The Last One Night Stand

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This story, and all my stories, contain fictionalized characters from memories of my life.

A little about me. As i write this I am a Black, sixty + year old, still sexually active, bi, woman. When this adventure started I was a 35 year old straight business consultant. When 35, I was at about 125 pounds, today 140. I am still 5 foot 7 inches tall. I was, I thought, a perfect 36-24-39 now I’m still perfect but in slightly larger sizes.

The Last One Night Stand

Connie and I play tennis every week as part of a group of about 15 local women. The group has young and older women, multiple races, married and single and rich and not so rich. As Christmas approached and after several failed attempts to organize a Christmas party I invited the group to an open house at my home one day after tennis holiday drinks and snacks.

Two weeks before Christmas sounded right so I suggested that day on Thursday. The weather in Florida had been particularly warm so I reminded everyone to bring their suits if they wanted to swim. I remember the note actually said “Bring your suit if you would like to swim or enjoy the pool au naturel if you’d like.” I didn’t think anyone would swim nude but why limit the possibilities.

I set up a bar on the pool deck and prepared all the snacks ahead of time to put out after we arrived. We arrived pretty much as a group and perhaps 12 people came. As we settled in and everyone had a drink several women changed and went for a swim. One of the women commented about my “au naturel” note and on how private my pool and lanai area seemed. I told her that no one could see in but that I thought that at least one next door neighbor, a guy, could hear everything that went on. We laughed about that and, Julie, I think her name was, volunteered to do a Sally meets Harry fake orgasm if I thought he might be listening. Julie was new to the group having recently moved to Florida from Texas.

I remember that for no particular reason, but every possible reason, she reminded me of Beth, a lot. She did do the fake orgasm “YES,YES, YEESS” it and sounded very convincing. Everyone in the little group laughed about that and someone asked her if she really faked orgasm in real life. Betturkey She said: “Oh no, but I have not had a really scream worthy orgasm in months!”

We were drinking martinis and all feeling the alcohol. I was surprised when Julie announced it was time for a swim and simply stripped naked as she walked into the pool. At just 5’3″ she was Beth’s height. She weighed about the same I would guess 135. Julie had the same dark blond hair as Beth. Worse for me as I watched her walk away she had Beth’s legs and cute butt. Even just striping and walking into the pool is something Beth would do. So she was in no particular way but in every way Beth!

I was sitting on the couch near the bar and thinking about how much this Julie woman resembled Beth.

I felt Christmas sad and melancholy, God I missed her even after five years. Connie came over and sat beside me and said, “You ok babe?” “You seem to be a little ‘elsewhere’ if you know what I mean.”

I looked at her and said, “I’m fine sweetie, thanks for looking out for me.” “I just had a little visit by my memory of Beth, I’m fine really.”

Connie wasn’t buying it and took my hand and pulled me into the kitchen. She stood in front of me and said: “Tell me!” “What’s wrong?” “Help me fix it.”

I held her close and told her, “Honey, there is nothing to fix. That new girl looks and behaves so much like Beth it opened up old memories.” “I’m OK really.”

Connie and I kissed. A gently loving reassuring kiss only lovers can share. She told me she had to leave to attend a Holiday Party with hubby but she would check in with me tomorrow. She looked at me again and said: “Baby, I love you. You sure you’re ok?”

I said: “Of course, go go go, have a good time.”

Connie left, let herself out and I returned to the party. I want to believe everyone had a good time, I know I did. As people started to drift off to their lives I lost track of Julie and enjoyed a few more drinks perhaps a few too many drinks. I let the last person out and returned to the pool deck. Clean up will have to wait. Jack Daniels was on the bar waiting for me but I told him to wait as well. I have hotel style cotton robes hung near the pool towels Betturkey Giriş and noticed one of the four was missing but thought nothing of it. I took one and headed past the fire pit to the pool.

I needed a moment. A moment alone floating in the water, a moment to talk to Beth. I took off my clothes, left them on the deck chair, and walked in. Floating naked was therapy for me. As I aged my breasts grew larger, much larger, and their weight sometimes tested my back. The water made me weightless and my breasts just floated magically in front of me. Interestingly erotic. I was almost drifting off to sleep while floating on my back. In heaven? Maybe.

I felt that, or maybe hoped that Beth would like Greg and Connie the two people I had centered my life on. I thought of her often, and still after five years missed her dreadfully.

As I started to get out I saw that in fact I was not alone. Someone was silhouetted and backlit by the room lights in the kitchen doorway. I thought, hoped, that Connie had returned. It was Julie and as soon as I called out she started talking.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to spy on you.”

“I must have been in the bathroom when everyone left.”

“I just get so constipated when I’m in a new situation.”

“I’ll just get my clothes and I’ll be going to.”

Just like Beth again. Nervous and motor mouth. Did I really need to know she was constipated?

As I got out of the pool I called her over. She had on the missing robe. I asked: “Are you ok to drive home?” “We all had a lot to drink.”

She asked if she could stay a little while, and maybe help me clean up.

I walked over to the bar and told her: “To hell with cleanup, let’s close out the party.” I took out two glasses and poured Jack Single Barrel for each of us.

We sat on the edge of the pool with our legs in the water and talked.

Julie it turns out was from Dallas and had moved here when her husband who worked for an oil company was reassigned. She told me a little of her history, two boys now grown and off on their own, married to the same guy for thirty years. I asked her if she wanted to call him to come get her. She laughed and said: Betturkey Güncel Giriş “No no he is off working, in Dallas!” She laughed again.

I told her a little about me and Greg. She mentioned that she heard the story of how I had met him from one of the girls in our group. She told me she hoped it worked out for me but wondered if she could ask a question. I of course said: “Ask Away.”

Julie hesitated, “What about Connie?” “No no never mind, it’s none of my business.”

I was surprised by her question. No one knew about me and Connie. I simply said: “What do you mean?”

Julie said: “I’m sorry, it really is none of my business but I saw you in the kitchen with Connie and thought…”

Damn, she had seen us kissing. Fuck fuck fuck!

I told her “Connie and I are best friends and she was just worried because I was sad.”

The conversation got better and I was able to tell her about Beth and how much I miss her and how I was talking to Beth in the pool when she saw me.

She said: “I know, I was watching and listening the whole time.” Before I could react she added: “I think Beth would approve of Greg and Connie.” “I think Beth would approve of whatever makes you happy.”

“I have a woman in my life and every now and then my husband gets lucky and gets both of us.” She laughed again.

I noticed that Julie’s robe had fallen open and there just above her nipple was the same small mole Beth had in the same spot. I reached into her robe and gently touched that breast. Julie did not resist but rather put her hand on mine encouraging me. Julie stood up and took my hand to help me up. As I stood my robe fell away and I let it fall into the pool. Julie led me to the bedroom and took her robe off. She was beautiful in all the same ways Beth was beautiful, a little Tom boy but all woman. As I kissed her and our tongues met I was whole again.

As we lay on the bed I kissed her breast and started little kisses down her stomach to the tuft of pubic hair above her pussy. My hand was there before my lips and she was wet very wet. Before my tongue touched her I caught her scent. Strong, almost overwhelming musk. Beth’s scent. I was in heaven!

Hours later when I awoke she was gone. I remember having a dream of being in bed with Connie and Greg and Beth was watching, smiling.

Later that day, Connie came by and I told her everything.

She looked at me concerned and said: “There was no one named Julie at your party.”

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