The Interlude: Some Neighborly Vice

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Summer of ’83 +++++

Yet another hot and sticky day, it wasn’t quite as oppressive as it had been in recent weeks. It may have been over three weeks since our part of the world started baking in the current heat wave; but only two weeks since things had really heated up at my younger brother’s downtown apartment. The past two weeks spent with the baby offered little diversion from my 30-something hormones. So, when my estranged hubby picked the baby to spend an extended weekend with his relatives, I was quietly relieved. His snide question, “Getting any lately?” was surely meant to antagonize me. Fact was, I was alone again for the weekend — alone and undeniably horny… again.

The last episode with my younger brother and his roommates had definitely charged my libido, but there was no way I could justify satisfying my revived appetite for sex with them; that was just too close to home. It would be best for me to redirect such thoughts. “Just forget it, Girl and move on,” I reiterated, as I stood pensively gazing out our bedroom window.

As if caught in-between dreams, my unseeing eyes glossed over with vague memories of Bill and Sherry’s house and backyard. The Ames’ two-story house was almost directly across from our place. A six-foot tall privacy fence separated our lots. I recalled when they built it, only a month after they and their two kids moved in about four years ago. The vague memories become clearer now. The fence was not so much a privacy fence as it was necessary for the security of their new swimming pool. “Gosh, I’ll bet we haven’t spoken to them since their house warming party; that was over four years ago,” I recalled, “What a disaster THAT was!”

Flashback: Summer of ’79

Bill and Donny (my hubby), both involved in construction, were more than just casual acquaintances. In fact, it was Donny that turned Bill on to our neighborhood when they were house hunting.

Sherry was the complete opposite of what one might expect a construction supervisor’s wife to be. The leggy, svelte woman worked as a freelance model for a local agency. It always amazed me she could find enough modeling work in our semi-rural locale. However, there was no doubting her appeal. The tall, slender blonde was a true trophy wife and endeavored to distinguish herself as such.

The only thing she seemed to have in common with her burly spouse was incredible good looks. Handsome Bill was built like a Mack truck, a totally rugged Field and Stream hunk that oozed testosterone from every pore. Seeing the two of them together was like watching some weird casting call for “Tweetybird Meets Godzilla”; which is how we affectionately referred to them.

We caught mere glimpses of Sherry and their two teenagers after they moved in, but Bill seemed to be always out in the yard, building this and that. Soon after settling in they installed a full size concrete pool in their backyard. Consequently we received an invitation to a combination housewarming/pool party.

I remember asking Donny what we should wear to such an event. “Hell, I don’t know. The invitation says they’ll be christening their new pool, so I suppose swimsuits are in order. I’m sure Bill has seen you tanning out back, so just wear your white bikini,” he suggested with a twinkle.

“Yeah I’m sure Tweetybird, I mean Sherry, would like THAT,” I rolled my eyes.

“Screw her. If she can’t handle the competition, they shouldn’t have mentioned it being a pool party,” Donny concluded.

“What competition; like I could ever compete with a friggin’ Cosmo model?”

“Hmm, let’s see… a friggin’ Cosmo model verses a voluptuous Playboy pinup… sounds like a competition to me,” Donny chortled.

His comment was close enough to being an authentic compliment I accepted it. “Well thanks Darlin’; guess I WILL wear the bikini. Bill can see what it looks like up close.”

“Up close… AND personal?”

I shrugged off the innuendo, squeezed my deep-tanned thighs and 36-d melons into my two-piece, white, string bikini. Pulling on a light pastel beach blouse for civility sake, I grabbed a bottle of wine, before we headed across the back lawn. Since there were only a few couples mingling on the patio, we opted to make a formal entry through the front door.

Sherry, the perfect hostess, greeted us at the door. Luckily she was dressed similarly in a short terrycloth — designer label I’m sure — robe. Most of the guests were dressed ready to take a dip on such a hot day. Expecting Sherry to be some stuck-up fashion queen, I was relieved to see how accommodating she was. After introducing us around to their friends, she grabbed hold of her flighty son’s wrist. Fifteen-year-old Zach, intent on beating a path upstairs, stopped dead in his tracks long enough to catch his breath and cordially shake our hands with a smile.

“And this one’s obsessed with photography; always snapping us when we least expect it,” Sherry smiled through pursed lips.

“Pleased to meet you, Zach. Sounds like we need canlı bahis to keep an eye out for you,” I joked, as the prematurely tall, handsome teen brushed back his too long blonde locks.

