The Illicit Proposition Ch. 03A

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Chapter 3A to be finished in 3B

After the party

As the sun started to set, the guest started to depart, and the kids disappeared. The yard was a mess, there were folding chairs and tables covered in paper plates and plastic glasses everywhere.

Betty was standing beside me wide eyed, as she surveyed her yard, mumbling, to herself, “What a fucking mess, how the hell am I ever going to clean it up?”

As I put my arm around her and gently pulled her towards me. She slipped her arm around my waist and cuddled up against me and rested her head on my shoulder, like she belonged there!

I kissed the top of her head as I whispered,” Don’t worry about it. I’ll help you.”

Betty said softly, “Thanks Meat, “then we started cleaning up, when the few remaining guest, seen what we were doing, they all pitched in and helped us.

When I finally finished putting the last of the folding chairs in the garage, I went looking for Betty. I wanted to find out what she wanted to talk about, and oddly enough, there was something I wanted to talk her about too.

Then hopefully, we could finish what we started in the kitchen.

I found Betty in the driveway saying thanks for coming, and waving good-bye to the last of her friends. I guess she could read my mind, or something, because she looked me directly in the eyes and bluntly asked me. What is it?”

I blurted out, “Betty what about your husband?”

She, replied,” It’s a long complicated story, but this is the short version of it. Our parents are old fashion and they forced us together. But we instantly hated each other, and we still do.

We got married, because it was what our parents wanted us, to do. We rarely had sex, so when I got pregnant. He said it wasn’t his, and moved out of the house.

Our parents were pissed, and they told us, if we ever get a divorce, they will disinherit us. So we’re stuck together.

We only see each other when we absolutely have too and then he’s usually drunk, and we end up arguing.”

Betty sucked her breath and exhaled in frustration as she continued,” He lives his fucking life and I live mine. Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Yeah,” I replied,

Betty was still staring into my eyes and her voice soften a little as she asked, “What about you, I know you’re not married now, are you involved with anyone special? “

“No, “I answered. Then I added,” there’s nobody special, or other wise in my life. I’m totally uncommitted.”

Betty smiled and sounded interested as she said, “Oh really, that’s good, because neither am I.”

Then she took my hand and lead me into her family room saying,” Meat I can’t possibly thank you enough for what you did for me today. I don’t know what. I’d have done without you.”

I smiled at her, as I replied,” it’s okay; I had a good time.” Then I asked hopefully,” Is there anything else; I can do for you… before I go.”

She Adana Escort got that haft crazed wanton look on her face again, as she glanced down at my still haft erect pecker, and boldly stated, “Yeah there is something else, you can do for me.”

I got the hint and asked playfully, “Oh yeah, what’s that?”

Betty didn’t answer; instead she wrapped her arms around my neck, stood up on her tip toes, tilted her head, pressed her partially opened lips against mine, and slipped her tongue between my lips, into my mouth, sending shivers of pure sexual excitement up and down my spine that ended in the head of my dong.

I sucked her tongue deeper into my mouth and flicked the tip of my tongue across hers, as my hands went right down over the soft spongy globes of her ass and pulled her against me.

Betty took her mouth off mine, kissed my cheek, nipped my ear lobe and traced the inside of my ear, with the tip of her tongue, giving me goose bumps and sending chills up and down my spine.

She sort of blew her words into my ear, as she whispered, “Yes there is something else I want you to do for me.” Then she stuck the tip of tongue deep into my ear, causing me to shutter and pump my hips against hers, in the fucking motion.

Betty blow her words into my ear again, as she teasingly asked, “Do you know what that is?” then she stuck the tip of her tongue deep into my ear again.

I was shuttering as I groaned, “No, tell me what you want?”

Betty sucked in her breath and answered breathlessly, “I want you so fucking bad I can’t stand it; I’ve thinking about you doing it to me all day, and you know it too, don’t you?”

It was my turn play and tease, so I let my words drag out as I asked, “Tell me what you were thinking about me doing to you? “

She didn’t answer; instead she brushed her lips across mine and sucked my lower lip into her mouth; and nipped it between her teeth.

As Betty flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth, across my lip; she brazenly slipped her hand under the waist band of shorts and grabbed my man meat.

Betty released my lower lip and squeezed my cock, and stated brazenly,” This is what. I’ve been thinking about, all day.”

Then she asked playfully, in her deep sultry voice” Do you do anything else, with this thing, besides piss with it?”

I brushed my lips across her full soft lips and ground my pelvis against hers, as I whispered lustfully, “Yeah Betty, there is something else; I do with that thing. Can you guess what it is?”

Betty got this dreamy look in her eyes, as she took her hand out of my pants and put her arm around back my neck and sighted, “Oh really, what’s that? “I didn’t answer her. Instead I racked the tips of my fingers up her spine, causing her to shutter.

Then I unhooked her halter top.

Betty jiggled her boobs, freeing them from her top, as she asked lasciviously in her Adana Escort Bayan deep throaty voice, “Are you trying to feel me up, and get me horny, in the hopes of getting laid?”

