The Infernal Device

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It is a truly infernal device. It held me in the position of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man…arms and chest secured to a stout frame; feet spread and secured to the floor. In thigh-highs, garter belt, bra, full makeup and chastity cage, I looked nothing like a man.

A panel is before me at waist height with a quarter inch wide, five inch long, steel rod jutting toward my cock. Above, and parallel to the rod was a shaft with a three inch diameter plastic wheel that rested on the rod. Between my legs, secured on a base to the floor, is a compact fucking machine; hinged at the base; dildo tip in my ass just past my inner ring. The only place it has to go is in. She gleefully detailed the intricacies of her device as she removed my cage. Predictably, my cock hardened to its inadequate five inches.

“You see,” she explained, “at the base of the rod is a segmented ring of conductors…no, you won’t be shocked. I’m using a spiked parachute on your balls and a stepper motor for controlled release of marbles into an attached bucket, ever increasing the weight until your cock is pulled down to become in line with the rod. The weight will continue to increase unless you participate. There are five kilos of marbles so participation is probably in your best interest.”

She pushed my hips back as much as my bindings allowed, slightly bending me at the waist, grasped my cock pointing it strait at the rod then adjusted the panel so the rod almost touched my tool. My cock slapped my tummy when she released it.

“The only way to stop the addition of more weight,” she continued, “is for you to fuck that rod with your pee-hole. When you do the plastic wheel will, quite easily, ride up to enable a micro-switch for a counter. The thing is that in order to fully enable the counter Cevizli Escort a complete circuit must be made between all segments of that conductive ring. And don’t worry…the rod is lubricated with a very light coat of petroleum jelly and large enough that precum won’t get by. The petroleum jelly is non-conductive so your leaky pecker won’t stop your fun.

The only tool you have, bound as you are, is the head of your cock and the only way that can be achieved is by your pee-hole fucking the rod until the head of your penis flattens against the contacts. When you withdraw, as the plastic wheel rolls off of your penis, the micro-switch resets the counter cycle, so it’s important that you achieve a full stroke.

Each completed stroke is a temporary stay of weight gain on your nuts. To completely stop additional weight you must achieve a specific number of strokes. That will lock the system but that number is not in my direct control.

Your first stroke drives a random number generator for a value no less than twenty but no more than sixty. The wheeled counter will also enable the fucking machine to give one up stroke so each time you stroke the rod you’re also fucking yourself.

The fucking machine starts with the wheeled micro-switch and withdraws with the ring contact. The beauty of this add-on is that it’s hinged at the floor so as you stroke in, because your ass becomes a pivot point for the fixed position hinged base, the head of the dildo moves to the forward region of your ass-pussy…right there wear your prostate lives.

Oh, yes…don’t try slow stroking. You must apply some haste or marbles will continue to drop.

Once the required number of strokes have been counted a bell will chime and you can stop and go back Escort Cevizli into your cage. But, you may, if you choose, continue, and possibly achieve an orgasm. You can fuck your pee-hole, and by association your ass, as long as you wish.

Like I said…your choice.

This truly is a sissy faggot self-fucking machine and as you’ve not cum in a month, this is your chance…let’s see if you can make yourself cum.”

So here I am…arms and legs immobilized. I can feel the sting of the parachute on my scrotum…uncomfortable even without added weight.

I’m gaged, but my head is free and I can look down and see my fate.

With a wry grin, “Let’s begin, shall we?” she asks and starts the device.

Clack, clack, clack…about one marble every two seconds. “Lets help this out a bit,” she said, adding a double hand full of marbles to the bucket, pulling my pee-pee down to about a forty-five degree angle…spikes digging into the soft flesh gaining a secure grip.

Precum begins to ooze from my soon-to-be-violated slit. Running her fingers up the length of my wretched shaft, it is gathered and deposited under my nose. “Take slow deep breathes” she advised. “Savor the sensations…absorb them.” She then nudged the marble bucket setting it swinging fore and aft, amplifying the dig of the spikes.

Clack, clack, clack…the marbles fall inexorably gradually drawing down the head of my cock. I’ve never had more than one and a half kilos hanging from my twins, but now that weight has been passed and I’m not yet in position to stop the gain.

Spikes grasping my skin almost bring me to tears. “Breath,” she commands…I obey. Steady…in…out…deep and regular.

Clack, clack, clack go the marbles…almost there. Cevizli Escort Bayan

There it is. I gently move my pee-hole to the rod and gingerly ease the rod in, gasping at the new stimulation…reluctant to continue. Clack…clack…clack.

“Reluctance is futile” she quipped. “If you delay, the moment will pass and you will be left with five kilos of marbles. It’s either fuck the rod or take all the marbles…your choice.”

With a deep breath, I slid the rod home, gasping at the burning sting of the violation of a hole designed as an exit…now become entry. The dildo rose in full thrust.

Clack…clack…why did it not stop??? “Participate.” she reminded me.

Draw out past the wheel…the dildo withdraws…back in…then out.

The marbles stop and the dildo full-strokes my boi-pussy.

My violation by the rod in combination with the assault on my ass has me harder than I could have thought possible. The stroking motion peaked the dildo thrust right by my prostate making me pant with need but it kept me just below the point of completion.

The rod fucking my pee-pee was adding to my overall stimulation making it a necessity for my ultimate goal. The spikes of the parachute rocking with each stroke make everything in my groin hyper-sensitive focusing only on carnality.

In my need, my thrusts became faster. I do not know how many cycles I completed. I recall hearing a bell ring but its significance was lost in my focus on my need.

I needed more…faster…faster. My entire body became focused on the final goal.

Finally I felt the peak arrive. With a final thrust I planted the head of my cock against the device and, with dildo fully pressed against my prostate, ejaculated, cum spurting out around the rod to gather and drip down the face of the device.

Withdrawing from the rod, my body slumped in the exhaustion of release.

The next thing I recall is lying with my head in mistresses lap as she gently stroked me telling me I did well and that I was a good boi.

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