The House with Blue Shutters Pt. 02 Ch. 03

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A few days later, our plans became more concrete. Tuyet described the way to Ngoc’s house but told me to go there first and warm her up a little. She would join me 30 minutes later and then the rumpus would begin. I wasn’t sure why I had to be alone with the girl first but, on the other hand, I couldn’t see any harm in it either.

When I arrived at Ngoc’s house, the whole neighborhood was quiet. I had been instructed to park behind their house, as there was a creek and very few people passed back there. Ngoc had obviously heard me arrive and appeared in the backdoor, waving me to get inside.

She had just gotten back from a soccer game and was still wearing her sports clothing: a jersey, shorts and knee socks, all in red and yellow. I asked her if she had won, which she denied. I assured her that she would feel like a winner in about an hour but I doubted that she knew what I meant.

As she was walking in front of me, I could see that she had sweated quite a bit, as her shorts were clinging to her ass. She said that Tuyet would be here in 20 minutes or so; until then, she would take a shower. One side of me wanted to tell her not to clean herself; the smell of her ass and pussy must be overwhelming right now, I thought, but I also liked the idea of Ngoc stepping out of the shower, fresh as a daisy, wearing nothing but a towel.

She showed me to her room, told me to sit down and look around. Her bed was pretty much in the middle of her room, and it was the typical teenage setting: some pink things, boy-band posters on the wall, a football, books, two pairs of sneakers, and her tennis rackets. There was a clock on the wall, too, which was a little strange. I drew the curtains, so we couldn’t be seen from outside and sat down on the bed. I wouldn’t have done that at anyone else’s house, but as the purpose of my visit was clear, I thought we could skip some decorum.

I could hear her singing in the shower, which was a sign that she was relaxed and actually looking forward to what would happen the next hour. And there’s always some singing before a big game. Ngoc had the body of a 28-year-old woman: firm thighs and a rounder butt, if it hadn’t been for her flat chest. She might get bigger tits eventually, but right now I envisioned them as flat disks, a little like pancakes. She didn’t have a chest like a boy, but nothing protruded, which was a bit strange, as even the skinniest Vietnamese woman had noticeable tits.

I had envisioned she would step out of the shower just wearing a towel, but she had put on sports clothes again. Perhaps that was just her thing. It wasn’t mine, though. Interestingly, she didn’t seem to be wearing panties, as I could clearly see a black triangle underneath. Her shorts were orange, while her shirt was turquois with some red and yellow flames at the bottom. She looked like a parrot. A hot, cute, flamboyant parrot at that.

As she walked towards me, she was still drying her hair with a towel, looking at me once in a while. I didn’t miss Tuyet too much at the moment. But I still thought that it was good that she would be there in a little while. Ngoc clipped her hair together in the back and sat down next to me. As the fabric of her shirt was fairly thick, I still couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra, but I doubted it.

She looked at me as if she wanted me to blow the kickoff whistle. As I wasn’t sure whether we would talk a little first or just get it on right away, I reached for her hair and put it behind her ears.

“Tuyet said,” I began, “that you wanna get some experience today?”

“Well, yeah, I wanna have sex, finally,” she confirmed.

“Well, have you ever tried anything, like masturbating or giving a guy a handjob? Or has someone licked your pussy yet?”

“Once, at a coffee shop, at night, a guy touched my breasts and massaged my pussy through my jeans but that wasn’t nice,” she said. “But I’ve given guys at school hand jobs. I guess Tuyet has told you about that.”

“Yeah, that’s cool. But what about college? No one asked you have sex?” I wanted to know.

“Not really. At least not anyone I liked. So, Pendik Escort no, I mean, yes, I’m still a virgin.”

“Are you nervous?”

“A little bit, “she admitted, “but, I guess, that’s normal.”

“Sure, don’t worry. You’re old enough and big enough to have sex. But it’ll probably hurt a little, and there will be some blood, too” I reminded her.

“Oh, I know. We’ll put the T-shirt under my butt, once I’ve taken it off.”

I loved how practical she was. I put my hand on her breasts and felt them a little. There wasn’t much, not even a bra.

“But you masturbate? You play with yourself a little when you’re alone, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, I do that. When I’m in bed. And sometimes in the afternoon.”

I reached under her shirt and felt her nipples a little bit. They seemed relatively large. I got my hand back out to moisten my finger. She looked at me somewhat longingly and took off her shirt. As we were sitting, I realized again how slim Tuyet was. Even when she was sitting naked, there were no fat rolls on her belly. Ngoc here had some, but only small ones, and once she lied down, it wouldn’t matter anymore. She wasn’t chubby or anything, but her breasts didn’t stick out further than her belly, which wasn’t so great.

Of course, seeing a young woman’s body still made me hot. Her skin was really smooth and pink. I kissed her, while I massaged her breasts. My dick was pumping now, and I thought of whipping it out. I didn’t like not knowing when Tuyet would arrive, though, since she might interrupt us as we’re fucking. But, then, we couldn’t just sit around waiting.

