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The Hunt

January 1

It is a dark dreary night as I walk the sidewalks of Las Vegas. I have found this town that never sleeps a good place to find those I need to pursue my favorite sports. Around 3 AM, is the best time I have found to find the perfect participants in my most private yet satisfying fantasy. I have found this place just outside the Strip entrance of MGM Grand to be particularly good. It has been almost a month since my last incursion into the city and the hungers are now arising in me.

As I watch, a likely participant comes out the door alone. She is probably 5’9 and 125 pounds with a slim waist and at least a 36C bust. She is simply, beautiful. As I watch, she passes me and turns to go walking down the side of the building toward the parking structure. I follow a discrete distance behind as to not scare her into running or screaming for help. As we enter the structure and approach the elevator, I look to notice that there are no others coming. So, as she enters the elevator, I enter right behind her. Looking in her green eyes I can see she looks tired so, I decide it is time for her to sleep. I take out what looks to be a cigar, but what is actually a blowpipe in disguise and with a quick breath, and a psst, a small drug tipped dart shoots out and sticks in the tender flesh of her neck.

She immediately becomes disoriented and I put one of her arms around my neck and my own arm around her waist as if I’m helping my drunken girlfriend to the car to take her home. I push the basement button and as we exit I point her toward the paneled truck that waits there. Charles is sitting in the driver’s seat waiting for me and upon seeing me; he opens the door and gives me assistance getting the girl into the back. He pulls down the door and gets in the front and starts driving out of the parking place and the city into the countryside.

Inside with me are perhaps 10 to 12 naked girls with gags in their mouths with their wrists handcuffed to rings in the ceiling. There are blondes, chemical blondes, redheads, brunettes and one Nubian girl. Most are now awake but helpless to protest their situation. I put the cuffs on the newcomer and lift her body up to attach them to the last remaining ring. Finding these girls has been quite easy and very rewarding. I begin stripping my latest prize. First her jeans are unhooked and unzipped and pulled down what proves to be some of the smoothest expanses of leg I have seen in ages. Then her thin blouse is slowly torn from her torso so as to not bruise the soft skin.

Yes, she is a beauty standing there in red panties and matching bra that barely keeps her breasts in check. An xacto knife quickly cuts her bra strap and it goes flying from her letting her breasts bounce. The bounce is quickly contained in my hands where I feel how firm and full they are and how hard the nipples have gotten even under the drug influence. Two quick cuts and the bikini panties fall do her feet and her smooth shaved pussy comes into view. She is fantastic, the best of the bunch.

It is a long trip and the truck has been fitted with the essentials of life. So I sit in my comfortable chair with a glass of champagne looking at all the perfect pretty girls in front of me. I can see fear and terror in each eye including the newest member who is now coming out of the influence of the drug.

“I suppose you want to know what has happened to you and what will happen to you,” I say as I look over the expanses of feminine flesh before me.

I can tell by the look in their eyes that each would answer yes.

“My name is Roger. Simply put, you are being taken to a private hunting preserve for the next 30 days. During that time, you will be free to run where ever you wish on the preserve, and every few days I shall hunt one or two of you down and … Well I shoot you with an arrow from my bow, or perhaps more than one, after which, my companions and I shall eat you.

I can see that most of the girls find the prospects revolting. “Oh by the way, if any of you live through the full 30 days, you will split 10 million dollars cash.” Immediately signs of hope enter the eyes of a few including the tall blonde. “I will warn you, that this preserve is surrounded by a 100,000 volt fence and that the 100 feet before the fence is mined with antipersonnel mines that would blow you pretty little legs off.”

We will arrive shortly and after you are fed, you will be released into the preserve and at noon tomorrow, the hunt will begin.

Upon arrival, the girls are unshackled one at a time and led into the women’s compound where they will spend the night. I have the chore of releasing the big titted blonde and as I release her chains, I let her body drop over my shoulder. Her head and arms hang down behind me and I can feel her big full tits and hard nipples against my back. I can’t help but test the firm flesh of her well-shaped ass with a bite, which awakens her to some really irritating whining.