“Yeah, good to meet you folks. Just let me know if you ever need your pool cleaned. I’m the best!” The boy blurted out, without realizing we didn’t have a pool.

His mother corrected the shy teenager. He loosened from her grasp and bolted upstairs, like some nervous, gangly antelope. “Kids will be… well, you know,” Sherry shrugged and asked if we were planning on starting our own family.

I was in mid-answer when two big paws planted themselves heavily on my shoulders. “So who’s this foxy little thing, Donny?” A gruff voice came from behind.

“Hey Bill, how’s it going? You’ve met Barb, haven’t you?” Donny smiled, as Godzilla easily twirled me around for a better look.

In the process of twirling, my blouse flew open to display my ample jugs swinging within the confines of my less-than-modest bikini top. “Well, it’s Barb; guess you aren’t as little as I’d imagined,” Bill brashly remarked, as I cautiously smiled and recovered the evidence.

“Jesus Bill, can you BE any more of a Neanderthal?” Sherry scolded and quickly shifted her eyes to ensure none of the other guests were privy to her spouse’s obnoxious behavior.

“Sorry Barb, I think Bill has been spiking the punch. He can be such an animal,” Sherry apologized.

“Oh gosh Sherry, think nothing of it. I think he’s kinda cute. I’ve been handled much, MUCH worse; trust me,” I laughed and took hold of the Neanderthal’s muscular forearm. “Come on Bill, you can buy me some punch,” I smiled and ushered the 6-foot tall hunk outside to the patio.

“I’m not drunk, Barb. Hell, the party’s just getting started!” He recoiled, as we stopped in front of a cooler. “You don’t really want punch do you, ’cause we don’t have any. That was just Sherry being Sherry. She can be such an up-tight…”

“Oh Bill, don’t be silly. I’d take a cold beer, if ya got one. Then you can give me a guided tour of the house, how’s that?” I tossed my long blonde hair back and mildly flirted to cool him down.

Offering me a cold brew, he shielded his eyes from the sun at my back. “You’re quite the arbitrator, aren’t you? I mean, you could get a job at the U.N. or something,” Bill’s version of flirting.

“HA, yeah right! So you think they’re hiring big boobed blondes at the United Nations these days?” I asked, letting my loose blouse fall halfway open.

“I like you Barb. There’s no bullshittin’ around with you, is there?” He observed, fixing the edge of my collar, likely for a better view of my cleavage.

“Guess I’m just a quick study of people and see no reason why we can’t get passed all the superficial crap,” I said, watching more couples file out onto the patio.

I spied Donny superficially chatting with Sherry in the kitchen and sensed by their body language there might be some attraction there. I thought nothing of it, as Big Bill continued, “So, it’s like you figure people out and then keep them from fighting, is that it?” he shifted his weight to help adjust a pair of tight trunks.

“Kind of; it’s more like knowing what makes people tick and then giving them what they WANT. That doesn’t mean they always get what they NEED.” I tried to verbally break down the concept, instead of breaking into a Rolling Stones’ classic.

“I see what ya mean,” he lied, but seemed intent on tricking his brain into some sort of rationale. “You’ve got me curious now. What is it that makes ME tick? I mean, you must have figured me out by now, right?” He asked, hoisting his beer for another long swig.

“Hmm, well this probably isn’t the right time or place to get into that. It’s your party; you should go and enjoy your other guests. You certainly don’t need my armchair analysis,” I laughed and lightly tapped his bulging bicep.

By now, our brief conversation had been interrupted several times by friends and neighbors stopping to offer salutations. “I suppose there are a few of these people I need to talk to, but I REALLY want to continue this,” he grinned and squeezed my shoulder. “There’s Sissy; she can give ya that guided tour if you like?”

“Sure, love to meet her,” I said, as Bill motioned the attractive young lady over to join us.

Dressed (a debatable point) in a tight, pencil-thin, red string bikini, her long strawberry locks bounced like in some Breck Girl commercial, Sissy (formally Melissa) soon joined us with what appeared to be her mute boyfriend in tow. Wrapping her thin arms around Daddy’s tree-trunk of a bicep, she pecked him on the cheek before turning her eyes to mine. “Hi, I’m Melissa, and you must be Barb,” she daintily offered one of her hands. At nineteen, she was a true knock out, with even more pronounced curves than her mother.

“It’s my pleasure; gosh Bill, but you and Sherry have such adorable kids!” I schmoozed, taking her hand in greeting.

“Daddy, tell her I’m no bahis siteleri kid,” Sissy nudged with the air of a spoiled debutante.

