The Jaunt

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Please enjoy! I’ll take comments, thoughts, and improvements for the next story. This is meant to quick to show the impulses we all have. What if we acted on them?


She woke with the dull thudding between her thighs.

Goddamn it.

She hated this.

She loved this.

A glance at the clock. 9:30 am. Sunday. Fine. She would have to address this thing one day for real, probably with psychiatrists or doctors. But for now? Let’s just indulge. She realized she told herself this non-stop, too. The inner monologue advocated change but remained the same.

She slid out from under the covers, nude, and walked to her dresser on the other side of the room. Her boyfriend was still under a pile of covers, snoring lightly. He wouldn’t care either way, she told herself. She acknowledged the inner monologue following the same path every time.

Sunlight flooded in from the floor-to-ceiling bedroom windows. They faced out to the line of houses immediately behind her small back lot and she took no special effort to cover nudity. She hoped some deserving dog-walker got a thrill sneaking a peek at her.

Now at her dresser. Black bikini bottoms on first, then denim shorts. They showed generous amounts of her long, lean legs, tanned nicely. Next came a thin white bra. A black sleeveless halter top covered that. The crew neck dipped down low enough to show some skin but a quick glance at the mirror told her she didn’t present much cleavage. That was fine. She considered it camouflage from authority. White athletic socks came up to her ankles. She went downstairs.

Breakfast? Nah. The tugging ache between her legs dragged her outside. It was like she was being led by a leash attached to her clit. She considered a laundry list of adjectives and searched for one that didn’t sound cheesy. Throbbing? No, that sounds stupid, like some sad old woman’s bodice-ripping erotic novel. Horny? Maybe, if she were some high school teenage boy. She sometimes wondered if she were channeling the dead spirit of a high school teenage boy. This was uncontrollable for her. She felt the need and simply satisfied it, like eating when she was hungry. She knew she was being reckless but … oh, well. Biology.

Her feet slid into the brown hiking books. She laced them, grabbed her pack with water bottle and birding notebook in the mesh pocket on the side. They were easily identifiable. She had considered hanging binoculars around her neck but she left them for show in the other mesh pocket of the pack. The pack itself was filled with old clothes to give the whole get-up some weight, some ass, to look legit. She tossed the rig through the open window onto the passenger seat of her truck.

The tugging ache pulled her around to the driver’s side. She climbed in, keys in her hand. She turned the ignition and she pulled out of her driveway and drove down the street.


She spotted the deputy through the mud-caked windshield of the Jeep. He was on foot, next to his cruiser, reading the bulletins on the trailhead sign. He was tall, handsome, rangy, and she appreciated how well he fit in his brown uniform. She liked his Adana Escort Smokey-the-Bear hat. He glanced up as her tires crunched through the parking lot gravel. She got out. Surprise flickered behind his sunglasses but he controlled himself. She would have missed the moment if she hadn’t seen it many times before from any number of law enforcement officers.

She smiled and acknowledged him.

“How’s the Sheriff’s Department today?” she called out. He nodded toward her and walked over.

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it, ma’am.”

“Indeed,” she said, “Thanks for keeping me safe,”

“Keep an eye out when you’re out there,” he said, sobering.

“Oh, I will. The spotted grouse are supposed to have come back and I haven’t seen one this year,” she said, missing his meaning on purpose. He fixed her with a look, evaluated her. He almost said more but didn’t. She knew what he was going to talk about. The park had a reputation. There were plenty of quiet spots in the miles of paths that wandered in and out of the trees, marshes, and water. Pick your poison, sex, drugs, or the ever popular ‘other’, it probably happened back there somewhere. She relied upon that fact. She had her poison, her vice. And, given there were other empty cars in the gravel parking lot, she hoped she would find what she was looking for.

She stepped away from the Deputy with a casual wave and pantomimed reaching for her binoculars. Once she walked down the path into the high brush, she put them away. She pulled the pack off her back 100 feet down the narrowing path and took out the small spiral-bound notebook. She hid the pack behind a rock, unconcerned about it being stolen, and moved lightly down the path. Her boots whispered on the mulch. Nature surrounded her.

It was amazing that one could escape the city with only a 15-minute drive. The only sounds out here were the droning of insects, the buzzing of cicadas, and the chirp of birds calling to each other. The day would be a hot one and the humidity was settling in like a wet blanket. The path unrolled in front of her and led her into a copse of trees and the air stopped moving. Ahead of her was a bench and she trembled slightly as a shot of adrenaline coursed through her body. Sitting on that bench was a man.

She was barely a half-mile in and it was this easy. The man wasn’t dressed for hiking, nor for running or birding. And yet he sat here, head on a swivel, looking left and right. He saw her, admired her legs for a second, and looked away. Her camouflage was effective. She couldn’t be here for the same reason as him, right?

As she passed him, she let the notebook fall out of her hand. She made a ‘whoops’ sound and bent to pick the notebook up. Facing away, she bent at the waist, her feet spread further apart than necessary. She cocked her hips as if about to be fucked from behind, picked up the notebook, and straightened. She turned, looked him in the eye, held contact for several seconds, and walked away. She moved slowly.