I carry her into my room and throw her body on the bed. It bounces on the mattress; her large firm tits quiver as if an earthquake was present in her physical landscape. I quickly get out of my clothes and before she knows it I am on top of her shoving my large pulsating rod into her depths drilling her deep and hard. All the time I am screwing her brains out, I am biting at her nipples and tits and licking the sweat from her flat belly. Those tits were really something, nice and round, a great handful. So firm yet soft to the touch, this one had the fortune of being a goddess. Too bad what fate had instore for her. Her sobbing is almost as exhausting to me as it is with her as I dig my fingers into her hips and lift them so I can drive deep into her and deliver a load of great gobs of hot cum. As I pull out of her, my cock drops on her pubic bone and more cum covers her pubic area and flows down to meet the streams flowing from her pussy. I made her clean my dick off with her mouth while her hands held her pussy so nothing would further leak on to my floor. She was crying the entire time.

She continues to sob as I punch her in the stomach causing her to double up and move to the other side kicking her cushioned ass telling her to get to the women’s area before the dogs are set loose and she becomes a meal for one of the Dobermans before the hunt ever begins. She moves from the bed and out into the darkness to rush to her place to sleep.

The next morning, the women are lined up and tagged with a dogtag on a chain around their necks. They are warned of the fence and mines and the ten million again and then told to run, the hunt would begin in about two hours. I finally arose from my dreams of big tits and small tits and blonde and brunette pussy and dressed for the hunt. A full quiver of arrows, a compound bow, and a hunting knife. “Are the snares set”

“Yes” replied my main assistant in the hunting and the camp cook.

I start off and down a hill to the front of the camp. At first, there are many prints of bare feminine feet in the soft dirt, some of which break off from time to time until there was only one left. I hoped it was the big titted blonde. I followed this final set of footprints for perhaps a half-mile until I came to where the forest would open into a clearing at the edge of a pond. There on her knees is a petite redhead. Her small tits were covered with dust and dirt where she had fallen.

I watched closely and crept closer for the shot. She was perhaps 5 foot even and 100 pounds and maybe would dress out at 65 to 70 pounds of meat and bone. She kept looking around as she cupped her hand and drank and then stood up to run off. I decided this was almost too easy so decided to make it a two shot kill. One to hurt and one to finish her off. I prepared to shoot and just before releasing the arrow, I stepped on a stick and broke it. Hearing this the little redhead started to run. A zipping sound broke through the silence and before she could go two feet, the arrow caught her in the side of her left ass Erzincan Escort cheek and went through her uterus and out at the top of the pubic bone. She yelped with pain as the blood flowed down her legs on both sides and she hobbled to try to get away in the woods. I ran to circle and get in front of her and stepped from the woods. Her face contorted in horror as she watched the string of the bow pulled back.

It must have almost seemed like slow motion as the arrow went through the air and through her belly halfway between the navel and the sternum and as I reached her and she fell to her knees, I pushed the arrowhead out her back by the shaft as her eyes rolled up and she fell on her back breathing very slowly.

The knife was drawn in an instant and I tilted her head and drove it through her jugular into her neck letting loose a gush of blood as she slipped into death. Withdrawing the knife, I inserted it into her again just above the arrowhead and slit her up the belly past the other arrow. The serrated edge of the blade cut through the bone of her sternum like paper. Soon she was split from pussy to collar and as I rolled her on her side, her viscera poured out on the ground where I left them for the other women to find.

I left her laying there spread-eagled for the kitchen crew to pick up and spit for the roasting. Though not a large girl, she was sweet to the taste and served to whet our appetite for things to come. The cook had sent the head, hands, feet and one tit to the taxidermist for the usual trophy mount. Day one of the hunt was over; Day two would allow the women more time to settle in to their habitat before actual hunting began again on day 3.

Day 3 came quickly enough. For today I decided to try hunting from a blind. I find that a great number of these bimbos are not smart enough to look up. I picked a place not far from the first kill overlooking some berry bushes. After all, the bitches had to eat sometime and it was kind of a relaxing place. I was sitting communing with nature when I heard some rustling in the woods coming toward my position. I pulled two double bladed arrows from my quiver and laid one across my leg as I nocked the other and waited to see what or who was coming.

I almost could not take the excitement when I saw it was the big titted blonde. Her feet were dirty but those magnificent boobs bounced nicely still as she walked through the underbrush and toward the berries. She had several scratches on her back, belly, tits and ass. She had probably been sticking to the cover to avoid being hunted. I was thinking, just for a second of jumping down and fucking this broad again. Just for a second. I pulled back on the string and with a smile I let out a whistle at her.