“Oh that’s right. I’m supposed to remind people; Sis is a college girl now; all of nineteen,” Bill stated as rehearsed. “Do me a favor Miss College Girl and show Barb, I mean can you give her a tour of the house and stuff? I’ve got to do some mingling.”

“Sure, I’d love to. The studio too?” The girl asked, while her preppie boyfriend fidgeted.

“Yeah, she might get a kick out of that too. Oh, and this is Jamie Stalter, he’s Sis’ cousin,” Bill added as an afterthought.

The skinny, nerdy-looking kid in baggy swimming trunks — probably close in age to Sissy — quickly raised his head to make eye contact, before retreating into anonymity. Bill waved at another couple. Giving my arm a quick reassuring squeeze, he said he would catch up with us later.

“Well, shall we?” The perfect strawberry blonde, with her perfect little body, and flawless skin suggested.

“Lead on and I’ll follow,” I smiled and followed her round little bubbly butt back into the house.

With timid Jamie bringing up the rear, Sissy led us directly through the large kitchen. Donny and Sherry were engrossed in conversation and barely acknowledged us as we passed. I assumed our teenaged guide would start with the second level or the main level first, so when she took an immediate turn downstairs I was surprised. We weren’t even halfway down the staircase, when she came to a screeching halt and turned around. Staring up at me, her sweet demeanor dissolved.

“So, can we cut out the bullshit, Barb?” Sis asked in a much lower tone.

“Huh?” I stopped dead on the step behind her.

“I KNOW what you’re up to. You and your beautifully tanned body; maybe you can fool Daddy, but I know what you’re after.” She warned and then turned to finish the stairs. I followed behind with guarded steps, trying to imagine just where she got off making such vague accusations. Silent Jamie at my rear was no help, except to keep me moving forward.

“And just WHAT is it you think I’m after?” I asked, quickening my pace to catch up with her. Making a sudden turn down a short hall, she was gone! The newly carpeted basement hallway stopped at a closed door. With Jamie’s speechless urging, I trod ahead and turned the knob. Inside what must be the studio, I spotted Sissy simmering on one side of the large room. Hearing the door shut and lock, I glanced back at Jamie. With his arms folded, he stood solidly blocking any access for a quick retreat.

“Hey, what the hell is this, anyway? I thought you were giving me a guided tour. All of the sudden my neighbors’ sexy little daughter turns into some kinda gestapo; accusing me of God-knows-what, and her mute Cousin Igor has locked us in this dungeon. I think I deserve a jury of my peers, at least,” I rolled my eyes in disgust.

“His name is Jamie; he’s harmless,” Sissy started, strutting like some domineering revenge-filled villain. “And this is no trial. You’re already guilty,” she leered.

“Okay, guilty of WHAT?” I demanded, spreading my open palms for emphasis.

“Guilty of seducing Daddy, of course.”

“You CAN’T be serious. What would ever make you think such a thing? Why I never…” I rebounded.

“Yeah right — you and your long hippie hair; those big tits; that sexy round ass — you’re not fooling us. Well, maybe my Mom, but we can plainly see you want his big cock,” she said, with almost an admiring tone.

“Us, who you and Igor here?” I asked, taking a few steps backward, as she approached.

“His name is JAMIE, and you haven’t denied any of what I said, have you?” She said, shaking back her long curled locks, as she slowly closed in on me.

“Don’t suppose I have. It’s simply ludicrous to think that I was coming on to your father.”

Sis was obviously in make-out mode herself, stopping for a moment to shed her fitted blouse, before backing me up against her Daddy’s antique desk.

“You don’t like me much do you, Barb?” She said, defiantly combing her fingers through those long locks.

“See, I never said that either…” I hesitated as she leaned in to take a whiff of me. Backing off, her nostrils flared, and I heard the slightest of moans. Standing toe to toe with me, she lowered the thin straps of her bikini. Reaching around her back she unhooked it and seductively slid out of it. Her raised eyebrow and wanton expression gave the appearance of an older, alluring vixen.

“I’m saving myself for him, you know. He’s the only man I’ve ever wanted,” Sis swooned and fondled her young, perfectly formed b-cupped boobs.

“Is that so?” I answered, while she peeled off my beach shirt.

“He would fuck me right now, but I need to have my head screwed on better — have to be more mature, ya know. He seems to appreciate maturity in a woman, for some damn reason” she muttered, leaning forward to reset my waist-length hair over my shoulder.

“I see. Well, I think this bahis şirketleri cute little body of yours is doing quite well… I mean… maturing very nicely; but wouldn’t most people call that incest?” I winced, feeling her warm breath in my ear. Daddy’s studio must have been totally soundproofed, as I sensed movement from behind me.

