The Ladies Circle

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“Stress relief and aromatherapy massage by Martin — phone Oxford 53516”

It had been my wife’s idea for me to go into massage professionally as she had always enjoyed the ones I had given her. Having recently lost my job and now having more spare time it seemed a good way of earning a bit more money and I happily enrolled in various classes. Of course the massage techniques I was learning were somewhat different to those I had given Helen — once or twice in the classes I had to stop myself venturing south of the equator!

I bought myself a proper table and practised my various techniques on Helen who thoroughly approved. It’s made a change, she said, to have a proper professional massage although she hastened to add that she still enjoyed the thoroughly unprofessional ones I gave her on other occasions! After a few months I felt able to offer my services to the public but we both agreed that it would be a good idea to try it on someone else and luckily Linda volunteered. Linda was my next door neighbour, a young single mother who had moved in not long after I lost my job, and we had become very friendly whilst I was at home during the day.

I told her that it should be treated as a professional exercise, not as me doing a favour for a friend, so we went through the whole thing properly. It felt a bit odd inviting her into the house and asking her to get undressed while I waited in the kitchen. I had set the massage table up in the lounge as it was the warmest room in the house and I could also play relaxing music on the stereo.

Although a little awkward at first, I soon relaxed and my training took over. Linda confirmed that if she had been a paying customer she would have been quite happy so I put the advert in the local newsletter and sat back to wait.

I must admit I hadn’t expected to get any replies for a while, and I was therefore pleasantly surprised when a few days after the newsletter was published I received a call from a lady called Angela who lived in the estate. The appointment was made and I must confess to being somewhat nervous when the door bell rang. I was wearing a T shirt and tracksuit trousers in an effort to at least look like a professional!

I opened the door and invited Angela in. She was quite a tall woman, probably in her mid forties and reasonably attractive. I know that as a professional, looks should not have mattered but it is a lot easier to massage someone you like the look of! I led her into the lounge, explained what would happen and invited her to strip down to her underwear whilst I left the room. After a couple of minutes I knocked on the door and she called for me to come in. She was face down on the massage table and had a very well toned body. I guessed that she worked out.

I draped the towels over her and proceeded with the massage which went very well. I asked her to undo her bra at one stage so I could massage her back and she did not raise any objection. She was covered with towels when I did her arms and legs and after an hour she confirmed she was quite happy with the treatment. She was delighted to be my first client and promised to pass the word around.

I have to confess I did get slightly turned on whilst doing the massage but this was countered by my nervousness at my first client. I had made sure I wore a pair of firm briefs rather than boxer shorts to avoid any embarrassment!

True to her word, Angela recommended me to what turned out to be quite a wide circle of friends and soon I was performing two or three massages a week. As a thank you, I decided not to charge Angela the full amount for her monthly massage and she was most grateful for this. Exactly how grateful, I was soon to find out!


It was a warm sunny afternoon when Angela came round for her regular massage and I did her back and legs as usual. However to my surprise, when I asked her to turn over she declared it was too hot for the towels and discarded these, which meant she was lying on her back naked apart from her knickers! She grinned at me but then closed her eyes so I was able to study her rather lovely breasts without embarrassment.

I would be lying if I said it had not occurred to me that in this particular line of work such a situation might arise. Helen and I had discussed it, although she was more amused at the prospect rather than concerned, and we agreed that as long as I did not let matters get out of hand, I could treat it as a perk of the job!

Angela’s breasts were quite firm for her age and each was topped with a dark brown nipple. I proceeded to massage her legs and arms as usual and normally I would stop there. However Angela opened her eyes and said,
“Isn’t there something you’ve forgotten?” and glanced down at her boobs. I must confess that I was in two minds, now that the anticipated situation had arisen. Should I be professional and suggest that she leave or should I give in to temptation and enjoy myself?
It took me about half a second to come to my decision as I poured a small amount of oil into my hands, rubbed them together and started to massage Angeles breasts. She closed her eyes and smiled as I massaged the oil into her soft boobs, daring to rub my thumbs across her nipples which were already hard. Angela was breathing heavily and then after a while she opened her eyes, grinned up at me and said,

“That’s enough for today I think!” I wiped my Edirne Escort hands on a towel and, acting as if nothing unusual had happened, left the room so Angela could get dressed. When I went back in she gave me the usual fee plus an extra £10.

“I think you deserve that!” She smiled at me and left.

