The Last Trip

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Author’s note: This is a true story.

* * * * *

With the end of winter comes spring and the call for all creatures to mate. Tom’s calling came via Ma Bell every night when he called Cathy to read a bedtime story to her. Now these aren’t your regular bedtime stories mind you they are the erotic fantasies they both shared. Tom was just a few days away from heading east to share the rest of his life with Cathy so he wanted to make the last call before leaving special. He searched the Internet over looking for just the right story, after several hours of reading he found the perfect one.

“Hello lover” Cathy cooed into the receiver.

“My love I miss you so, I dream of the day when we can hold each other again and my mind is filled with thoughts of our love making. Now sit back my love and listen to the words I speak for they convey my thought in every way.

Tom read the words with love and emotion, he listened as Cathy’s breathing quickened when he started reading about the gentle caresses being given to the feet of the woman in the story.

“His fingers slowly caressed the bottoms of her foot, letting his finger nail slowly and softly slide from her heel to the tip of her big toe making her shiver with passion. His lips touched her toe just as his fingers curled around her foot. He sucked each toe lovingly letting his tongue glide across her skin. He inhaled deeply taking in the sweet scent of the oil he rubbed into her flesh while his tongue teased her toes. His hands worked miracles as they soothed her into a state of relaxation and excitement.”

“Oh God Tom! Would you do that for me?” Cathy purred

“Oh baby you know I will and more” he said

“Tom? I don’t think I can wait two more days! I need you now my love!” she begged feeling her body respond to the words he spoke.

“Go ahead baby, let yourself go! Let me help you relieve the passion building inside you.”

Her breathing became more noticeable as he read more of the steamy lines to her. He knew Cathy was masturbating from the sounds and could only imagine the site of her naked with her favorite toy pleasing her in his place. Every word he spoke made his cock grow thinking of the passion she had for him and her sultry voice moaning from pleasure. Cathy moaned louder when he began reading how the mans cock pounded his lovers pussy with long deep thrusts. He tried to keep his mind on what he was saying, but her moans, and the sounds on the other end of the phone were driving him crazy. His hand went to his now hard cock and tried to relieve the straining member so maybe he could finish the story in some comfort. Cathy cried out into the receiver as she felt the orgasm Tom read about tear through her body. She panted as her body convulsed for the passion she had built up inside. Tom smiled to himself knowing she would fall asleep soon and that in a few days he would be the one making her orgasm.

“Oh Tom, that was the best story ever! I loved it!” she panted into the receiver.

“I picked it out just for you my love. Now sleep my pet and the next time we speak we will be in each others arms.” Anadolu Yakası Escort He said rubbing his swollen cock.

The trip to Virginia would be hard for Tom, his ratty old Ford was on its last leg, and he hoped it would make the long trip without breaking down. He loaded the old girl up with care making sure his computer was packed safely so that if something happened it would be out of sight. He couldn’t bare to think about it being damaged or stolen. He walked around the apartment for the last time making sure he had everything he wanted to take before heading down the stairs to leave. He stopped at the last step, his mind wondered if he was doing the right thing. He looked around the neighborhood for the last time as he stepped towards the car. He wouldn’t see this place again for a long time and took a mental picture before turning the key and hearing the old Ford rumble to life. The motor stumbled as he backed from the driveway, he cussed it like always, and it finally smoothed out about a mile down the road.

Tom spent the next two days driving and thinking. Was he doing the right thing? Could he be wrong in thinking that Cathy was the perfect mate for him? After all he did have some pretty wild ideas when it came to sex, he liked it all , and from what he thought so did she.

“Ohio! Shit I hope this damn car doesn’t break down in Ohio! He said under his breath as he passed the state line.

With just a few hundred miles to go he back off the gas a little and kept his speed to just around sixty. He was ahead of schedule so he could afford to take his time and enjoy the scenery. He wondered if Cathy was online playing Ali Baba slots right now, that’s was where they met and where all their friends came to chat and have fun. He grinned thinking about the people in the room and how they helped Cathy and him get together. He also wondered if thing would be the same after he moved in with Cathy. Would they change towards him? Would they still show the love to them both knowing they were now attached? He drove on letting his thoughts keep him company, he had no other choice the radio crapped out last night just before he stopped at the motel for some sleep which he needed badly.

Time passed slowly and he felt the old car start to whine just as he passed the Virginia line. He patted the dashboard as if giving the old girl encouragement and slowed down a little more. Just a little farther baby and you will be home, please don’t die yet! He pulled into the next gas station and filled up for the last time, checked the oil, and added a couple quarts. Every thing looked good so he jumped in with renewed vigor and headed down the Interstate singing to himself.

Cathy was becoming more and more nervous as the hours passed, she had figured he would be there around five that evening and it was already four. She got online knowing that all her friends would be in the room and they could help her remain calm.

“{{{{{{Dak}}}}}}…… {{{{{Barb}}}}…{{{{{Abita}}}}…..{{{{{SWM}}}}}…..{{{{Roger}}}}}….{{{{{MP}}}}….

{{{{ Lance}}}}……{{{{{{Greg}}}}}….{{{{{roomies}}}}}}” Pendik Escort she greeted the room as always as if nothing was wrong.

“Is Tom there yet hun?” Dak asked.

“Not yet, I expect him any time now if that old piece of shit doesn’t die…..lmao” Cathy typed thinking how ease that could happen.