“Yeah,” I replied, as I slipped my hand under her loosely hanging top and cupped her firm heavy breast in my hand and roughly rubbed, the tip of my thumb across her nipple.

Betty shuttered and gasped, “Aaaaah, “As her nipple quickly came to life, under the tip of my thumb.

Before I could do anything else, Betty said,” Not here, let’s go into the bedroom.” We were no sooner in the door, when she turned and locked it behind us.

As she turned back around, she was staring at me with the unmistakable look of lust in her eyes, as she stated in her deep slutty voice.” We don’t want to be disturbed… do we?”

The next thing I knew Betty was on her knees in front of me looking up into my eyes, with that same sex crazed expression on her face, that she had earlier, when she jerked me off.

Betty licked her lips as she asked, “If I suck you off, can you get it up again?”

“Oh Hell Yeah,” I replied confidently, “My dick is always hard.”

Betty was beaming from ear to ear as she said,” Good, because I’ve been fantasying about sucking your dick, and having sex with you, ever since I was in high school.”

Before I could say or do anything.

Betty had me striped from my waist down to my ankles, and she was kissing licking, and nibbling my thighs, while she lovingly caressed the hairy cheeks of my ass with her finger tips.

She reached around, lifted my dick and sucked on my family jewels, one at a time, bathing them in her warm moist mouth. Betty licked upward under the shaft of my pecker, until she reached the crown, then she flicked the end of her soft pink tongue across the tip of my dick several times.

She was looking directly into my eyes as she engulfed the large enflamed dark red head of my pecker in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, causing me to groan loudly.

Betty pulled her mouth off my pecker and licked it like a pop-sickle, from the base to the tip, as she teasingly asked, “did you like that, do you want more?”

She was looking deeply into my eyes as she asked seriously, “If you cum now, can you really get it up again, or were you just trying to impress me, with some macho bullshit?”

I nodded my head as I muttered, trying to sound like a real stud,” Oh Hell Yeah, I can get it up again.” Then I added honestly,” Betty, blow jobs are only good for foreplay.”

She licked her lips as said, “Good, because I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum. But Stud, I want more. I want, a lot fucking more, and I hope you’re man enough to give it to me.”

The sound of her voice as she called me,” Stud” made my cock pulse and ooze pre-cum out the end of dick.

Betty sucked my male member into her mouth, without breaking Escort Adana eye contact. Then she began swirling her soft pink tongue around the enflamed head of my dick, and began stroking her hand up and down, the long hard swollen shaft of my cock.

All the while she bobbing her head up and down and slobbering on my pecker, she was tenderly caressing my nuts with her fingers.

Betty was making soft exotic passionate, mmm, mmm, sounds deep in her throat as she slurped on my pecker. Our eyes were glued together, as she reached down and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled down the little zipper.

She raised her eye brows at me, as she slipped her hand under the waist band of her black nylon panties and slowly slid it downward, until the outline of her hand disappeared between her parted thighs.

We never broke eye contact as she played with her twat, and sucked on my cock. All the while she was doing that, she kept making slurping sucking sounds and moaning, “Mmm, mmm, mmm,” deep in her throat

It was the hottest sexist sight I’ve ever seen. She was giving me the best wettest blow job, I ever had and she knew it. It was also driving me totally fucking insane with lust to know that while Betty was sucking me off, she was, getting herself off.

I wanted to prolong the pleasure; she was giving me, but before I knew it…I felt the wonderful tingling sensations starting to build up in my nuts. I knew, I was going over the edge, and there was no stopping it.

The room was starting to spin wildly round and round. So I just closed my eyes tightly, and let myself go. Then everything turned into a bright blur of; yellows, oranges, and reds. Then everything went black; as my orgasm completely over took me, causing my knees to weaken, as my balls started erupting.

I heard myself groaning, “Ugh, don’t stop, aaaaah, aaaaah, oh fuck, I’m coming”

I was coming so hard, I had to reach over and put my hands on Betty’s shoulders to steady myself. I was coming so fucking good. It felt like my balls were exploding, as I began shooting gob after gob of warm creamy white sperm out of my balls; up the shaft of my cock, out the end of my dick, into her mouth, and down her throat.

Betty didn’t stop sucking, until she drained every last drop of jizz out of my nuts.

When I was finally able to open my eyes; I could see that Betty had drool and semen running out the corners of her mouth and dripping off her chin, down onto her tits.

The crotch of her shorts was soaked and the insides of her tights were glistening wet with the juices from her orgasm.

I was so completely drained that I couldn’t hold myself up any longer. So I sort of flopped my hairy ass on the floor in front of her panting, trying to catch my breath.

Betty had a smug self pleased expression on her face, as she asked self confidently,” Did you enjoy that Stud?” The she started chucking as she stated,” I know, I sure as hell did.”

“Yeah” was all I could manage to say. Then she bent over and starting sucking on my shriving cock again. I needed a few minutes to regain my strength.

So I tried to fight her off…

End of part 3 A: to be finished in 3 B

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