Two days later another of my regulars came in at the appointed time. This was Nicky, a younger girl with blonde hair and a fabulous figure. I always had trouble controlling myself when massaging Nicky so would often wear two pairs of briefs to be on the safe side! She always paid me in advance and this time nervously gave me the usual amount, together with an extra £10. I looked at her quizzically.

“Angela said it would be alright…” Nicky’s voice trailed away and I smiled. I replied that it certainly would be and she looked relieved. Angela had obviously put the word around! Sure enough when the time came for Nicky to turn over we dispensed with the towels and I had an enjoyable five minutes massaging her boobs. They were smaller than Angela’s but very pert and tanned. Soon I was giving all my four regulars, Angela, Nicky, Maria and Caroline, an “extra service” and I looked forward to each visit. Maria was a slightly plumper young girl and I enjoyed massaging her in any event, let alone getting to grips with her breasts. Caroline was a different proposition – she was tall with an incredibly voluptuous body, and a massive pair of boobs which needed more oil than the other three girls put together!
Events proceeded even further when Angela came in a month or so later for her usual massage and this time, before we started she handed me the money, plus an extra £30.

“I expect you’ll think of something!” she whispered to me and I wondered how far I would be expected to go. When I returned to the room, she was lying on her front as usual but this time had dispensed with not only her bra but also her panties.
I massaged her back as usual and then worked further down on to her bum, which I would not normally do but I could take a hint! Angela murmured her approval as I went further on down her legs, and then back up the inside of her thighs. I let my fingers wander slightly further than normal so that there were actually brushing against the soft hair between her legs and once again she did not object.
By now of course the towel had dropped to the floor….

She turned over and grinned broadly at me.

“You’re doing very well so far!” I took this to mean that I could go further so after massaging her breasts as normal, I worked my hands down her tummy and to her thighs. I started to rub along the insides of her thighs and she parted them slightly so that I could reach further up. She had a small fuzz of pubic hair which was rather neatly trimmed and I brushed my hand experimentally across the area.

“That’s it…” Angela muttered and I took this as a cue. I pressed slightly more firmly on the pad of her pubis and she moaned appreciatively. I felt my fingers getting wetter and noticed that she was becoming quite moist between her legs. She eased her thighs slightly further apart and I slid my finger between her legs. I carefully massage the moisture into the upper part of her thighs and then brushed my finger tentatively along the lips of her pussy. She muttered that I should keep going so I continued to rub my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy and then gently slid the middle finger into the opening.

Angela started to moan quietly and I carefully slid my finger all the way into her pussy. She thrust her hips up to meet me and I started to rhythmically slide my finger in an out of the moist entrance. Angela gripped the edge of the massage table with her hands as she jerked up to meet my fingers and suddenly her whole body stiffened as she let out a muffled gasp and came.

I withdrew my finger and cleaned myself up with a towel as usual. Neither of us said anything so I left the room and a few minutes later went back in to find Angela fully dressed. Again we acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened as we said our goodbyes.

I wondered if any of the other girls would want this service and I was not disappointed! My next client, Nicky, had a completely shaved pubic area, which was a new experience for me and she came very quickly, almost as if it she wanted to get it over with. Maria was a wonderful sight when she orgasmed, her body quivering beautifully as she did so!

Caroline was a revelation… I had got as far as sliding my finger in an out of Caroline’s pussy when suddenly I felt a hand on my backside. Caroline’s eyes were closed but as I played with her pussy her right hand was clutching me and rhythmically squeezing the cheeks of my bum. This was rather nice and I casually moved my left hand to massage her breasts whilst still working on her pussy. As I did this she cried out and came in a somewhat noisy orgasm. She subsided and grinned up at me but still had hold of my bum. She seemed to suddenly realise what she was doing.

“Ooh sorry, I didn’t mean to do that…!” and she quickly pulled her hand away but grinned up at me mischievously.

“That’s all right Caroline; you’re paying so you can do what you like!” She laughed and promised she might take me up on that sometime.

In fact Caroline rang me a couple of days later to ask if I was free for “a bit Edirne Escort Bayan of afternoon delight”! I had considered offering my services in the ladies’ houses and had plenty of room in the car for the massage table. She lived right on the edge of the estate in a detached house and I confirmed I would be round the next afternoon.
“Don’t bother with the massage gear by the way…” she added. This sounded promising!

