The Intimate Dinner Party

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The Intimate Dinner PartySusan and I were filled with anticipation as we arrived at Victoria’s house. We had been invited to what the written invite referred to as a “Sexy and Intimate Dinner Party”. Victoria was renowned for her unusual, and always different, dinner and cocktail parties. She certainly did not like doing things the way other people did them. You never knew what to expect, but you always enjoyed them and could say that you’d had a new and exciting experience.My wife, Susan, was looking incredible. She had a short black skirt that really set-off our beautiful long legs encased in sheer black stockings. A slinky turquoise blouse was unbuttoned to show plenty of cleavage and one could just see the edges of a beautiful turquoise lace bra. Every movement would let her blouse open slightly and the sight was very teasing and tantalizing. I knew that she was wearing a matching lace turquoise g-string and suspenders. I already had horny thoughts of what Susan and I would get up to when we got home tonight……sexy lingerie had that effect on me, and Susan knew that.I wasn’t looking to bad myself. I had on a really nice pair of Zegna trousers and a silky shirt I’d bought in Italy during a recent business trip. But, I never felt that my male clothes came even close to looking as good and sexy as women’s clothing. Ah well, that’s what current society has dictated to us. That is unless you were gay; then it was acceptable to wear really sexy clothing.“Hi daaaarlings,” Victoria greeted us at the door. “Great to see the two of you again. You know you’re my favorite couple.” And she laughed her sexy laugh as she embraced us in turn and gave each a kiss on the cheek. “Come inside, come inside. Come meet the others. You’re the last two to arrive. And sweeties, we’re going to have lots of fun tonight.”I scanned the room as we walked into the lounge. Everyone was standing around in small groups, everyone with a drink in the hand. It was quite clear to see that Victoria had invited a group of friends who were all, how should I say that delicately, part of the beautiful set. There were about ten people and, scanning my eyes across the room, I observed that the ladies were all stunning. All really sexy girls, and I was including Susan and Victoria in this opinion of mine.Susan and I moved towards where the drinks had been set out, but Victoria stopped us with her hand on my arm. “Sweeties, I have a problem. It’s essential for my rather exciting plans for tonight, that I have an equal number of girls and guys. But now we’re not equal. I have six guys and only four girls here. So sweetie,” and she was looking at me, “won’t you be a honey and switch to being a girl for tonight.” It sounded like a question, but it wasn’t. I gave a nervous laugh and responded, “Nice try Vicky, but no thanks darling, I’m perfectly happy staying just as I am.” “Oh no sweetie, you can’t do that to me. Pretty please honey, please please don’t be the cause of my party plans being spoiled.”“Oh come on David,” Susan said. “Don’t be a party pooper. You can be such a wimp. What’s the big deal? Just help Victoria by being the one to balance the guys and girls.”“Yes sweetie,” added Victoria, “We’ll make it up to you later. Won’t we Susan.” And she winked at Susan as she brushed my crotch with a lingering hand.My brain instantly stopped thinking. All the blood rushed to my penis and I struggled to think straight. “Oh OK, what the hell,” I said. “Ooooo goody,” Victoria coo-ed. “OK honey, let’s get you sorted out. Susan, you go get yourself a drink and introduce yourself to the other ‘delicious’ guests. David and I will be back shortly. And you won’t recognize him by the time I’ve finished turning David into…uummm…into Didi.” Susan and Victoria both laughed wickedly; and with that Victoria gave my crotch another squeeze. I was led into Victoria’s room and then through to her en suite bathroom. There she set to work with obvious expertise in these scenarios. I had to strip naked, Victoria rubbed by whole body with Nair depilatory cream, had me in the shower and by the time the cream was washed off, I had no hair on my body from my neck down. No hair at all. Smooth as a ……well as a girl who has had a full body waxing.Victoria did my nails bright red, then my face. Full foundation, blush, eye shadow, false eyelashes, mascara and lipstick. I wasn’t allowed to look in the mirror. Then Victoria produced a wig….shoulder-length black hair with red highlights through it. Quite a dramatic and sexy look.After that it was time to dress. Black lace and satin waist cincher with suspender straps, tiny little g-string panties with red lips adorning it, black stockings, pink blouse and short black skirt. The skirt barely covered my bottom and stocking marsbahis güvenilirmi tops. And then black patent leather stilettos with 5” heels. The last thing were pink dangly earrings and a necklace.I have to admit that I enjoyed this transformation more than I was willing to acknowledge to Victoria. I knew she’d tease me endlessly if she knew that I was secretly excited about the dress up and make over.But I didn’t fool her. “Mmm. I didn’t notice any resistance or protestation there Didi darling,” she laughed. I blushed heavily. You could see my blushing through the foundation. Yes, I had for a long time fantasized about being transformed, but had never contemplated that it would ever happen.