The Last Message

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The text message read, “I realize now that I have always loved you Anna. You have been forever in my heart, by my side, and on my mind. I could not live another minute, another breath, or another life time without you knowing. I have known since the crawfish beds of our youth. I chose to ignore it because I was forced to. Now, I am a man yet, society wants to dictate to me whom I should be with. I will not, even if I must live to be a pauper, abandoning the only love I’ve ever known, is impossible. Until my dying breath I will call to you my love Anna, initials W.B.”

It was four thirty in the morning. I was in the last place I thought, I’d ever be in a hospital emergency room. I was numb, my vision blurred from tears which fell from my eyes in disbelief at the last four years of my life. I was confused because the only man I had ever loved was in the next room fighting for his life. I watched as the man who had given me new life and elation was being tended to by doctors, nurses, and other staff, trying to save his life.

My name is Annabella Marie Suarez. I am merely a servant girl from South America, Costa Rica to be exact. My story and that of the man that I love with all my heart began humbly. My grandparents seeking a much better life came to this country as immigrants and farmers. They began from humble beginnings yet were proud in keeping as much traditions as possible from the old country. The culture, the status, the foods, the dance, and of course the family values.

My parents were rooted in keeping up with similar traditions when they moved us onto the property of the Boudreaux Mansion in Louisiana. Not as proud owners mind you but as servant folks who would help on the tobacco farm for exchange for us children to be able to get an education. I was just a girl of about twelve years old when I began exploring my new home and the surrounding area. I went down to the creek to catch crawfish or go swim when I first met the man lying in the emergency room. I reflected on every moment as I sat here waiting to see how this would all turn out.

He was the son, William Maxwell Boudreaux, heir to the mansion and all its wealth. He was fourteen at the time. Maxie too liked crawfishing, swimming, and climbing trees. We grew up hanging out with one another most summers, most winters, and most falls. Spring time however, I was always busy assisting my parents with preparing for another batch of workers being that my father was now the foreman and I the bookkeeper. I kept up with the wages of the workers, interpreted, if needed for the farmer, William Sr. I also helped with the washing of clothes, hanging of clothes, my school work, and of course my Maxie.

My Maxie was two years older than I and had the sweet cleft in his chin, blue eyes, dark hair, tall with a wiry frame but much stronger than one would suspect. I liked his long stride, with his boyishly handsome face. I always tried to get him to eat more food but he was always too busy and on the go. I never cared about anyone else in the world. I do believe other’s known and understood that. It was well known that if you wanted to find me, I would be around Maxie. If you wanted Maxie he’d always be around me.

That is what I called my best friend who I grew up playing with and truth be told the first boy I ever kissed. I never liked his name as William, Will, Bill, or Maxwell. I definitely did not like Mr. Boudreaux. However, the love of my life loved when I called him Maxie.

I was about sixteen when some girls at school were picking on me about my clothes and how I was a peasant servant girl. Maxie over heard the picking of the rich and upper class but they failed to realize we had grown up not as Master and servant but more like brother and sister. Maxwell had integrity with a smooth touch of class.

I was looking at my clothes, almost in tears because my mother made my clothes out of denim fabric she bought in yards at the goodwill store. My blouses were hand made out of colorful materials with floral patterns from Walmart cloth. Merely, what she could make do with at the time and at her pay? I was being picked on by the society girls one of which liked to fancy herself as a suitor for Maxie. She was one of the Debutantes, daughter of the rich tobacco farmer, Ms. Kimberly Sheila Lafontaine. The Lafontaine’s owned almost seventeen hundred acres of land and employed many, many people. Therefore, it was easy to see that their little Kimberly would get whatever she wanted. The thing she wanted the most was one William Maxwell Boudreaux, that’s right my Maxie.

I being the brunt of every joke, harassment, ethnic racial slur, and torture for Mrs. Lafontaine’s entertainment, was a normal occurrence. Maxie was always sticking up for me. Maxie always shielded me from those others who would try to harm me. On this particular day, I was almost in tears when the bell began ringing. Maxie ran over to me seeing the picking, “Hey Kim, why don’t you take a break? Find a mirror somewhere, and powder your nose.” Little did I realize Adana Escort that Maxie was referring to Kimberly’s most recent habit of snorting lines of cocaine to be a socialite?

