hundred dollars that night, while most of the other girls had been struggling their entire shift just to break one. And she’d done all of that on a pretty slow Wednesday evening, at the expense of a trio of lean and handsome, nicely attired luxury car salesmen.

Those businessmen had begun showering the voluptuous beauty with greenbacks from the moment that she’d hit the stage. While they often passed on lap dances from the other girls, save for that nosy little Asian girl Kitty, they’d persisted in getting numerous private dances from Melinda. So many, in fact, that Melinda’s legs were the sorest they’d been in months. Back and forth she’d shuttled those guys from their seats next to the front of the stage to the handful of secluded couches in the back. Their money kept getting siphoned out of their wallets as if Melinda was using a vacuum on high suction.

And one of them in particular, the blond haired, blue-eyed stud, had made quite an impression on her. He was a clean-shaven hunk, with a deep, delicious tan from surfing. As she’d writhed all over that man’s chest and arms, she’d felt his taut muscles hiding under the thin fabric of his long sleeved shirt. It didn’t hurt that he had a smile like a young Tom Cruise, either.

He ‘d managed to turn Melinda on high, and they’d both known it. So much that when she straddled his lap and started gyrating her hips on him, and his hands crept up past her thighs and firmly cupped her ass, she willfully ignored the house rules.

‘You can look, but you can’t touch.’ Said numerous signs. They were posted all over the place.

Maybe it had been during the third or fourth private dance, when this beefcake had been brazen enough to place his fingers on Melinda’s bare mound. She had obligingly widened her thighs and allowed her thick lower half to be penetrated. She’d gasped, staring into his beautiful blue ataşehir escort bayan eyes as she ground down sensually on the fingers, not wanting to end the risqué encounter, yet keeping vigilant on the thick red curtains separating the public tables from the private couches. How far would she have gone, if that little Asian bitch hadn’t walked in that very moment with another customer in tow?

But Kitty had walked in. If there was one thing Melinda knew about Kitty, it was that she would dump her customer the second she saw something she didn’t like, and head directly over to the Manager On Duty to report the infraction.

Melinda wouldn’t lose her job over such an incident, as she was much too valuable to the club. But said manager might see fit to reduce her shifts for a week or two, just to let the provocative Latin stripper know who was really in charge. And of course, Melinda did have a lot of bills to pay.

From that point on, she’d kept her behavior strictly professional. This caused only a minor annoyance to the three salesmen, for they still kept showering her with cash until one of them decided to leave. And since the one that had to go was the one that had driven the trio to the club, the gorgeous blond surfer had to go as well. Too bad for him, for Melinda was feeling mighty hot and bothered by that point, and who knows how far she might have taken him if she had the chance?

Besides, she’d been pretty certain that Matt was going to be there to pick her up. While she waited, Melinda thought of all sorts of ways in which she could expend her sexual appetite with her boyfriend. And maybe while they were tussling about on the bed, Melinda could close her eyes and pretend it was the blond stud that she was about to give an incredible blowjob to. Who but Melinda would know what was really going through her head? But Mr. Asshole Matt hadn’t shown up, and as a direct result, in her thoughts she’d cursed him like a sailor for the entire drive home.

Melinda took a determined stroll away from the complex’s parking area and walked over to the mailbox lockers. She pulled out a handful of credit card bills from her box, realized what they were, and just as quickly shoved them back inside. She would get them some other time, she thought, doing an about face and starting the short walk toward her apartment.

Melinda seductively sauntered around the centralized swimming pool, disappointed that none of her male neighbors were around to check out her meaty ass swaying about in her tight jeans. There were one or two tenants she might have been tempted to invite into her apartment, as revenge against Matt for having stood her up. Alas, on this occasion it was not to be. She’d been abandoned on all fronts.

Dismayed at having to spend the night alone, Melinda rounded the final corner to her place and came in view of her front window. She was surprised to see that the living room light was on, and there were flashes that could only be coming from her big screen TV. Nobody was supposed to be in her apartment, not even Matt, as she was the only person with the key to the front door. Melinda crept a little closer, realizing that the TV was blaring loud enough to cover her actions. Stealthily, she unlocked the entryway and started sliding it open.

Through the widening crack, she could see her nineteen year-old brother, Junior, lying carelessly on her plush couch. He was facing away from Melinda, on his back, his full attention engrossed on the car chase scene playing out on the screen.

Barely able to control her rising anger at his unauthorized entry, Melinda shut the door as quietly as she’d opened it and made her way towards the end of couch. That’s when she let her tempest loose.

“What the hell are you doing in my apartment, you little shit!” She screamed out loud.

Startled, Junior jumped off the couch and dropped the small bowl of popcorn he’d been holding in his hands. Even as the numerous popped kernels scattered onto the cream-colored carpet, the younger brother bolted upright and took in the sight of his ill-tempered sister. “Shit, sis! You scared the fuck out of me!”