“Ok, walk for me honey,” Victoria instructed. I staggered along on very unsteady legs, not being used to high heels at all. “No, no. That won’t do at all. You have to walk sexily like a girl. The way Susan and I walk sweetie.” And then she proceeded to demonstrate a very sexy sultry walk, which I had to practice over and over until she was happy that I had mastered the desired sexy walk.“OK, you’re ready now Didi. Let’s go meet the guests. Well actually, let’s go meet the guys!” And again Victoria laughed with a wicked glint in her eyes.We went through to the lounge where Victoria introduced me to everyone else. They all laughed at me and called me things like ‘sexy Didi’. But soon they all settled back to chatting and I simply blended in as one of the girls.Susan, my wife, was having a wonderful time chatting and flirting with some of the guys. She was treating me as if I was a stranger and without doubt had made the mental decision that ‘David” wasn’t there. And off course, in a sense, I wasn’t there. I was now Didi, the sexy girl with the short skirt and high heels.After a while, Victoria called us to the dinner table and seated us boy-girl-boy-girl around the round dinner table. She said that’s why she had to have the perfect balance between guys and girls.The dinner was fairly uneventful. I chatted to the guys either side of me and to the girl opposite me. My mind was sub-consciously quite ‘girly’, clearly influenced by the physical transformation. Every now and then I realised that I was in fact thinking of myself as Didi and not as David.After dinner, Victoria asked me to help her clear the table, which I dutifully did, and then she produced after dinner liquors and several packs of cards. “Girls and boys,” Victoria announced, “the fun is about to start. I’ve got this wonderful game, which is spin-the-bottle with a twist. We’ll use a knife instead of a bottle and when the knife points at you after it’s been spun, you pick a card…either a boy-card if you’re a boy or a girl-card if you’re a girl or you can choose a unisex card if you want to. The card will then instruct you as to what you need to do to or with the person who spun the knife.” We all giggled or laughed. Some nervously, some very wickedly. Yes, we all got the idea as to what was to come.“Now darlings,” said Victoria, “the cards start off mildly, so that we can all get into the swing of things, and then progressively become more risqué and exciting. Oooo, we are going to have suuuuuch fun.” There was much excitement around the table. I was feeling very very nervous. This was not looking good for me. I certainly had not contemplated this when I agreed to be the balancing girl at the party. Susan winked at me with a wicked little smile. “I’ll spin the knife to determine who starts,” said Victoria. The starter will have to do something I decide, and then after that he or she will spin the knife and we’ll move anti-clockwise around the table, taking turns.” Victoria had it all worked out. She spun the knife. Nervous giggles as it went round and round, then slowed down, and finally stopped pointing to Susan.“Ooooo goody. I was hoping it would be someone sexy that it starts with,” exclaimed Victoria. “OK sweetie, here’s your first act. You have to strip off your blouse and bra, show all of us your boobs, but…oh yes, there is always a twist….you must play with your nipples till they are nice and hard and excited.” Everyone laughed and I could see the excited anticipation on the faces of the five guys. Susan had stunning boobs and she was about to give them a good exhibition of them. And not only show them, but play with them as well. Every guys dream.Susan was ready and willing. She stood up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, dropped it onto her chair, then seductively rubbed her hands over her boobs before reaching behind her and unclipping her bra. Slowly it came off and her boobs and nipples came into view. She then proceeded to give the guys a wonderful show by rubbing and tweaking her nipples. She even marsbahis yeni giriş leant towards the guy next to her and rubbed her hard nipples and firm breasts