“Yeah sure Will, save the precious handmaid. I promise, one day, you won’t come to her rescue and Cinderella will be mine. I was wondering Will, how the help tastes anyways?” Kimberly began giggling like a witch and her girlfriends as well.

Yes, good old Kimberly who was Maxie’s same age, eighteen and grade senior class. Kimberly, the most likely Debutante, to marry my best friend, Maxie. Kimberly was the girl with the perfect blonde ringlets of curls, the fancy ball gowns, the Porsche sports car, the blue eyes to die for, and the easiest lay in three parishes. Kimberly had the big boobs {paid for no doubt}, the fair skin, and the thin look from starvation it seemed.

I on the other hand was built like a working girl, thick and durable with hips. I had long black hair which had a natural curl softer light brown eyes the color of coffee with a hint of cream, rounded natural breasts which to me got in the way. I felt bigger than my one hundred thirty pound frame because I was only five two. My ass was Latina and nicely rounded with what my mother called the sexy curves of a woman. I wanted to fit in so badly however, at every turn, I was still just a servant girl for the Boudreaux’s.

I was walking away that day when Maxie stopped me. He said, “Hey Anna banana, don’t just walk away like that you break my heart. Your head’s down and you look so sad. None of those girls even matter babe. They cannot hold a candle to you.”

I tried to talk but it came out broken up because I was trying not to cry in front of them or Maxie. “Well, they are right I do not have tags on my clothes Maxie. It’s not that I do not appreciate my Mother’s clothes either and I am proud to wear them. However, I do not belong here thinking I belong in their school or in their class of people. Don’t you see Maxie I will always be the servant girl to the likes of them.”

He said, “Come with me girl, now.” He commanded me as if an order so naturally, I reacted as if Maxie was my boss. I jumped into his King Cab, Chevrolet, Silverado, Metallic Blue and off we went.

He took me to the fanciest clothing stores, purchasing name brand goods, like Christian Dior, Este Lauder perfume, Coco Chanel, and Liza Minelli clothing fashions. I had the ensemble of shoes, purses and of course panties to go with them. I truly felt special as I modelled for the man who I grew up playing on mud banks with chasing frogs, crawfish, and minnows to go fishing with.

The first kiss behind the wood shed, to the first time Maxie made love to me, in his pickup truck in the field listening to crickets under the starlight. I knew he would be mines forever. After that first time of Maxie being with me, he kept stealing me again and again. I would be hanging up clothes and he would throw pecans at me getting my attention or coming up behind me, bumping the back of my knee, almost knocking me down. I would chase him and he could really run fast but he would allow me to catch him always.

All this took place well after school graduation. I was nineteen and he was twenty one when he did finally enjoy my body. It was the single most beautiful thing we shared with one another. It felt so natural that Maxie made love to me. Kimberly hated me because she seen me and Maxie kissing in the field once in his pickup truck. I would later be sucking his delicious man meat a little while later, as he pulled my hair thrusting his hips up into my velvet soft mouth while I moaned. The sex we had was a wonderful way of expressing how we felt one for another with little or no regrets. It was as natural to me as breathing. We never once told one another how we felt. It was as if he was my silent partner and I was his.

The serious blow came when William Boudreaux Sr. explained that Maxie was going away to school and he would have an arranged marriage with you guessed it, Kimberly. I was devastated because although, I never told Maxie how I felt for him, he should have known. I remember running out the back door of the mansion into the pecan orchard beyond the creek. I ran hard, fast, and determined, while the tears fell from my eyes. I was so hurt hearing the news.

I kept saying in my head over and over again, “Not my Maxie. Never the man that I love, say something Annabelle.” Yet I kept silent because that was the way of things. The haves and have nots were in play. Maxie would obey his parent’s wishes and I would remain a servant for possibly another family. If I was lucky I would have at least three children from some man who was merely a laborer like me.