“Let’s take our clothes off,” I suggested.

“OK.” She seemed to have waited for that cue and slipped out of her sports shorts in two seconds. I took a little longer. She smiled when she saw my dick.

“It’s not very big,” she giggled.

“No, not yet. That’s right. But it’ll get bigger as we go along,” I told her. “And, believe me, you don’t want the dick that deflowers you be big.”

We kissed again and, as I didn’t wanna reach straight for her crotch, I massaged her titties a little more. She reached for my cock and started stroking it.

“Do you watch porn?” I asked her.

“I’ve seen some, but I would rather have a boyfriend and have sex,” she admitted.

“Well, you’re pretty,” I assured her. “I don’t see why you shouldn’t have a boyfriend soon.”

“Do you wanna do it?” she asked now. “Your dick seems ready.”

“Are you ready. too?”

“I guess so.”

I reached for her pussy to check but it didn’t seem to be moist enough yet. “Well, once it’s over it’s over. Why don’t we play a little first?” I suggested. “Open your legs!” She did, and I started caressing her lips and her clit, which was pretty prominent. My dick was getting a little larger every minute, and Ngoc seemed mesmerized anyway by the fact that we were naked on her bed, about to fuck. I decided to extend our foreplay a little further and slipped in my middle finger inside her pussy, twirling it around to feel the walls.

“Do you wanna take my dick in your mouth? You could sit on my face all the while …”

“Ok,” was all she said. I lied down on my back, while she moved to sit on my face and then fell forward onto my midsection. She moved up on me with relative ease; I had thought I needed to encourage her more. Anyway, her pussy lips were interesting, as they were asymmetrical. One was protruding more than the other, and the one that stuck out also had a little tip in the middle. It looked like a triangle. If Ngoc had had a wart on the other side, she could have buttoned her pussy.

I played along her lips, which were getting wetter, and also used some sticky juice to tickle her butthole. I could hear her smack her lips, and what she was doing to my dick was not bad, considering how inexperienced she was. She was surprising nonchalant about things. She sat on a man’s face with her naked ass and just took his dick in her mouth without further ado. Perhaps she had sucked some of those dicks she said she had only stroked. The sight of her ass and pussy was refreshing; Kurtköy Escort the smell too. There wasn’t any hair, though, but that was fine. Her bush was also relatively small and not as dense as Tuyet’s. I asked her if she was enjoying herself and she stopped.

“Yeah, I’ve fantasized about doing something like that for a long time. Finally, it’s happening,” she said in a joyful manner.

“Feel free to do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter that I’m so much older?”

“No, Tuyet told me that sex with you is great. You seem to know what you’re doing.”

“Thanks. Yeah, I’ve done it before.”

I put my whole middle finger in her now and she giggled. When I stopped moving, the pushed herself along the finger. She laughed some more, but just when I tried to push in two fingers, Tuyet appeared in the door, apologizing for being late. She had just come in through the open backdoor and was wearing her gray tailored dress. As we were about to lose some momentum, I was wondering what to do. I asked Tuyet if she wanted to take her clothes off, but she said we should just pretend she wasn’t there. She would just watch. But Ngoc found that unfair, so Tuyet lifted up her dress. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Seeing the triangle in the middle of her body made me hot.

Ngoc, who was still on top of me, facing Tuyet, buried her face in her hands laughing but then applauded. Looking at Tuyet, who had turned and was bowing to present her little ass, I thought to myself ‘What a sight to behold’. She dropped the dress and took it off. I realized again how beautiful and hot her slender body was. My dick responded immediately and as Ngoc had been sufficiently wet, I just told her to lie on her back and mounted her. With half of my dick already inside her, I remembered to put the T-shirt under her ass and started pounding slowly. I moved in further and lowered myself onto my elbows. Ngoc was taller than Tuyet, so I could see her face below me well. She had her teeth clenched and was already fighting some pain, it seemed.

Tuyet had been watching us from the chair at the desk, but now she came over and sat down on the bed. She fondled my balls and when I looked to the side, she grinned. She moved closer to my head, and we kissed. As far as I could tell, I had just popped Ngoc’s cherry, and she was wincing and screaming occasionally. Her face was slightly contorted, and I asked her if we should stop. She shook her head, and so I just kept thrusting. With Ngoc’s face to the side now and her eyes closed, I asked Tuyet to check if there was some blood on my dick. I pulled back fairly far so that she could see.

“Yep, it’s done,” she laughed. Tuyet caressed Ngoc’s hair, and I just made a last-ditch effort to finish what I had come here for. The throes of passion came to a halt when I roared and delivered a nice load inside Ngoc’s pussy for the first time. I got off her and she made some room for me to lie down next to her.