She jumped in surprise and then I could see the combination of being startled and terrified in her eyes. She held up her hand as though to stop my arrow from leaving the bow, but it was too late. Before she could scream, the first arrow had cut through the air covering the distance between us and penetrated her body through the bottom part of the right tit, making it bounce uncontrollably. Quickly the second arrow was brought up and sent flying toward her. It made a dull thud sound as it split her sternum and went deep in her chest.

Big tits feel slowly to her knees looking down at the arrows sticking from her tit and chest and breathing slowly making them rise and fall. My cock was getting rock hard. As I climbed down from the tree, I saw her waver then fall forward on her face shattering the shafts inside her body. She was gone. About that time one of the tall brunettes broke cover and entered the clearing. She saw what was happening and bolted toward the pond.

I ran after her and quickly overtook her at the edge of the pond. We went tumbling into the water and fighting along the bottom into deeper water. I could stand and keep my head clear and still hold her under. In a short time, she was unconscious and I was dragging her out and laying her face down over a large log. It didn’t take long to release my cock and drill her hot pussy from the rear. She was so hot and wet; the fight had been arousing to her as evidenced by her rock hard nipples.

It only took about 10 minutes of drilling her hot hole before I filled her full of cum. It wasn’t likely this bitch would ever have kids so no protection was needed. I could see I was going to have a few days off after the success of today as the boys would have enough meat to last for some time.

I grabbed the still unconscious brunette’s foot and dragged her back to big tits. I tied the brunette up while I attended to the big tit blonde. I became horny again and decided to fuck this blonde one last time. She was covered with dirt so I dragged her into the water and rammed my dick inside her while she floated face up. She was buoyant with those magnificent tits swaying as I fucked her still warm pussy. I felt heated liquid from her pussy as I fucked her as her urine drained out of her lifeless body, it felt great contrast to the cold water. Grabbing her head and looking into her lifeless eyes gazing at me, I exploded one last time into this bitch. Now time to deal with both these bitches. I had enough rope to hang both of them by a rope from a nearby tree branch by their feet. It was big tits turn first. She was already dead and it didn’t take long to slit her open from her cum dripping crotch to collar and spill her insides out on the ground. I couldn’t wait to see these two in the trophy room.

The brunette came to facing big tits. She was tied a little higher so she had a good view of big tit’s gutted carcass. She started to cry and pleaded with me to let her go. I toyed with her offering to spare her and made her clean my dick with her mouth. Her warm mouth felt good but I already came twice and didn’t have it me to cum again. This girl was good, even upside down with her arm tied behind her back she sucked me with every thing she had. But was she started to tire and slowed down I pulled my dick out of her mouth and drew my knife. She starts to freak out again and plead for another chance, she will make me cum for sure, just one more try. Fat chance, instead, the big serrated blade of the hunting knife went into her cum filled pussy and began to fuck her like a cock. It cut through the inner walls as they contracted on it just like an orgasm and exited through the soft skin of her belly. She lived to see her guts fall past her eyes as the knife got halfway between her navel and sternum, but the rest of the job was completed in quiet.

Well 3 down and 9 to go I thought. But this will last the boys several more days and I won’t have to work again until around day 7.

Here it is January 7 and time to hunt once more. I decide that today will be different. The women are probably wondering what is happening or perhaps think I have been hunting and that they have been avoiding me. At any rate, I decide to use a sword today and to take my two Dobermans with me. True the Doberman is not commonly thought of as a hunting dog, but they have other advantages and I have trained this tandem particularly well.

I begin with the two dogs on short chains, and walk down by the area where I took big tits the last time. We spot plenty of footprints of feminine bare feet, but no girls. As we walk over a hill, we are also moving farther into the forest. Up ahead, I see a flash of what looks like bare skin through the trees. The dogs have started to bark and as I reach down to unhook the chains; I get a better look at our prey. It is a rather well endowed redhead, not as much as the big titted blonde, but definitely a double handful.

Apparently, she heard and saw us for the first time just as I was releasing the dogs and bolted to make her getaway. The dogs took off in a full run after her and I in turn ran after them. As she would zig and zag, I could see those boobs of her bounce violently. I hoped she wouldn’t beat her brains out with them before I got the chance to take Erzincan Escort Bayan her. The dogs are growling and barking like the maddened beasts they are as they move ever closer.