To say that Melinda’s night wasn’t going well would have been a major understatement. Thanks to Junior, it had just gotten worse. “I just asked you, what the hell do you think you’re doing in my apartment? How did you get in?”

Junior tentatively took a seat on the edge of the couch. He looked nervous.

“Well?” Melinda persisted, stalking over to the smoked glass coffee table, where she imperiously smacked down her purse. “I’m waiting!”

Junior lowered his head a few inches. “I jumped the back wall a few hours ago. When I saw you weren’t here, I used my driver’s license to jimmy the latch open on the sliding door.”

“That’s called breaking and entering, you asshole.” She shook her head in disbelief, only then remembering just how much cash was sitting inside her purse. She snatched it up again, walking around the small counter and into the escort kadıköy kitchenette where she could better hide it. “I thought you were in jail.”

“I got out this morning.” Junior replied, relaxing enough to return his attention back to the TV screen. After a moment, however, he found himself scraping popcorn off the carpet. If there wasn’t anything sticking to it, he went ahead and ate it. “I sent mom a letter telling her the date, but I guess she never got it, or maybe dad couldn’t get out there to pick me up. I had to catch the stupid bus from jail. This is the closest I could get to the house. I didn’t feel like walking the rest of the way home this late, so I was kind of hoping you could give me a ride.”

Melinda had been listening closely, but now rolled her eyes at the revelation. The last thing she wanted was to get back in her car and chauffer her brother halfway across town. Impatiently, she yanked open the fridge and took out the first wine cooler she saw. It was some kind of wild berry mix. After locating the bottle opener, she popped the cap and stepped back into the living room, all the while wondering how she was going to get rid of Junior. She still had to call Matt, she recalled, and give him the cursing of his life.

The sultry Latina couldn’t admit that she was glad to see her brother, either. Right before he’d gotten busted for possession of marijuana, he’d been wreaking havoc at her parents’ house. Junior had been pilfering Mom’s jewelry and Dad’s tools to support his growing drug habit, but luckily he didn’t get that thrown in his face, too. The possession charge had been bad enough: Four and a half months in county lock-up.

Suspicious and determined, Melinda stepped between her younger brother and the television. “Listen, you little shit. Nothing, and I mean nothing, had better be missing from my apartment when you leave here. I am fucking serious!”

Junior’s face twisted in disbelief. “What are you talking about? I’m not gonna steal anything! I just came here to ask for a ride home!”

Melinda’s demeanor softened some, as she realized she’d hurt his feelings. “Just be sure nothing is missing, okay? I’m too tired to give you a ride home tonight, but you’re welcome to crash on the couch. I’ll take you first thing in the morning.”

Junior leaned back on the couch and sighed, but it was clear he was still bothered by his sister’s negative assumption.

After taking a long drink, Melinda started looking her brother over. He was wearing a simple outfit; a white tee shirt, jeans and sneakers, but there was something different about him. It took her a few moments to realize what it was. “Hey, how come you don’t look as scrawny as you used to?”

Junior pulled back a sleeve and flexed a taut bicep. “I’ve been working out. Fifty push-ups, fifty sit-ups, every single day.”


“I ain’t kidding.” Junior insisted. “I was bustin’ my ass in the clink.”

“Don’t you mean you were getting your ass busted in the clink?” Melinda joked.

“Real funny.” Her brother frowned. “Ain’t nobody busted my ass. I would have smacked them down in a heartbeat.”

Melinda finished her drink. She set off towards the kitchen for a second serving. “Hey, you want a cooler? I’ve got some tropical shit and some mango shit.”

“I don’t drink wine coolers.” Junior replied. “But I’ll take something stronger if you’ve got it.”

Melinda leaned forward to get a better look into the fridge. “I’ve got a couple of beers in here. My boyfriend brought them over a few days ago, but since he just left them here, I’m making them public domain.”

“Sounds good to me.” Junior called out.

Just the thought of Matt started irritating Melinda again. She wondered just how she was going to get back at him. If only she’d found some guy on the way home, she might have been getting her just desserts at that very moment. Well, Melinda admitted, she did have a guy in her living room, but it was her dumb little brother.

Junior hadn’t set eyes on a hottie in like the last five months, Melinda recalled. And here she was, wearing her form-fitting designer jeans in front of him. With more than just a little amount of conceit, Melinda wondered how long it had been since he’d been up close and personal with a woman of her outstanding physical caliber. Maybe never, she very arrogantly grinned.

And she was still feeling so horny, she reminded herself. Mischievously, Melinda fantasized about those lap dances she’d given that blond stud earlier, and thought about using her brother as a prop so she could relive those erotic moments, like she sometimes did with her boyfriend. All very twisted, she realized, turning herself on even more.