I remember Maxie looking for me and calling out to me because he saw my face, upon reaction to the news of his betrothal. I never went to him. I was embarrassed to let him know how I felt for him. I remember climbing up into the hay loft in the barn and it began to rain hard. I fell asleep Adana Escort Bayan because of the beautiful sound of the rain drops on the tin roof of the barn. I had cried myself to sleep. When I woke it was night time and the stars were out in the night sky with brilliance. I began walking back to the mansion when I heard several people calling my name to include my Father. I explained that I was in the hay loft and got caught by the rain.

Maxie looked at me and he wanted to come to me I saw it in his eyes. I had streaks where the tears had left little streaks running down my cheeks in dirty little zigzag lines. My Father used the dinner bell to announce me being found and that’s when Maxie came up behind me touching my hand. I turned startled but he smiled at me then looked down to the ground as if apologizing.

The next night Maxie stole me away with him. I knew it would be the very last time we would make love in a very long time. I truly wanted him to feel so special. I remember wearing my red satin panties, a bright red floral blouse with a black mini skirt. I didn’t want to hinder him so I left my brassier in the drawer. I remember how he was looking away from me never making eye contact as if he too didn’t want to remember this fate, this finality of our existence. I felt so desperately alone yet I was with my Maxie. I hurt so horribly bad to try and pretend. I knew I wanted his magical touch. I desired his presence here with me but it seemed choreographed and empty.

I finally decided to close my eyes to remember the days of our first couple of times together. I felt incomplete because with my Maxie I never had to pretend. He was my every breath, my every fiber, and every sinew. It wasn’t until I felt his hand shaking that I understood how badly he too wanted and desired me. It was then that I looked into his eyes seeing if it were for the very last time tears. I knew then I wanted to make things extra special.

I began in earnest kissing his sweet mouth which was like to me melted nectar dripping with honey from his lips to mine. The windows in the truck began fogging in the humidity of the deep bayou where he took me near a swamp. I loved my Maxie as I tore at his shirt with a passion and heat of lava dip. I watched his eyes brighten up when he too realized I was no longer going through the motions but truly wanted him to feel the passion from me as his gift. I remember exposing my breasts by removing the floral blouse as my tiny hands grabbed his face in both my hands and oh how I smothered my love with kiss after kiss from my velvet lips.

Maxie too was now grabbing my ass pulling me towards him and using his gentle kiss, lips, and tongue, on my freshly exposed tit flesh. I remember closing my eyes lifting my breasts up to him as if they were a sacrificial sacrifice to the Gods on some altar. I felt the heat and the passion rise as his expert tongue and lips swirled again and again around my areola. The tingling and heat that I felt were compounded with the outside humidity. In the distance I heard noises of frogs, crickets, and owls, from the swamp. What would normally scare other ladies never scared me because I enjoyed the sounds of the night in the swamp or near the rivers. I loved the sounds of the bayou at night the Whip-o-Will Bird which sounded off at night and early morning or the Screech Owl in particular.

I just remember that one should never go into the gator’s domain at night so night swimming is out unless you know of a gator free zone. Let’s face it they hunt mostly at night and never ever swim at night during mating season or just after. Momma gator’s got to feed their young so they are on the prowl. They roll you under the black swamp water again and again until you drown. Then they hide you under a log or creek bed under water for a feast later. Maxie explained that to me trying to gross me out or scare me once.

I was busy kissing my way down Maxie’s chest after his feast on my breasts and his hands roaming all over my body as I surrendered to his magnificent touch. My sex was dripping wet as I unzipped the last of my clothing while Maxie removed my panties. He slid his fingers inside my sweet exposed sex with a fingers agile expertise. I gripped his shoulder gasping at the wonderful feeling surprised at how truly paralyzing it was to my body. I whispered in his ear, “Maxie please take me, I’m all yours baby.”

I kissed and sucked his nipples nibbling them as it were because he enjoyed it especially while he was pounding into my softness. The heat between us grew as I removed his pants and boxers finding his rigid angry cock. I kissed the pre-cum, semen covering its dripping head which was shining in the moon light. I then kissed it softly rubbing my lips back and forth across the tip making eye contact with my lover. The semen drip was glistening on my hot sexy lips as I continued to show my lover that I truly loved him with my doing and not telling him. It coated my lips like lip gloss in the moonlight. I watched his Escort Adana eyes looking down at me then closing them as if to etch in his memory the sight of my doing this with his gorgeous cock, my saliva, and his semen.