They have been trained to hunt as a pair so as the first Doberman jumps into the middle of her back and knocks her to the ground, the second arrives and sinks its large teeth into her inner thigh and buttocks, holding her down as the first recovered to sink its large teeth into her side causing a flow of blood down her ass and thigh. Soon I arrived on the scene of the redhead being held on her knees by the two great dogs, her face bloody and tear filled as her screams of agony filled the air.

As she begs for mercy, I am walking around her and drawing my sword. As I get in front of her, I swing the sword and watch as a pink line across her belly slowly splits open and her guts begin to spill out. The dogs have been so good, I decide to give this one to them and as I watch, they begin to devour her guts as she watches before one knocks her on her back and begins making vicious bites at her tit. Soon they are ripping large pieces from her. One taking a great bite out of her lower abdomen and pussy the other some tender neck and chest, and both enjoying the belly and thighs.

After they finish, I command the dogs to go back to the compound and continue on, the men will be wanting food soon. I go to check some of the traps I have set and after walking for about a mile, I come upon the first. A simple trap, a trip wire of sorts which releases a bar on a green branch with many pointed stakes along it. The trap has been sprung. The trip which was a loosely held punji stick, connected to a small rope, had been stepped upon. The branch had sprung out and now a tall brunette was bent over it with three spikes in her belly. Two were at the edge of her body and one had penetrated at or slightly above the navel and the point stuck out her back.

The punji stick was stuck through her bare foot in two places. Apparently it had not been too long. The buzzards had not arrived yet and she was still breathing. Her weight was entirely on the branch and gently bouncing up and down, almost like she was shaking her ass wanting me to fuck her.

As I came up, my hands moved over her ass and back admiring both her skin and the fine job the trap had done. I leaned over to whisper to her and as I did, my hard cock pressed against her ass through my pants. “You deserve a last fuck my dear.” With that, I lowered my pants and guided my hot throbbing cock into her wet warm hole. Surprisingly, she was very wet, and when I reached under her, her nipples were quite hard and her boobs extremely firm.

My hands grabbed her firmly by the ass and I began to drive in and out of her sweet cunt as fast as I possibly could. I could hear some skin ripping with each thrust and see blood dripping on the ground. After a few minutes there was much more give and when I leaned to the right, I could see her guts start to ooze out. By the time I deposited gob after gob of hot goo inside her, the hole had been ripped to a huge size.

So when I pushed her body off the stakes after filling her with cum, I was not surprised that one, she was dead, and two, how easy it was to complete the gutting. I also found a nice long stick I could sharpen and make into a spit. I stuck it in through her asshole and shoved it up through her now empty body in the back of her throat and out through her mouth. I used the spit to hang her up with so that the wild animals would not get her.

This amount of meat would last a fair amount of time so near the middle of the month. It is a time when some of the guys filter out and new ones come in. For a short time, there is hardly anyone in the main compound. The girls must know it, because they have been seen coming near the fields in search of food. At least those too dumb to find food in the forest area. The stupid bitches generally don’t realize we don’t want them to starve to death we want to kill them the old fashioned ways, so we put food out for them. So here it is the 13th and not quite half the babes are dead yet.

With seven to go it looks like we will have enough to last until the end of the month. Besides there are not as many guys in the month end group as were in the starting group so with less mouth’s to feed it shouldn’t take as many each time. Even so, we will hunt as the opportunities arise.

Sun rise on the 16th, I’ve decided to try something different today. I’m not usually into guns but one of the guys brought a new model 70 .243 Winchester with a scope. I am really itching to try this baby out on some real game. I leave the house in the morning and walk down the path toward the ponds. Around one side of the ponds are some very thick and highly thorned blackberry bushes. As I come to the top of the hill, I can see one of the brunette’s getting a drink at the pond.

A beauty like the others, she has smaller tits than most but a very flat stomach and ass. Her calves and thighs have rather well developed muscles kind of like a dancer. I watch through the scope as she drinks and admire her firm body. As she rises to leave, I chose my shot and pick the navel. It is about a 200 yard shot, and as I watch through the scope, I can see a small black hole appear about an inch above where I aimed as a spray of red exits behind her.

As she goes reeling back, her small tits jiggle up and down until they become stuck on the blackberry thrones. I smile as I watch the thorns tear her tender flesh as she falls into the bushes. Soon her body and face are covered with bleeding scratches. I take my time coming down the hill and by the time I get to where she is laying, she is pretty much a bloody sobbing mess. She was crying and pleading with blood spilling from her wounds and her mouth, I stood there admiring my work, then I shove a new shell into the chamber and fire at her head.