“Relax Cathy he will make it.” Lance said.

“Keep the faith brat! That old Ford has a few more miles left in it. I think….LOL…” Greg said with a smile.

“I sure hope so! I’ve seen that car and it doesn’t have a lot left in its favor right now…lmao” Cathy said laughing at the mental image she had of that car.

“OMG!!!!! Brb…..I think I heard a car outside!” Cathy told the room with hopes it was Tom.

“Never mind it’s just my sister checking to see if he made yet or not. My heart almost jumped out of my skin!” she said as her eyes watered from the stress.

“I think I’ll go and fix something to eat. I can’t stand this waiting shit!” she said before hugging all the people in the room.

If he doesn’t get here soon I’ll have a heart attack, she thought as she fixed dinner. Lets see now, I cleaned the house, changed the sheets, and washed the tub. Oh well nothing to do now but wait damnit!

She didn’t hear his car pull into the driveway and the reason is it quit running just as he turned in. With a big puff of smoke it died right then and there. Tom sat there smiling looking up at the heavens and said in a low voice.

“Thank you!”

He walked to the door and started to knock when he had a wicked thought. Opening the door as quit as he could he peeked around the edge of the door to an empty room. Good he thought she is not in here, he walk into the living room and peeked into the kitchen. There she is standing at the sink with her head in her hands, Tom enjoyed the view of her ass sticking out as she bent over resting on her elbows. He sneaked slowly up behind her and with a gentle touch he turned her around. Cathy’s eyes opened wide somewhat shocked and then total surprise.

“You bastard don’t ever scare me like that again!” she said throwing her arms around his neck.

“Get use to it baby I am going to surprise you everyday with something.” He said as their lips crushed each others in a powerful passionate kiss.

Tom reach down sweeping Cathy off her feet, their lips never parted, and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her down softly before breaking the kiss, he bent down removed her shoes and began to kiss her feet. He slowly kissed his way up her bare leg massaging her calf’s as he went. Cathy moaned softly as his lips caressed her legs, she felt his hand reach up under her dress and tug gently on her panties. She raised her hips just enough to allow them to be removed. Toms nibbled on her inner thigh as he pulled the panties off throwing them aside. He could smell her excitement as his face came closer to her womanhood. Her clit stood out waiting for his attention, and a small drop of moisture glistened as it seeped out of her. Tom’s tongue licked her soft folds opening her love box, it dipped into her tasting her sweet Kurtköy Escort nectar and making her gasp for air. She held his head against her swollen pussy lips, her breath became faster as he slipped his tongue deep into her wet pussy. Tom’s lips grasped her swollen love button and started flicking it with his tongue, her legs jerked with each stroke making Cathy cry out as she felt her body explode into orgasm.

“Yes! Yes! Oh my God Yes! You’re driving me crazy!” she screamed as Tom’s tongue drove deep inside her. Her body jerked with the intense orgasm that rocked her. She pulled his hair trying to pull him deeper as the orgasm continued to hold her hostage. Tom felt her muscles contract around his tongue and he sucked harder trying to drink down every drop of her cum. Cathy couldn’t stand it another second! She wanted him and she wanted him now!

“Fuck me now!” she demanded

“I’ll fuck you baby! I’ll fuck you hard and fast! Then I’m going to eat you alive.” He said dropping his pants and kicking them out of the way.

Tom’s cock stood straight out, he grasped it between his fingers, and pointed the swollen member at her wet pussy. Cathy looked him in the eyes and screamed.

“I need it now! Fuck me now damnit!”

Tom didn’t say a word, he smiled wickedly as he plunged his cock into her waiting pussy. Cathy screamed out in pleasure as his cock filled her full, she pushed her hips back at him trying to take his cock deeper, but Tom had other ideas. He pulled back slightly, only allowing her to get about half his cock inside her wanting pussy. He grinned as he slowly pushed it deeper and then pulled back quickly. Cathy looked him in the eyes.

“This is no time to be stingy! I want it all damnit!” she said with a smile

Tom smiled as he let his hips drive forward hard driving his cock into her. He watched her eyes close slightly as he filled her pussy with hot man meat. She had a look of complete contentment as he started pounding his cock into her. She moaned louder with each thrust, she bucked her hips against his. He watch her face strain as her orgasm began to build, Tom felt his own orgasm starting to erupt and wanted to hold back but it was no use. He held her tightly as he shot his steamy load of cum deep inside her, he felt her pussy tighten around his cock holding him deep inside her as her orgasm crashed through her body. She bucked harder and he rammed his cock so hard and fast that the sound of their bodies made a slapping sound with each stroke. Cathy cried out loudly.

“Fuck me! Oh God Fuck me baby!”

Tom did as he was told and slammed his cock inside her with all the force he had. Cathy finally opened her eyes and smiled at him the way only lover knows. Tom slowed his pace smiling back at her. They laid in each other arms gasping for breath as they recovered from the emotional and physical drain they just experienced. Tom whispered into her ear.

“I love you baby! I love you more than anything in this world. Teach me your pleasures and I will teach you mine. He kissed her passionately as they held each other until they regained the strength to move.

Cathy smiled telling Tom we need to let everyone know you made it safely. I want to let them all know that my man has come home and that he is the Captain of my ship now. Tom smiled, he like that statement and yes he was home finally home.

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