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It all started with a letter from the hospital, I had had an accident in my car I must have blacked out for a second and hit a tree. The car was written off but I was physically ok, or so I thought. I was taken to hospital by ambulance to be checked out and was kept in for just over a week. It turns out that I had a COPD attack (chronic, obstructive, pulmonary, disease) and they needed to get it back under control. This unfortunately meant that my driving licence was suspended for a minimum of 6 months so I was put on sick pay and not allowed to work.

About a month into my sick leave I received a letter from the hospital asking me if I would like to go on a trial programme testing if half the dosage of a drug they used for COPD would work just as well as a full dosage, as I wasn’t taking the drug I would be an ideal candidate.

So here I was at the hospital waiting for someone to tell me more. A young nurse called Kate asked me to follow her, I guessed that she was in her early 20’s with an athletic type of body and a lovely friendly smile and manner. She led me into a typical doctor’s room, desk, bed, sink and everything else that you would expect to see. There sat at the desk was a woman in her 30’s it was hard to guess her age due to the way she was dressed, she wore an open white coat, black knee length skirt not too tight and a white blouse under which you could vaguely see the outline of a white bra. Her hair was blonde and curly and about shoulder length, whereas Kate’s was the similar except hers was more of a brown colour. She introduced herself as Dr Jane Bowers and told me call her Dr or Jane and then explained that the trial involved taking a pill each day and writing down if I suffered any side effects canlı bahis and how I felt, it could be a real pill or a placebo and that even she did not know which was being given to me and that if I agreed I was to sign a letter saying that I agreed to complete the course if required and undergo any medical tests that they may need.

After I had signed they wanted to check if my medical records were correct, name Dave Woods, aged 60, address, and contact telephone number, finally they wanted my height 5ft 10ins and weight measurements 19 stone 12 ounces. It was whist Jane was measuring me that I saw what a beautiful body she had, curves in all the right place’s and with the top 2 buttons of her blouse undone a very nice cleavage. I’m sure she saw me admiring her but never said anything. I was told that one of them would ring me up every day to see if everything was ok and to see them both in 2 weeks. So every day one of them would ring me and I started flirting with both of them just for a laugh not thinking it would lead anywhere, but unbeknown to me it did. Kate rang me on Monday my appointment was for the following day so I told her I wanted a cup of strong tea waiting for me the following day.

So the following day Kate greeted me with her happy smile and led me to Jane’s consulting room and there to my surprise was a hot mug of steaming strong tea and told me that they could now have a break, so we started chatting and flirting with each other, I could feel something mischievous was going on in the air but not knowing what it was. Tea finished I was told that they had to weigh me so I jokingly replied dressed or undressed then I saw that mischievous glint in Kate’s eyes as she looked at Jane who casually smiled and said bahis siteleri undressed today please. I had just set myself up to being naked in front of 2 very attractive women. As I slowly undressed I thought to myself no problem they have probably seen hundreds of naked men and I would be just another. I was then weighed and expected to get dressed again but they had other ideas. I was told to spread my legs apart and bend down to try and touch my toes, Jane then ran her hand down my spine to check it’s curvature, I was then told to stand up with my arms behind my head on doing this I noticed that both women had opened a few buttons on their uniform and blouse revealing a lovely pair of breasts covered in white bra’s on both of them, my cock slowly started to rise to about 5 inches long, on seeing this both women just laughed and said how small my cock was and said would it get much bigger. After this humiliation I replied yes to about 7 inches once they were both naked like I was, I also stated it not what you have got it’s how you use it that matters.

Jane then turned very serious and asked if they could have a semen sample for another trial that they were both involved in, to which I replied ok providing both women were naked and one of them had to let me fuck them to get the sample. They chatted for a few minutes and agreed to my demands; now it was my turn to be in charge. Jane then said that it had to be Kate who was to obtain my sample and could only do this orally until a specimen was received as she was the supervisor on the trial and couldn’t be involved at this stage. So I told them both to undress and let me see what I would be getting into.

So there before me was stood 2 beautiful naked women, Jane with bahis şirketleri about 36C breasts, slim waist and about 38-40inch hips with a small landing strip of hair over her pussy. Kate being about 2 inches taller had 34 B or C size breasts, very narrow waist and hips with a shaven pussy. I had to pinch myself a few times as I thought that I was dreaming. I slowly walked round them both my now fully erect 7 inches standing hard. I told Kate to lie on the bed and play with herself until I was ready, then put my arms around Jane and firmly kissed her on her lips. She responded with great passion and when after gently caressing her breasts started to moan quite noisily. After kissing and biting her nipples I realized just how sensitive they really were as they grew to about 2 centimetres long and were rock hard, whilst doing this I had slowly slipped 2 fingers into her soft wet pussy making her squirm and moan making me want her even more. She then pushed me hard away from her saying NO more until they got their sample.

Kate in the meantime was sliding on the bed in her own juices and when ordered to get on her hands and knees to suck my cock was there in a flash. My pre cum dripped onto her lips as she slowly put my hard fat cock into her mouth, I was now in heaven as she expertly milked me. She got me to the edge of Cumming that many times I thought that my brains were going to blow out of my head. Then BANG my cock began to start gushing, Jane caught enough in a tube and the rest just covered their faces, hair and bodies, what a lovely mess. I collapsed into a chair totally drained and saw them laughing at each other before cleaning each other up using their tongues and fingers. After a few minutes we all got dressed and I was told to leave and carry on as normal, so off I went with a huge grin on my face.


If you like this story please let me know and I will carry on with it as there a few twists and turns before it ends.

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