Sissy took her time with me. Like a sleazy cobra, she slithered up and down my neck. I turned my head enough to catch Cousin Jamie closing in on the two of us.

“I’ll bet you’ve had your share of pussy, haven’t you, Barb?” Sissy whispered in my ear, as her fingers undid my blouse. Keeping my head, I slowly pulled her hands away. Issuing me a sneer, she nodded. That’s when Jamie struck from behind. He quickly yanked my beach blouse down to my elbows.

“Gosh, you guys are so dramatic,” I laughed, as Sissy lowered my bikini bra straps.

Outwardly, I tried my best to exude a calm and collected woman, poised to deal with a pair of over-sexed juveniles having their little fun. Inside, I was nervous as hell, but unexpectedly aroused. I could have easily over-powered wimpy Jamie, and likely beat the crap out of both of them. However, when the sexy little devil unhooked my bikini and leaned in to kiss me, I relented.

Letting Jamie pull my arms tighter from behind, my broad chest expanded to meet Sis’s tits. “You really are attractive… for a slut,” she whispered in my ear, as she started massaging my chest. Except for a slight shudder, I remained silent.

Her light lavender scent was intoxicating. When her soft cheek brushed my lips, I swear I felt a spark. She sensed from my short breaths I was succumbing to her. Her mouth opened on mine. I returned her kiss. Never have I been so ineptly undone by such a perfectly desirable creature. Reveling in her conquest, she let our kiss improve and develop. As our tongues and saliva mixed with occasional grunts and moans, the boy’s grasp on my arms loosened from behind. Keeping my arms behind me to ensure a sublimated façade, my hands found Jamie’s rigid dick. He was only too pleased to undo his trunks, giving me full access.

Soon, I felt the boy kissing my shoulders, as I jacked his young hardon. His tentative touch was in direct contrast to Sis’s, like he was just trying to hold on. When I leaned my head back and to the side to favor him with a kiss, Sis went to her knees. Needless to mention, my juices were flowing, even before she undid my bottoms and favored my pussy with her tongue. Stepping out of my suit, I turned to half-face Jamie.

Kissing him full on his open mouth, I stretched and rhythmically hard-jacked his cock. His hands instantly went to my jugs, while Sissy raised my left leg. Leaning me back against her father’s desk, I spread to give her a nice wide open shot at my well-lubed pussy. Her tentative body language indicated an initial shock at how accepting and compliant I reacted to her advances. Now, it was a sort of competition. Which of us could endure a mutual gauntlet of lust destined to take us both?

Spreading my liquid lips with both hands, she shot me a devilish glance, before burying her face in my light blonde bush. There was no “gentlemen start your engines,” or “ready, set… go!” The three of us were off and running, with lucky me in the center of the pack. Loving every inch of Sis’s tongue in my snatch and Jamie’s tongue in my mouth, our combined moans made one, long, primitive call of the wild. Little erotic games involving possible positions, tender and powerful fondling, and shared orgasmic visions danced in my head. The sudden, out-of-nowhere impact of this impromptu threesome — unwarranted and salacious — bordered on erotic, yet poetic splendor.

However, as my first orgasm surged toward its anticipated climax, I became suddenly aware of an intruder. Appearing on cue, like in some half-baked porno, Sis’s father, Bill stood silently in the doorway. My young lovers, devoted to my seduction, seemed totally unaware of his presence; while the eye contact between Bill and I lingered. Would he be taken in and aroused by such a sight, or would this be too much of a shock to his traditional morals? Unfortunately there was to be no deliberation. That was anything but an appreciative glare burning in his eyes.

Sensing this volcano of a man was about to blow, I immediately tried to get Sis and Jamie’s attention. Still unaware of her quietly fuming father, Sis took my shoves as part of the game. Grabbing my hips forcefully, she bore down on my pussy with a vengeance. It was Jamie standing weak-kneed at my side, dripping a fair amount of precum down my fist, who awoke from his fantasy.

“SHIT LADY; what the hell are you DOING? STOP IT!” Jamie yelled and distanced himself from the two of us.

“Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking, Jamie! Just what the HELL are you doing to these kids, Barb!” Bill exclaimed, as his body tensed with clenched fists.

Her father’s admonition was finally enough to get Sis’s attention. She threw her hair back, snatched up her bikini top, and jumped to her feet. “Daddy, she made us DO things. I don’t think she’s a nice person at all!” Holding her bikini close to cover her tits, Sissy averted her father’s searing eyes.

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