I soon found the house and knocked on the door. It opened to reveal Caroline wearing what appeared to be a housecoat and holding a glass of wine. She invited me in and offered me a glass, which I happily accepted, and led me out on to the patio. I was impressed at the sight that greeted me.

The garden was quite large and, as far as I could see, not overlooked at all. It was dominated by a swimming pool which looked very inviting and around it was a paved patio. There were two sun loungers set in one corner and Caroline led me across to them. It was quite hot in the sun and I wished I had worn my shorts rather than jeans. I was about to mention this to Caroline when she casually undid the belt of her housecoat allowing the two sides to fall open. This revealed that she was completely naked underneath the coat and she eased it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I looked around in some trepidation but it was clear that we could not be seen by the neighbours.

I looked back at Caroline who grinned at me mischievously. I had of course seen her naked before but she looked even more magnificent standing there in the sunshine. She was a few inches taller than me with a cascade of black hair and dark brown eyes. Her bosom was magnificent – two large round breasts hung on her ribcage, beautifully tanned and each topped with a dark brown nipple. Her body tapered to a slim waist and then broadened slightly at her hips. Her legs were equally magnificent, firm and tanned, and her pussy was completely shaved.

“Why don’t you join me?” she teased and I quickly divested myself of my clothes. It felt odd to feel the cool air on my body and my cock was beginning to stir, but it was a very liberating feeling. “Fancy a swim?” Before I could reply Caroline walked to the edge of the pool and gracefully dived in. She swam with easy strokes to the other side of the pool and then hauled herself out and sat on the edge gazing at me challengingly. I was reluctant to confess that I could not swim so I casually sat down on the edge of the pool and allowed myself to drop in feet first. The water was cold but very refreshing and I managed a basic form of breast stroke to get myself to the other side of the pool where Caroline was waiting.

As I neared her, she invitingly opened her legs so that I could see the glistening folds of her pussy. I stood on bottom of the pool which meant that my head was level with her tummy and I was able to rest my arms on her thighs. I gazed up at her.

“It’s a lovely when you’re in isn’t it?” Caroline grinned at me. I appreciated the double meaning and smiled back at her.

“Yes I know what you mean; once you’re in you want to stay in as long as possible don’t you?” Caroline laughed and gently took my head in her hands and pulled it to her belly. I nuzzled the soft, brown flesh, kissing the smooth skin and gently running my tongue in small circles around her navel. She sighed and ran her hands through my hair. Then she leaned back slightly and I traced my tongue further down towards her pubic area. There was a soft mound where normally there would be hair, and I gently nuzzled my lips against this, once again running my tongue softly across the warm flesh.

Caroline moved and glancing up I saw that she was now lying flat on the paving, her hands cupping her breasts. I continued nuzzling and then trailed my tongue further down until it reached the top of the slit of her pussy. I gently eased my tongue between the lips and twirled round where I expected her clitoris to be. Sure enough after a few seconds I felt the small bud rise from the lips and I gently took it in my mouth, running my tongue across it and sucking it.

This elicited a small squeak from Caroline and glancing up I saw that she was now squeezing her breasts together and rubbing the nipples against each other. I returned to her pussy and brought my hands up to part the crinkly brown lips. Her inner lips were pink and moist and I gently inserted one finger between them. I slid it in an inch or so at a time and then turned it so I was able to curl it up. I was hoping to find her G spot and sure enough she suddenly jerked her hips up as my finger found a soft bump of skin at the front of her pussy.

Now that my finger was fully occupied I leaned forward and once again ran my tongue around her clitoris. I was now gently pressing the bump in her pussy and rasping my tongue across her clit, which had the effect of bringing Caroline very rapidly to an orgasm. She stifled a cry and jerked her hips up at me two or three times as she came, and I was surprised at the amount of juice that flowed from her pussy as she did so. She twitched a few more times, each time slightly quieter than the last until she came back down to earth.

I removed my finger and gave her one last kiss on the pussy before allowing myself to fall back in the water and glide on my back across the pool. Caroline sat up and grinned at me as I floated across Escort Edirne to the far side of the pool. Then she glanced at my groin and widened her eyes and made an ‘O’ with her mouth in a mock astonishment. I looked down and saw that my cock was now fully erect and sticking up out of the water like a periscope. I reached the side of the pool, hauled myself out and sat on the paving opposite Caroline. I glanced down at my cock and looked back at Caroline. She grinned at me and slid into the water.