in his face. She lingered there long enough to allow him to give both her nipples a nice lick and suck. All the guys cheered. I’m sure that every cock was hard by then. I know mine was. It was a real turn-on for me to see Susan expose herself, play with her nipples and have them sucked by a stranger. A turn-on, but also humiliating.When she was finished with her little act, she put her blouse back on, but kept it unbuttoned and without putting her bra on. Her breasts were only slightly covered by the blouse and they looked tantalizing. I could see the lecherous looks the guys were giving her. And she played up to it, in turn leaning towards each guy on either side of her, giving them a long lingering kiss and brushing her breasts against their arms and bodies. She even, and openly and brazenly so, allowed them to touch and play with her breasts and nipples. She looked at me and winked and then licked her lips provocatively. Clearly Susan had wanted to expose herself and sexually play with guys other than her husband…me. It was a huge sexual turn-on for me, as much as it was for her.Then it was Susan’s turn to spin the knife. It pointed towards a guy opposite her. He had to pick up a card and he chose, rather obviously, a boy-card. The card instructed him the kiss the knife spinner. Susan and he kissed. And very passionately with mouths and tongues working actively.And so the knife spinning proceeded. It reached me and I too had to kiss a guy. Not wanting to be a spoilsport, I obliged. I got up from my chair, went to the guy and gave him a kiss with my lips tightly pursed. “Oh no honey,” Victoria said, giving me a spank on the bottom. “We want passionate lips-open tongue thrusting kisses. You’ve seen how the others have done it. And you even saw me kiss Emma that way. So no wishy washy kisses please.” I blushed and the guy was also looking very uncomfortable. But then I obliged and as I kissed him, with open mouth, he responded by thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I reciprocated and, in a tight embrace, the two of us showed the others how a passionate kiss should be done. There were cheers, hoots and laughs. Susan in particular was loving it.The game continued. I escaped relatively scot-free. Most of my knife spins and knife receives were to and from other girls, so I was really lucky. And one of the girls, Emma, gave me the most wonderful nipple sucking I’d ever had. My guess was that she was bi and that she had often kissed and sucked girls’ nipples. She was a real expert. Others were less lucky. A few of the guys had to administer cock-suckings. And Susan ended up between Victoria’s legs and gave her pussy a real work out. It was clear that Victoria loved that because she moaned and shrieked loudly during Susan’s pussy eating.Everyone was in a semi undressed state at this stage and there were plenty of raging hard-ons and wet pussies to be seen.And then the game hotted up even further. Victoria produced a new pack of instruction cards and giggled, “Now the fun really starts.”The guy next to Susan spun the knife, it stopped while pointed at her and she giggled as she took the top card.Slowly she read the card. The rest of us waited in anticipation. She clutched the card to her chest so that no one else could read it and then announced, “OK, I’m not sure I’m prepared to do this.” “What does it say, what does it say!” we all shouted almost in chorus. “It says I have to lie on the table, with my legs wide apart, masturbate until I’m wet and then Ben here will fuck me, on the table in front of everyone! Victoria, there is no way I’m going to be fucked here on the table. Ben darling,” and she looked at the guy to her right, “I’m happy for you to take me into Victoria’s room and fuck me there for the rest of the evening. But not here on the table in front of everyone.”Victoria laughed, “Oh yes you are darling. That’s the whole point of the game. We want to see! You’ll get to see the rest of us.”Susan went quiet and thoughtful. “OK, I’ll do it but under one condition. You all have to agree to that condition.” “Oh OK,” said Victoria. “So what’s your condition?” “No my dear,” responded Susan, “I’m not going to tell any of you my condition until you all agree that whatever it is, you’ll abide by it.”After much nervous laughter, we eventually agreed. Susan insisted that each person around the table publicly states that they agree. We all did.“OK,” said Susan, “My condition is this.” And with that she looked at me. “Darling Didi here has to prepare Ben for my pussy by getting him hard and then lubricating him by marsbahis giriş sucking his cock!”