There is a crater like a volcano formed in her forehead as parts of her brains and skull go exploding out the back of her head as it is violently sent bouncing back and forth. Once the tremors stop, I grab her by the foot and pull her from the bush to the side of the pond. As I draw my knife, I am pounced upon by a tall blonde. Her tits are almost as big as the big titted one I killed earlier. She is a blur of fists and feet kicking and clawing.

I slap and slug her as hard as I can while I reach to pull my hunting knife. By the time it is pulled, I am on my back and she is on top of me pounding my chest. I can see the surprised look on her face as the sound of ripping flesh fills the air as the knife splits her tender belly about midway between the sternum and the navel. As I twist the blade, she rolls off of me and I draw my 9-mm beretta. I quickly fire 6 rounds into her body.

Three of them rip into her left tit obliterating her nipple and leaving it a bloody shred. One shattered her sternum and pierced her heart, one went through the base of her neck and the final one went through her right tit lodging in the lung. She fell to the ground with a thud. I walked up to her as she gasped and chocked on her blood. Unzipping my pants I shoved my cock into the dying blonde. Her bloody tits bounced nicely as I drilled her. Her eyes stared at me in terror as she gasped for air with the blood coming out of her mouth. Before long she let out a sigh and stared at me with lifeless eyes. Her gaze made me cum so hard and I pulled out of her. After picking up my knife I gutted the two of them and as a joke on the cook, I left the blonde on top the brunette in a 69 position with their faces in each others dead pussy and the blonde’s pussy leaking cum on to the brunette’s face.

I thought I could relax and started heading back when out of the woods came a second, smaller blonde. Her 34 B rack bouncing proudly as she walked to the pond her view of the pile of dead girls blocked by a bush. She layed on her stomach to get a drink while I was circling to come up behind her. Escort Erzincan Before she knew what was happening, I was on her back pushing her face into the water holding her by the hair. As I felt her weaken, I pulled her face out and let her breath and then shoved it back in again.

This time I swiftly opened my pants releasing an engorged erection which laid on the crack of her sweet ass while I lifted her head. A rabbit punch to the kidneys encouraged her to tilt her hips so that I could jam my hard cock into her hot wet pussy. Her crotch was on fire where I touched her. She began to moan a guttural moan and move her hips as I drove in and out of her. I fucked her for the better part of half an hour until finally I could hold back no more and started to release gobs of cum into her hot cunt. Pulling out, more cum shot over her ass and back.

I pulled back on her head forcing her to arch her back greatly, and as I moved my knee to the middle of her back and drove her into the ground, I could hear her spine and neck snap. I held her head under the water for about 5 minutes until no more bubbles rose from her lips. Her limp body lay there a mixture of cum and mud on her ass and back while her head was tilted at a strange angle.

Rolling her on her side, I slit her from cunt to collar and let her guts and other internal organs ooze out onto the ground. The I tossed her body on top of the pile to be picked up by the crew. It would be good eating for a while. Now with 8 of the original twelve dead, it was sure to get harder. Surely today was just the luck of the hunt finding the three so close together. The last four would be a challenge.

Here it is the 25th. There has not been much luck since the last 3. I decide to go back to the tree blind and try something new. As I sit in the tree, I finally see a redhead approaching. It looks like she will walk right under me and I decide I must take her quietly as I can see another blonde off in the distance. I make a loop in the rope I carry and wait patiently. As she walks under, I drop the loop over her head and pull on it quickly tightening the noose around her neck and lifting her off the ground before she can scream.

Her fingers claw at the rope and her feet dance on air as she hangs on the end of the rope. The rope has a fair amount of her red hair trapped under it, perhaps slowing her death. It is at this time one of the kitchen helpers shows up. I whisper and tell him to go back and get my sword for me. He is fascinated at watching the naked girl dance on the end of the rope like a marionette. I have to push him to get him moving and take his eyes off her.

He quickly returns and I take the sword and cut the still living girl down. I tell the aide, he can have her but don’t let her scream and go off after the other one. I look back once to see him stuff his boxers in her mouth as he stuffs his cock in her pussy and begin to drill her deep. I then turn to go after the other girl I spotted a short time before.