Tuyet, who had been largely unaffected by the frenzy, examined Ngoc’s pussy and dipped her finger in, which she then presented to Ngoc’s face. “Here, this is what cum looks like,” she said. Tuyet got up and went to the desk to get Ngoc’s phone. Ngoc had recovered a little and propped herself up on a pillow behind her. As there wasn’t enough room for the three of us to lie down next to each other, Tuyet just placed herself on top of me and handed Ngoc her phone.

I looked over to check on Ngoc. She was exhausted and seemed fairly happy that it was over and done with. Tuyet kissed me and asked if I thought we could do it again.

“In a little while,” I told her. “After the half-time break. Take a picture of Ngoc’s pussy with the creampie,” I suggested. She did, and now two girls were looking at the picture, giggling. I reached in Ngoc’s pussy and got some cum out to smear all over her belly and tits, until it got white and a foamy. As we needed a break, we got up and Ngoc said she’d make some lemonade and get us something to eat, after she cleaned herself up a little.

Tuyet just stayed on the bed, but I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and pee. Of Ümraniye Escort course, I met Ngoc there and looked at her again. She was bending forward at the sink, looking at her face in the mirror. Her muscular legs looked hot from the side, and her little wet bush in between turned me on. I was glad it wasn’t over yet. I stood behind her, caressing her buttcheeks and fondling her pussy one more time. I licked my middle finger and let it slip back in. She started thrusting again, while my other hand held on to her breasts. My dick wasn’t getting stiff, though, and so we let go, and I went back to the bed to join Tuyet.

She was looking at her phone but put it away when I lied down next to her. We kissed and I admired her body. I was playing with her breasts when my dick got stiff again but then Ngoc arrived with a small tray of food and we ate. We had cold meat slices, greens, and rice paper to wrap everything in. There was also some fish sauce to dip but, of course, Tuyet opened her legs and looked at me encouragingly. I took a piece of meat and rubbed in in her pussy. Ngoc cracked up. Tuyet’s’ pussy was already open and there seemed to be enough juice for all of us.

We still had some food on the tray, but we had just gotten too horny. Tuyet’s knees were up in the air and now she just let them fall outward, towards the bed. With her pussy as wide open as it was, she signaled that she wanted me to come on top of her. Ngoc sensed how serious we were and got out of the way. I mounted Tuyet and started thrusting. She was smiling, as there didn’t seem to be any pain, just pure pleasure. I wish I could have seen Ngoc’s face, though, as she was watching two people fucking on her bed.

About halfway through, I asked Tuyet to turn around and get on her knees, so that I could fuck her from behind. That way, we could also see Ngoc’s reaction. I motioned Ngoc to come over and kiss or fondle Tuyet. I kept thrusting some more and now Tuyet was moaning and panting. I held on to her hips and moved her ass up and down my dick. Ngoc was fondling Tuyet’s tits, which were dangling nicely. I also reached for them. For a while, I had one hand on her belly. Ngoc seemed to have forgotten where she was, who she was with, and what she was actually doing.

I could feel my glans itch and I knew I was gonna come soon. I lowered my ass onto my heels and Tuyet’s body was more upright now. Ngoc came closer, and the two girls kissed. I reached around Tuyet’s leg to squeeze Ngoc’s pussy briefly, like I was saying ‘hello’. When I embraced Tuyet fully with both of my arms, I came inside her in a series of shots. I moaned but kept her pussy plugged until the ejaculating had subsided and told Ngoc to get under Tuyet’s butt so catch the cum that would be dripping out of Tuyet’s pussy in a second.

I wanted Ngoc to see, smell, and taste everything today, as we couldn’t be sure when would be the next opportunity for her. I pulled out and immediately lowered my upper body to the side, so that I could watch the cum dripping in Ngoc’s mouth. Of course, the first two drops missed and landed on her nose and cheek, but then she seemed eager to collect everything with her lips to keep the bed clean. Ngoc actually licked Tuyet’s nether lips clean. Tuyet had her hands on her thighs and was leaning forward a bit, so she could observe Ngoc’s little catchment action as well.

Tuyet further lowered herself a few inches and now Ngoc was slobbering. She kept licking Tuyet’s pussy like a puppy until Tuyet told her to stop, laughing. We all disentangled and went to the bathroom to shower together. I reached for both pussies and admired the girls’ young bodies one more time. Back in the room, Ngoc cleaned the food off the bed, and we sat down for a little bit.

“I think I need to get going soon,” I said. I knew that the final whistle was a mood killer, but it was true. I also felt that we had accomplished what we had set out to do.

“Well, that was quite something,” Tuyet said. “Did you like it too?” she asked Ngoc.

“Yeah, of course. I’m glad we finally did it,” she nodded. “My parents will come back soon, though” she cautioned us, so we went outside.

“I probably won’t see you again before you go back to Hue,” I said to Tuyet.

“Yeah, I know. But we had a great time while I was here. I’ll text you when I’m back in my dorm.”

We said goodbye to Ngoc, kissed, and rode off.

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