She swam across to me, much more gracefully than I had swum across to her, and I too spread my legs so I could accommodate her standing between them. She looked up at me with a very coquettish grin and I felt myself melt in her gorgeous brown eyes. Then she licked her lips, still gazing at me, and brought her hand up to gently cup my balls. She brought her other hand up, firmly grasped my stiff cock and started to slowly slide the foreskin up and down the shaft. She was still gazing at me, running her tongue around her luscious red lips and it was all I could do not to come there and then.

Then she looked down at my cock, removed her hands and in one swift move engulfed the whole length in her mouth. The feeling was exquisite! I stifled a gasp and had to rest my hands on Caroline’s shoulders to stop myself from falling in. She sucked vigorously on my cock and then slid her lips up, gently drawing her teeth across the skin. At the same time she twirled her tongue across the head and her hands were still busy scratching and caressing my balls. I could not take this treatment for very long.

I felt my orgasm building up and squeezed Caroline’s shoulders hoping she would appreciate the signal. She did…she slid her mouth down again and suddenly I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. I felt the muscles of her throat working on my cock and looking down I could see the whole length had disappeared into her mouth. It felt as if the head of my cock was actually disappearing down her throat and the swallowing action of her muscles soon brought me to orgasm. I jerked as my juice shot straight down her throat and she continued to swallow. I tried to control myself so I did not jerk too hard but Caroline seemed happy to accommodate me.

Eventually I felt I could cum no more and I leaned back on my hands. Caroline looked up at me, my cock still deep in her mouth and she winked at me as she slowly, so slowly, drew her mouth up the cock, ensuring every last drop of sperm was wiped off. Eventually the head of my cock appeared and she gave it final lick around the head before standing up. She casually licked her lips and then suddenly threw herself back in the water, laughing as she trod water and gazed at me.

“That’s was rather nice wasn’t it?”

“Unbelievable!” I replied. We had spoken few words since we had met but the actions had made up for it. I slipped into the pool myself and walked towards Caroline, who held her arms out to me invitingly. We embraced each other and kissed passionately, oddly enough the first time we had kissed since I had arrived, and the feeling of her soft, warm, wet flesh against mine was incredible. I loved the feeling of her large breasts against my chest and the erect nipples rasping across my skin. It was no surprise that my cock began to stir once again. Caroline glanced down.

“Looks like he’s ready for action again…” Caroline reached down and gently took hold of my cock, stroking it under the water until it was fully erect. She glanced up at me with a grin.

“Wanna fuck big boy?” she drawled in a fake American accent. I laughed.

“Ready when you are honey!” I replied in the same silly accent and Caroline led me to the ladder which enabled us to climb out of the pool. I had not noticed before but there was a large inflatable bed on the patio which I later discovered had been put there just for this purpose and Caroline lay down on this and spread her legs. She gazed up at me with a broad grin on her face.

“Come on then Martin, fill me up!” I needed no second bidding. I knelt down on the bed between her legs and lay down on top of her, taking the weight on my hands. Caroline slipped her hand between us, took hold of my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. To my amazement it was already wet and waiting so I eased myself down and my cock slid easily into her.

“Right no messing…fuck me hard and fuck me quick!” Caroline demanded with a broad grin.

“Anything you say ma’am!” I replied and started to thrust my cock in an out of her pussy. Caroline threw her head back and cried out,

“Oh yes! Nice one!” She spread her legs even wider and then had managed to wrap them around my waist as I pounded my cock in an out of her pussy. She was thrusting her hips up at me in the same rhythm and muttering various oaths into my ear as I nestled into her shoulder.

“Fuck me Martin…fuck my pussy…oh yes…yes that’s it…harder…harder… Jesus fuck yes that is so nice!” Suddenly I could hold out no more and I came spurting juice deep into her pussy. Luckily Caroline was also starting to come and I managed to keep on driving into her as her she climaxed.

“YESSS YESSS YEEESSSSS FUCK YESS! OH YESS!!” Caroline screamed, with no thought for the neighbours, as she came, pulling me deeper into her pussy. After a while she collapsed back on to the bed panting, and flung her arms out wide.

“Oh Martin, that was so nice!” I knelt up and looked down at her. She was smiling at me warmly. “I want you to fuck me every day from now until I die!”

“I’ll just check my diary…”

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