She heard him stand and fall in step behind her. She glanced behind her, over her shoulder, saw him headed toward her. Adana Escort Bayan She took a right at the junction in the path, a quick left, and a right again. This led to a dead-end on a little spit of land. Another bench, wooden and weathered, faced the water. Trees screened three sides from view of anyone else except an errant kayaker on the lake. The sun was over the horizon but still behind the trees behind her and it wasn’t burning down on the little spot yet.

She pulled some cobwebs from her face while moving down the last part of that path, telling her no one had been here in a while. A good sign for privacy.

She turned, looked back. Moments later, the man emerged from the foliage. He was much older than she, heavyset, and he wore a poorly-maintained goatee. He smiled at her uncertainly. She looked at him, stared at the bench, looked back at him.

He knew how the game worked too. He sat.

She walked to the front of the bench, her back to the water, and looked over his head. She didn’t want him to talk. Her hands, nimble, answering the call of her need, unsnapped the button on her shorts. They worked on their own, without conscious thought, pulling the zipper down. She quickly shucked her shorts, with underwear, down her thighs to just above her knees. She had shaved the night before so nothing hide her sex from him. She could picture the man visibly respond even though she wasn’t looking at him.

“Holy shit! You look…”

“Shhhh,” she cooed, “Don’t talk.”

He nodded, waited.

“Enjoy yourself,” she murmured, stepping forward, bringing her body to his face. No hesitation here. He leaned forward, and ran his tongue up and down her pussy. She let out a sigh and let him pleasure her with his mouth. He worked her, steady and with good pressure on her clit. No romance, no foreplay. Just right to it. She put her hands in the small of her back, parade rest, and moved her feet as wide as she could. Her hips rolled forward, assuming a dominant stance. She could feel wetness sliding between her legs. Her pussy demanded more attention.

His hands went to her hips, slid up her sides to her breasts. His fingers moved under her shirt and worked their way under the elastic band of her bra. She let him touch. He stroked her nipples, his fingertips grazed her skin, sending bolts of electricity through her body. Her own hand found its way to the back of his head and she pulled him in, forcing his face closer between her thighs. She looked up and watched the birds circle overhead, warm pleasure radiating from the tongue strokes on her clit.

“Hold on, stop for a second,” she breathed.

He nodded and pulled back. She turned around. Bending over, she offered her ass up to him. He leaned forward, hands holding the backs of her legs, and tongued her asshole. Her own fingers slid between her thighs, stroked her clit, brought pleasure to her. She idly wondered where the man from that other empty car was. She could use a second mouth on her pussy while this guy rimmed her.

Time ticked away but she was in no rush. She could stand her all day, orgasm after orgasm, stranger Escort Adana after stranger, and never feel fully satisfied. She glanced between her legs at the man’s body. The crotch of his pants was tented and one of his hands was squeezing his cock through the material.

She stood up.

“Lie down on the grass,” she said, pointed next to the bench. A grin spread across the man’s face. “I’m sorry, I’m not going to fuck you. You’ll have to take care of that yourself … or find someone else.”

He obeyed, lying on his back. She laughed inside, knowing wet dew would be soaking his shirt. She pulled one of her boots off her foot and stepped a leg out of her shorts. She straddled his head, inches about his face.

“Stick your tongue out,” she whispered. He stuck his tongue out and she sunk down on it, pressing her clit against the wet firm flesh. She forced her hips into his face, grinding on his mouth with her pussy, riding his tongue, feeling orgasm build within her. She ripped her shirt and bra up off her breasts and exposed herself to the sunlight and warmth. One of her hands held her steady on the ground, the other worked with his hands to tease, stroke, and played with her nipples.

The tsunami building inside her began to crest. She let out a profanity-laced grunt as ecstasy overtook her. Her muscles tensed, her nerve endings were lit with fire, she felt everything tighten, and then … sweet release. Pleasure overtook her on this stranger’s mouth as she came, orgasm ripping through her. She rode the unstopping waves of bliss. Finally catching her breath, she slowed the rocking of her hips, picked herself up off the man. She collapsed on her back, still breathing heavily. A warm glowing calm descended over her body as her heart slowed and she came down off the high.

She didn’t look at the man but she knew he’d have a questioning look on his face. Was it his turn? No, it was not. Well, it shouldn’t be. No, it’s not! This is where she would one day get into trouble. She spread her legs wider, and made a vague ‘come on, then’ gesture. He had his own pants and underwear around his ankles in no time and settled his weight on her body. He slid easily into her soaking pussy.

She wondered if she were too nice to strangers while her stranger pumped his way to ecstasy. She did nothing to encourage him; she simply enjoyed experiencing her own euphoria. In short order, his body trembled and spasmed and he slid out of her. He climbed to his knees, then his feet, and looked down.

“That was …” he started but she shook her head. No talking. He turned and walked back toward the car, probably back to his wife. She didn’t care one way or the other. She needed her own needs taken care of. She rarely saw a man with a bigger grin on his face. She’d also have to give him some time so as not to arrive back suspiciously close. The Deputy wouldn’t probably suspect much, they were done anyway, but she wanted not questions for the next time she came.

There is always going to be a next time.

She fixed her bra and her shirt, stepped back in her underwear. She wiped a few drips of cum off her leg before pulling the underwear up.

She was done here now. She tied her boots, redid her ponytail, and headed back to the car. Her head was swimming from pleasure, her body glowed warm like an ember, and her physical need was satisfied for now.

For now.


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