But no, he was her little brother, and no way she was going to press her hot body up against his, despite his newly acquired muscles. Imagine if anybody ever found out. It would be scandalous!

Grabbing the two beer cans and another cooler, Melinda returned to the living room. She set the bostancı escort cans on the coffee table. “Here, you little shit. Enjoy.”

“Thanks.” Pablo grasped the first beer and popped the top. He took a good, lengthy drink. “Damn, this sure hits the spot. You don’t know how long I’ve been craving a beer. I mean, you just don’t know!”

Melinda giggled, taking her customary seat on the end of the same couch. She propped her tired legs on the coffee table and grimaced at the action sequence on the big screen. “Can’t you find something else to watch?”

Junior glanced at her. “I like this movie. I have a copy at the house somewhere, but I haven’t seen it since, you know, since I got locked up.”

“That must have been awfully tough for you.” Melinda felt like teasing him. “I bet you were really lonely in jail.”

“Hell yeah I was.” Her brother nodded his head. “I mean, there were a couple of homies from the neighborhood in the clink with me. That made the time pass by that much quicker, but it’s not the same thing like being home. I mean, I couldn’t do what I wanted to, when I wanted to, because they’ve got all of us on the same stupid schedule. The biggest guys are always pulling their weight over everybody else. I couldn’t even use the gym equipment, because there’s like a waiting line and shit. That’s why I started doing push-ups in my cell, so I could get my buff on.”

For some reason, the excitable Melinda envisioned her push-up bra when her brother said push-ups. She sighed, even as rampant erotic thoughts within her began crying out for attention. Again, she envisioned herself at work and giving a lap dance to that blond cutie-pie. “So, did you see any women while you were in there?”

Junior frowned and blew out a burst of air. “Just two ugly ass female guards, a black one and a white one. They were straight out butch-looking heifers. Personally, I wouldn’t have fucked either one of them with a ten-foot pole. Trip out, they had all kinds of horny dogs after their ass, givin’ them money and stuff like they were the last hoes on earth. Guess some of those guys were desperate for anything to stick their dicks into.”

“I bet some of the boys were after you, huh?”

“Fuck you, sis!” The young man glared back. “Seriously, it’s a good thing Dad taught me how to box. I got in some real scraps early on, before those fools figured out I wasn’t going to be an easy piece of meat for them.”

“Oh, you poor baby.” Melinda pouted.

“You know, sometimes you can be a real bitch.”

Melinda had deliberately been trying to provoke him, perhaps to make her brother feel as angry and rejected as she herself was feeling. She caught herself now and began wondering if she’d gone too far. Maybe, she thought, she should lighten up a bit and continue to tease him, but in a more carnal fashion. That would go a long way in making her feel better about Matt’s absence, and as for Junior, well, he hadn’t gotten any female attention in so long…

She’d tease him, Melinda decided, but just a little. “So, what your telling me is that you haven’t seen a good looking woman in how long?”

Crossing his arms, Junior turned his attention towards the TV and ignored her.

Never one to be brushed aside, Melinda purposefully stood up and stepped directly in front of her irritated brother. “You haven’t seen anything like this in a while, huh?” She purred, stretching her arms across her waist and grabbing the ends of her silky blouse. With one smooth movement, the black blouse came up and around her shoulders, and continued its ascent over the top of her head. The discarded item fluttered down on the coffee table behind her.

Melinda tossed her hair teasingly, just like the beautiful models in the shampoo commercials do sometimes, before she gazed into her brother’s awestruck eyes. Her ripe B cups were on proud display, sensuously encased in the lacy black bra her boyfriend Matt had presented her with just a few short weeks ago.

Junior tried his hardest to concentrate on the action on-screen, but his eyes were entirely mesmerized by his older sister’s enticing breasts. “Sis, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Emboldened by her own growing arousal, Melinda’s reply was to push the coffee table away with the back of her legs. Once it was several feet removed, she daringly stepped forward, her legs pressing against Junior’s, and she bent over at the waist. By reaching out to grip the couch’s backrest, she allowed her enticing boobs to dangle perilously close to her brother’s shocked face.

“Come on, sis! Did you crack your head on something? Put your shirt back on!”

“I’m just showing you what you’ve been missing these last few months.” Melinda breathed in heavily, hardly believing what she was doing. She’d always been ahead of the game when it came to making the first move on men, but even for her this was taking things to the extreme. This was her own brother she was flirting with! “I dare you to touch them.”

“Say what?”

With her eyes shut, Melinda imagined herself back at the club, with that delicious blonde stud at her mercy. And as for the ‘You Can’t Touch’ signs, well, they were not going to be any part of her fantasy. “You heard me. I said go ahead and touch them. Don’t be shy.”

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