“No way,” I exclaimed. “Yes sweetie, you will. You agreed with the condition.” I looked at Ben. He was smiling. He liked the idea. I protested and said ‘no’, but everyone was cheering and laughing and insisting that I follow through on the commitment we all made.Resigned to my fate, I pushed my chair back and got up. As I walked towards Ben, Susan got onto the table, pulled her blouse off, slipped her skirt down and kicked it onto the floor. There she sat on the table only in her turquoise g-string, suspenders, stockings and high heels. She started playing with her clitty by rubbing the front of her panties with her flat hand. “Come on baby, don’t let Ben wait for you. Get to work on him,” Susan laughed.Ben was wearing nothing but his jockey underpants and I was also only in my lingerie, stockings and stilettos. I moved to him and he took me in his arms and started kissing me. I responded. As I was wearing a waist-cincher with no bra, my breasts and nipples were uncovered. Ben moved his mouth to my breasts and sucked my nipples. My clitty instantly stirred in my panties and started stiffening. Sooooo embarrassing to have everyone see how sexually arousing it was to have my nipples sucked. Ben took my hand and moved it to his crotch. I felt his hard penis through his underpants. Then my fingers started rubbing him. And then, without even giving it a thought, I put my hand into his underpants and took his cock in my hand. It felt fantastic. Involuntarily I let out a moan.“On the table, on the table,” the rest of the guests started chanting.Susan moved slightly aside to make room for Ben and I. Her hand was now firmly inside her panties and she was rubbing herself expertly. Her panties were dripping wet from her love juices.Ben and I got onto the table, on our knees, as Susan shrugged out of her panties, opened her legs wide and then continued fingering herself.I removed Ben’s underpants and then he pushed my head down between his legs. A large erect cock was staring at me. I slowly stuck out my tongue and ran it across his cockhead, then down his shaft and licked his testicles. My tongue moved back up along his shaft, and I could feel his skin texture and every vein in his cock with my tongue. I licked his cockhead as if it was an ice cream. I was now moaning uncontrollably. I loved it. I was hot and randy and all I could think about was ‘cock’. My mind was filled with a desire for cock. I lowered my mouth over his cockhead and, turning it into a ‘mouth-cunt’, started mouth fucking him. Ben was groaning and had his hand on the back of my head. He was forcing my head down so that I was forced to take his whole 7 inches deep down my throat. Then he released my head, started making thrusting motions with his hips and fucked my mouth-cunt. I sucked and licked and rolled my tongue around his cockhead as he fucked me. “Hey you little slut,” exclaimed Susan, “I said prepare him for me, don’t make him cum!” Susan stuck out her hand and took Ben’s cock from my mouth. She now wanted him. She was so horny and ready, that she no longer wanted to watch us. She wanted to have him inside her. Without waiting for any foreplay on his part…she didn’t need any as she had prepared her own pussy for sex….Susan guided him between her legs, lifted them onto his shoulders and with her hand, put his cock into her pussy. Ben didn’t hesitate. He started fucking her hard and rough. And she was shouting, “fuck me, fuck me!”Victoria leant forward and started sucking Susan’s breasts. She was sucking and nibbling on her nipples. I sat there on my hands and knees, watching a guy fuck my wife while her best friend was sucking her tits. But I didn’t have time to watch too long or even think about it because another cock was being presented to my mouth.I immediately started sucking the new cock. And then I lost all sense of time or thought as my mind was absorbed with cock sucking. At one stage I became aware of my pussy-ass being licked by someone and then penetrated with a finger, and in fact by multiple fingers. I was moaning, as I was being mouth fucked by a cock at one end and finger fucked at the other end.Then I felt something bigger at my boy-pussy. A cock was pushing into me. I shrieked, first with pain and then, as he started pumping into me, with ecstasy. My own clitty was erect and sticking out the front of my panties. I was sexually excited as a result of being fucked doggy-style.By this stage everyone was fucking. Boys and girls, girls and girls….and then off course me by a guy. Screams, moans and groans could be heard as everyone started cumming, the girls with multiple orgasms. My final act that night was to clean all the guys up by licking their cocks clean and I also had to suck and lick Susan’s pussy clean. She insisted on it. And there I was, a cock-loving, solidly fucked slut cleaning another man’s cum out of Susan’s pussy. The ultimate and final humiliation and domination.Story by Didi

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