I then slowly gently began swirling my tongue around the veined under shaft before topping it and covering it with my hot sexy mouth. I then sucked him plummeting again and again, taking his cock deeper with every stroke until I was sucking in the entire thing up to his balls. Saliva and semen would drip from my chin as he was moaning and saying how beautiful I was for sucking him so perfectly. I loved Maxie and desired to finish showing my dedication to him but he stopped me before I was able to finish.

Maxie then quickly removed my panties and dove for my exposed woman flesh. He first began kissing my hips, pelvis, and lower abdomen. I felt the heat as it were growing ever so much as I felt his tongue delving lower and lower between my thighs, my outer lips, my inner labia, and gently, expertly finding my heavenly magic button. It literally took my breath away causing heat, tingling sensations, and nerve endings to come alive as never before.

Maxie began softly, gently licking, sucking, and swirling his devil of a tongue as I arched my pelvis as it were into his mouth desiring his attention. I grabbed the back of his head forcing his face to be covered with my sopping wetness. I was screaming, moaning, and losing control as a woman without fear any longer. If anything this may be the very last time for a long while but I wanted Maxie to remember me for every detail. No other woman would be able to compare to my love making. I wanted Maxie to look at me as his point of measure so to speak.

My thoughts were racing as my lover continued his manipulations. The heat ever growing as my thrusting became sporadic and my breathing labored. I felt the heat growing so strong. I felt Maxie slide his finger inside me while he sucked my magic button into his hot sexy mouth. He too at the very same time swirled his dainty little devil of a tongue over and under my hooded button causing my pelvis to uncontrollably jump upwards into his pleasuring efforts. I felt like a million explosions were occurring throughout my entire body when I cried out and began having a monster orgasm of extremely ridiculous power. My eyes were closed, my body taut, my breathing rasping, sweat was underneath both breasts and the back of my neck my hair matted to me, as I looked up at my beautiful Maxie.

I began giggling at the gloss on his face as he clearly began mounting me. I will never forget his sweet boyish face as he looked down at me. I never understood why he stood out over every other man in the universe until just then. It was the fact that Maxie appeared to me to be that innocent boy of our earlier time merely having fun. He chose me out of every other girl or woman in the world. That is what made us uniquely special. That is why I understood that I loved him. I did want to tell him but I decided to better just show him because words to me were of less value than showing it.

I watched as I blinked my eyes in the moon light accepting my man with my wide open legs in the afterglow of my earlier triumphant orgasm. I felt Maxie slide into my depths with a tremendous penetrating force. The heat had never left from my body but had been hidden dormant in some distant location until Maxie began fucking my sweet sex.

I knew that Maxie was going to make this memory last as he began moving faster and faster I opened my legs more. He began riding higher over me as I rocked my hips and pelvis into him hitting as it were my clitoris on every fantastic sweet stroke. Maxie was an expert in the understanding of what I needed. He actually got better with time fucking me with more expertise each session he now owned my body. He was a truly the best lover now. Maxie began pounding sweetly into my ever growing wetness. I could hear the sloshing sounds with each stroke becoming more and more intense as my heat grew.

I heard the slap, slap, and slap, of Maxie’s scrotum on my ass again and again increasing in power and speed. The metronome of the piston like thrusting ever so vastly increased. I was holding onto his sides, fucking him back, whimpering, moaning, and desperately gripping onto him. I was inside the truck being hammered into a sweet orgasm once more. My mind was totally aware but my body was out of control as my inner walls squeezed the invading member milking it gently, sweetly, and feeling the owner tremble with his release. I felt the warmth enter into my cavity and the increased heat with wetness as my lover groaned and yelled something about how great it was.

Locked in the death grip I too had my second orgasm within the hour. I was completely and totally satisfied. My Maxie was too as he sat back laughing looking at me no longer desiring the release because he was utterly satisfied. My lover and I stayed throughout that night in his pickup truck. I was able to suck him to completion before we fell totally asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning Maxie left to college. I was left tending to his family tobacco farm and the migrant workers. I heard that Kimberly was attending an all-woman beautician school across the city from where Maxie would be.

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