As I approach the blond, I get very close before she becomes aware of my presence. She starts to run, but I quickly overtake her and hit her in the back of the head with the broad side of my sword sending her sprawling. She hit her head against a tree in her tumble and was knocked unconscious. I fucked this knocked out bitch anyways, her pussy was surprisingly wet as I drilled her. After unloading my cum into her I use some more of the rope to hang her upside down and spread-eagled from a tree branch. As she awakens, I tell her I’m going to give her a lesson in butchering. Her eyes grow huge with fear as I speak. Out comes the trusty hunting knife and a quick swing and her breast is about ¾ severed and left hanging on her chest as blood flows down her neck.

It is then I rest the blade of my sword in the slit of her crotch. I told her I always wondered if I could split a woman in half with one blow. I knew I couldn’t but I was eager to find out how far I could get. Her eyes grow even larger as I raise the sword and send it down into her slit cutting through her on both sides to about and inch and a half short of her navel. She is jerking and screaming uncontrollably now as I put my foot in her belly and pull the sword out.

A river of blood is flowing toward the valley between her breasts as I rip the rest of her belly open and let her guts drop to the ground before her still living eyes. I leave her hanging in the tree as I go back up the hill to see what the aide is doing with his little redhead. When I get there, I can see the red head sitting on the ground facing me with her legs spread apart. Her crotch is leaking hot sticky cum and the aid is standing with his pants down with his back to me face fucking the red head. Soon he groans and steps back, I walk up to the two of them and the red head is coughing up cum. She pleads that she had done what he wanted and he has to let her go. I smiled looking at the aid then back to the red head. “You have to satisfy me too.” And laid down dropping my pants. She takes the que and comes to sit on my cock and begins to ride me. Her pussy was lubricated with the aid’s cum and my dick slipped in and out with ease. This bitch was a good rider and her tits bounced sensually. I looked to the aid and he nodded knowing what to do. The red head had her eyes closed while riding me and when she felt the rope around her neck her eyes snapped open with terror. Unfortunately for her the aid tightened the rope before she could make a sound. Grabbing on her hips I continue to fuck her and she struggles with the rope. The aid twisted the rope and her tongue came out of her mouth. First her eyes was wide with fear and she looked at me with pleading, but soon her eyes rolled up towards her forehead as gurgling sound escape her throat. Her pussy felt great and her struggle weakened and I came deep inside this dying bitch. After I caught my breath the red head was motionless and the aid was still strangling her. I push her off me and my dick slips out, soon as the red head fell on the floor urine mixed with semen leaked out of her pussy. I tell the aid to gut her and bring them both back to camp.

January 28

Well not much of the month left and still two are left alive. I take the bow back out again and try my luck. After walking for most of the day, it is almost twilight when I see the nubian beauty loping across a field. Her black skin glistens in the fading light as her copious boobs bounce. I draw back on an arrow and let it fly. It was not a very good shot, but it slowed her down by impaling one of her ample breasts.

As she turns toward me, I quickly load and fire 3 arrows into a tight pattern each one piercing a portion of her heart. I watch as she drops and lays still on the ground. Too bad I think, just 3 more days and you would have won.

I am tired from all the walking so I go back to camp without gutting her and send out the kitchen crew do handle that and the other preparations for roasting her.

January 31.

One left as I rise this morning. I make an announcement on the PA system. “Attention, number 12. Yesterday was the 30th, you have won, come in and collect your prize and after a celebration tonight we will turn you loose in the city tomorrow.”

About an hour later a somewhat exhausted looking brunette approaches the compound. She is about 5’9 and 125 pounds with perhaps a 36C rack on her. She is greeted and given clothing and taken to prepare for a feast. That night she dines with me. Unknown to her, it is the nubian girl that is served as the feast. I ask her name and she says Diane. I say well Diane, here are some bearer bonds for 10 million dollars. I would however give another 10 million just to get to fuck a babe like you.

After thinking for a second, she agrees. She is obviously a greedy broad. We retire to the bedroom where I find she is not only a great fuck, she sucks and swallows like a two bit whore. After spewing a huge load deep in her cunt, I reach over under my pillow while she is moaning with her eyes shut. They quickly open looking at me almost questioningly as she feels the cold steel blade slit her belly and sink into her soft guts.

I just say, “Silly bitch. January has 31 days you would not have won until tomorrow.”

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